15 Times Spoiled Brats Degraded Their Maids On Twitter

For most of us having a maid, would be like a dream come true. No more cleaning out litter boxes or dealing with that ring around the toilet bowl. There are just so many things about having a maid that would be so awesome. For others, though, who actually have the luxury of having a maid, they sometimes take for granted that they don’t have to clean their own house. These kids think they have problems because their $500 jeans shrunk in the dryer or they weren’t picked up at school by their driver on time. We can’t even imagine having these problems.

Twitter is always a great place for rich people to complain about their problems and we have found some Twitter posts from people who actually complain about the maids they have. After reading these frustrating posts from vapid and unoriginal rich kids who obviously don't know what it's like to have chores, you can't help but feel sorry for these maids who have to deal with these entitled brats. What’s worse is that they are willing to post it online, so imagine what they must say to their maid in person. If you thought you'd seen it all, then you couldn’t be more wrong. Check out these spoiled brats who complained on Twitter about their maids.

15 Wasting The Water

Imagine yourself rich. Would you be complaining about how long someone takes a bath? We don’t even worry about how long it takes our family members to bathe, so we couldn’t imagine worrying about it if we were rolling in the dollar bills. When it came to this rich kid, she got a little ornery when her maid decided to take a bath and she was in there longer than the rich kid would have liked. What is wrong with people? If someone cleaned our bath for us, we would let them linger in the bathtub all day if they liked. “Stupid maid, bathe so long Waste my house water.” This person really needs to learn a thing or two about respect because right now ,she just looks like a spoiled brat who isn’t thankful for anything.

14 In Need Of Snack

This teen was outraged by the fact that her maid had yet to bring her a snack and she was sick of waiting for one. We’re not sure how old this person is, but surely they don’t need to wait for their maid to get them a snack. It’s actually preposterous for them to even post this. Why didn’t they get it themselves? We hope that this person got skewered online because this post is an embarrassment. “So, this dumb maid of mine hasn't given me snack yet. should I kill her or what?” This person may need to have a date with reality because it appears as if she completely checked out. Imagine sitting there and just waiting for someone to bring you a snack instead of getting one yourself? Try that one on for size.

13 Not A Gentleman

MAID IN MANHATTAN, Jennifer Lopez, Marissa Matrone, 2002, (c) Columbia

This is one of the more awful statements that we have heard so far. We can’t even believe the nerve of this guy. There is just something so disgusting about a guy that talks this way about any woman, never mind the woman that comes in and cleans up after him. All he had to do was give his maid a ride home and he couldn’t even be a gentleman about it. “Just drove my maid to the bus stop in convertible mode and felt like I was driving a stripper to the bus stop, ew #neveragain.” This guy is clearly a spoiled brat that should be put in his place. We feel bad for the woman that has to work for him because she probably doesn’t enjoy her job very much. It’s a sad state of affairs.

12 First-World Problems

This girl had her maid organize her closet for her, probably something that caused her maid to roll her eyes for the first hour at least. But when the job was done, the girl had the nerve to chirp about the work that her maid had done, saying that the job was done incorrectly. We’re not sure how you can manage to organize a closet the wrong way, but apparently, there is a wrong way. We feel sorry for the maid who has to put up with this spoiled brat. “#tweetlikeanexetergirl Ugh! Our stupid maid Organized my closet wrong!!” When are these rich kids going to grow up and realize that these aren’t real problems and to stop complaining about their maids? They should be happy to have them in the first place, right?

11 The Need For English

Not only does this kid sound like a spoiled brat who's clearly never picked up a broom in their life, but she's also insulting. These kids are just as disgusting as the statements they make. We are glad to see them doing some actual work for once. “When the recession hit, I had to let go of my maid to save some money, and now I'm cleaning like a good goddamn Mexican... Ughhh.” These comments are becoming more offensive each time; these maids don’t deserve to be talked about like this.

10 Rotting In Hell

It’s not nice to name call, but these kids obviously have no manners. This poor, little rich kid had a bad morning and she blames it on the maid. We’re not sure why these people don’t have any compassion for the people that work for them. It’s so sad that people can’t appreciate what they have. Let’s hope her maid never goes on Twitter because she would probably feel terrible to read something like this. “My morning was ruined thanks to my stupid maid ugh. Stupid maid should go and rot in hell.” One day, hopefully, these kids can grow up and appreciate what they have instead of being jerks toward the hired help.

9 Yelling At The Maid

Anyone working in the service industry does not like to be yelled at and it’s probably not the best way to get your point across. You can tell someone that they did something wrong in a polite manner without resorting to screaming. It’s just rude and disrespectful. This woman realized that her maid stepped on her phone, which was probably an accident on the maid’s part, and instead of speaking to her about it politely, she yelled at her. “Stupid maid stepped on my phone and simply ignored me when I shouted at her.” The maid at this point is probably used to being yelled at and has learned to tune it out. A better twist to the story would be if the maid deliberately stepped on the phone as revenge.

