15 Things Women Hope Men Will Never Find Out About

We know that a woman wants to know what her man is secretly doing and thinking. So we took a look at Reddit, where the guys can be themselves and share whatever they want. The fellas featured on this list asked the question, “What secrets do women not want men to know?” And the ladies sure provided straightforward answers.

We’ve noticed a trend in a couple of similar Reddit threads. Approximately 50% of the guys are talking about how they’re always checking out women and how they have thought about getting it on with practically every woman they’ve encountered. The other 50% talk about the unbalanced ways in which men aren’t treated equally, like how they don’t get to share their feelings and emotions. So, it seems like there are two completely different types of men on these threads or it’s all a huge contradiction.

This is how some women truly feel, and they’re not ready to share that information with you all of the time. Most dudes are clueless when it comes to understanding women. No wonder they often get confused, lost, and even heartbroken. Here, we take a glimpse into the inner thoughts of a woman’s mind, and it’s very interesting, to say the least! After all, ladies are very hard to understand, and sometimes, they don’t even understand other females. But, of course, we all want to know what they’re really thinking about, so let’s get to the point. Here are 15 things women don’t want men to know.


15 They Put Deodorant Under Their Boobs

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For most people, applying deodorant after a morning or night shower is a standard part of each day. Deodorant is a substance that’s applied to the body that suppresses or masks bodily odors. There are a variety of deodorants to choose from, so you won’t struggle trying to find one that works for you. But there are apparently other places to put deodorant other than your armpits.

One user wrote, “I put deodorant underneath my boobs sometimes. I hope I’m not the only one.”

A few other users chimed in to the woman’s comment, and it’s completely understandable. After all, it’s a fact that breast sweat increases as the temperatures rises. So these women are doing the right thing in order to prevent perspiration stains from soaking into their favorite dresses by spritzing the areas underneath their boobs with a spray deodorant. There’s no shame in putting deodorant under their racks.

14 They Can Go To The Restroom Without Other Women


It’s true that women often go to the restroom, but not all of them are like that. The reason starts with the differences in the way men and women use the restroom. Usually, males use the restroom for functional action, to relieve themselves, and maybe, to take a quick look in the mirror and they just get the heck out and go back out into the real world. And if more than one man happen to go in together, their conversations are limited. Meanwhile, females use the restroom to kill time and facilitate conversations.

One user wrote, “Some of us can go to the bathroom without other women with us. Shhhhhhhhhh.”

Sometimes, women don’t like to go to the restroom with other women for whatever reason it may be, but to each their own, right? They don’t have to do things that they don’t want to do, especially if their situation disables them from doing so.

13 They’re Self-Conscious About Their Areolae

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Let’s face it, breasts are pretty wonderful. Yes, I said wonderful! Anyway, a woman’s areolae are circular pigmented areas surrounding the nipples. It helps support the nipple and makes it much more visible. It also helps produce small amounts of lubrication and antibiotics to help keep the nipple and areola in good condition.

One user wrote, “Some of us are insecure about the weirdest things. Like, I have large breasts which I’m proud of, but am constantly consciously aware of my areolae. Because of that, I’m not a huge fan of showcasing my breasts. There’s nothing wrong with my areolae, but I still get nervous about them.”

Believe it or not, many women have the exact same issue like this user. They’re insecure about their areola size for various reasons. Areolae are different, like fingerprints—no two are the same. Some women have almost no areolae while others have areolae covering half of their breast or more. Moreover, many women want to know what the average areola size is, but there’s no specific answer to that, as areolae can range from none to eight inches.

12 They Want To Know How To Please Men


Being good in bed is an art, and it takes time, practice, and communication. Anyone can be a great lay. They just have to genuinely want it and work diligently to achieve it.

One user wrote, “how to please them. apparently they just want me to poke and lick around til I find something that they like. I’m tired of guessing. F*CKING TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT, I’LL DO IT !!! WANT TO LICK YOUR A**HOLE? TELL ME!!! TRUST ME, I’LL DO IT. STOP MAKING ME GUESS. TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT!!!!!”

It’s rare for a woman to tell you that you’re a hot mess in bed and that you need a lot of work. So, it’s definitely important to communicate with your partner. When it comes to s*x, you should be able to address your needs and wants, no matter how naughty they may sound. Chances are, your partner would be cool with what you want to do and the things you want her to do.

