15 Times Grandparents Were Too Funny For Us To Handle

They are not called the golden years for no reason. Grandparents are those people who have worked their entire lives so they could just chill out and relax after they reach retirement. For some people, this is one terrifying prospect. Yeah, there are folks who are scared of getting old, and there is a good reason for that. After all, getting old ultimately means you are getting closer and closer to death. But, in order to be happy, a person should steer away from grim thoughts like that. Why not focus on the fun part of getting old?

You had to work your butt off your entire life. And why did you do that? You did that so you could relax after you retired. Getting old doesn’t have to restrict your freedoms and the things you should and shouldn’t do. Much on the contrary, this can be a freeing prospect for many people. You don’t really have to worry about anything anymore if you played your cards right through the first three quarters of your life. To prove that old age can be fun, we decided to talk about 15 times grandparents were too funny for us to handle. Remember, retirement can be the time of your life.

15 The Grandma And The Mixer

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One thing we thought every single grandma would be good at is cooking. But then we have to remember that back in their day, machines were not really a thing. For example, there are grandmas who have a tough time figuring out how to use domestic appliances like mixers. Sure, we know that some of them pick things like this up very quickly, but before they can do that, at least a few accidents happen.

Thankfully, we have not heard of a grandma losing her finger while using a mixer, but we have this one example of a grandma who should have calculated a little better how much powder she was putting in that mix. The only thing we are apprehensive about now is what she did to that mixer because those are the eyes of someone who is ready to kill.

14 Doing It The Old Way

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As far as jokes go, this has to be the best one we have seen a grandma make. Remember Polaroid or any other kinds of cameras where you didn’t instantly get a digital copy of the photo? Yeah, before digital cameras, people had to mail pictures to their relatives if they wanted to show how their family was doing or how the kids had been growing up. God forbid, we do not even want to know what people did back in those days to send a “naughty” picture to one of their crushes.

But back to the point, we don’t think this grandma got the concept of a selfie completely right. She did use the cellphone to take a mirror pic, which is still acceptable. Nevertheless, she went on to print the picture and mail it to her grandkids. Can you say best grandma ever?

13 Oh, Honey

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If you are a grandkid and your grandparents use the Internet, there is one thing you should teach them above all else in order to keep them safe out on the web. As you all know, the Internet can be a terrifying and dangerous place for people who don’t know what to look out for. Hence, this grandma here gave everyone the perfect example of why grandkids should at least try to teach their grandparents what not to open in their email inboxes.

From what we could deduce, this grandma was the victim of a classic phishing scam. Not only that, but she also proceeded to post a status on Facebook asking where the person she wanted to flirt with was. Seriously guys, let’s make life a little bit harder for hackers and tell our grandparents what emails not to open.

12 Your Grandson’s Game

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If you are one of those people who actually use Facebook to meet new people, one top advice we would give you in order to stay away from embarrassment would be to deny or just not answer when your grandma or grandpa sends you a friend request. Seriously, nothing good can come out of this. If you need to talk to grandma, do not use Facebook. Just pick up the phone and call them. That way, nothing can go wrong, and you will avoid this brand of embarrassment.

This guy just wanted to know if there were girls out there who would like to go out with him. Unfortunately, the only one who seemed interested in his proposition was his loving grandma. Poor Stefan, we don’t know how effective the pickup line would have been, but we are pretty sure he is not catching any fish with that net now.

11 Keeping The Neighborhood Safe

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Part of being old is complaining about the young kids on your street. No, we are just kidding. But there are those seniors who make a living out of complaining about how everyone is so loud, how the cars go by so fast in their street, and how dangerous everything is. You can keep that list going for miles if you know an older adult who is like that.

Nevertheless, that is pretty much all they do, complain. However, there was one particular grandma who decided to take action in order to keep the people on her street safe from the maniacs driving cars fast in the residential area. She picked up her hairdryer and posed as if it was a speed trap. By the looks of it, her genius idea worked.

10 Texting Problems

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We all know how much parents have trouble with texting sometimes. Now, just double the amount of problems your mom has when texting and the mental picture of your grandma holding a phone will pop up in your head. Hey, we are not in the place to judge other folks when it comes to using technology like phones and texting. We will probably realize how hard it is when we become the elderly ourselves and the generation of our grandkids comes up with some means of communication that is as complicated to us as texting as to our grandparents.

Either way, this is still as funny as they come. Your grandparents are probably the ones who say it is stupid to repeat the same mistake more than once. But as we can see, this might be one of those do what I say, not what I do kind of thing.

9 Stay Fresh

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First of all, we are really excited to see what kind of grandparents guys like Snoop Dogg will make one day. Or maybe Snoop is already a grandparent, and we just don’t know. Either way, we are talking about these grandparents. This is a hilarious but still classic kind of grandparent picture a grandkid will see one day in their inbox or, God forbid, on Facebook. As ridiculous as it looks, this is sort of normal when we think about it. What grandparent does not want to do the kind of things their grandkids do in order to stay close to them?

