15 Thoughts She Has Regularly...But Is Too Embarrassed To Admit

Everyone has them—secret guilty thoughts that you would never tell anyone. After all, our most secret thoughts are often our darkest. They’re the niggling thoughts in the back of your mind that you’ve failed as a person. They’re the notions that you should dump your boyfriend or girlfriend and move to a hostel in Paris. Whether it’s thinking about jumping off a bridge or just an admission that you’d rather stay at home playing Diablo than go out for a romantic dinner with your girlfriend, these are the thoughts that need to be kept under wraps—the stuff that could ruin your life if people found out.

In this list, a bunch of girls confess their deepest, darkest secrets. Some of these whisper confessions can get pretty steamy, while others leave you feeling sorry for someone who clearly hasn’t figured out what they want out of life yet. Some of these thoughts are about insecurity—girls who seem happy on the outside but secretly feel like they’re the least attractive one of their friends. And some are about what girls secretly look for in a partner, the secret crushes they harbor on other girls, or secret thoughts of “stepping out” on their current relationships.

Onto the list:

15 Looking At Other Girls

Well, this confession is interesting. Apparently, this girl has a secret thing for other girls’ behinds. Maybe she’s not quite as straight as she acts around her friends. But she definitely wouldn’t admit it to you. (We all know what you’re thinking.)

Sometimes, the best-kept secrets are the ones between two girlfriends. This is a great confession because it captures everything about being 19 and having the whole world in front of you. This girl is just realizing some of her feelings but doesn’t know how to act on them yet.

Let this girl have her secret ogle in peace while she figures out if it’s anything more substantial than admiring natural beauty at its finest. After all, who doesn’t like looking at attractive girls’ bums? There are some good-looking ones out there…

14 I Hate My Imperfections But Love Them On Other People

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There’s something weird going on with this girl’s body image where she’s somehow attracted to the same things on other people that she hates about herself. It’s like she’s looking for someone who can make her feel more comfortable with herself, and she’s turned that around on its head to the point where she’s actually attracted to people with pimples and scars. This girl feels pretty complicated, and it’s no wonder she’s afraid to share this confession with the people closest to her.

Maybe she needs to figure out that if she likes other people for their weaknesses, then maybe there’s someone out there who will love her because of hers. At the end of the day, nobody’s perfect...no matter how much foundation you use.

13 Sometimes I Feel Like I Need A Second Boyfriend

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This confessor wants to do things a little bit differently! She’s secretly wondering what it would be like to get with another guy but still keep her main boyfriend. It’s interesting that she calls him a “second boyfriend.” That means she’s looking for something serious; not just a hookup buddy on the side. It might seem radical, but who hasn’t been in a relationship where they felt like their needs weren’t being met? Maybe she just needs a guy to cuddle with when her main man is off at work or busy watching the big game. But if she wants to go out for real and get a second man on the side, she better go to her man and tell him first because maybe he wants a second girlfriend!

Hey, fair is fair, right?

12 I Don’t Know How To Hit On Other Women

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This girl has more than a secret confession of love for other females. She’s already at the point of trying to pick them up. But she’s now come across the conundrum that straight guys know so well—how to flirt without seeming like a creep. This girl knows firsthand how creepy guys can be when they mack, and she wants to avoid the same pitfalls. This confession reveals some dark truths about dating—specifically that picking up girls is hard, and it takes more than just letting your freak flag fly and saying what you’re into to get someone to come to bed with you. This girl’s afraid to admit this because it makes her look bad, but not knowing how to flirt is just a tough reality of life sometimes.

11 I Feel Like Unattractive

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The struggle to look good is real. This girl is comparing herself to smaller girls because she thinks that’s what society wants, but even by her own admission, her actual weight is fine. The reason she’s afraid to admit this is because it’s probably all in her head. She probably looks totally healthy yet she admits in this whisper confession that she “feels like a cow.” That’s pretty dark. It’s no wonder she doesn’t want to tell anyone about her body image issues! Hopefully, she doesn’t go down the long dangerous road of picking up an eating disorder just to look like other girls who are probably built very differently than she is. Even if she is a little thicker-set than the other girls, as long as she’s at a healthy natural weight, she’ll eventually be able to find a guy who’s right for her. Trying to force a big-boned body into a petite figure never ends well.

10 I’m Too Out Of Shape For My Boyfriend

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This girl’s afraid to admit that she thinks her boyfriend doesn’t like her body. That’s pretty bad! She can’t keep up with her boyfriend’s gym regimen, which means that he’s definitely more ripped than she is. And let’s be honest. If they’re with each other for physical reasons, that could become a problem once he catches another girl’s eye. But maybe it’s healthy for the two of them to have different hobbies. Maybe her boyfriend loves her for her personality (that happens, right?) and this girl just feels insecure. Either way, this confession comes down to the fact that this girl is afraid that her boyfriend’s not all that attracted to her anymore. It seems like if she doesn’t find a way to get herself down to the gym, he might be her ex-boyfriend pretty soon!

9 I Think I’m The Ugly One

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This is the secret confession no one wants to make—other people compare themselves to you to make them feel better about themselves. If it’s true, it’s no wonder this girl doesn’t want to admit it. It’s pretty humiliating! Hopefully, this girl is wrong about how other people see her. Maybe her friends actually like going out with her? It sounds like this girl needs to stop worrying about what other people are thinking and then maybe she’d actually have a good time when she went out. And why does she care what the other girls are saying behind her back? Maybe she just needs to catch the eye of that cute guy on the dance floor and all that ugly/fat stuff will be forgotten.