11 They Talk About Your Bedroom Performance With Their Friends

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S*x is supposed to be a pleasurable experience, but it’s hard for a woman to feel intimate when her partner isn’t putting on his best bedroom performance. No matter how many times you’ve gotten laid or how confident you are in bed, there’s always that lingering doubt, “Do I suck between the sheets?” And that could be a turn-off for a female.

One user confessed, “We talk about your performance in the bedroom, in fairly gritty details. Yes, this includes size, stamina, and strange quirks. Only to our closest friend(s) though.”

We don’t know what each couple’s exact issues are, but if a woman is telling her closest friends about your bedroom performance, that either means that she loves it or hates it. Don’t be that guy who’s perfect in every way but bad in bed. Fortunately, bedroom issues can be resolved, and it’s a good time to start having talks with your partner if you haven’t already done so.

10 They’re Insecure About Their Labia


The labia is the part of the vulva that many people call the “lips” because they look a lot like lips. Women have two sets of them—the larger, fleshier, and hairy labia majora on the outside and the smaller, smoother labia minora tucked inside. Simply put, the labia is a lot like a set of pair of boobs with one being larger than the other.

One user wrote this comment on behalf of other women, “A lot of women are insecure about their labia (color or the amount of skin there is).”

It’s quite normal for a woman to be concerned about her labia, but her labia is perfectly fine just the way it is. There’s no need to get a cosmetic procedure done to change them. Men commented on this thread, saying that it doesn’t matter, as long it tastes good. So it’s unlikely that a man would obsess about how his partner’s labia looks. Don’t worry about it.

9 How Hairy They Are If They Don’t Shave

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The origins of women shaving in the western world are a bit ludicrous because it seems like the whole thing arose due to an advert in Harper’s Bazaar in 1915. Basically, sleeveless dresses became a trend and an unknown company thought, ‘Hey, why don’t we make women feel ashamed of their natural bodies and encourage them to buy a hair removal product they don’t actually need, all so we can make a load of money?’

One user mentioned, “How hairy our buttholes are if we don’t shave. How hairy our whole bodies are, really.”

If you’ve been shaving your body hair for your own smooth pleasure, go ahead. But if you’ve been removing the stubble purely out of societal pressure, it might be time to give up. Just beware, some parts of your body will be hairy, which might be disgusting to some men. But there are men who like a woman with some body hair as opposed to having none at all.


8 The Crotch In Black Panties Is White


Most women think of period underwear as those pairs of black panties that only see the light of day during one week of the month. But, they don’t always live up to the standard that you’ve initially thought about.

One user confessed, “I bought some black underwear once for that particular issue we get and when I opened the package, the little part that covers my vag was WHITE. I thought this was an affront to god and all womankind until I realized what happened to my black black underwear and another lady friend told me.”

Other users confirmed their pairs of black panties had stains in the crotch. Well, there’s a solution for this particular issue. Look for period underwear instead of the usual pair of standard panties. Most of them provide leak-proof protection. They aren’t ugly either. Also, they can offer you a peace of mind against leaks.

7 They Can Pee Quickly

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Apparently, women can piss faster because their flow rate is slightly higher than a man's flow rate. The average flow rate for both genders is 10 ml/sec. As they grow older and mature physically, it’s 12 ml/sec for males and 15 ml/sec for females. This can be measured by a uroflowmetry test given by an urologist.

One user posted, “If you live with a woman, you know that when they pee, it’s not some nice delicate little tinkle, but rather a torrential downpour that sounds like someone spraying a squeeze bottle of water into the toilet.”

Some users joined the conversation, agreeing with the user’s statement. Others begged to differ, saying the speed of urination depends on their mood and the time of day. There were even some men who chimed in, claiming that they asked their girlfriends if this was true, and they answered with a simple “yes.”

6 They Have Chin Hair

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While all women produce small amounts of the male hormones called androgens, some hair starts to grow on a woman’s chin when she has an excess amount of androgens. Also, changes in hormone production can cause unwanted chin hair on women. Luckily, this condition isn’t life-threatening. However, women with hormonal imbalances think the hair growth is embarrassing, and they look for ways to remove it. The cause of the increase in androgens is unknown.