Of course, we have no idea what kind of grandkids these grandparents have, but we are pretty damn sure that if they post this picture on Facebook and tag their grandchildren, the young bloods won’t be making hand signs anytime soon.

8 Making An Entrance

Well, where do we start with this? Is there really a good place where we can start with this picture? Hell, let’s just state the obvious. This grandpa over here is a boss. We don’t know if he picked up that sweater on purpose or if that was a joke someone convinced him to make, but it is priceless either way. Another thing we want to know but will probably never get an answer to is if his name is Richard. Because if his name is not Richard, this is by far the greatest entrance anyone has ever made when arriving at a new airport.

Seriously, “big D is back in town?” This is too good to be true. Just imagine if you were the person going to pick up your grandpa at the airport and you saw him wearing something like this. We would just die laughing.

7 Grandma’s Big Surprise

How would you react if, after 20 or 30 years living on this Earth, you suddenly found out that your grandmother was actually a dude? Don’t worry, this is just a false alarm but still a pretty hilarious one. They say laughter is the best medicine there is, and this grandma here really makes us believe that idea.

If your grandparents are still around and they are getting to that age where hospital visits become common, you know how quickly things can become sad for the entire family. But everything is different when the person going to the hospital so often manages to keep a positive attitude at all times. Those are priceless people. That is why we can do nothing but tip our hat to this grandma who did not let a hospital visit dampen her mood.

6 Ordering Facebook Around

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Remember how we told you that adding your grandparents on Facebook might have been a bad idea? This is the time when we tell you to scratch that. Adding your grandparents on Facebook can be one of the best things you will ever do in your life. Sure, you run the risk of them making an embarrassing comment in a photo or status you post. But isn’t it all worth it when you come across a gem like this?

“Facebook please put pictures from Christmas on here.” Say, what? This grandma was really telling Facebook to post the pictures from Christmas. How would you even react to that if you were her grandkid looking at this status? More than that, can you even imagine how bad the grandpa was laughing while she wrote that?

5 Maximum Security

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Every time we go to an ATM, we keep looking over our shoulders to make sure no one is coming up to rob us, trying to look at our password and things like that. But worry no more because your troubles are as good as gone. Some banks are actually employing grandmas to protect ATMs. No, we are just kidding, there was no news of banks employing older adults to protect ATM machines, but one quick look at this grandma and how locked in she is and what she is trying to do makes us believe that this would be a good idea.

How many people would dare invade your privacy or try to rob you with grandma looking out for you and death staring anyone who gets close to that ATM machine?

4 Golden Years Indeed

If you ever needed one picture to prove we were right when we said that your old days would be your golden days, this is it. Many people try to convince everyone that they don’t give a f*** about what other people think of them and how society will react to whatever they do. Most of the time, those people are just lying in order to seem cool. The same is not the case with this elderly couple. Grandma and grandpa over here really do not care about what anyone thinks.

Seriously, could you ever imagine anyone that gave two damns about what other people think, rolling around on a tiny motorcycle while giving everyone in the neighborhood the finger? No. So, next time you see anyone posting a picture with the #CoupleGoals, just make sure you reply with this photo to show them what real goals are.

3 Teach Them How It’s Done

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One thing you can be certain of is that every time your grandpa sees younger people rolling down the street singing along wearing their headphones, he thinks something on the lines of “I’m going to show these young bloods how it’s done.” But that thought is where things usually end. Luckily for everyone in the world, there was one grandpa who decided to take his idea at face value and turned it into a reality.

This is the epitome of staying respectful while trying to show everyone off. When is the next time you are going to see a person walking around carrying a radio that big while wearing headphones? More than that, just be honest with yourself and admit that you want to do something like this now. It might seem ridiculous, but it is still a great joke. Props to grandpa.

2 When They Get Lost

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Back in the day, the world was not as evil a place as it seems to be today. At least where how people’s minds work is concerned. A perfect example of that is how people named Richard today are not called “D*ck” as much as they were a few decades ago. Maybe that’s just us seeing things where there are not, but we don’t really see many Dicks around anymore. Well, there is the sporting goods store and a bunch of guys named Richard who are over 40, but anyone below the threshold is usually just called Richard or Rich.

Either way, how much would you pay to be in that supermarket when this person’s grandma started screaming at the top of her lungs, “Dick, where are you?!” We honestly cannot put a price tag on something like this.

1 Untapped Potential

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People make fun of older folks for sometimes being unable to use the newest technology. But the joke is on those people because sometimes, the elderly find new ways to use technology that we would never be able to. What do you use Excel for? Spreadsheets, right? What else would you possibly be able to use Excel for other than creating pie charts and making math more accessible on a large scale?

Well, an 82-year-old grandma came up with a new way to use Excel that is bound to revolutionize the way grandmas see computers. Most grandmas love knitting, and with this breakthrough discovery, they can now use Microsoft Excel to come up with new patterns for their knitting endeavors. Yeah, you should never underestimate someone because of their age. After all, people in their golden years are some of the best folks we have on our planet.

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