15 Travel Destinations Where A Woman Is Most Likely To Steal Your Man

Is beauty really in the eyes of the beholder or can we come up with a universal way of judging beauty everyone can agree with? If you believe in a standard measure of beauty, then you must be a fan of the numerous beauty pageants we have around the world.

According to the results of almost all these pageants, we can conclude that their general definition of a beautiful woman is one who is tall, slim, and has flawless skin. This definition excludes so many beauties out there, and numerous people have expressed their dissatisfaction with these pageants' decisions over the years. On the other hand, if you're a believer in beauty being in the eyes of the beholder, you can appreciate that all women, regardless of size, skin color, or body shape are beautiful in someone's eyes.

However, as much as we can appreciate you are beautiful in every way, it's important to know some women out there can easily steal your man, regardless of how much you think he loves you. The women in question might not even be out to sabotage your relationship, since most of these only go about their activities as they always do, and it's the men who can't help but approach them.

Therefore, if you want to keep your man, you might want to postpone a holiday trip to any of these amazing travel destinations. Not because these destinations are bad; it's the beauty and attractiveness of the women you are likely to find there that's the problem. Here are 15 travel destinations where a woman is most likely to steal your man.


15 Stockholm, Sweden

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Sweden is nothing short of a traveler's paradise, and the people who love the outdoors will definitely love the fresh air, the beautiful lakes, and amazing undisturbed forests in this country. Some of the most popular tourist attractions here include Drottningholm, Vasa Museum, and Liseberg Theme Park. The Swedes are exceptionally friendly, the history involving Vikings is captivating, and the cuisine is incredible.

Swedish women are some of the most beautiful women on the planet, and if you're planning on going to Sweden for your next vacation with your man, you need to be very careful. Many people have described Swedish women as unique and sexy in every way, and they love to party. These women won't hesitate to pay the bill, they don’t mind calling themselves feminists, they value their personal space, and they speak great English.

You will find these exceptionally beautiful women in the beautiful beaches in Sweden as well as in the parties and social gatherings which they love to attend.

14 Kiev, Ukraine

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Ukraine is one of the largest countries in Eastern Europe, and it's a great place to go for your next vacation. The beautiful Orthodox churches, the breathtaking forested mountains, and the wonderful Black Sea coastline are some of the country's best tourist locations, and one visit to these places is just not enough.

Kiev is Ukraine's capital city and the best place to experience the country's nightlife. If you are planning to visit Kiev with your man and haven't been treating him like the king he is, you might just lose him to one of the beauties here. Although life here isn't cheap, you will absolutely love everything here, and you will need to be careful of the super gorgeous women who hit the nightclubs often.

In addition to being super hot, other qualities that would make it easy for Ukrainian women to steal your man include their homemaking skills, motherliness, and their extremely hard working spirit. Some men also love how most of these women are modest, respectful, and value romantic relationships.

13 Sydney, Australia

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Sydney is one of the most beautiful cities in Australia, and it attracts both locals from all over the continent and tourists from different countries in the world. Men love going to Australia for many reasons, although the beauty of the women they find on the beaches and in the clubs at night is one of their biggest motivating factors. Therefore, if you are planning to visit Sydney, you should take great care of your man, or he will be snatched from you fast.

Some of the things men love about Australian women are their accents, their appreciation of great food and drinks, and their extremely gorgeous bodies. Men also love the fact that these women are very friendly and they love the outdoors, so they can pitch tents, run BBQs, and enjoy walking. Furthermore, it's common knowledge that these girls don’t fear anything, and they will even split the check with you when you take her out on a date.

12 Paris, France

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Are you among the group of people who associate Paris with love and romance? It's funny how couples all over the world feel the need to make their way to Paris to celebrate their love on Valentine's Day, on vacation, or for their honeymoon. Since this city has held this title for years, it seems there's something special it has that other cities don’t.

Regardless of how you feel about the French, we can all agree there's something romantic about them the rest of us seem to lack. Although it's hard to point it out, some people say their romance is in their culture, their language, or their art.

