15 Things You Do That REALLY Annoy Your Girl

There are a lot of guys out there that don’t get enough credit for being a gentleman and doing unexpectedly nice things for women (whether it's their girlfriend, a girl they’re casually talking to, or their wife). However, there are plenty of things that guys do that annoy the crap out of girls. Trust us, you don’t need to ask your girl if this is true (unless you have an hour or two to spare to hear her rant about your annoying habits). And she might not even tell you anyway, because she likes you, and wants to be nice. But here at The Richest, we are totally impartial, and will give you the honest truth.

So if you’re looking to improve your relations with that special girl in your life, you’re in luck. We’ve put together this list of 15 things guys do that really annoys girls, so you can see which habits you can work on a bit and why they’re so annoying to your girl. Of course, not all guys do every single thing on this list. But if you’re a guy, you’ve gotta admit you’ve done—and still do—a few of them.

15 Forcing Her To Like Your Bro's Girlfriend


In an ideal world, all girlfriends would get along perfectly with their boyfriend’s best friend’s girlfriend (are you still with us?). Note the word “ideal.” It’s just too bad that things aren’t always ideal. This is a fact of life that everyone needs to accept. Otherwise, disappointment will ensue. Sure, Angela might be a nice girl, but is everyone friends with everyone else who’s nice? No. There’s more to a friendship than just thinking the other person is nice. If two people have hardly anything in common, then attempting to force them into a friendship with each other is just pure torture.

If your girl is completely rude to your BFF’s girlfriend for no reason, that’s not right. You should talk to her about it. Other than that, don’t try to force friendships—it rarely works.

14 Forgetting Anniversaries

It’s one of the classic things that annoy girls—forgetting anniversaries. In fact, it’s not just forgetting anniversaries that annoy girls, it’s forgetting their birthday, forgetting Valentine’s Day and so on. Why is this annoying? Well, many girls typically place importance on these days and when a guy forgets, it makes it seem as though he doesn’t care (about her, about the relationship). Women usually look forward to these special days and—whether it’s right or wrong—they expect something (a romantic homemade dinner, flowers, a gift).

If you’re not keen on celebrating holidays (especially the extremely corporate ones like Valentine’s Day) and you’ve clearly told her this long before an actual holiday comes up, the least you can do for her is acknowledge the day (by wishing her a happy holiday). It’s more important to a woman (at least, it should be) that you treat her with respect and do nice things for her throughout the relationship, not just on special occasions.

13 Wearing Too Much Cologne

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Women love the smell of cologne, but not when a guy sprays the entire bottle on his body just before meeting up. It’s annoying to girls because it’s actually inconsiderate. High scents cause many people to be uncomfortable and may even give them a headache. Not only that, but when guys do this, it comes across to a female as though they’re trying too hard (and chances are, that’s the case… unless they accidentally spilled a bottle of cologne on themselves).

You know that saying, less is more? Well, it definitely applies to cologne use. In fact, a guy’s natural body odor (assuming that they at least took a shower) is probably more attractive to a woman than that cheap scent they bought at Wal-Mart.

12 Saying She’s PMS-ing When She's Mad

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Guys, don’t do this one unless you want all hell to break loose. Seriously, telling a girl she’s PMS-ing when she’s not actually due for her period (and even if she is due) is the equivalent of calling her a b*tch. This annoys (and offends) girls to no end. To them, it’s like saying that the only reason they’re mad at you is because of the hormones they can’t control. In other words, it’s like telling them that their thoughts aren’t really valid. Sometimes, guys seem to forget that girls (just like guys) have emotions, thoughts and opinions that have nothing to do with hormones (most of the time, anyway). Instead of pulling the PMS card, hear her out or suggest that you both take some time to cool down.

11 Your Place Is A Mess


Many people are under the impression that a room says a lot about a person. That’s one of the reasons there was that show on MTV back in the day called Room Raiders (remember that?). The extent to which a room actually says anything true about a person, their life or their personality is debatable. What does a messy room (with dirty laundry, papers and dishes everywhere) say to a girl about a guy? For starters, it says to her the guy is messy (that one’s obvious). And if a guy is messy, a girl who’s looking for a long-term relationship will worry that their future house together will be messy, too (yes, girls actually think about this stuff). It also makes girls think that the guy’s life is probably just as disorganized. Finally, it shows the girl that this guy just doesn’t care. He should at least have the courtesy to clean his room up a bit if he’s expecting company. It’s like showing up to a date with uncombed hair and teeth (nasty).

Girls will appreciate if you put in some effort. We don’t mean that guys should light candles and throw some rose petals on the floor (unless they’re planning a proposal), but throw the dirty clothes in a hamper and get rid of that empty pizza box.

10 Staring At Her Body

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Here’s another one of the classic things that guys do which annoys girls. Of course a girl likes it when her physical beauty is being acknowledged, but there’s a time and a place for everything (and there’s a creepy way of acknowledging beauty, as there is a way that will get a positive reaction). Girls hate it when they’re talking (especially if it’s about something serious) and a guy’s eyeballs basically do a back and forth between her chest and her face. Girls are a bit easier on their long-term boyfriends with this, but if a guy just met a girl and is already doing this, he can start preparing for the angry goodbye.

It’s refreshing to a woman to be recognized for something other than their looks. So, stop staring down there and listen. Then, let her know your thoughts about what she said, or compliment her personality. It’ll go a long way.

