15 Tinder Profile Photos That Will Make You Cringe

If you're on Tinder, or any other social media platform, you must have come across numerous profiles of people from different regions, cultures, ages, and beliefs. Therefore, chances of coming across a shocking profile photo or a weird bio are extremely high, since what might be weird to you might be perfectly normal to the other person. You might even be surprised to find out some people might consider your profile to be offensive while others love it, since we are all socialized in a different way.

However, some people's presence on platforms such as Tinder are offensive to almost everyone who comes across them. These profiles are so bad, we can't even believe people willingly posted them. Since even the worst mannered individuals will always find other like-minded individuals in the same community or elsewhere, don't be shocked if you come across numerous ridiculous or shocking people online with numerous other followers and likes.

Having an appealing profile is incredibly important for achieving success on Tinder, as is addressing everyone who will come across your profile with respect, and having a relevant image of yourself to give others a good idea of who you are. If you want to connect with well-mannered and respectable people, please reflect such traits on your profile, and you will seldom come across people who will only waste your time. Decide what you want to get out of Tinder, and as soon as you achieve your objective, take great care of your relationships. These people are clearly not following this advice for their Tinder adventures. Here are 15 Tinder profiles that will make you cringe as soon as you look at the image or read the profile. Which of these do you think is the most cringe-worthy?


15 Dogface

via: tumblr.com

Here's a picture of what appears to be Alexis and her dog. She chose to put up this photo as one of the images on her Tinder profile, and the first thing we did when we came across her photo was cringe.

Using one of the many face-changing apps out there to improve your image or make your face look funny is very popular. Since some people are so good at it you could spend hours laughing at such images. However, you need to be careful where you post such images, because if you're anything like Alexis here, posting these kinds of images on a dating site is a serious fail.

The general idea of being on Tinder is to attract the attention of someone you would love to get together with, and hopefully fall in love with. Therefore, you should upload your most attractive images, write a short description of how great you are, and hope to attract "the one." With this in mind, you can see how terrible this profile picture is.

14 Creepy Man In Tub 

via: reddit.com

This profile photo is not only cringe-worthy, but it looks like an image taken straight out of a horror movie. Yoshi over here looks so creepy in this image. It seems like he drowned in his bathtub after slipping and hitting the back of his head, and no one was around to shut his eyes. If the image you have put up on Tinder makes people think you're dead, you really need to change it because there's nothing attractive about that.

If he wanted to be funny by posting this image, he might have failed much more than he was successful, since chances are he got numerous left swipes from the people who judged him too quickly. It takes us some time before seeing the humor because the first thing anyone sees is that this is a crime scene, and it's likely this image freaked most people out.

13 Self-Made Boss

via: pomofo.com

On Tinder, and other online platforms, users usually pretend to be people they're not to attract a particular type of people, and in most cases, it works. On the other hand, some people get the courage to be their true selves only on social media, because they're usually afraid of what other people will say about them.

This is Don, and he wants us to believe he is a wealthy guy, looking to attract a woman who describes as being "on the next level," and one who is not afraid of living life on the edge. Firstly, we don't have a reason to believe that whatever he's holding is real money, and if it is, there's no way of telling that it's his money.

One thing we're sure about is that the people who actually have money keep it in a bank and hardly ever take selfies of themselves holding it. Clearly, Don is trying to be something he's not, and this is the reason we are still cringing.

12 Happily Married Becky

via: dailymail.co.uk

Occasionally you come across very sweet and innocent people on Tinder who don’t know exactly what the app is about, but they just want to be part of it because a few of their friends are there. Becky is one of those sweet people who think Tinder and Facebook are the same. She must have been so excited to set up her account and let everyone who came across it know who she is, where she works, and just how much she loves her husband of seven years.

Of course, you don’t expect anyone in their right mind to swipe right on her profile because she is already married, and is therefore irrelevant on this platform. However, you would be surprised to know that some men actually hit on her just to see how far they could get with her. Some people don’t care whether someone is married or not, because some even use this app to find someone they can cheat on their spouses with.