8 When The Maid Gets Lazy

Most of us don't have maids, but we wouldn't mind having one, that's for sure. There is some confusion, though, when it comes to the tasks of a maid. Do they cook, clean, and watch the kids, or is the maid just in charge of cleaning the house? In this case, it seems as if the teen is waiting for the maid to cook dinner, but we were under the assumption that maids just cleaned. This teen is certainly disgruntled about the fact that there is no food on the table. Maybe he should order in. We certainly have no sympathy for people like this. “Stupid maid didn't cook for us!”

7 His Life Is Ruined

There are just some posts that make us shake our head. They must have instant regrets because with hundreds, if not thousands, of friends online, there is bound to be a handful of people that are going to call you out for being rude. And if it goes viral, then your life will really be over. These spoiled brats don’t know how good they have it and these maids are getting called out for nothing. In this case, the teen feels as if the maid has ruined his life. “You really don't understand. You were my treasure in my life. I just allowed a stupid maid to use her cleaning tools to ruin my life.” Talk about dramatic!

6 Threatening The Help

This girl claims that the maid is giving her attitude, but judging by this post, we think it’s her that has the attitude. Some people just don’t like the way they are talked to by their “boss,” and that’s usually why they will have an attitude. It’s highly unlikely that the maid is just being rude to the boss’s daughter for no reason. “If that stupid maid talks to me with an attitude again, I swear I'll shove her head down the toilet.” This girl sounds a little psychotic! There's really no need to be so verbally abusive.

5 Stop Vacuuming

When it comes to being a maid, it’s not an easy job, especially if you work for people who don’t appreciate you. A maid, like everyone else, just wants to get her job done so that she can go home. This spoiled brat actually wants his maid to stop working so that he can get some sleep even though it’s the middle of the day and the maid is just trying to do her job. This spoiled brat is still in bed and wants to get some sleep. “Damn, stupid maid, can’t you vacuum somewhere else. I’m trying to sleep.” Is this for real? Some of us have to wake up early to clean the house ourselves!

4 She’s Going To Tell On You

"THE HELP" TH-077 In Jackson, Mississippi in 1963, Aibileen Clark (Viola Davis, left) and Minny Jackson (Octavia Spencer) take a risk that could have profound consequences for them both in DreamWorks Pictures' drama, "The Help", based on the New York Times best-selling novel by Kathryn Stockett. Ph: Dale Robinette ©DreamWorks II Distribution Co., LLC.  All Rights Reserved.

What a childish thing to do. This entitled girl really needs to grow up. Seriously, these posts just get more terrible by the second and they just don’t stop. This girl is actually looking forward to getting the maid in trouble. We feel bad for the maid because this girl clearly has it out for her. “Wait till my mom gets back. Ha! I'm going to tell everything to her about what the stupid maid did!” This spoiled brat needs to grow up and stop telling on the maid, who is probably just trying to do her job the best that she can.

3 The Daily Servant

It’s amazing how often we hear these people who claim that their servants are ruining their lives. It’s probably because they are asking a little too much from their maids in the first place. We’re not sure what would make this girl happy — she seems like she’s just a miserable person. “My maid will never fail to spoil my mood, every morning.” What could this maid possibly be doing to spoil this girl’s day? It can’t be incompetence because maids like that usually get fired pretty quickly. So what is this girl's problem? Were her favorite socks not folded properly? Was her bathroom not clean enough? We can’t quite put our finger on what this maid could have done that was so wrong. It sounds like she’s just a spoiled girl.

2 Shrinking Clothes

We’ve all made the mistake of putting certain clothing in the dryer when it should have been hanged, and we pay the price for it. It’s a simple mistake and it’s also not the end of the world. This guy is outraged that his maid put his clothes in the dryer and he’s not afraid to speak his mind about it. “Stupid maid lady. When I say hang dry my clothes, I mean it you dumb b*tch.” That's pretty harsh. Not only is he overreacting, but he doesn’t have a whole lot of respect for women, either. We feel sorry for the hellfire that he probably unleashed on the poor woman when he found his laundry steaming hot from the dryer.

1 He Wants Gas Money

This sorry excuse for a spoiled brat actually expected his maid to give him gas money for a ride home. Would you really expect your maid to pay you for a ride home? It’s baffling. I’m sorry, but if you can afford a maid, then we’re pretty sure you can afford the gas money to drive her home. Not only does he refer to her in the most degrading way, but he can’t even show an ounce of compassion for a woman who needs a ride home. “I just had to freaking drop off my maid at her house, now this? Gas ain't cheap you know, the least you can do is pay up.” He’s very disrespectful and inconsiderate. We’re not sure how these spoiled brats are being raised, but they could use a huge serving of humble pie.


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