15 Things That Are On Every Man's Bucket List

A bucket list is like a “to do” list of all the things you want to experience before you die. So with the new year quickly approaching, it got us at TheRichest thinking about what we wanted to do before we die. With every passing year, we are getting older and older and this is the time when we need to live our lives. While life can be stressful, it is important to make sure to soak up the joy in every moment.

For many men, there are a lot of obvious things that they would want to do before they leave this earth, which is why we thought it would be fun to create our own version of a man's bucket list.

The following fifteen suggestions are what we think every man should experience before they die. Although we can't possibly know what every man on the planet is thinking, we do have an idea of what the majority of men dream of. From acting on sexual fantasies to taking business risks (and even some Christmas ideas!), the following is filled with phenomenal ideas that should be added to every man's “To Do” list!


15 Start a Business

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Every man dreams of owning a company. Not only is it the idea of not having a boss but it is also about the freedom and status that comes with it. It is no surprise that men like their freedom as well as  having the final word, both in their professional and their personal life. They also love status and there isn't a position that has quite as much power as C.E.O!

There is also the idea that you created a successful company and the pride that comes with that, that helps explain why it's such a desirable goal.

For a lot of men, owning a company is something that they work for their entire life and those who accomplish it and are successful in it, have truly accomplished something to be proud of. And perhaps depending on the type of business, have also forever altered the world in a positive way.

14 Fly a Plane

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Flying a plane sounds like one of the most intimidating things you could do, which is why men want to do it so bad. It is no secret that men love cars, the control, the drive and the machinery itself fascinates a lot of men, so imagine the rush they would get from flying a plane?

However, participating in this activity takes a little more skill and commitment than driving a car!

It is also a fairly expensive hobby to pick up but if you have the means to do it, we say go for it! It also definitely takes a lot more commitment than driving a vehicle, which is why it is something that will probably remain unchecked on many people's bucket list. However, when a man gets the opportunity to experience this, it truly is a rush that is undeniably phenomenal.

Although there are a lot of women who desire the experience of flying a plane, this is something almost every man dreams of since he is a little boy, making it a must on every man's bucket list.

13 Fall In Love

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Yes, that is right everyone, men want love also! As cliche as it is, love is very powerful and men, similar to women have a desire to share their lives with someone. Sadly, the society we live in has forced many men to feel like they should suppress these vulnerable feelings.

However, a bucket list is something very personal and honest, which is why without a doubt finding someone to love forever is something that belongs on there. No matter your sexual orientation, everyone can hopefully relate to the feeling of holding someone close to you that you love.

So gentlemen, let your walls down and allow yourself to fall in love! For the ladies reading this, don't be so quick to assume that men do not have feelings.

12 Menage A Trois


There is no secret that men think about sex, a lot. Men are very sexual and love experiencing new horizons when it comes to intimacy. When it comes to men and fantasies, threesomes are always at the top of the list. The idea of a man being with not one but two women is something men around the globe dream of. Those men who actually achieve it are recognized in some new sexual spectrum within the “boys” and probably get some pretty wicked high fives.

Threesomes (that go well anyway!) also have the chance to dramatically increase your confidence, and perhaps even your move set in the bedroom. Men who dream about this often imagine it being the most incredible thing ever, however, many say the fantasy is sometimes better than the reality. If you are in a happy relationship adding a third person in the bedroom can create conflict with you and your partner, which is not really worth the risk. Even if this one may have been put on your list when you were single!

11 Own/Drive Dream Car

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As previously mentioned, men love cars. So it comes as no surprise that owning or even driving their dream car would be on their bucket list. A lot of men have a fascination and almost obsession with cars that women just don't get. Every man and we mean every man, has one car they have always dreamed of owning. But while the price tag may be steep, just having the chance of driving it is enough to satisfy them. Many men also see cars kind of like a status symbol, similar to women and purses.

Although many men do not get the chance of owning their dream cars, there are places where you can drive luxury cars in Las Vegas (as well as many other big cities) which as you can imagine, is very popular among tourists. Just be careful you don't get into an accident!

10 Be a Dad

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Believe it or not, more men than you think dream about becoming a father. While men do not have that biological clock in them telling them it is time to procreate, they do have a desire to pass on their knowledge to their offspring.

Men and women are very different when it comes to realizing that they are ready to become a parent. For women, it is typically when they have reached a certain age in their life. For men, they may be more concerned with attaining a certain level of life experience as well as financial stability before taking that next step.

Men love looking at something and thinking “I made that” and becoming a dad is the highest level of creation you can reach.

9 Play With Favorite Sports Team

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When it comes to sports, men are funny; when they love a team, it is as though they believe they are actually part of the team. Think about it, how many times have you heard a man say “we are playing bad tonight” or “we won the big game” referring to a professional sports team, which they are obviously not part of.

They are so obsessed that a lot of them even join fantasy teams! That is because men connect to sports on a level that a lot of women do not understand. For them, it is a way to bond with their fathers, friends, and co-workers. Not too mention it is something that can bring most men, even strangers, together. This is why it is a dream for so many men to have the chance of playing a sport they love with a team they love even more. Though perhaps you'd settle for just getting to meet some of your favorite players!