Also, there's no denying how amazing French women are, especially since they are beautiful, they smell great, and they wear the latest fashion. Men who can't speak French fall in love with these women as soon as they start to speak, probably because the language can sound so romantic from the right lips, regardless of what is being said.

11 Miami, Florida

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Everyone who has never gone to the United States dreams of going to either New York or Miami. Although the girls in New York are some of the hottest you can find anywhere in the world, the girls in Miami are exceptional. South Beach not only attracts Americans from other parts of the country, but also numerous other people from different parts of the world.

Miami seems to have an endless stream of beautiful women flowing in and out year-round, and it's, therefore, the place to take good care of your man in case you are planning to go there on vacation with him. The numerous hotels and nightclubs hold parties on a regular basis, which are the best places enjoy Miami's nightlife and to mingle with other partygoers.

The women in Miami can easily be the hottest ones anywhere on the planet since they are a collection of beautiful people from different parts of the world, and this makes Miami special.

10 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

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Rio is arguably the top travel destination with the hottest women on the planet. The FIFA World Cup in 2014 made the whole world realize just how beautiful the Brazilian women were, especially when we got to see them cheering for their team, having fun on the streets, and hanging out on the beach.

In addition, the host of Brazilian supermodels and TV actresses we know of, have the most amazing bodies and are stunning in every way. People have tried to explain how the racial mixture in the Brazilian population has contributed to making the women so hot since they get the best traits of each race.

Furthermore, we cannot deny how much more of their bodies they expose compared to other women in other countries, which is the result of the hot climate the country experiences. These women are fashionable, they wear their hair long, and the healthy food they eat contributes to having such sexy bodies.

9 Moscow, Russia

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Russia and the United States aren't the best of friends, and it's a pity because Russian women are some of the hottest women in the world. If the relationship between these two powerful nations would improve, the people who would benefit most would be the American men, because they would all discover just how amazing the Russian women are.

Since Russia is a beautiful country, especially its capital Moscow, every woman going there for a vacation with her man would need to hold him close and always have her eyes on him, because the competition there is real. In addition to their beauty, Russian women genuinely care for the men they love, and they are so much fun to be with.

Russian women make great friends, which is why they never betray the people they're in a relationship with. These women also know how to cook amazing food, since they know the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.


8 Milan, Italy

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It's hard to think or talk about Milan without appreciating its role in the fashion industry. Arguably, Milan is the fashion capital of the world, thanks to its great fashion district and the numerous fashion houses in the world that have their roots there. Therefore, since Italian women are usually the first recipients of the amazing fashion clothing and jewelry, it shouldn't surprise you that they made it on this list.

Some people have explained how walking down the streets in Milan feels like being in a scene of America's Next Top Model, since all the girls you see walking around look like models. These days, the definition of a female model isn't restricted to a skinny woman, since even the women who have a bit of flesh on them also look amazing. Although Milan would be a great place to go for a vacation with your boyfriend, he will need a lot of self-control throughout your stay there.

7 Beirut, Lebanon

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Lebanon is probably the smallest country on this list, but its beauty makes it stand out as one of the best places to visit in the world. Tourists looking for a holiday experience of a lifetime can visit Beirut, the capital city that most people refer to as the Paris of the Middle East.

In addition to being an outstanding tourist destination, its vibrant nightlife, breathtaking heritage sites, and captivating cultural traditions make it the place you want to visit every year. Furthermore, the stunningly beautiful women here with perfect bodies and dark hair might make some foreign women fear to visit this place with their boyfriends.

Although Lebanese women are among the most beautiful women in the world, they would immediately win over a man's heart with their loyalty and generosity. Men everywhere love how these women cook, dress well, and take care of their bodies, in addition to being smart and strong-willed.

6 Tangier, Morocco

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Morocco is one of the most beautiful countries in Africa, which is one of the reasons its tourism industry is thriving. The fact that Morocco is an affordable tourist destination, it's safe, has amazing beaches, and is very close to Europe makes it the ideal place to go on vacation.

