15Women Spend More On Domestic Work

It's probably not a secret that on average, women do more household chores than men. I can name any set of statistics that shows this. However, that's not really the interesting part of this. The interesting part of this is that women tend to do all of this stuff without being

noticed. For many households, if women didn't do the housework, the housework would never get done. This isn't to say that men don't do housework, but statistically, women tend to take on the brunt of that. That's because while men will very often pull their own weight, it's often women who do the emotional and mental work of running a household. On top of that, running a household is kind of a job in itself, and unfortunately, it doesn't pay. Even when women aren't working, they're working. While it's important to acknowledge that more and more men are pulling their own weight in this department, it's also important to acknowledge that women have been doing housework for millennia with no one to recognize their efforts.

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