15 Things That Make Women Swipe Right On Tinder

Tinder was launched back in 2012, and since then, this online dating app has brought millions of people together. People, whether single or otherwise, have used this platform to find casual hookups, love, and whatever relationship they can find. Users here have the opportunity to judge a potential date by looking through a few of their photos and reading a short bio. If you like what you see, you can swipe right and hope the other person swipes right as well, an action that will give you the ability to chat and possibly get together to do whatever both of you want. If you come across another user who doesn't impress you in the least bit, simply swipe left and move on to the next available profile.

When you sign up for Tinder, you'll find a huge number of people seriously looking to find "the one," as well as a huge number of jokers, many of whom are actually very entertaining. So it's possible to spend hours laughing. Some people try to be as creepy as they can; others are vulgar, while others are indecent in every version of the word, so you should be careful to swipe right on the profiles of the individual who you feel a connection to.

However, you could be swiping right on all the people you feel would be a great match for you but none of them seem to respond to you. If you are having problems getting connected to the right people, there's probably a problem with your profile. Men in search of a woman to get into a serious relationship with should learn a few things about how women judge men's profiles in order to improve their chances, especially on Tinder. Here are the top 15 things to consider.

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15 Post A Photo Of Yourself Wearing A Suit

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The difference between men and women's reactions to profile photos in the dating scene is huge. For instance, men want women to wear casual clothing, which exposes a bit of skin, while women find a man in a suit to be super attractive, so please don’t put up an image where you're only wearing a vest or nothing at all.

Decently dressed men get more swipes to the right since they give a message that they have their act together. In addition to looking good, men in suits exude confidence and give out a vibe of success in their lives.

A shaggy and unruly dress code will make you appear as if you have problems or seem like you're not serious about life. If a decent woman comes across your profile and gets the slightest feeling you could be trouble, she won't even read what you've written on your profile, she will immediately swipe left.

14 Explain What You Want In Your Tinder Bio

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Some people are on Tinder for all the wrong reasons. Such people aren't interested in what Tinder is really about. They just want to attract attention on the app without following up on any leads. Other people just want to have more followers on Instagram and Facebook and aren't interested in finding people they would actually want to meet, while other users are borderline criminals and creeps looking for easy prey.

Having a profile that explains your motive will guarantee you a good number of right swipes. Make it known if you want a hangout for the weekend, a companion to a high profile event, a quick hookup, or a long-term relationship.

As much as people say you don't have to believe everything you read online, having some information is better than having none. Give people a chance to know why you need them to swipe right when they come across your profile.

13 Use Photos That Make You Seem Fun And Adventurous

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You probably already know this, but it's important for you to hear it over and over again. Women love men who are flexible, fun, and adventurous. Use pictures that show every woman who comes across your profile that you love and enjoy your life. Take pictures of you and your friends enjoying yourselves playing a sport, cooking, traveling, or doing any other fun and exciting thing you enjoy doing.

When you show your talents and interests, you will be sure to get many right swipes from women who share the same hobbies, interests, and adventures you do. However, refrain from uploading images showing your fun but reckless side, such as jumping off a roof or swimming with a stingray. These can ruin your chances of getting to know a wonderful woman. Such risky stunts may be fun for you but until a woman wants to know you more, keep your daredevil side behind closed curtains.

12 Don't Post Wild Party Pics

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Although many people love to go out with friends, drink a lot, and then post images of themselves when they're totally wasted, such images should never make your way to your profile. Women have great respect for men who are always in control, and that’s the picture you need people to associate you with.

While you may think these photos are funny, most women looking at your sloppy inebriated face at a club will not be intrigued by you. 

The minute a woman gets the impression you will be a bother in the relationship, she will swipe left fast. A woman who has the slightest self-worth will not get into a relationship where she suspects the man is a heavy drinker because excessive consumption of alcohol is both harmful to the consumer and the people around him or her.

