15 Times Security Cameras Filmed Something Eerie In Random Places

Regardless if they're real or not, these images are horrifying.

It’s happened to all of us at one point in our life. We’re walking down a hallway or sitting alone when suddenly, a cold chill fills the room. Strange sounds and unfamiliar cries echo throughout the area. You feel as if someone else or something else is with you. You tell yourself it’s all in your head. You feel better until you decide to check the security footage.

For years, there have been claims of strange and bizarre sightings. Claims of UFOs, ghosts, and unexplained occurrences have been spread for centuries. There are people obsessed with the idea of the spirit world and will go to great lengths to prove that it truly exists. It often creates great debate between the skeptics and the believers. Those that believe will tell everyone their amazing story but rarely do people really think it’s true. The skeptics are not easily convinced and will often classify the believers as simply being delusional or crazy.

Any time someone enters a house built in the 1800’s or an old hospital built on an ancient burial ground, we expect it to be haunted. However, when these sightings happen in uncommon places, it can send a terrifying chill up the spine. In some cases, there is actually evidence of something strange and scary happening. There have been several terrifying images caught on security cameras that are a bit tough to dismiss. Perhaps, it’s just the mind playing tricks or maybe it really is a spirit that is caught roaming the hallways. Regardless if it’s real or not, at first glance, these images are horrifying. They’re like something straight out of a Stephen King novel or Wes Craven film. In fact, these images are scarier than some of the most famous horror movies. Here is a look at 15 Times Security Cameras Captured Something Eerie In Uncommon Places.

15 The Drunk Ghost

After a long and grueling day at work, it’s nice to go to a bar, kick back, and have a few beers. As evidenced by this terrifying image, ghosts enjoy kicking back with a beer, too. Most ghost stories usually revolve around haunted hotels and mansions that were built hundreds of years ago on a site originally used to burn witches. However, it appears that ghosts are starting to branch out to other places they can haunt for an eternity. Some bars and pubs have been around for a long time and are just as historic. It would make sense for these bars to be haunted. In this pic, security footage picked up an eerie image of a ghost. The footage is taken from a bar at around 2 am, and a ghost can be seen at the end of the bar. Perhaps the ghost just got off a long shift of haunting all day long and just needed to unwind.

14 Jimmy’s Restaurant Ghost

Jimmy’s Bar and Grill is a part of London’s famous Jimmy’s restaurant chain. The restaurants are known for their impressive buffets that offer a wide variety of cuisine, including Indian, Italian, and Chinese. Turns out that even ghosts enjoy eating at Jimmy’s. In 2013, security footage caught some odd happenings on film. In the bottom of the screen, a woman is seen eating at a table. She gets up and leaves the area. Once she’s gone, all the strange occurrences start happening. First, a few chairs move around and a menu shifts positions. Then, the napkins blow off the table and the plate lifts off and smashes to the floor. Others in the restaurant can be seen looking around to see where the crash came from. One of the patrons told the employees of the loud crash. Apparently, this wasn't the first time that a plate mysteriously smashed to the floor.

13 Dragged Down A Hallway

It’s a classic scene from several horror films. A man is walking down an empty hallway minding his own business when the lights start to flicker. Suddenly, a dark entity stalks the man and drags him down the hallway into an abyss. However, this time, it’s not a scene from The Grudge, but an actual footage. The image shows an empty hallway and something is dragging a man. It appears that a black cloud is pulling the man by his right leg. It’s not uncommon for hallways to be haunted but it’s just so terrifying to see such an image. As always, it could be just a prank. It wouldn’t be too difficult to make the black cloud appear in the footage. However, the man being dragged is a bit difficult to explain. It would likely take a few people working together to pull off a prank like this.

12 Ghost Car

Most ghost sightings occur in old libraries, hotels built centuries ago, and mental institutions converted into colleges. Well, at least according to Goosebumps. Nobody ever expects to see a ghost while driving. Even more surprising is when the ghost is driving too. This footage is from the dash cam of a car in Russia. Something very odd happens when the cars make a left turn. Three cars make the turn and the first car makes it through. As the second car crosses the intersection, a black car appears out of nowhere. In fact, it appears to be coming from between the second and third car. However, in the footage, it’s clear that there was no fourth car. The second car just barely misses hitting the ghost car. It could just be an issue with the dash cam that makes it appear as though it came out of thin air. There is also the possibility that a ghost car is driving around Russia right now.

