15When She Was Walking And Made Lots Of Sudden Noises

One thing that happens to us all from time to time is the unexpected fart. You’re walking along totally unsuspecting, and then one of them just toots out of your behind without consulting you at all. The noise might be a crack, a squelch, or buzz – whichever it is,

there are a number of reactions you can give. A woman who fears she has been heard might suddenly start making other noises as if to prove that it was a natural noise, and not that she was dropping stink bombs. These might include clacking heels on the floor loudly all of a sudden, cracking or popping a phone case, gum, or purse closure, coughing as if the sound came from their throat, and so on. The intention is to disguise the first noise, which you may not even have noticed, with other noises that follow it. Not a great plan, but born from sheer panic.

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