8 I Wish I Could Be Pretty Like The Other Girls

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It’s no wonder this girl doesn’t want to admit her confession—no one wants to let it be known that they think they’re ugly. But she’s not being very clear about what her problem is here. My first question is what “other girls” is she talking about? Are these girls her friends? Her rivals at school? Then I start to wonder what she means by “everything.” Does she think that just by being pretty, these girls managed to be rich? Or does she mean that the pretty girls get all the boys and leave her feeling lonely? The main thing she needs to do is stop assuming that their prettiness is linked to their everything. Maybe this girl just needs to realize that she doesn’t have to be pretty to get what she wants—just determined. Whining that other people have everything is a great way to wind up with nothing yourself.

7 I Always Blush In Locker Rooms

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Oh, this is a spicy one! This girl secretly confesses that she’s attracted to other girls, and when she would see them changing in the locker room after gym class, she would be so excited that she would blush. It’s no wonder she wouldn’t admit this—she wouldn’t want to get caught staring! After all, she’s in a position that most guys would be jealous of—standing there changing next to them. Maybe once this girl gets to college, she’ll be able to come out of her shell, reveal who she is, and actually experiment with other girls instead of just standing there and awkwardly blushing. Or maybe, she’s actually straight and just finds other girls’ bare bodies titillating. Either way, this girl better make sure that no one in her gym class finds out. Otherwise, this could get pretty embarrassing!

6 He’s Too Good For Me

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This girl would never tell her boyfriend her secret confession because her secret confession is that she thinks he’s too good for her and could have any other girl. Whoa, Nelly! It’s a good thing she doesn’t tell him because if he catches wind of that, he just might take her up on her idea and leave her for someone else! But at the same time, this confession is very sweet. She seems deeply in love with this guy, and they seem happy together. Maybe he would never leave her no matter how many other cute girls there were out on the horizon. Maybe she should just relax and enjoy the man she’s “lucky to have.” But it turns out, everyone has a secret confession—even those in the best relationships!

5 Only For Redheads

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What a weirdly specific confession! This girl doesn’t mind getting with other girls, but apparently only if they’re gingers! To be fair, there’s something unique about a redhead. They do seem like more fun to be around, and maybe this girl is attracted to their fiery personalities. It’s no wonder she doesn’t want to admit this to anyone. It’s such a weird kink. And what if the girl who likes her happens not to be a redhead? Is she going to get offended? This probably speaks to some weird personal experience this girl maybe doesn’t even understand herself—like maybe she had a cute redheaded babysitter once? Or a childhood friend? Hopefully, this girl finds the redheaded love of her life soon, or she might be stuck with men for the rest of her life…

4 I Don’t Want Fit Legs Anymore

This girl has worked long and hard to get the legs she thought she wanted. And now that she’s got them, she wants the other kind. It’s no wonder that this girl doesn’t want to admit her preference because it would mean admitting that she regrets all those hours she put in at the gym to look the way that she does. But we can kind of understand where she’s coming from here. Although having ripped thighs and calves can be attractive in its own right, there’s something so much more feminine about a soft toneless leg. It makes a girl seem more girly and less like someone who could beat the crap out of you.

3 Girl Talk Is Exciting

This girl seems to get off on telling other girls what she’s doing in bed with her boy toy (or revealing her dirtiest fantasies). This confession raises all types of questions—like why does it turn her on so much? Maybe she’s got a thing for some of the other girls, and talking about guys with them is a weird bonding experience that brings them together. It’s almost like this girl’s experience with her guy isn’t complete until she’s gone and gabbed about it with her girlfriends afterwards. Or maybe she’s just picking up tips or competing with the other girls. If they’re telling you all about what they did to that guy you really, really want to get with, I guess that has to be pretty hot, right? And bragging to your friends about all the stuff you’ve done that they haven’t? Now that’s got to leave you feeling pretty sexy.

2 My Happiness Depends On Him

This confession is convoluted. This girl admits here that all of her happiness is tied up in what her man is doing—whether he’s texting her back or flirting with other girls. That’s not great. She should find a way to be happy for herself and then maybe she could enjoy the moments with him a little more. It’s also no wonder she can’t talk about it because admitting that her happiness is tied up in everything he does might drive away even the most committed man. But then, she brings up that his motives are s*xual, and things get really complicated. It seems like one of them is in it for the deed, while the other has a much deeper need for gratification which is all tied up in texting and talking. I’m sorry to say, but I think this confession might actually be a sign that this girl’s relationship is doomed to fail.

1 I Don’t Know How To Look Good

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This confession is kind of sad. This girl wants so much out of life and yet she seems too tired to go out and get it. We’re not sure if it’s a physical problem that is holding her back or if she is just depressed, but it’s no wonder that she’s afraid to admit this to her closest people—they would probably just tell her to buck up and try harder to get out of bed and get the look that she wants. It seems like this girl needs a therapist more than she needs a makeover. Or maybe she just needs to set her alarm clock an hour earlier and not hit the snooze button a dozen times before she gets up.

Or maybe she just needs to accept that she looks how she looks and that painting a pretty face on every morning really isn’t all that important in the grand scheme of life.

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