15 Things Women Have No Idea Men Notice About Them

When it comes to the features that men find most attractive in a woman, we all have our ideas about what kind of attributes would come top of the list! Those assumptions, however, would actually be doing men a great disservice. A recent survey found that just 3% of men look at the boobs or butt when they check out a woman in a bar or on the street.

Fact remains that men do check girls out wherever they go, and girls will do what they can to gain an advantage over the competition. Over 80% of women surveyed admitted that they wear makeup to look more attractive, both in order to increase their own self-confidence and to appear more appealing to men.

Women also spend a lot of their hard-earned cash in a bid to look good, with 31% of women spending between $26 and $50 per month on makeup and beauty products and a well-heeled 18% spending over $100 per month! The bad news for these girls is that it could all be wasted money, as what men actually notice about women are things like their self-confidence, their personality, and their sense of humor. Sadly, for them, no makeup in the world can fix the flaws in those areas.


15 How The Hair Smells

Men are notorious for failing to notice when their partner has just returned from the hair salon; whether she had a haircut or even if she has made a more radical change like having it colored or cut short. Yet for some men, initial attraction is all about the hair. They not only notice the style, but also whether it is in good condition, how the woman touches and plays with her hair, and in some rather creepy circumstances, how it smells. So ladies, let that be a lesson to you if you’re on the lookout for a man. No more scruffy ponytails or leaving your hair unwashed for a couple of days! You're not just doing it for yourself, but for a potential partner as well.

14 Chatty Cathy


Once upon a time, women were supposed to be seen and not heard. Thankfully, those days are long gone, and while some men find their wife or girlfriend’s constant incessant chatter rather annoying, there are others who find it attractive to meet a woman who has a lot to say for herself. Watching a woman, or indeed anyone for that matter, speak passionately about something that really means a lot to them can tell you a lot about their personality; and how they speak to others is also an indication of whether she is girlfriend material or if you are wasting just your time.

13 Smile


It is hardly surprising that smiling is on the list. What is surprising though, is that many women don’t realize how attractive they are to men when they have a big grin on their face, preferring to employ mean and moody looks or, even worse, the dreaded selfie pout (or a RBF, if you will). A bright genuine smile lights up your whole face and really does show you at your best. Even science has concluded that a smile is your most attractive feature, whether you’re a man or a woman. So it's simple, if you want to appear more attractive to the opposite s*x, then go ahead and ditch the duck face and get grinning.

12 Makeup Mishaps To AVOID


Subtle and tasteful makeup might not make a big difference to how much men notice you, but using too much makeup or using it badly will certainly draw their attention...and for all the wrong reasons. Trust us! Fake-looking eyebrows (either too thick or too thin), lipstick on your teeth, choosing the wrong color foundation (think Donald Trump), and garish colors of eye shadow and lipstick have all been identified by men as serious makeup turn-offs. If you are the type to often use makeup to look good for the opposite s*x, then it seems that “less is more” is a good rule of thumb to follow. And one that will likely increase your chances in finding a potential partner.

11 Eyes

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The right kind of makeup can really help to accentuate your eyes, another feature which many men notice way ahead of more predictable physical attributes. And it isn’t just about eye color or how “pretty” your eyes are, either. What men find really attractive is when women make and hold eye contact with them. It might seem a little forward to stare deep into a man's soul when he is standing across a crowded bar, but it’s a very clear way of letting a guy know you’re interested; and put simply, men like women who don’t play games. Intimate eye contact is incredibly attractive too. After all, the eyes are the window to the soul.

10 Body Language

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Experts are always reading the body language of celebrity couples to see if it reveals secrets about how happy–or unhappy–they are. Even in real life, body language can be an unexpectedly important factor in what a man finds attractive about a woman. Open body language suggests that you are a person that is open to new experiences and to the conversation of the person you are speaking with, so no crossing your arms or holding bags or even drinks in front of your body. Hands are another powerful tool. Don’t hide them away in your pockets but use them to punctuate your speech as expressively as possible.