11 Don't Be Rude Or Play The Bad Boy In Your Messages

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As much as most women seem to go through a phase where they're attracted to rogue bad boys, a nice and polite person will often get more right swipes than a rude bad boy will. You will attract more decent women if you address them in a good and respectable way because they deserve respect.

Avoid any creepy opening lines and simply maintain polite language and be as respectful as you can. Try to be witty but not too forward with your requests. Also, refrain from asking grotesque favors or questions, which make women feel uncomfortable, such as "How many s*xual partners have you had?" or "How soon can we hook up?"

Furthermore, please don't insult women if they disagree with you, turn down your requests, or show no interest in you. Women want someone who can treat them like royalty, and they know their possible Tinder date should at least be polite.

10 Don't Screw Up Your First Messages

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Women love men who are good conversationalists. Unlike men, who are easily turned on by a woman's outer beauty, women love to talk and share their feelings because they are primarily emotional beings. You don't have to be a stud to get a right swipe; you just have to know how to hold a real conversation. Therefore, your profile has to make her see you as someone who is ready to have a conversation, and when she lets you into her world, don’t let her down.

Start by introducing yourself in a way that will spark interest in her. Ask about her interests and hobbies and tell her about yours. Talk about real things, be witty and have a sense of humor. Keep off awkward topics such as s*x, body shaming, race, financial status, and the like in the first few minutes of your conversation. Don't make the conversation all about you, or her, but keep it balanced both ways. Give her a chance to respond and keep it civilized.

9 Post Photos Of Yourself With Your Pets

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We can all agree that not all pets will make you look as attractive as you would expect, and some may even cause people to fear you or even ridicule you. Not many women will want to come over if you own a pet python or if you have an armadillo or a snail for a pet.

It might also not be a great idea to post pictures of the day you were petting a giant tiger, or when you posed shirtless holding a handbag Chihuahua. In addition, it’s a bit weird to come across a grown man who keeps a pet hamster.

Owning a pet makes a man seem likeable and responsible, and women will fall in love with you if you have an adorable pet. Take pictures of you and your cute puppies, kittens, or horses, to attract right swipes from women on Tinder who like the same pets.

8 Give As Much Info As Possible In Your Bio 

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Obviously, the first thing women will look at before considering whether to swipe right or left on your profile is your picture, but the kind of information you have there as well is very important. Most people embellish their profiles and oversell who they are in real life, which isn't a good idea.

Others are afraid that stalkers will steal their information and use it to meet their weird needs, so they put absolutely nothing on their profile, which is a sure way of missing numerous opportunities to meet great women.

Your profile should be welcoming and attractive through and through. Use it to communicate what you want people to see and know about you. Put up an attractive and truthful portrait of yourself and give some relevant information on your bio. Don't be vulgar or vague on your profile, because a good woman needs as much information as she can before she can swipe right.

7 Post Photos Of Yourself With Your Family

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As much as people do not like introducing their family members too soon in the dating scene, having a picture with your parent or grandparents is a huge plus on your bio. Women will swipe right to this because in addition to appearing serious and genuine, it shows you value family and you will love your own when the time comes.

An axe murderer will most likely not pose next to his or her dad or grandma on Tinder. Hence, having parents or grandparents on your pictures will make you seem genuine and sweet. People who show love to their parents and grandparents are most likely good people and they attract many right swipes.

That being said, make sure the pictures you put up are genuine. Do not Photoshop your mother's face next to yours because you know it will earn you some points. Unless if you are a professional graphic designer, any attempts to Photoshop your parents in your image will be detected, followed by a left swipe.

6 Don't Misspell Things Or Write Like A Teenager

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As much as not everyone you meet on Tinder learned English as his or her first language, nothing is more annoying than having too many spelling mistakes. When some people write anything on social media, you might have to take a few minutes to try to figure out what they mean, because what they've actually written down makes no sense.

Although a smartphone can automatically correct some of the words you're typing, it's important to go over what you've written before posting it. Having a profile with many spelling mistakes indicates you're not serious. It's immature and unattractive.

