15 Things That Can Ruin A Man's Mojo

When people think about what makes a relationship work and what things to avoid, hardly do they think about sex drive, yet it is so important. For a man, dealing with sex drive issues can be the worst thing he can go through, because he will immediately look down on himself owing to his inability to perform, and end up avoiding getting intimate.

On the other hand, his significant other will assume their man is no longer interested in them, and think of numerous crazy explanations for this, including thinking they are doing something wrong or perhaps they are not attractive enough. The man's inability to come to terms with his condition and his partner's  misunderstanding of the whole situation can lead to complications which can end a relationship.

Low sex drive can result from numerous conditions and variables, and both men and women often go through some of these challenges. Some men unknowingly depress their sex drive with activities and habits they can easily stop, and they need not suffer anymore.

Men should not think their inability to perform or get in the mood is a condition they have to live with for the rest of their lives. They can avoid some of these issues by adopting a healthy lifestyle, eating the right food in manageable quantities, exercising, and getting enough sleep among others.

Some men who, at times, are up to the task and other times can hardly rise to the occasion, need some medication, professional assistance, and lifestyle adjustments since these can make a huge difference.

Which of these do you think you need to stop to improve your sex drive?

15 Taking Some Types Of Medication

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A disease, of whatever nature, is a sure mood killer. So you can imagine just how terrible it must be for someone taking medication to treat a condition to suffer from a lack of desire to do one of the most exciting things known to man. Some of the drugs with a reputation for decreasing a man's sex drive include antidepressants, blood pressure medication, cold medicine, and even chemotherapy.

If a man was to note a decrease in his sex drive and associate it with the period he began taking some medication, then he would know the medicine responsible for his condition. Changing the medication or the dose would likely get him back to normal, but this should never happen without the consent of a doctor.

Weirdly, some medication used for the treatment of conditions related to low sex drive have a reputation for dampening a man's desire for sex. According to some medical professionals, any medication that affect's a man's central nervous system has a significant impact on his sex drive.

14 Obesity

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Obesity is a huge problem in many parts of the world today, with one of the most obvious causes for this being the overconsumption of unhealthy food. One of the worst things about obesity is it makes someone a prisoner within his or her own body, where he or she cannot do most of the basic activities an individual with healthy weight can.

In addition to affecting numerous other activities, obesity can seriously affect a man's ability to perform as he would love to in the bedroom, because his stamina will be far poorer compared to a man with a healthy weight. When a man can't perform well in the bedroom, he will fast develop low self-esteem and consequently a low sex drive.

In addition to acquiring professional advice from doctors and fitness experts, it's important for every man to eat healthy foods in small portions. Also, every man should work out on a regular basis.

13 Lack Of Intimacy

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When two people start dating, you wouldn't need anyone telling you they are in love, because it shows. This closeness and romance continues and peaks when these two get engaged and finally get married, because there is no higher commitment than marriage. However, many couples start pulling apart after a few years together and the intimacy begins to fade.

The lack of intimacy can affect any relationship adversely, to the point where someone wouldn't even notice the two are together. The worst thing about the lack of intimacy is it not only spoils a couple's desire to have sex, it even triggers conflicts in the relationship which will likely lead to separation and then breakup.

Dealing with intimacy issues in a relationship requires work from parties, where the two should intentionally look for ways to express love without necessarily involving sex at first. Going back to the things you used to do early in the relationship is a great way to get intimate again.

12 Drinking Alcohol And Smoking

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Although people feel as if drinking and smoking make them look cool, some don't consider just how dangerous it can be to their health and their relationships. Even the manufacturers of alcoholic beverages and cigarettes warn the consumers of their products against the terrible consequences associated with excessive consumption of the same, some of which could lead to death.

One of the worst results of habitual and excessive drinking is the negative effect it has on a man's (as well as a woman's) sex drive. Sure, one glass can get someone in the mood, but excessive drinking on a regular basis will affect a man's ability to get and sustain an erection. One of the reasons alcohol is such a libido dampener is the fact that it's a depressant.

