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15 Tricks To Impress A Woman On Your First Date

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15 Tricks To Impress A Woman On Your First Date

Remember the times when we were children, and our secrets got compromised? We used to come back home crying and run into our mother’s embrace, criticizing the friend who broke our trust. But we repeated it constantly until we learned the most important lesson of life: not to trust people too easily. We were taught over and over again not to trust strangers too easily, but we, in our innocence, childhood, and with a decent amount of stupidity, became victims again and again. Well, dating revolves around the same principle. Gradually, we assimilated the principle of “Don’t trust strangers,and benefitted from it. Well, we learned it the hard way, didn’t we?

Dating, when a man and a woman come together at a neutral place to get to know each other, also revolves on the same principle. It is a way to alleviate that hardwired “air of mistrust” from our psyche for a particular individual. Dating lets you know a lot of things about the other person and, most importantly, it lets you ascertain whether the other person stands a chance of being met a second time or not. In such a scenario, one’s first date is very significant. Now you must be getting anxious about your first date, since you might have been taking it a bit too casually. Well, you don’t need to fret, because in this article, you’ll learn 15 tricks to impress your girl on your first date. And if you adhere to all the tips mentioned in the article, you’ll strike the right note with her. In simple words, she’ll begin to like you as a person. Go on and impress your girl, we have our fingers crossed for you!

15. Don’t Go With An Agenda


If you’ve ever had a girl come again and again to you because you keep her entertained throughout the day, you can easily understand that she has a hidden agenda (i.e. she just wants to live off your money). You know how bad it feels. Well, women can also identify people who come to her with an agenda, whether it be s*x or something else. It is better if you don’t go with any agenda on your first date, buddy. Show her that you don’t want to conclude the evening by fulfilling a need. Make her realize that you don’t want anything out of your first date and that you were with her just to enjoy her company. Girls love men who are happy and satisfied with what they have. Make her realize that you are one of a kind. Don’t expect anything, and if she notices, she will be seriously impressed.

14. Let Her Outwit You


Presumably, you are not going to take this advice in the wrong way and play dumb, right? It’s okay if you knowingly lose a small debate with her. If you let her win and behave like she has the upper hand, she will feel elated. Who hates winning? No one, right? And moreover, girls are like that. These little things can give them insurmountable happiness. But this willful losing takes practice, and it is better if you don’t start pretending like you know nothing, because doing so can do more harm than good. If girls love celebrating small victories, they also love intelligent men. Meet the girl, have fun, and just enjoy that moment. As long as the conversation is balanced, those small social debates where she beats you are going to make her happy. It can’t be understated how much this can make your first date impressive, because it’s not about proving yourself dumb. It is more about making her happy and showing that you are ready to celebrate her victories even if you’re losing. So don’t be a sore loser, and make sure that you play it well.

13. Don’t Be A “Yes Man”


If you like dogs, she may like cats. If you love video games, she may not get the appeal of gaming. Don’t go with the clichéd “me too” attitude; it’s the biggest mistake one can make. Some girls are very good at observing human behavior, and if they see that you are a “yes man,” they might pull a prank on you of such humongous proportions that the world will be left laughing at you. If your thoughts don’t match hers, you can blatantly state it. It’s not a sin. You can tell her that you respect her choices and preferences, but the way you look at certain things is different. For example, if gamers are lazy, according to her, tell her why you spend time playing video games. It can be anything. For example, you can say that you play because you can’t handle the bullsh*t going on in the world, or that video games help you stay focused, or that you simply enjoy playing them because you are new in the city and don’t have many friends. Such conversations will make her mind expand and she’ll begin to see gamers, and eventually you, in a new light.

12. Lead Like A Pro


Women love alpha males. Lead her in an appropriate way. However, you must know what the appropriate way is. You are not the one who controls her life; she is. So when it comes to leading, don’t ask questions and don’t seek approval. At the same time, don’t dominate. For example, if you are unable to decide on a place or what to eat, don’t ask questions. Instead, you can give her options. Giving suggestions is a lot better than making announcements. Be curious about her interests and preferences, but if she is one of those girls who wants you to make decisions, take the opportunities and decide. Once you are done choosing something for the two of you to do, don’t doubt your judgements. She might like your choice, but she’ll definitely not like a habit of self-doubt. Be confident about yourself, and you can always ask if she likes what you chose, or if she wants to choose something else.