11 The Hungry Spirit

The writers of American Horror Story might want to consider setting their next film in an eerie restaurant. Ghosts are no longer focusing solely on homes. The next time you decide to get a late night snack, you might want to consider who or what is also hungry. From time to time, restaurants have reported strange and bizarre activities. Most restaurants have security cameras set up for various reasons, such as to catch vandals and robbers. Smart criminals will avoid a restaurant with security cameras. But according to this pic, they don’t keep spirits away. A restaurant set up security cameras to catch potential criminals. However, the camera ended up catching something out of this world. What appears to be a ghost can be seen entering the restaurant late at night. It’s possible that it’s all just an elaborate prank or it’s a real ghost that is into fancy restaurants.

10 Haunted Hotel

It’s not uncommon at all for hotels to be haunted. In fact, haunted hotels are a staple of the horror genre. However, this image is so terrifying that it can’t be left out. There are thousands of hotels all over the world that claim to be haunted. Some seem possible while others sound like wild tales. Not all have the type of footage this hotel has. This horrifying image seems so unreal and possibly staged. At the same time, if it were truly real, then it would be wise to avoid this hotel. The only problem is that nobody knows which hotel this footage is from. In the footage, a hotel worker seems to be in search of something and knocks on three hotel doors. He enters the second room and, moments later, a female ghost appears to walk out. The worker then backs out of the room with a horrified expression and runs.

9 The Gym Ghost

During the month of January (of every year), gyms all over the world are packed with those trying to keep a New Year’s resolution. By February, those same people are like ghosts and suddenly disappear. However, that’s not the kind of ghost we’re talking about here. A gym in Kansas had some strange happenings at around 2 am. The owners noted that the motion sensors suddenly kicked on in the middle of the night when nobody was there. The owners of the gym reviewed the security tape and made an eerie discovery. Something can be seen floating around the gym and is clearly setting off the motion sensors. The gym has been accused of creating the image for publicity but they deny it. The owners are skeptical that it’s a ghost but at the same time, can’t explain the eerie sight. Turns out, even ghosts need to stay in shape.

8 Ghost Child In A Mall

It’s true that a disgusting monster or evil demon can be incredibly scary. However, there truly is nothing more horrifying than a ghost child playing in a shopping mall. Most shopping malls feature a food court and the top brand name stores. This shopping mall, in particular, features one terrifying aspect. Security footage taken at a mall in Mexico shows a shadowy childlike figure moving in the background. On July 16, 2012 at 1:30 am, the ghost child is seen moving around the mall as if it’s playing. A guard passes through the location and seems to notice something but keeps moving. It is a bit difficult to see in the image, but the child then moves closer to the center of the mall and continues to play. The mall is situated near a Casino and employees have noted hearing suspicious and strange sounds. Additionally, there have been sightings of the child in the past.

7 Haunted Drugstore

There is a good chance that this pic will inspire someone to write the next classic horror film. The spirit of a murdered pharmacist haunts his former place of employment. In this pic, a man is shopping in a drugstore but he doesn’t seem to notice the supernatural occurrences around him. Luckily, security cameras never miss a thing. It appears that products in the store are floating behind the man. It would appear that ghosts are taking a look at some items, possibly hygiene products. Nobody seems to notice or be concerned with the fact that objects are flying. It’s possible that a bitter pharmacist haunts the drugstore. It’s also possible that an evil spirit haunts the man and not the store. Maybe, a prankster was able to erase real people and make it seem haunted. Unfortunately, for those that try to avoid demons and spirits, they’re now at your local drugstore.