9 Laughter


If a smile is a secret weapon when it comes to making an impression on the opposite s*x, then imagine how powerful your laugh could be? Even science backs this one up, where a German study measured women’s laughter and found that it not only correlated with how attractive they found the man they were talking to but also with how attractive he found her! Of course, if your laughter happens to include loud snorts and grunts then the chances are you weren’t wowing any blokes. Coquettish giggles are much more likely to be successful.


8 Sense Of Style


It won’t come as any real surprise to learn that men often notice what a woman is wearing when they see her in a bar or in the street. Are they wearing a tight dress? Are they wearing the color red? Or they wearing high heels? While you might expect men to show more interest in girls who wear short skirts or revealing tops, the truth is that what they are really looking for is someone who has their own sense of style. It all comes down to self-confidence. If you’re comfortable enough in your own skin to wear clothes that stand out from the crowd, then the chances are that your personality will do exactly the same thing.

7 Sense Of Humor


Just because you have an attractive laugh, doesn’t mean you necessarily use it at the right time. Guys, love a girl who laughs at their jokes but also one who cracks her own from time to time. The days are long gone when women were expected to hang on to their man’s every word. These days, you’re expected to give as good as you get when it comes to banter and witty repartee. The worst thing you can probably do is try and force it by laughing at everything your date says or by cracking inappropriate jokes if you haven’t figured out your man’s own sense of humor just yet. Take you time and analyze as much as you can, especially at the beginning.

6 Your Squad

You can tell a lot about a girl by the company she keeps. If you hang around with high-maintenance girls, then the chances are that guys in the bar are going to think the same about you even if you’re as easy going as they come. After all, when it comes to making that first approach, a man doesn’t have a lot of information to go on, and your friends can lead him to make some assumptions about you too. No one is saying ditch your high-maintenance girlfriends just for the sake of a man (bros before -- doesn't only apply to guys), but be aware that guys notice more than you think.

5 Self-Confidence

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A lot of the attributes that have appeared on this list already–eye contact, unique sense of style, sense of humor, the way you compose yourself in public–are all indicative of self-confidence, a very attractive trait in women according to a lot of single guys out there. A woman alone in a bar is obviously very confident that she can see off any unwanted attention. This might put some men off, but if you manage to get the attention of a self-confident girl, then you’re in for a much more enjoyable time than if you’re in a relationship with someone who needs constant reassurance because they lack self confidence.

4 Accent


As well as men noticing what women say, they also notice how they say it. Some men find little imperfections, such as a slight lisp, attractive and endearing. Others may be impressed by your husky, sexy voice. Even your accent can be an asset, if you’re speaking to the right person. We might think of French or Irish accents as the sexiest in the world, but there are plenty of men who adore a Southern accent, as well as those who just love the way Canadian girls talk. You might like nothing about the way you order a drink but the guy next to you at the bar might absolutely love it!

3 Attitude


It seems that men are a lot more perceptive than girls give them credit for. Not only do they notice physical attributes beyond the obvious boobs and butt, but they also notice how a woman acts towards those around her. It could be something as simple as how she speaks to the bartender or the waiter–minding her pleases and thank yous–or how she reacts towards someone less fortunate than herself. Perhaps she gives a homeless person on the street a few coins, rather than stepping over them while she checks her phone. This aspect gives guys a glimpse of how she will treat her boyfriends too.

2 Hips

Women might expect men to check out their posteriors in yoga pants, but guys are actually much more likely to be giving their hips the once-over. And the reason for this isn’t anything to do with how a woman looks but how men are programmed to think genetically. Wide hips, after all, make for an easier birth; and therefore, the primal animal part of men see this attribute and also see the owner as having good breeding potential. It may all sound a bit cold and scientific, but if you have broad hips, why not use them to your advantage instead of trying to get them to appear smaller?

1 How They Check A Man Out


Men are not known for being subtle when it comes to checking girls out, especially in bars and clubs where they seem to lose all their filters. Most women, however, will admit that they also check guys out from time to time, only in a much subtler way...or so they think they do. Actually, men do notice when girls are checking them out or even when they are looking at other guys. It may not be quite so obvious as the staring and drooling method employed by men, but those fluttering eyelashes and hair flicks are easy to spot if you know what you’re looking for.


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