15 Things Women Are Programmed To Do When They're Into You

I don't know if you know this, but when women are into someone...they do a lot of crazy things. They don't always do all of the things listed here, but they definitely seem to be "programmed" to do some of them. Some of them are pretty fun, or at least funny. But there are others that are more than a little batsh*t insane. Now, that's not to say that all women are insane...well...they are, but so are all guys. Just in different ways.

Anyway, no matter how crazy they can be, women are at least always interesting creatures to observe. And I don't just mean from your computer chair on your screen, fantasizing about all the celebrities you'll never have. I mean the everyday regular women out there in the real world. If you get out of your parents' basement, you might notice a few very interesting things about women who are into you.

You may notice that they try to find ways to be around you. They might touch you a little more than they touch anyone else...even to the point of being uncomfortable. You may end up with a few gifts...or maybe even some naughty messages on your phone. Or you'll be one of those lucky guys who get to observe some of the most hilarious attempts at seduction of all time. Here are 15 things women will do when they're really into you.


15 She Texts You A Lot

If a girl likes you, you might notice that she texts you an awful lot. Now, there are definitely women who message a ton of people all the time at a ridiculously fast rate, so they might not be into you. It's up to you to find out whether or not they are the kind of person who loves to send a million texts to everyone. If they're not, then you can be reasonably sure that they have some sort of interest in you that goes deeper than just being friends. They might not even notice that they message you a ton more than other people, but you'll definitely notice it often enough when your pocket vibrates so much you start to feel a little uncomfortable in public. I guess 10 or 12 years ago the equivalent would have been something like passing notes in class or writing letters and leaving them in your mailbox.

14 All Sorts Of Drama!


I know this is a stereotype. But it exists because there is some truth to it. Now, I'm not saying that every woman is ridiculously dramatic, I'm just saying that there are women who will definitely add a lot of drama to your life. And that could be both good and bad. Sometimes you'll find a woman who just seems to always be in a bind that only you can sort out. And that can be great for your ego...until you start getting overwhelmed with all of the help you have to give her while she tries to get your attention. You could end up with a woman who causes all sorts of epic and negative drama. They are the type you really don't want to be near, but can't seem to get away from because they will always find a way to get you wrapped up in some kind of crazy.

13 She Touches You Pretty Often

Now, you have to understand that there are some women who are just physically open and will be chummy with everyone. I mean that they hug a lot and poke and prod and nudge without it meaning anything. These ladies are pretty fun to be around unless the slightest touch seems like a tease to you. However, there are other women who definitely aren't very touchy with most people. If you notice one of these lovely ladies starting to sit close enough that your knees are touching, or if they are playing with your hair, or even if they are giving you a hug or a little grab then you might want to consider that she could be pretty interested in you. I mean...if she's grabbing at you and you notice that she's only doing that to you, then you'd kind of be an idiot not to notice that she's into you.

12 She Starts Sending Naughty Messages


Alright, so this is a fairly new thing. And by fairly new, I mean in the past 12 years or so. This wouldn't be a normal thing back in 2000. Maybe messages over MSN or ICQ, but not over the phone. Either way, this is a pretty huge indicator that someone is into you. If a girl starts sending you naughty texts and you don't quite understand that she's definitely interested in you and wants you...then you really REALLY have a problem. I don't know how long you'd have to be trapped in your parents' basement before you don't understand any social cue at all but I think that would be the only way you couldn't notice that naughty messages are a pretty obvious way of a woman expressing her interest in you. That or you'd have to just be pretty dense.

11 She Facebook Stalks You 

This is something you most likely won't notice at all. Why? Because unless you're stalking her in real life, you're probably not going to notice that she is looking you up on Facebook to see what other women you are hanging around with or what you get up to on a given day. I mean, it's possible that she could be stalking you on Facebook somewhere public and you might come across her and notice she's checking you out before she has a chance to close her phone or computer, but that is not all too likely to happen. This is just something you should be aware of. If you think that a girl might be into you, then you have to be aware that she's probably stalking you online. That being said, if you're into her, then you might want to make sure your Facebook doesn't have anything that will turn her off from you.

10 She Starts Showing Off For You A Lot


Here's the thing. Some ladies just like to show off. But you're already aware of these sorts of women. Why? Because they like to show off! And there's nothing wrong with that. I'm definitely not saying that. But if there's a woman in your life who typically dresses in comfy clothes or conservative clothes most of the might want to take a little bit of notice when she starts to show off her body. Especially if she positions her body in such a way that you get the best view of whatever it is that she's showing off. If she's leaning forward into your conversation, or taking her time crossing her legs in your general direction, then you'll probably take notice anyway. But be aware that you might the reason she is showing all of that skin off. Enjoy the view but maybe don't stare. And while enjoying the view, maybe stop and think about if you think she might want you.