On the other hand, cigarette smoking messes with blood flow, one of the reasons smoking is known to cause hypertension and other blood vessel damage issues. Therefore, since sex has a lot to do with blood flow, smoking can affect a man's sex drive adversely.

11 Stress And Exhaustion

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How tired are you at the end of the day? Some people can't wait to get home in the evening to rest, because a day at work drains every ounce of energy from them. Fatigue can kill the mood and the energy to do anything, and one of the worst things it does is lower a man's appetite for sex.

Although every man should engage in some form of exercise, those who work the whole day and hit the gym every evening might achieve their fitness goals faster, but such a routine will ruin a man's appetite for sex.

Almost everything a man finds exhausting eventually becomes stressful, and this state of mind is terrible for a healthy appetite for sex. If for some reason the two parties in a relationship are stressing each other, the two need to organize a vacation where they can address the root problem and get back to having fun.

10 Spending Too Much Time On Your Gadgets

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Today, phones, tablets, computers, and our TVs run our lives, and we hardly ever want to keep them far from us. Most people work on their laptops the whole day and make the mistake of carrying their work home with them.

When they aren't working, they choose to catch up with their friends on various social media platforms, liking images, sharing videos, and commenting on their friends' posts. Other men prefer watching TV the whole night and continue to do so even in their bedroom before sleeping, one of the most dangerous things they can do to their desire for sex.

According to relationship experts, bringing technology into the bedroom kills sex in a relationship, and this applies to both genders. Can you imagine how hard it would be to get in the mood for sex immediately after exchanging emails with your supervisor who is asking you for too much, or after watching your favorite team lose terribly?

9 Boredom And Not Getting Any

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Arguably, those people who wait until marriage to have sex for their first time often have the best first experience, because people around them, family, and even the church ministers guide them on a number of issues including sex. Regardless of how the first experience was, sex is supposed to be one of the most exciting experiences a human being can go through.

Doing the same move over and over will obviously lead to boredom, and cause both parties to desire sex less. If a man is bored of having sex with his woman, the two should look for ways of making it more adventurous. However, the two should be perfectly comfortable with whatever new things they decide to start doing.

In addition, a man who wants to remain loyal to his wife but hardly gets any action in the bedroom, perhaps because she is never in the mood or available, will be frustrated into developing a low sex drive.

8 Taking In Too Much Sugar

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If you can avoid taking sugar in your coffee or drinking other sugary drinks, you will do a great service to your body and to your sex life. Health professionals agree that unless an individual is willing to work out and even adopt a strict diet, one should stay away from sugars, because these have a relationship with obesity, hypertension, and other serious health problems.

In addition, sugar can affect a man's sex drive, because there are chances it can contribute the storage of belly fat, the loss of muscle, and mess around with testosterone. The belly fat can raise levels of estrogen in the body and result in reduced libido and the likelihood of erectile dysfunction.

Therefore, if you want to keep your bedroom experience sweet, you should think about giving up refined sugar completely. In exchange for these sugars, you can use natural sugars moderately but still make sure to work out as often as possible.

7 Poor Health

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The connection between your body and your mind is undeniable, because an individual with ill health will hardly ever be in a positive mood, and one with great health will often be in a good mood. Sex is never a priority for sick people, because they obviously want to recover from whatever it is they are suffering from first, and engaging in sex might even be a painful experience for such people.

On the other hand, a man suffering from erectile problems will be hardest hit when it comes to sex drive, because they often fear and worry about their performance, and they will often choose to forego sex altogether.

The good news here is that most health conditions have a cure, and a man can get back to his ways as soon as he gets treatment. In addition, erectile problems have easy medical remedies, although it would help for a man to adopt a healthy lifestyle to help prevent this mess as much as possible.

6 An Overdose Of "Blue" Movies

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These days, access to X-rated films is as easy as pushing a few buttons on any gadget with the ability to access the Internet. The worst thing about the ease of accessing these movies is the rate at which this form of entertainment grows into an addiction, because most who set down on this path can't stop watching. Although some men will claim watching blue movies will help to put them in the mood for sex, their seemingly helpful habit is very dangerous to their sex life.