A user recalled, “When I was 16, I would occasionally get a thick black hair growing out of her chin.”

What’s strange about this is that the user’s boyfriend used to grip those thick black hairs between his teeth and pull them out, which was a behavior similar to two apes grooming each other. Look, it’s uncomfortable to have some hair that appear thicker and darker for a variety of reasons, but there are better, safer ways in removing those hairs.

5 They Get Excited When Their Bra And Underwear Match

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Not only do attractive women need to have a pretty face with a nice smile, but they also need to flaunt their body type with the right set of lingerie. Thus, getting excited is an acceptable emotion for a woman to feel when she matches her bra and panties without even trying!

One user wrote, “It’s true, though. It is a balance between ‘oh my god my bra and undear match YES!’ and ‘Do I have enough weapons lying around that I can defend myself in case he is a psycho and decided that he wants to wear my skin.’”

It’s nearly impossible for a woman to wear a matching bra or underwear on a daily basis unless if she has a disposable income, but she can try her best to coordinate her bras and panties. There are benefits of donning matching lingerie as it can make a difference in her mood and inspire her to feel more confident.

4 They Aren’t Afraid To Make The First Move

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Gender norms are outdated and don’t really apply to today’s standards in the world of dating. Women can get rejected if they make the first move, but to be quite honest, you’ll never know if you don’t try.

A female with the username Silverfishing said, “I invited my friend to go out over text and we gradually started doing more things together (cinema, walks, bike rides) but never admitting they were dates. We texted a lot and then after the Christmas break at uni we met up, he said ‘um, silverfishing, should we like, go out?’ and I said ‘uh sure yeah we can go outside,’ he made indications he’d meant go out, I kissed him and three years later we live together.”

According to Silverfishing, their relationship worked out pretty well. That’s a great outcome after an unconventional start because some women are afraid to make the first move, but Silverfishing was a female who wasn’t fearful at all.

3 They Don’t Always Have A Bad Time Of The Month


Yes, PMS symptoms are common. No, not every woman has a bad time during her period. Anyhow, every period is different.

One user said, “I’m mostly okay with mine. I’ll have a god-damned blood waterfall for the first two days, and then it’s just chill. I’m usually lucky and don’t get cramps, backaches, and the rest of that sh*t. Just the discomfort of bleeding bucket-fulls out of your hoohaa. But sometimes, I get a really shitty one, where I just want to curl up and die. Because it all comes crashing down, and no amount of painkillers will help. So just to make it less confusing, it is easier that husbun is aware and gentle during shark week. No matter the situation.”

It’s a good thing that the user’s husband is understanding of his lady during that time of the month. Therefore, a woman will turn out fine, regardless of the severity (or gentility) of her PMS symptoms.

2 Size Does Matter

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Most men have worried about the size of their private parts at some point. They have a reason to be concerned, though. While every single woman is an individual–and you can’t generalize all women–size does have an impact on the quality of the intercourse.

One user posted, “Our vag*nas are not bottomless pits. There’s a lot of stuff going on in there, you can’t just ram it home every time. That sh*t hurts. And yes, size does matter. If it’s too big, it’s going to hurt. That goes for length and girth! I’m a small woman so with someone like me, you gotta take your time!”

A widely-reported study has suggested that it’s the size of a woman’s vagina that affects her ability to orgasm. It’s true that a lot of things occur inside the vulva, and their partners have to find out what works for both of them.

1 Women’s Public Restrooms Are Disgusting

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Some public restrooms are clean and usable, but you’ll come across some horrifyingly disgusting ones that will give every other public restroom a bad name. They’ll be enough to make you hold it in as long as possible on every road trip or actually swear off public restrooms altogether just to avoid them.

One user spilled the beans that women’s public restrooms are disgusting. She said, “10 years as a janitor, I can confirm this. I’d take a man bathroom any day of the week. Women are savages in public stalls.” Another woman commented on the thread, saying, “when i worked in a restaurant... a woman’s stall, from waist down, it was covered in sh*t—walls, floor, seat, back panel, bowl. It was grim as cancer.”

That being said, women’s public restroom is often 10 times worse than men’s public restroom. Some women forget to flush. Others just leave their stall without wiping the seat off. Whatever the reason to the additional dirtiness may be, women should know better because no one wants to see a dirty stall!

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