People want to swipe right when they feel you have something to offer them. Ignorance, signs of illiteracy, and carelessness are not attractive; they are signs of trouble ahead. If you're not sure about your ability to use language appropriately, install an autocorrect app and ask a friend to go over what you've written before posting it.

5 Use Photos That Are Flattering And Show Your Whole Body

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Fortunately or unfortunately, first appearances matter a lot, especially on Tinder. Your profile photo speaks volumes about who you are, and a woman will dismiss you in a second if your profile photo looks terrible.

The photo you choose must show your best side, not a quick selfie from a phone with a terrible camera. Also, refrain from putting up photos such as mug shots, digitally altered photos, photos of you taking drugs, those that put you in weird or compromising situations, or vulgar images.

Take quality photos using a good camera, good lighting, and good focus; most smartphones today have great cameras, so you wouldn't need to go far to find one. Full-body shots are most inviting to women, as they give the best sense of what you look like. Smile for the camera, look directly into the lens and radiate confidence in your photos. Refrain from using too many filters and picture altering software since they will make you look fake and unapproachable.

4 Smile In Your Photos And Don't Scowl 

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A smile is a welcoming gesture and many people will swipe right if you are smiling on most if not all your photos. These days, it's hard to log on to any social media platform and not come across profile pictures of people posing with duck faces, fish gapes, sparrow faces, and other animal faces, most of which are terrible selfies. These weird poses aren't great, but they're acceptable.

However, some people appear too serious and unapproachable when they don't smile on their photos. Even in real life, if you walk into a room full of strangers, you are likely to talk to the one who smiles at you. Fake smiles come off as creepy and too much, hence it's important to keep your smile as natural as possible.

If you want to get more right swipes, get a good camera, brush up your good side, work out a good natural smile, and take a good picture.

3 Use Some Photos Of Yourself With Friends 

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Your photos are a representation of who you are since people judge you by them before they give you the opportunity to hear what you have to say. Take photos of you and your good friends and use them to boost your social status.

A man who has no friends can make a woman think he is creepy and boring to be around, so you need to avoid this perception as much as possible. When you put up an image of yourself and a few friends who look decent and in turn make you look good, everyone who looks at your profile will want to be associated with you.

Choose the best image where you and your friends are doing something fun and positive. Make sure to balance your friends well, since women will avoid you if all your friends seem to be other attractive women. They don’t want to get into a situation where they will make your other female friends feel uncomfortable, or become a source of conflict.

2 Put Effort Into Your Appearance

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Truth be told, women will swipe right very fast based on how handsome you are, and almost every man out there can look handsome if he takes some time and effort to do so. It seems obvious, but so many men use awful photos of themselves on Tinder, which doesn't help their case. It helps to focus your images on what you and other people consider are your best features. If you know you have nice eyes and other people have confirmed this countless times, don't upload a picture where you're wearing sunglasses. If you have a nice smile, use it to woo women to swipe right, and so on.

Make sure your clothes and hair are as neat and attractive as possible in every picture for your images to stand out in every good way. On the other hand, don’t try too hard to look like someone you're not, since it's possible to tell when someone is trying too much, and women will think you're desperate. If for some reason you think you're not handsome enough, please remember everybody is handsome in someone's eyes.

1 Try To Show Your Passion For Your Job

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Women love men who are self-aware and self-motivated, because these qualities have a direct effect on a relationship, regardless of its length. Showing love and appreciation for your job is a plus on your bio because everyone who comes across it will get the idea that you know how to appreciate everything that comes your way. It also shows how content you are with your life and with who you are as a person.

Loving your job is a good sign that you are comfortable with yourself, and as such, you can now welcome other people in your life. Women will swipe left if they get the slightest idea you are uncomfortable about your job and you look like a whiner because this shows that you're a loser who is undecided about major life decisions, which is unsettling and unattractive. Take pictures of you enjoying your workplace and add them to your bio if you can.

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