6 Old Man In The Elevator

It appears that ghost sightings are starting to expand further and further. It’s becoming more and more common for elevators to be haunted. This security footage shows two men waiting for an elevator and then entering. The video continues inside the elevator and shows one of the men leaning up against the wall. When he steps forward to exit, an elderly man suddenly appears behind him. The old man very slowly exits the elevator. The frightening sight appears literally out of thin air. It’s clear from the video that nobody enters the elevator but the two men. It’s also clear that there is no room between the man and the wall. This makes it impossible for the old man to be standing behind the worker. In most horror films, elevators are just a small part of a larger haunting. However, in this case, it appears that the haunting is mostly in an elevator.

5 Nightcrawlers

In 2011, a security camera was installed at Yosemite National Park in Fresno, California. They were hoping to catch vandals in action but were probably not prepared for what they ended up capturing. The footage shows two stick-like creatures walking through the park. These creatures have long legs and only a tiny head on top. The creatures are a famous myth in the Fresno area. The creatures have been called Nightwalkers, and this isn’t the first sighting of them. There have been rumors of sightings in Fresno for years. In fact, there seems to be monuments created for these creatures in some forests in the Fresno area. This wasn’t the first time they were caught on camera either. Footage first surfaced after they were captured on security footage in the early ‘90s. Some claim that they’re aliens from a different planet while others believe they’re a spiritual being. According to Native Indians, these creatures came here hundreds of years ago and are no threat to us.

4 Walt Disney’s Spirit

Walt Disney is best known for being a pioneer and innovator in animation. He’s also known for creating two of the most famous amusement parks. He was the founder and creative force behind the Disney Empire. Most people go to Disneyland for a fun vacation full of whimsical adventures. However, it turns out that Disneyland is actually filled with all kinds of ghosts wandering around. There have been numerous ghost sightings at the historic theme park. The ghost of a man that allegedly died on Space Mountain in the ‘70s has been seen riding in an empty car. Also, employees have claimed to see a man with a cane riding the Haunted Mansion attraction late at night. However, the most famous of all the ghosts is that of Walt Disney. Security camera footage catches what many believe is Walt Disney’s ghost wandering the park. The figure is spotted on the security camera as it walks through the park enjoying the various attractions.

3 Ghost Follows Man Into Taxi

Ever sat alone in the back of a taxi and feel a spine-chilling presence? Most people just brush it off or ignore that feeling as nothing but silly fears. However, this petrifying image proves that there might have been someone or something there. This security camera footage from Japan shows a man entering a cab and is closely followed by what appears to be a ghost. It might be a simple camera trick or some fancy editing. On the other hand, it might be a lost soul looking for a way home. The internet almost blew up when this footage first surfaced. One of the most popular theories suggests that the ghost is the spirit of someone that died in the 2011 Tsunami. Since 2011, cab drivers in Japan have reported picking up passengers that were actually spirits of those that perished in the devastating Tsunami.

2 Possessed At The Store

Perhaps the next time a group of paranormal investigators are searching for a spirit, they might want to consider checking their local grocery store. It appears that the simple task of grocery shopping just got haunted. In this image, a girl is ordering movies from the Red Box video rental in a store. However, something incredibly scary and unexplainable is occurring in the pic. The girl’s head is bending backwards in a way that seems impossible. Her head bending backwards is like something straight out of the horror classic The Exorcist. The human body is just not meant to bend that way. It’s very possible that the pic has been altered in a way or maybe it’s just a glitch in the footage. On the other hand, the grocery store might be haunted by a demon that is looking for its next victim or maybe the Red Box rental is possessed.

1 Ghost Haunting At Irish School

Recently, a school in Ireland, Deerpark CBS, has made major headlines after releasing a frightening security video. On October 10, 2017, at 3 am, surveillance footage of an empty hallway caught some unexplained activity. In the video, a sign on the floor is knocked over, doors slam shut, and lockers shake and open with papers falling out. There are no signs of anyone in the hallway. However, the school’s deputy principal, Aaron Wolfe, isn’t completely ruling it out as being a prank. Pranks of this nature are very common at this time of the year. However, if it’s a prank, the prankster deserves an award for it being an excellent prank. It was later revealed that the school is built on the same grounds formally used to hang criminals. There have been crying sounds heard in the hallways in the past. At this point, the school doesn’t believe they’re haunted. But at the same time, they don’t know what to believe.

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15 Times Security Cameras Filmed Something Eerie In Random Places