15 Thoughts She Has When She Sees It For The First Time

Making love is a magical activity shared by men and women and those who think that it’s all about fun and pleasure are most probably doing it wrong. There are a lot of things that go through the heads of the parties involved and there are a lot of questions that appear once the man and woman take off their clothes.

Both parties have a ton of questions once seeing the privates of their partners simply because of curiosity. Sex isn’t just all about putting it in and pulling it out as humans are naturally curious about the other gender and you’re lying if you haven’t thought about what it’s like to live a day in the shoes of the opposite gender.

The best we could do is imagine and think of a few things that could be going on in the pants of our partners. Ladies are also guilty of this and their minds start to think of a few things once they see a guy’s privates for the first time. Here are 15 thoughts she has when she sees it for the first time.


15 It Has A Weird Shape

A guy’s privates don’t just differ in length and size. There are many other things that make a guy’s privates stand out from others and there’s a good chance a girl’s come across a variety of privates during her entire life. There are some guys who just happen to have an oddly shaped little friend though.

Guy’s tools come in an array of shapes and sizes. There are guys who are equipped with a very curved organ and there are those who have a straight one. They all function similarly though but some argue that the shape offers a different experience for them.

The argument is that a curved soldier is more pleasurable as compared to others. That’s a fact as having a curved little friend is said to reach the g-spot easier than others.

14 Awww, He Manscaped For Me


Manscaping is when a guy shaves his privates. Not many guys are keen on manscaping though as it could be a painful process, especially once guys get to the part where the hair is no longer even. For some girls, seeing a guy who has manscaped for them could be quite a nice surprise.

Once a guy pulls his pants down and a girl sees no traces of hair, the girl initially thinks that “aww, he manscaped for me.” It’s the same for guys when seeing a girl has prepared herself for a night of fun.

Girls shouldn’t expect their man to be cleanly shaven below all the time though as shaving is a rather difficult process. Unless their man has the guts to go for a waxing session, then expect manscaping to be a commodity.

13 What’s It Like To Have One?

We’re stuck with the sexual organ we’re born with for the rest of our lives. Unless we go through a sex change, that organ we have there is going to stay forever. This doesn’t mean we aren’t allowed to think about what’s like to have one though. Those thoughts occur even more when one sees the organ of the opposite sex up close.

The male reproductive organ is a pretty weird part of the body. It’s basically a piece of meat dangling from a man’s body that also happens to be capable of creating life with the help of a woman. Once a woman sees that thing for the first time, all sorts of crazy thoughts go into her head about what it’s like to have a thing like that. Men are guilty of thinking of this too and some who are curious enough even try to tuck in their little friends while in the shower to get a feel of what it’s like to not have that thing dangling in the middle.

12 Did He Bring Protection?


Safe sex should alway, ALWAYS be practiced especially if the two parties involved aren’t married yet. This would avoid any unwanted pregnancies and diseases and other problems along the way. Contrary to what many believe, guys don’t bring condoms around all the time and that’s why some girls always think about whether or not their guy has protection with him or not.

Some guys prefer not to wear protection at all but that’s not really preferred by ladies. For the girls out there, don’t let this question remain as a thought. Simply ask your guy if he has condoms. If he doesn’t but you want to use protection, ask him to get one. For guys, always bring a condom.

11 How Many Other Girls Have Seen It?

Unless the guy is a virgin, there are definitely other girls that have seen it throughout his lifetime. It’s normal to think about how many others girls have seen the guy’s privates because knowing about it helps the girls understand the guy even more. And of course, if the guy has had a few partners already, that’s another thing to think about.

It’s always best to ask the guy how many women he’s been with. For starters, asking this helps the girl determine whether or not the guy is clean from any diseases. Don’t ever be afraid to ask a guy how many girls he’s been with because the knowledge is really going to help girls out in the long run. Besides, some guys hide the fact that they’re virgins and this could lead to an unsatisfying time in bed. Don’t ever hesitate to ask a guy this question.

10 It's Too Big!


There’s been a long debate on whether or not size matters when it comes to sex and everyone has their own opinion about it. For women, size does matter sometimes but this doesn’t mean that bigger mean better. Some guys who are way too gifted could end up hurting their lady instead.

Some ladies don’t actually like men who are well-endowed from the below the belt. A private that’s too big could actually hurt rather than pleasure a girl. A very big tool can be too intimidating for a girl and that’s why one of the thoughts that come to the mind of a girl after seeing it for the first time is whether or not it would hurt upon entry. Well, if it’s too big, at least tell the guy so it could give him a boost of confidence.

9 That Could Be Too Small… Unfortunately

Regardless of what people say, the size of a guy’s tool matters at some point. While it hurts for a guy to hear that his little buddy is all too little, there’s no crime in thinking about just how small it is. Just make sure not to think out loud though as guys do have feelings too.

There is such a thing as too big. There is such a thing as just right. There is such a thing as too small. One of the reasons for making love is the pleasure after all and sometimes, a little help from below is required. Some guys, despite being small below do make up for it with the performance so it’s best to not judge too quickly though. Just make sure to not say that he’s smaller than the other partners you’ve had because that would hurt a lot.