8 Buy a Ticket The Same Day You Leave

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For most men, traveling is the most important thing on their bucket list. When it comes to seeing the world there are so many different ways to go about it. But one thing is for sure, booking a flight on the same day you leave is one of the most exciting things you can do when traveling. While the unknown can be scary, this exciting decision can also lead you to somewhere you would have never otherwise gone.

Imagine packing a bag and heading to the airport and not knowing where you are going? You just head there and book a flight to wherever you want once you have reached the airport. This is the kind of risk men love taking. It is not so much of an adrenaline rush as much as it is a thrill of trusting the unknown. Every person, not only men should do this at one point throughout their lives. Just make sure you have your responsibilities at home taken care of!

7 Own An Expensive Watch

Similar to cars, men are incredibly intrigued by watches. They are fascinated by the way they are made and there is no doubt that a beautiful watch can give off a certain “status”.

It is rare to find a man that loves shopping for clothes and shoes, however, a man that loves shopping for cars and watches, well that is a little more common!

For a lot of successful men, a watch is the first big purchase they make. The most desired brands are Patek Philippe, Piaget, Breitling and of course, Rolex. These luxury watches are made with incredible skill and care which every man appreciates.

In reality, we at TheRichest know a watch, like all material objects, do not make a difference to your life, however, it is still something that is on every man's wish list. Perhaps something to keep in mind with Christmas just around the corner!

6 Join The Mile High Club

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Joining the mile high club is something that so many men fantasize about. It is perhaps the idea that it is somewhat forbidden or it is the idea that you are doing it floating in the air but whatever it is, men want to do it so bad. Although this idea seems awesome in theory, in reality, it is a little more complicated than that. Think about it, the bathrooms on commercial flights are painfully small, giving you and your partner very little room to move around.

Not to mention, the lack of privacy provided on airplanes.  This will definitely put a damper on the love making. This is why a lot of people never scratch this off their list, even if it sounds great in your head. The best way to join this club is to fly private, but that's just another thing to add to the bucket list.

5 Attend the Olympic Games

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As previously mentioned, men love sports, and what better sports competition to watch than the Olympics. Whether you are a fan of hockey or of swimming, the Olympics have you covered between the summer games and the winter.

For a sports lover, which lets face it is most men are, this is the ultimate sports competition. The most talented and deserving athletes from all around the world come together to compete in every sport imaginable.

There is also something incredibly powerful about the Olympics that is magical to experience. The Olympic Games have been around for years and it is a way for countries to connect through sportsmanship.  Not only is it an ancient tradition, it is also a place where people can literally watch dreams turn into reality, which is pretty cool and worth checking out. If you aren't into the Olympics, we are sure you would love to attend the championship match for your favorite sport.

4 Go Scuba Diving

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It is crazy to think that most of the world is water and that most of that water is undiscovered. Although a lot of people fear the unknown of the ocean, some, especially men dream about going scuba diving. Scuba diving is a thrilling and eye-opening experience that demands athleticism and patience to do successfully.

It is also incredibly thrilling and an experience that you won't be able to stop talking about. Many men gear up and make the decision to scuba dive, and very few regret it. Like everything else is life, there are risks that come with this activity, but for many men, the risk is totally worth the reward.

A lot of men go one step further on their bucket list and say that they want to swim with the sharks, which is an entirely new level of crazy!

3 Go Skydiving

Skydiving is one of the scariest most and probably the most intimidating thing you will ever do.

The idea of literally jumping out of a plane sounds terrifying and yet, countless people have decided to do it.  Men are a lot less fearless then women (on average) which may be why you are more likely to see them tumbling from the sky. Believe it or not, but skydiving is something that you can actually put on your resume! A lot of companies see it as a testament to your character and admire the risk-taking that comes with it, not to mention being a pretty great opener at the interview. As dangerous as skydiving may be, it is an experience like nothing else.  Skydiving is also easier to do than you think as an instructor will do all the work your first time, all it takes is a little cash and a lot of guts.

2 Visit Every Continent

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As previously stated, a lot of men want to travel and see the world more than anything else. This is why making it a mission to see every continent is a great idea and is probably something you added to your list after you got the traveling bug!

By having an overall goal like this, it also helps make sure you are organizing your adventures in a way that helps you maximize your time.

As humans, we often travel to locations that we are familiar with and that can limit how much we are exposed to. By opening up your travels to expand over every continent, you are guaranteeing that you will see various walks of life.

This is definitely that both men and women should think about doing before starting a family, or start planning into their retirement!

1 Find Happiness

This is universally on everyone's bucket list.  Finding happiness is really what life is about. Throughout your journey on this planet, you will experience some of the greatest highs life has to offer as well as some of the lowest lows, but life comes in waves and it is simply up to you to learn how to ride those waves.

How you deal with the tough times and  what you learn from each experience is what ultimately will lead you being able to sustain happiness. Happiness in combination with love, both being loved and giving love are the things we humans need the most in order to survive.

Happiness is the highest form of success and for men, knocking some of these things off their bucket list may be one step to getting there.

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