11 Casey Unicorn

via: pinterest.com

There's something about unicorns that little girls, as well as others who are a bit older, are deeply obsessed with. Little girls believe that unicorns will show themselves to you only when you believe they exist, so now you know why you've never seen one. In addition, these pure spirits are only attracted to pure young girls in the woods who have innate goodness and beauty.

With this in mind, we can try to understand why Casey over here decided to dress up as a unicorn, despite how much looking at the image makes us cringe. We can appreciate the amount of time, money, and effort he put into looking like a unicorn, and we are sure it has linked him up with equally weird women on Tinder.

However, we understand that Casey is trying to be funny, judging from the information he has provided on his profile, as well as the picture itself.

10 Unibrow Eugenia

via: ebaumsworld.com

It's hard to come across a woman today who will think of going anywhere, even if it's just for a morning jog, without spending a few minutes in front of a mirror to apply makeup. Those who accidentally find themselves in the streets without makeup often claim to feel naked, despite being fully clothed, a sign of just how much they value their beauty products.

Eugenia over here is perhaps clueless about how ridiculous she looks with the excess makeup on her face or she's just trying to be funny. The obviously fake unibrow, the excess red lipstick, and badly applied eyeshadow make this image cringe-worthy. Without all this crazy makeup, she is undoubtedly a very beautiful woman.

The information she has provided us with on her profile confirms to us that she wants everyone who looks at her profile to think she's crazy. This is because no sane person has 27 cats living with them, unless they are running an animal shelter.

9 Brandon Girl

via: dailymail.co.uk

Brandon is indeed a boy's name, and her parents might have been a bit unfair when it came to giving her the name, but we hardly ever come across people who are absolutely in love with their names. However, looking at the image keenly, Brandon here appears to be up on a tree, apparently living up to her name because we don’t expect such behavior from a lady.

Everything about this photo makes us cringe. Was she trying to look sexy with that apple in her mouth, or was she trying to explain why she wants us to call her Apples? Also, why would she want anyone to call her Apples? She goes ahead to tell us her favorite letter is D. Do you – or anyone else you have ever come across – have a favorite letter?

Brandon or Apples over here might not get as many right swipes as she might be hoping for, but since this is Tinder. She is bound to come across creepier people who will outdo her in her weirdness.


8 Hitler's Profile

via: reddit.com

It's hard to think about World War II without thinking about Hitler and some of the terrible crimes he ordered and participated in. Although some Germans saw him as a savior and very powerful leader, most of the world's population considers him one of the worst human beings to have ever lived.

We can hold Hitler personally responsible for the horrible crimes he caused from 1933 to 1945.  It's easy to come across people who still hate Hitler and all Nazis because they represent a part of humanity and history we all wish never existed.

Therefore, this profile picture is not only cringe-worthy, but it's an insult to everyone who has the slightest idea of what Hitler did and stood for. This Tinder profile crosses so many lines, and is incredibly insensitive.

7 Weird Pose

via: theguardian.com

As much as we want to look away the moment we come across this profile picture, we cannot help but take a few minutes and try to understand how EJ over here managed to take this shot. This image should have a disclaimer at the bottom written: Please don't try this at home, unless you're a fit gymnast.

It’s also a good thing EJ decided to wear a mask for this stunt but probably reveals his face in other photos. You will also notice that EJ seems to be in the buff, and we're grateful we can't see any of his body. However, woe unto you if you happened to enter the room when he was taking this photo. You would need a lifetime of counselling to get you through the ordeal.

This Tinder profile is what a professional would consider terrible on all fronts since we can't see his face, the content only confirms he's a weird guy, and he's probably never serious about anything in life. Women who are looking to be in a serious relationship would probably not want to go out with EJ.

6 Creepy Malina

via: sickchirpse.com

These days, it's so hard to distinguish between what's real and what's fake on social media, especially on Tinder, because people are willing to do whatever it takes to trend. People have realized that the beautiful and well-written profiles are not the only attractive ones, and they've started to think outside the box and are doing things differently.