8 Oh… I Like Circumcised/Uncircumcised Ones Better


Circumcision is a practice across many parts of the globe so girls shouldn’t be surprised when they see a circumcised and an uncircumcised organ. While circumcised and uncircumcised Johnsons function the same and probably feel the same, some girls have their own preferences still.

Girls who’ve had an uncircumcised partner before are probably going to want to have that type of tool for the rest of their lives. This is the same for girls who’ve had a circumcised partner from before. When girls see one of the other and they aren’t used to it, there’s a good chance that they won’t be comfortable with it. There’s nothing wrong with having preferences, just don’t expect a guy to get a circumcision if you prefer the other.

7 Is It Clean?

Sex is a very delicate process and hygiene is a must. Some guys love to keep their privates clean while some are just not too caring. When a girl sees a guy’s privates for the first time, one of the first things they’ll think of is whether or not it’s clean for a few obvious reasons.

Some guys tend to go to the bathroom before the deed. In there, they’ll do a little pre-sex clean up of their privates to ensure things go too smoothly. Throughout the course of the day, their privates could’ve gotten a bit dirty even under the protection of underwear so a cleanup is a must.

For men out there, be sure to clean up before and after the deed because a clean little soldier is a good start for a good time.

6 That Has To Be Disease Free


With hook ups and one night stands more common nowadays, we can’t help but feel cautious about our well-being. When it comes to a night of fun, there’s nothing worse than waking up in the morning knowing that you’ve contracted a disease from that guy last night.

Luckily, there are some telltale signs that a guy is carrying a nasty sexually transmittable disease with him. When girls see it for the first time, they don’t tell the guy but they definitely try to look for a few nasty surprises the guy might have hidden in his boxers.

Getting a disease after a night of sex is surely painstaking and it could lead to more complications in the future. But of course, all of this can be avoided with safe sex. Always make sure the guy has a condom first.

5 Don’t Judge The Tool By Its Owner

There are no telltale signs that a guy is packing a well-endowed or small tool. Regardless of what many believe, shoe size doesn’t determine the size of a guy’s privates. The overall size of the guy doesn’t matter as well. Many girls determine how big a tool a guy is packing based on his looks alone and that’s why many are surprised to see that big things do come in small packages at times.

Every girl is guilty of overestimating or underestimating a guy based on his overall size or with the size of his feet. When a quiet guy ends up having a huge friend below, most girls learn that they really shouldn’t judge a tool by its owner the next time. At least there’s an element of surprise for the guy somehow.

4 This Could Be The Last One I See The Rest Of My Life


Hey, we never know when we’ll meet our soulmate, right? Both guys and girls are guilty of thinking about how their current partner could end up being their husband or wife in the future. Girls never know whether or not the thing in front of them is the only tool they’d see for the rest of their lives from that point on. Well, we’re not counting the Johnson's seen on film or TV.

It doesn’t sound romantic and it shouldn’t actually but the truth is, once a woman gets married, his husband’s tool should be the only one she sees up close and personal for the rest of her life and vice versa. If you think about, it’s kind of romantic thinking about how that one particular organ will make the rest of the girl or the boy’s life special.

3 I Wonder If It Has A Name Already

Johnson, little guy, junior and much more. Guys are very guilty of naming their friend from below the belt at one point in his life. It’s sort of an odd tradition that men do. Some aren’t even ashamed of revealing the names of their little friend at that.

Everyone loves naming things and that includes girls. Once she sees it, she’s probably thinking of what to name the little guy but that it is if it doesn’t have a name yet. Some girls are nice enough to ask the guy if their tool has a name already and if it hasn’t got one yet, then the girl will probably give a name for it. A ton of girls has probably tried naming the tool of their partners upon seeing it so don’t be afraid to try.

2 Wait Till My Friends Hear About This


Everyone’s guilty of a little kiss and tell at one point in their life. Some just can’t help but brag or complain about the fun they had last night with the guy they’ve been dating for a while. And the stories they tell aren't about the act itself. They start at the moment the guy takes his pants off.

Sorry guys, but you’re girlfriends have probably bragged about your soldier to her friends at some point. It’s not always a bad story so don’t fret. If you know you and your little guy have done well the other night, then there’s nothing to worry about. If your girlfriend’s best gals are giving you weird looks from time to time, it might be because your girl told them a big secret about what’s under your pants. The story’s not always about the performance though, it’s about the appearance sometimes as well.

1 How Does THAT Work?

The male sexual organ is a weird thing to see for those who don’t have it. Heck, even guys get confused at how their thing works from time to time. One of the first things that come to the mind of girls when they see one is “how on Earth does a Johnson work anyway?”

For starters, the male sexual organ is flaccid and is without a bone in it. With enough inspiration, it’ll stand right up and become very hard. That’s just one of the many things that leave girls confused. Another thing girls could be wondering about is how guys manage to live with something like that between their legs? Does it hurt when you walk? Does it get in the way? All these questions, all in the minds of girls when they see it.

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