9 She Doesn't Mind Sharing Her Cup

There are a lot of germaphobes out there in the world and when it comes to sharing drinks there are a lot of people who really don't like to swap spit. That's probably a pretty good idea when it comes to college experiences because you never know who might be passing around an outbreak of herpes with their drink. College is full of interesting times and diseases. But that scary business aside, if you find a girl wanting to share a drink with you more often than not, then you might want to consider that she's into you. Unless, of course, you notice that she will just pass her drink around to anyone and share with whoever seems to want some. Then she's either just very nice or she's fishing for something from anyone who will take the bait.


8 She'll Let You See Her Disasters


This one is a pretty big clue. Unless she's a tomboy and DGAF how her place looks or what you think of it, chances are she's pretty into you if she'll let you walk into the many disasters that are in her life. If she's comfortable with having you around when her place is a complete mess, then that means that she's very comfortable with you being around. And if she's that comfortable with you being might be pretty clear that she wants to have you spend more time in her disaster zone (that's not meant as a naughty joke, I promise). Now, you have to really be aware in this kind of situation. If she is constantly in a disaster of a place, you might want to think about how much of a disaster her life is, and what that might mean if you decide to take an interest in her interest in you.

7 Very Weird Ways Of Seduction

Some women really are hilarious. I know a lot of people who think women just aren't good at comedy, but I think the people who say that just haven't had an experience with a real woman before. And while that's sad...I find it hard to care. Anyway, here's the thing...some women really do these awkward things to try and seduce someone they're interested in. It's amazing. It's something like "accidentally" having rubbed whipped cream on their lips and then licking it off while they gaze at you. Or like the above woman having a bite of that banana. I don't personally find this attractive. It really makes me think of something kind of painful. I know some people are into those sorts of things, but I think there are more people who just really aren't.

6 She's Actually Stalking You


So, here's the thing, Facebook stalking is a common occurrence these days. That's just the way people get their research done about someone before they really decide if they want to try and take a leap with someone in a relationship. But actually stalking someone goes a little further than research. Mainly because it's both creepy and illegal. I mean, that pretty well seals the deal there. And not in a good way. If you discover that she seems to be everywhere you go, then you might want to question whether or not she's following you. I mean, it's nice to have someone interested in you, but you have to watch out if they're so interested that they need to see your every movement. Not all women do this, obviously, but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen at all.

5 She Fidgets Without Spinners

This doesn't have anything to do with ridiculous new trends that cost way too much for what they are. This is more about being nervous or uncomfortable in a nice heart-fluttering way. Some women just fidget a lot and play with their hair or bite their nails or knock their knees. But if you notice that a fairly fidget-less woman is twisting her hair with her fingers or eating her nails pretty intensely or constantly shifting, bouncing, or knocking her legs it's entirely possible that she is into you. Unless, of course, she's doing it while you're with someone else and she's actually into the other person. Make sure you take note of who else is around and in which direction the lovely lady is fidgeting.

4 She's Getting Jealous Of The Other People Around You


This can quickly turn pretty damn dangerous so you best be prepared for what you need to do in this situation. If you are the kind of person who flirts with everyone then there are going to be some people who are into you who really don't like it when you pay attention to someone else. And they'll let you know it. Usually, it will be small hints here and there with body language and little quips at or about the person you're paying more attention to. But sometimes this can get pretty dangerous. It can turn into some pretty snarky comments or even a cat fight or two. It doesn't usually go that crazy but it's not out of the realm of possibility. So be aware of what your game plan is if you notice that a woman is getting a little jealous of you paying more attention to someone else...she might be into you.

3 She Randomly Gives You Gifts

This happens more often than you might think. It might just be something small, but it might also be something small fairly frequently. If she's a coworker, it could take the form of a coffee here or there. That might turn into muffins or lunch and then eventually that could progress into clothing or some sort of tool or toy for something you're into. If it's just the occasional drink, then don't think too much of it. She's clearly a generous person, but not necessarily interested in you in a deeper way. If she keeps that gifting going quite often, then you might want to address that. As much as you might like gifts, you don't want to leave her to her gifting while you do nothing about her desire for you. Don't leave her hanging like that. It's just rude.

2 She Can't Stop Staring


She might have very pretty eyes. That doesn't mean that she's interested in you. But if you keep seeing those eyes sneaking glances at you, then you might want to consider that she's into you. Why not? I mean, unless she's just completely spaced out all the time and happens to lock her eyes on you when she spaces, I think there's a chance she could be interested. That, or you've got something on your face that you really need to address and she's just too polite to say anything...while she's staring at you. Either way, if you find that a woman keeps glancing over at you, especially if she looks away every time you happen to turn to her, then she is interested in you in some way, shape, or form. I think that should be pretty obvious.

1 She Has A Nickname Or Pet Name For You

I know that this is a thing that happens for sure. I might have had a few women in my life come up with some interesting pet names or nicknames for me. And most of these women ended up either trying to be something more than friends...or succeeded. Now, if a woman seems to have a nickname for everyone, the chances are that you're not all that special. Unless your nickname is very different than the others and seems to be a bit more intimate in some way. But if you find yourself being the only one around who is getting a nickname or a pet name from a woman, then it's a safe bet she wants you or at least wants to know you more. You'll just have to decide if that's something you want to take further. Don't make her do all the work. She already came up with a new name for you.


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