Morocco is on this list because the women here are incredibly beautiful and appealing in every way, and you had better be careful if you will go here with your man. Many Moroccan women are uniquely beautiful, and some are the result of early intermarriages between the Africans and the Europeans, giving them the best of both races.

Some of the reasons you should be afraid of competing with Moroccan girls for a man's heart is their strong values and morals, their love for feeding their men, and their ability to get what they want through negotiation. In addition, these girls know how to party, they are very affectionate, and they are independent.

5 The Philippines

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The Philippines is one of the most interesting countries you could ever visit since it's a country made up of over 7000 islands. These islands offer tourists so much to see and do since the locals and the indigenous tribes in all those islands are very friendly to visitors. However, if you are planning to visit the various tourist attraction sites here with your boyfriend, you need to hold him close because the beauty of the women here might just distract him from you.

Men from around the world love women from the Philippines for a number of reasons, with their exotic beauty being one of the main ones. In addition, Filipina women are exceptionally hospitable and loving, and they know how to treat a man like royalty. Most of these women have a good education and they know how to make and manage money. Finally, these women are family-oriented and hold strong to virtues, such as loyalty and faithfulness.

4 Delhi, India

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Indian food and women have one thing in common; they're all super hot. Indian women are gorgeous, especially when you consider their honey-colored glowing skins and perfect black hair, which salons in turn use to make wigs. It seems like the spices and beauty secrets these women have acquired from previous generations continue to work even today since these women are truly unique.

Since you must have watched at least one Bollywood movie, you have seen just how amazing their singing and dancing is, qualities that make them even more attractive. These women can also assimilate the American culture with ease, while still holding true to their own, and this makes them irresistible to men from all over the world.

Indian women are great in the kitchen, they are yoga masters, and they value family. If you happen to go to India with your boyfriend and he gets to discover a bit about the Indian women, you might have a hard time convincing him to go back home with you.

3 Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Buenos Aires is one of the most beautiful cities in Argentina, with amazing architectural sites and some of the most beautiful women on the planet. Many people from different parts of the world come to Argentina to participate in the amazing dance parties, which can erupt outdoors, or even in the confines of the dance halls. Also, it would be unacceptable to talk about Argentina and not mention the people's love and passion for soccer, since they have one of the best soccer teams in the world today.

If you decide to go to a dance party or to the stadium to watch a game, you won't help but notice the beauty of the Argentine women, who are incredibly beautiful and passionate in everything they do. Most of these women are descendants of the Italian and Spanish invaders who mixed with the Native Americans to bring forth the amazing beauties you will see on the Argentine streets. If your boyfriend isn't serious about your relationship, you might want to leave him behind on your trip to Buenos Aires.

2 Victoria, Seychelles

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Seychelles is a beautiful country off the coast of East Africa, and it consists of 115 breathtaking islands. This country might be small, but it's one of the leading tourist destinations in Africa, owing to the numerous coral reefs, beaches, and nature reserves, as well as the rare animals, which can only be found here. Many foreigners flock to the Seychelles islands the whole year round, since everything about it is perfect, especially its climate.

Since the beaches are some of the best places to spend your time here on these islands, you will come across many beautiful locals, most of whom are super attractive. Although none of these women will have the intention to steal your man, their exotic beauty might just cause your man to pursue them. Men all over the world find women in Seychelles to be some of the best to marry because they work hard and know how to treat men with respect.

1 Cairo, Egypt

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Egypt is probably one of those countries you might not have expected to find on such a list, since 90% of the people here are Muslims. Officially known as the Arab Republic of Egypt, women here can't show as much skin as they would in other nations, so you might think it would be hard to tell just how hot they are. However, regardless of their dress code, Egyptian women are still some of the hottest women in the world.

Egypt is a leading tourist destination in the world, since it has the longest histories any modern country has, many consider it to be the cradle of human civilization, and the pyramids are simply breathtaking. Vacationing in Egypt should be on your bucket list since it's arguably the most unique nation on the planet. Since Egypt is in Africa, you can expect most of the beautiful women to have honey-colored skin and beautiful wavy hair.


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