15 Times Jealousy Went Way Too Far

Confessing to doing something that is totally ridiculous while you're in a fit of jealousy is never an easy thing. While whatever incredibly stupid thing you might be doing may seem totally normal at the time, odds are, you're making a total fool of yourself. When it comes to human feelings and emotions, jealousy is a very natural thing. Most of us have been jealous at one point or another, and a lot of us are jealous way more than we would like to admit. The thing is, though, if you do act like a total jealous lunatic, you have to be able to own up to the fact that you did it.

Personally, now that I am a bit more mature and in a long-term relationship, it's been a bit of time since I acted like a total jealous fool, but back in the day, there have been numerous times back in the day where I made a total donkey of myself. But even then, I don't know if I ever confessed it.

What follows are a bunch of people that have done some of the dumbest things ever when they were jealous. Some confessed they did it right away, while others had to be coerced a bit by the police.


15 Phil Spector Made His Wife Ride With A Mannequin

Millionaire record producer Phil Spector is now in prison for murdering Lana Clarkson at his mansion when he shot her to prevent her from leaving. But before Spector was a creepy murderer, he was a creepy jealous boyfriend. He didn't allow his former wife Ronnie Spector to leave his mansion for years at a time, and when he finally did allow her to step out, her made her drive with a mannequin in the passenger seat so guys would think she had a boyfriend and not hit on her. Near the end of their marriage, he locked her inside their mansion for months, before she finally escaped. Spector takes jealousy to whole other level, so it's a good thing he is locked up, but it is too bad someone had to die before it happened.

14 Man Has To Take  Lie Detector When He Leaves The House


You know when you're chilling out and your partner has been gone for a while and then they come home and you think they've been lying about where they've been? Well, that doesn't happen with Debbi Wood and her boyfriend Steve. If he leaves the house for even 15 minutes, she makes him take a polygraph to make sure he hasn't been looking at other women when he was gone. The thing is, he probably doesn't, mostly because he's hanging out with a terrifying psychopath. She doesn't even let him look at other women in magazines. I know we could spend a lot of time wondering what's wrong with Debbi, but the real question is, what the heck is wrong with Steve?

13 Obama Got A Little Too Close 

Whether you love or hate Barack Obama, there's little doubt that the dude is smooth. Which is probably why a guy once told to him when Obama was next to his wife at a voting booth, “Mr. President, don’t touch my girlfriend." to which Obama replied, “I wasn’t really planning on it.” A few minutes later, Obama turned to the woman and said, “You’re gonna kiss me, give him something to talk about. Now, he’s really jealous.” That guy must have felt like a tool.  You don't mess with Obama, although, you know he wouldn't be flirting with anyone publicly, not with Michelle looming in the background.

12 Jealous Of Mitt Romney Picture


Some people that get jealous over the most ridiculous reasons, and one of those people is Lowell Turpin. He happened to see his girlfriend looking at a photo of Mitt Romney on her laptop and assumed that it was someone that she was having an affair with, so he grabbed the laptop out of her hands, smashed it, and then punched her in the face. Thankfully, that act of violence got him arrested.  First of all, I really doubt that some chick that is into Lowell Turpin would also be into Mitt Romney, secondly, I also really doubt that Mitt Romney would be into some woman that is doing the deed with Lowell Turpin. But that's the thing about jealousy, you never really know how you'll react.

11 Husband Divorces Wife For Kissing A Horse

I once had a girlfriend that was really into horses and even owned one. I liked that about her — how she was so open and loving to her horse, it made her seem like a really kind person. But then again, I'm not a total jealous idiot. A Saudi man divorced his wife after he saw a photo of her kissing a horse on social media. So first of all this guy, is obviously an idiot, and secondly, he is a very jealous one at that. I have to say, it's probably not that great of a loss for her. If you're married to some guy that freaks out because you kiss a horse, it's better to know that now rather then later when he has you locked up in a box in his basement.

10 Woman Stabs Boyfriend For Texting His Boss


Sometimes, jealous people are just incredibly stupid. It's hard to tell whether they're jealous because they're stupid or whether it's the other way around. Either way, one of those people is Kristal Delvalle who stabbed her boyfriend to death because she thought he was texting another woman. Stabbing someone because they are flirting is totally psychotic, and what makes it even worse is the fact he wasn't texting a woman at all — he actually texting his boss to say that he would be late to work. This would actually be kind of funny if it wasn't for the fact that a man lost his life because his girlfriend was such a jealous idiot.

9 Man Uses GoFundMe To Stalk Girlfriend

There have been a lot of really dumb GoFundMe pages over the years. I even saw one where a guy wanted a bottle of rum to go with his holiday eggnog, but this one might take the cake. Basically, a guy named Azel Prather started a GoFundMe page so he could stalk his girlfriend. She was going to Miami over spring break, so he took to crowdsourcing to chase after her and make sure she didn't cheat on him. Surprisingly, he got money to go, and even more shocking was the fact that apparently, she hung out with him when he got there.