11.  Be A Gentleman, Not A Servant


Always be polite, kind, and gentle to women. Whether it was the worst date or the best, being a gentleman reflects your personality. You might have recently watched a movie in which a classy man wearing a suit opens the door for his lady, holds her hand, and helps her come out of the car. Imitating the same can go two ways: if the girl is self-reliant and she hates being treated like an old person, she’ll feel suffocated. The other possibility is that the girl will be pleasantly surprised. Many girls appreciate when guys pay extra attention to small things, such as pulling out chairs or opening doors, but if you’re with an independent lady, you might get the sense that she thinks she can do these things herself. Try it once and observe her reaction. If she loves something, you can repeat a behavior, but if she’s not comfortable, don’t continue, as you will seem desperate. Besides, you should always appreciate a self-reliant woman.

10. Know What You Are Looking At


Men always get the blame for checking people out. When you’re on a date, no matter whether it’s your first or second, it could be your last if you fail to control your wandering eyes. Physical appearance is obviously an attraction switch and whether it’s someone else or the one you’re sitting with, your eyes may want to break the rules. However, it will be much better if you control your fickle mind. When you’re out with her, staring at other people, especially women, might make her feel slighted. How you handle this situation reflects your character, and she might judge you based on such behavior. Stop gazing at other attractive women because, by doing so, not only do you tempt yourself, but you also send the wrong signals to her. It’s your first date; concentrate on her eyes rather than looking at someone else’s. Making eye contact is not a date-specific habit. You should always maintain it with everyone you speak with.

9. Be The Best Version Of Yourself


You’re going on your first date, so be sensible enough and don’t pretend to be something you aren’t. You might be tempted to brag about your job, your possessions, or your friend circle. Do you really think that she is interested in these things? She’s not, unless she’s a gold digger and was just waiting for someone to buy her drinks! Believe it or not, you look better when you remain humble and true to yourself. Don’t pretend to be better than you are. Laugh at yourself, let her know your qualities and flaws in a balanced way. Don’t try to prove something, and let her decide who you are and what you think about dating her. What’s the point of selling a fake persona which you can’t manage for a long time? Be realistic and be who you are. What she likes is up to her, whether it’s your sense of humor, knowledge about stuff she likes, or how you express yourself. As long as you act like yourself, you won’t have to bring a new version of yourself every time you see her.

8.  Be A Little Creative


Know the actual meaning of dating before you start. Don’t do things you have done before and if you have a trick or two up your sleeve, then don’t just jump into it. Ask her if she is willing to try something new for the first date. Of course, her question will be, “Like what?” and in order to answer the question, you can bring forward your best plan and work your magic. Whether the two of you end up agreeing to go on another date, or conclude the day with a goodbye, your first date can be a fantastic experience if you have some creative ideas. For example, you can try solving some puzzles or mysteries together, or you can face your fears. If you or your date is afraid of water, heights, or roller coasters, why not try to beat your fear together? Try eating out at new and different restaurants. Start your date early and try breakfast and lunch in different places. In the end, if the clock allows, enjoy dinner at the place she loved the most. This date will always be etched in her heart!

7. Embrace Personal Grooming


Who told you that being conscious of your appearances is a girlish trait? When you maintain personal hygiene, your confidence level goes up. Don’t hesitate, because the better groomed you are, the more appealing you will look. Choose what you are going to wear before the date, get a pack of mints, clean your nails, and get your teeth flossed. While you’re at it, keep your beard trimmed. When it comes to beards, things can get tricky. Basically, if you maintain a groomed and hygienic look, it is not only good for your cleanliness, but it would also complement your outward appearance. Make it a priority so that bad breath or body odor won’t spoil the day. If the date ends up being hotter than you expected, it would be a great thing to do to ensure that you will end your date making a positive impression. The way you appear on your first date can pave the way for dates to come.