Take Malina here as an example. She looks creepy, and no one in his right mind would even come close to her or even want to meet up with her for a date. However, most of the people who will swipe right on her profile will do so thinking Manila is not really as she appears here. They will probably want to meet her because she looks like she could do literally anything "bad," and some people find this attractive.

This creepy image is probably a big joke, but it's still cringe-worthy. However, for the 50/50 chance she could actually be this creepy in real life, you should probably swipe left.

5 Embarrassing Courtney

via: craveonline.com

To have a successful profile on Tinder, you should hire the services of a professional photographer or get a really good camera to capture the best possible images of your best side. Also, make sure to wear decent clothing, make sure the background is attractive, and make sure to smile. Next, make sure the information on your profile shows how brilliant, confident, and successful you are, since that's what everyone else on Tinder is looking for.

Therefore, when you look at Courtney here, it seems as if she has all the requirements of making a successful Tinder profile on her fingertips. It's just that she decided to do the exact opposite. We can't begin to imagine what the yellowish fluid she's trying to drink is, or why she couldn't use a cup like the rest of us. Also, her profile information is ridiculous. She wanted to use three words to describe herself but we can clearly see she can't, and her description is just weird.

4 Funny Faraz

via: dailymail.co.uk

On Tinder, many people try to be funny but most of them fail miserably. Some jokes here tend to be so bad, they're often offensive, and the last thing you want to do is connect with someone who does not know they are not funny but thinks they are.

Faraz looks like a very funny and creative guy, and this is possibly the funniest profile on this list. We love how he painted his finger to make it look like he has a mustache, and a few of the reviews are hilarious when you consider the reputable organizations and people who apparently wrote them.

However, Faraz makes it here because he has taken the joke too far, and apart from knowing he can be funny, we can't tell whether he's one of those guys who is always joking and is never serious or not. The only thing we know for a fact about this profile is that nothing written here is true.

3 Everything Bad

via: craveonline.com

Gabrielle over here is probably the perfect representation of the girl your parents told you not to be friends with or the girl you never want your son bringing home for Christmas. What is she wearing? Her dress code appears to be that which belongs to a member of a cult, and her haircut makes her look so much creepier.

She doesn't even attempt to describe herself in a way a reader would think she's a decent person, since claiming she likes horror, creepy sh*t, and "fast fuzzy sludgy gross music" doesn’t make her sound so appealing. In fact, this description makes the reader feel uneasy and weirded out. It's almost impossible to go over this profile without cringing.

2 Racist Katrina

via: rebrn.com

For centuries, people have suffered terrible ordeals because of the colors of their skin and the part of the world they come from. Some communities have looked down on others without just cause, a crime that continues to happen even today in government, in communities, in schools, and everywhere people with the slightest differences interact. Racism is a terrible crime which all governments should put even more effort in to end, because it's an instrument of spreading hate and oppression.

This profile is without a doubt the worst on this list, owing to what she's written. Katrina here claims she closes her eyes and swipes right on any guy and hopes she doesn’t swipe right on a black guy. Firstly, the information she has given is useless and offensive, you wonder why she has even written what is there at all. What's the problem in simply keeping your eyes open and choosing the guy you want to swipe right on? That's just how everyone else on Tinder does it.

1 She Had An Accident

via: dailymail.co.uk

Of all the pretty pictures Samantha has of herself, it's difficult to figure out why she chose this one for her Tinder profile. We applaud just how strong and positive she is, because when she was taking this image, she was fresh out of an accident, but is this image appropriate for this or any other dating site?

First, we hope she recovered completely and has nothing but memories and this picture to remind her of the ordeal she went through. We also hope she did not put herself in harm's way this time, or any other time after that, since her comment "I like it rough" might slightly imply she did and would not mind doing it again.

What makes us cringe when we see this profile photo is how concerned we are about her health. Many people must have swiped right just to understand what she had gone through and what happened after.


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