9 Questioning What She Buys


Unless you’re the one footing the bill, don’t question the stuff a girl buys. Girls have their reason for buying that expensive nail polish and that book they could probably just borrow from the library (just as a guy has their reasons for buying those expensive headphones and yet another pair of sneakers). If a girl is working for her own money, it’s up to her what she does with it. If guys stop questioning girls about things like this, girls will also stop questioning guys about his purchases (well, they’ll ease up on it, at least).

So, guys, if you see your girl walking in with yet another shopping bag from Sephora, don’t bother saying anything unless you’re going to show some real enthusiasm. And if you seriously think your girl has a shopping addiction… well, that’s a completely different story.

8 Taking Forever To Reply To Her Texts


Nothing irritates a girl (or anyone for that matter) more than someone who takes approximately 55 minutes or longer to reply to a text. Everyone knows that everyone else has their phone on them at all times (unless their job is super strict). What’s more irritating is when a guy is responding to texts then a girl asks a serious question and the guy doesn’t respond for hours (or days). They know you saw the text and they know you’re avoiding them.

If a guy needs some time to think before responding, a girl would appreciate it if they at least told her that (instead of having her wait and come up with imaginary situations in her head).

7 Talking About Your Ex

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If you’re gonna talk about your ex, don’t forget to include all the good memories you guys had together and the intimate conversations you had!

Yeah, talking about an ex with the current girl is just about the worst thing a guy can do. This truly annoys girls, especially if a guy does it constantly. The breaking point for a girl is talking about an ex while you’re being intimate with her. But, a guy would have to be insane to even consider doing that. So, guys, if you’ve been to this or that restaurant before with your ex, keep it to yourself. No girl is going to want to hear that or anything else about the ex. It’ll show her that the ex is still on your mind (whether you say positive or negative things about them).

6 Telling Her She Wears Too Much Makeup

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So, a girl wears mascara, concealer, foundation, eyeshadow and a bunch of other makeup items that guys didn’t even know existed. What’s a guy to do? Well, we’ll tell you what they most certainly should not do—tell the girl she’s wearing too much makeup. Girls can wear whatever they want, whether that refers to clothing or makeup. Of course, if a guy should let a girl wear whatever she wants in peace then the same thing should apply vice-versa.

So, guys, if you don’t like that a girl is wearing too much makeup, either accept it or leave her alone. Show her that you think she’s beautiful and maybe (just maybe) she’ll stop wearing makeup so much.

5 Telling Her To Smile

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By now, you’ve probably noticed that girls get annoyed when they’re told what to do or what not to do. One thing that some men do is constantly tell women to smile. Why? Why should a girl have to smile because a guy told her so? The funny thing is, those same men would never tell another man to smile. It really makes girls feel as though they’re being objectified. They feel as though the only reason guys want them to smile is for the guy’s own entertainment and pleasure. It may sound extreme, but there are countless articles that have been written about this specific topic. The behavior is simply inappropriate and it’s not a good way to flirt (if that’s what’s driving it). If a guy genuinely wants to flirt or make a girl happy, there are many other ways he can do so.

4 Getting Grossed Out At The Word “Period”


This is one that every girl can agree on. When guys get grossed out at the mention of a girl’s period, it’s annoying to her. It makes her think that he’s as immature as one can be. Periods are a natural part of a woman’s life. And they’re something that guys should be grateful for (especially if they don’t want a bunch of kids at the moment).

Instead of covering their ears or avoiding a girl whenever the word “period” is mentioned, guys should try to be a bit more understanding. Buy her comfort food, don’t whine about not being able to do anything with her etc. She’ll really appreciate it and it’ll make her way more comfortable being around a guy like this.

3 Checking Out Other Girls

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We all have eyes; so naturally, our eyes will land on people (including those of the opposite sex). Most women won’t have a problem with this when it involves the guy they’re seeing and a random female. But, they will have a problem if the guy is staring down an obviously attractive woman. Worse still, is if a guy positively comments on another woman’s looks (whether that’s in person or on social media).

No woman wants to feel as though she has competition. She wants a guy who compliments her and only has eyes for her. Anything else is just annoying and surely guys can understand this because they, too, find it annoying when a girl comments on a guy’s appearance.

2 Putting No Effort into Date Plans


Okay, not all guys suck at planning dates. There are some guys who really are like Channing Tatum in The Vow (planning all the special dates he had with his wife who lost her memory). But, there are some guys who will say that they want to go out then when asked where, they’ll say, “I don’t know,” or “You choose.” Or, they’ll just suggest yet another restaurant and another movie (AKA the most overdone kind of date ever). This type of non-effort annoys girls. You know what girls really want? They want something new, something exciting or something romantic (or a combination of these three things).

Guys, next time you call a girl to ask her on a date, have the date, time and location ready. She’ll be impressed that you want to take her rock-climbing or have a picnic by the lake, instead of the same old thing.

1 Asking To Put Stuff In Her Purse

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For many women, their purse is like a gamer guy’s PS3—cherished and their life kinda revolves around it. Women carry just about everything in their purse: makeup (in case they need a touch-up after the rain falls), a nail file (because they never know when they’ll break a nail), pads/tampons (that one’s a given), painkillers (see previous item), phone charger (they need their phones so they can text their BFF every detail of their life as it happens), some form of entertainment (book, iPad etc.) in case her phone dies or her charger gets lost or stolen, lotion (this is a thing only girls will understand) and so much more. Between all of that stuff, do you think there’s any room for her to keep a guy’s stuff? No, there’s not. Girls hate it when guys ask them to carry their stuff around. It just adds weight onto their arms and what makes it more annoying is that the guy rarely uses the stuff.

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