6. Use Your Funny Bone


Laughter has been known to be the best medicine, and it is so true. However, be careful with your laughter because you never know what mood she is in, but don’t be one of those guys who filter out laughter. You are not going for an interview, so be funny and cheeky whenever you feel like it. Don’t make the atmosphere boring. Crack jokes or share stories, but make sure that they are decent enough, because men often have a different sense of humour than women. According to studies, laughing releases hormones that reduce stress. Laughing not only creates positive emotions, but it also helps others to open up more if they are nervous. Focus on creating a warm and fun atmosphere. As a result, you can be sure of warming your date up if she is shy or reserved. People love those who smile and laugh. It’s a sign of a positive attitude.

5. Don’t Be A Sod


If someone cheated on you, or you had to dump your ex-girlfriend, don’t share these details about your past with a negative tone. It’s good to keep your life like an open book, but the access to the intricate details should be shared with only a trusted few, not with everyone you meet. Treat your first date as an experiment. It can end on a bad note or a very positive one. Don’t give her the impression that you are stuck in the past, or that you’re not capable of moving on. If she asks you about your past, it’s a sign that she is interested in knowing more about you, so be honest. Tell her things in the way you would tell a person you’ve just met. Don’t try to defend yourself, and if possible, keep it as positive as you can. Pay attention to the present; don’t bring your past into every conversation.

4. Think Of Her, Not The Place


There are people who get impressed when their date takes them to an expensive high-end place. But if the girl prefers low-key places, bringing her somewhere fancy can make her feel the pressure of her surroundings. Hopefully, you can get an idea about what she likes from your pre-date chat. If you know what she likes, you can choose something fitting. The more personalized an experience you can give her, the more she will feel happy and comfortable with you. You can plan something cheap, while remaining thoughtful of her interests. When it comes to the first date, the more personal you make it, the better outcomes you’ll get. It’s not an expensive dinner with an aged wine that will excite a woman, it’ll just excite your credit card company. If she wants to try a unique activity but is hesitant to ask, think if you can make it possible. Making things happen doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to go bankrupt. Some wishes don’t come with a price tag, so if possible, try to find out what her wishes are.

3.  Time Is A Luxury Which You Must Afford


She won’t think that you’re a very busy man if you arrive late. So keep those excuses away from your date. There is nothing more annoying than waiting on one’s first date. Someone who shows up late leaves a very bad impression on everyone. If in this age when everyone has mobile phones, you don’t inform your date about a possible delay, then it’s a stupid move on your part. You planned to meet her at a certain place at a certain time, now you are responsible for being there, and you must. When people didn’t have mobile phones, there was no way to change plans, and you should stick to that mindset when you fix up a date with someone. She definitely doesn’t want to know what made you late. If you are late, then it means that you wasted her time. You also showed how disorganized you are and how little you care about her time and feelings.

2. A Sober Man Is A Better Man


Don’t mix your first date with drinks. It can turn out to be a disaster. If you do decide to drink, maintain a balance. Follow a certain protocol, because there’s nothing more irritating than a guy struggling to stand up. Everyone knows their limit and they should stick to it. If you’re planning your first date, don’t suggest a bar for the meeting. She could also tell you, “I don’t drink,” which is completely her right. If you’re nervous about the date, don’t try to boost your confidence with drinks before you meet her. First dates are like a test drive. Things may or may not go well, and you may not find any chemistry between the two of you. If you’re drinking and you feel this lack of chemistry, stop immediately. Don’t go for another drink. A refined lady, even if she is hungry, won’t suggest eating something. To make things smooth as planned, combine food and drinks for a better experience.

1.  Be The First One To Pay


There is no rule that you will have to pay for everything, but it is better that you pay. While the girl may choose to pay half, it is best that you politely refuse the offer and pay for everything. If you want to meet her and if luck favors you, you can tell her to wait for her turn till the next time you meet her. Money is one of the topics that no one loves discussing, at least in this kind of situation. But you should respect her thoughts as well. If she insists, let her pay for half. There’s nothing to feel sad about. It’s not weird, and it’s a good sign that, if you two meet again, you know you won’t be putting excessive pressure on your wallet.

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