8 Man Kills Over Birthday Present


Sometimes, when a jealous person acts like a total idiot, the whole thing is kind of funny, other times, it's just tragic. What follows is an example of the latter. William Balfour was estranged from his wife Julia Hudson, who is the sister of Jennifer Hudson. One day, Balfour showed up and saw a present for Julia that he assumed was given to her by someone she was dating. He flipped out and ended up murdering her nephew, brother, and mother. All because he saw some random present laying around. This was completely savage and totally unjustified.

7 Who To Save?

Love triangles are never a good idea. Having to people fight for your love and affection might seem like a nice idea, but really, there's a good change it'll end in disaster. This is what happened to a man from China. He had broken up with one woman and started dating another, but his ex-girlfriend kept harassing him. One day, he got together with both women to set things straight, or so he thought. The two women started to argue, and then his ex, who is obviously kind of nuts, jumped in a river and started yelling for him to save her. Before he could, his current girlfriend jumped in too and started yelling at him to save her as well. Obviously, he could only save one of them, and he chose his current girlfriend, pulled her out, and took her to a hospital. Don't worry, his ex ended up surviving, too.

6 Jealousy Makes Even Astronauts Go Crazy


Jealousy causes people to do some really odd things. If you don't believe me, ask former astronaut Lisa Nowak, who was arrested for attempted kidnapping after trying to abduct a woman who was romantically involved with the same man was with. According to People"Nowak had driven 900 miles from Houston to Orlando. In her car, she had a trench coat, black wig, pepper spray, a BB gun, rope, trash bags, an 8-inch knife, and other items. Police reports claimed she had space diapers with her, so she wouldn’t have to stop for bathroom breaks." That all sounds pretty serious, especially the space diapers. Where can I get some of those? Actually don't answer that.

5 Man Sleeps On Woman's Doorstep

So if you ever get dumped by your girlfriend and you don't want her to see anyone else, you know what you should do? Sleep on her porch so no other guy can come over. At least that's what some guy in Zimbabwe did so his former girlfriend couldn't date anyone new. Well except for the fact that she ended up getting a restraining order on him, so maybe don't do that. As a matter of fact, it probably is a good test of where you're at mentally if you think sleeping in front of your ex-girlfriend's front door is a smart thing to do. Can't he just hide in the bushes and spy on his ex like any run-of-the-mill stalker ex-boyfriend would do? Seriously man, pull it together.

4 Woman Chops off Husband's Manhood — Twice


This one is not for the faint-hearted. A married man from China named Fan Lung was caught having an affair by his wife. She did what any total lunatic would do — she chopped off his manhood while he was in bed. He was then taken to the hospital where it was reattached. Although you might think this is where this brutal story ends, think again. His insane wife showed up and cut it off again, but this time, she threw it out the window. It was never found, and people think that it might have been taken by a dog. Her level of jealousy was clearly to a whole other level to make her commit the same violent act twice!

3 Cheated Girlfriend Attacked With Ice Cream

This one is a tad less freaky then some on this list, but is no less lame. When Katie Crowle told her boyfriend Ben Moses she was seeing someone else, he grabbed her kid's ice cream and hit her in the face with it. First of all, who tells their boyfriend that they are cheating on him while grabbing an ice cream with their kids. Secondly, she called the police after the ice cream fiasco, which, to be honest, might be a little dramatic. And last but not least who wastes a perfectly good ice cream cone? Apparently, the two made up and stayed together, but I imagine this is one family that doesn't go out for ice cream a whole lot.

2 Woman Catfishes Her Own Boyfriend


Sometimes, people get cheated on for a long period of time, but still never really do anything about it. Other times, people react in the oddest ways. Take this person on Reddit for example who said: "I also liked to create a catfish account on a website that I knew he used, and he would get so upset after a few months of flirting when I revealed it was me." We can't help but wonder, is it really considered cheating if he's flirting with his girlfriend even though he thinks it's someone else? Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't that mean her boyfriend was cheating on her with her? Sometimes, the truth really is stranger than fiction.

1 Man Runs Over Ex-Girlfriend's Co-Worker

While many of these cases are totally ridiculous, others are completely tragic. John Nieto recently killed a man who got a ride home from his girlfriend, Elisabeth Mancilla, by running him over with his truck. It seemed he thought they were having an affair, which apparently wasn't true. He was charged for murder and she was charged for accessory to murder, because she helped her boyfriend escape instead of helping the victim. What a couple of idiots. If there's one thing this article has taught us is that when some people get jealous, they turn into the biggest idiots one can possibly imagine. Some people just shouldn't be allowed to date, or they should at least come with warning labels.



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