Apparently, a man who has watched too much porn can fail to perform sexually owing to a condition called sexual anorexia. According to research, men who start watching porn from their teens often experience low libido and an inability to get an erection sooner in life rather than later.

However, the good news here is that the condition can be treated over a few months. But wouldn't it be better to just skip the whole thing by cutting back or even kicking the habit completely?

5 Terrible Breath And Awful Body Odor

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Movies can make us believe anything, which is one of the reasons we love them so much. One thing we see in the movies is couples making love in the morning even before getting out of bed, with their makeup just right and none of the parties reacting from the other's terrible morning breath.

According to some researchers, bad oral hygiene has a relationship with poor sex drive in men. Apparently, men who have erectile dysfunction issues are likely to have gum disease, a condition called periodontitis. Therefore, it's important for every man, as well as their women, to brush their teeth every day, especially before having sex.

In addition, an awful body odor is a sure mood killer. Before getting to bed, both parties in the relationship should try to freshen up and rid themselves of any terrible odors resulting from the activities of the day. Showering together is a great way of getting into the mood.

4 Issues In The Relationship

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When a couple, especially one which has been in a relationship for a long time, is going through problems in the relationship, neither the man nor the woman will be in the mood for sex. Arguably, relationship issues are the top sex drive killers in any relationship; because they get rid of all the romance, they pave way for resentment, and the two prefer avoiding each other as opposed to getting intimate.

Counselors always advise partners in a relationship to reach out to each other and tackle relationship issues as soon as they arise. Handling issues early enough is one of the secrets to maintaining a romantic relationship, and it helps improve a couple's conflict resolution skills.

Furthermore, solving problems immediately, never letting the sun go down without the two reaching a consensus, and forgiveness prevents the scenario where unresolved conflicts pile up to the point of a simple mistake causing a breakup or a divorce.

3 Not Sleeping Enough

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The working adults we have today barely have enough time to do anything else apart from work, including sleeping. Yet sleep is so important, because some researchers claim lack of sleep can kill someone, although no one is willing to volunteer to prove whether this is a fact or fiction. Sleep is so important that if someone has poor sleeping habits, his or her health, looks, and ability to deal with everyday hassles will be adversely affected.

A man who doesn't get at least seven hours of sleep a night on a regular basis is sure to have lower testosterone levels. In addition, lack of sleep leads to fatigue, stress, and lack of energy, meaning the last thing a man will have on his mind when he is suffering from lack of sleep is sex.

The best way to deal with this issue is for a man to exercise, eat well, and obviously develop a strict bedtime routine, where he will sleep for at least seven hours every night. People with sleeping disorders need to visit a doctor for him or her to help remedy the situation.

2 Snoring At Night

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Do you snore at night? Regardless of whether you have ever been told you do or not, you are pretty sure you don't, right? No one wants to believe he or she snores, but the truth is, approximately 45% of adults snore occasionally and 25% snore habitually. Although most people ignore this condition, it can be a sign of obstructed breathing and should be treated.

Two obvious problems with snoring are it keeps the other person awake at night and it interrupts the snorer regularly. This means neither the snorer nor his or her partner gets enough sleep, and as mentioned above, lack of enough sleep is a major cause of poor sex drive.

Furthermore, snoring has been known to increase the snorer's appetite, which can lead to excessive weight gain and eventually obesity. From statistics, snoring usually affects men more than women, and it gets worse with the increase in weight and age.

1 Flirting  With Other Women

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If you have a wife, flirting with other women is anything but beneficial for you or your relationship, because you will open yourself up to emotions and complications you don’t need right now. Most men think it only becomes a problem to their relationship when it becomes physical, but the emotional involvement can be as damaging as an actual affair.

Flirting with other women at work or on different social media platforms takes up time you would have spent working or focusing on your wife. Flirting will also suck up the energy from your marriage if you do not keep it under control. Flirting with other women will make it hard for you to keep the passion alive in your relationship, and this will obviously translate into low sex drive.

A man who entertains this kind of behavior will begin to desire the other women he flirts with, and his desire for his wife will reduce to the point where he won't feel attracted to her anymore.

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