15 Things She'll Only Do If She's Into You

Guys, I know the question of whether a girl is interested in you or not is a hard one. After all, all girls are different, and it's really hard to tell for sure if she likes you. Girls aren't going to check you out if they like what they see the way guys do, right?  It all comes down to that particular girl's particular responses, so you won't be able to use her reactions to gauge how the next girl feels about you... or can you?

What if I told you that everyone has a tell that will let you know how that person feels about you, regardless of what vibes you think they're putting out? This is also true for women, and trust me, as a woman myself, I can tell you that if a girl likes you, she will do or say at least one of these things.

We did some research and found out some psychological and behavioral tells that will let you know how that girl feels about you. Some of these things have to do with involuntary responses, like the way she naturally leans and where her eyes are. Other things have to do with what that girl is doing or saying to make herself look better than the girls around her, so you can see that she's girlfriend material or even one-night-stand material. Here are fifteen signs that a girl might be into you, and we can guarantee that she'll do or say at least one of these things.

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15 What Direction Is She Looking In?

When you talk to the girl in question, what direction is she looking in? Is she looking away from you or towards you? That simple thing can yield a lot of information. For example, if she's looking away from you, it could be a sign that she's just not about what you're trying to say or is genuinely disinterested in the conversation and you. However, for other girls, it might be a sign that they're shy and might be afraid to get caught looking at you.  On the other hand, if a girl is confidently meeting your eyes, her pupils dilated, it's definitely a sign she's interested. Watch out for the dilated eyes especially: that's an involuntary reaction that can't actually be controlled.

14 Does She Check You Out? (Yes, Girls Do That)

I can promise you: as a girl, we're constantly checking guys out. Sorry guys, this one thing you thought was yours is not. If you want to see what I'm talking about, check out Whisper! I can promise you if you scroll around there for a good twenty seconds, you're going to come across at least one confession from a girl who's admitting to checking guys out at the gym or basically anywhere. That being said, if you ask a girl outright if she's checking you out, you're not going to get an answer that will yield any real information since she'll just deny it. Just know that girls checking you out isn't outside of the realm of imagination here.

13 Body Language: Attraction Changes The Way A Woman Presents Herself

Body language is important, guys. Watch how a girl moves when you talk to her. Is she biting her lip? That could be a major sign that she likes you and wants you to take things to the next level. When the two of you are conversing, where are her arms? If they're crossed in front of her, that's a sign of defensiveness or discomfort, so if she does this a lot around you, she might not like you all that much. Is she leaning towards you or away from you? If she's leaning towards you, that's very good news: it means that she's subconsciously opening up her body language to let you in. If she's leaning away, it could be a sign that she's wanting to get away from the conversation.

12 Is She Specifically Trying To Get Your Attention?

Let's go back to a group setting with mutual friends and your lady friend. Is she basically sticking to you like glue? This doesn't mean that she's in your personal space or anything, or even that she's treating you differently from the rest of the group. However, in a group or party where both of you know everyone, is she basically navigating that event with you, whether you guys arrived together or not? This could mean that she's specifically trying to get your attention and putting herself in a position where you're going to be around her for a long period of time, especially in a social setting so you can see her fun side. It's a good sign, but not a definitive sign on its own.

11 Is She Always Invading Your Space?

As a woman, I can tell you this: we're not going to get into a dude's space unless we like or trust him well enough. Like, I'm a pretty physically affectionate person with my friends: I hug them and don't feel particularly weird about a little hand-holding. However, the only person allowed to get into my personal space bubble is my boyfriend, because that's the guy I have romantic feelings for. Many other women are the same way: they're more willing to let a guy they have romantic feelings for into their personal space. They're also willing to get into his personal space when they can and they're feeling brave. If your crush is in your space in a way you can't ignore, it might be a sign that she's into you.

10 Does She Give You Time To Pursue Her? Does She Maximize That Time Whenever She Can?

Let's say you're a master pick up artist with a 100% success rate for finding a girl and taking her home. That's all well and good, but the only reason why you have that success rate in the first place is that the women you're talking to are giving you the time to do so. Now, no one has a 100% success rate at everything because no one is perfect and everyone strikes out sometimes. However, your success rate will depend entirely on how much time the girl is willing to give you. Is she willing to give you time to pursue her and flirt with her, and is she actively trying to maximize or extend the time that the two of you have together? If she's doing that, it's a sign she wants to spend time with you, which could be a sign that she likes you.

9 Does She Seem More Energetic Or Upbeat Around You?

When you're around people you like, it's possible that you feel better or more upbeat around them. People who are draining to be around for you will drain your energy and ruin your day, but when you see someone you like, you're happy to see them, a lot of times in a way that the other person will notice, The same is true of women. If she likes you romantically, chances are she'll be happy to see you when you're around. Think about the last time you saw her. Was she stressed out or a bit down in the dumps before you saw her? When she saw you, did she perk up a bit or even a lot because she was happy to see you? If your answer is yes, that's a great sign.

8 Is She Playing Up Her Natural Personality Around You?

Hopefully, the girl of your dreams has a good personality. You're probably attracted to certain parts of her personality over others because again, no one is perfect and even people you are romantically attracted to can have their annoying qualities. However, think back to the last time you saw the girl you like. Sure, she's a great girl and all, but did it seem to you like she was sort of going out of her way to be a more exaggerated, "better" version of herself? The best way I can describe this is that she's socially "on" with you. She's being the version of herself that she'd want to be portrayed as being in a documentary about her life, basically. This is a good sign that she likes you, and to be honest, it's something I subconsciously do when I like someone, so I can vouch for this.

7 Does She Allow Herself To Be Alone With You?

FILE - In this undated promotional file photo released by Focus Features, actors Kate Winslet, left, and Jim Carrey are seen in a scene from the film "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind." (AP Photo/Focus Features, David Lee, File)

There's a difference between giving a guy time to talk to you and letting him be alone with you because both of those things require a different level of trust. Sure, she might be talking to you and even flirting back a little, but it's a totally different thing when she's in a group and has her crew to come bail her out if she's feeling uncomfortable than if she chooses to be alone with you. If she's initiating alone time with you, especially in a setting that could be seen as a romantic one, this is a good sign that she might like you. However, take this one with a grain of salt: before putting any moves on anyone, ask her how she feels and put your cards on the table. Consent is important in all scenarios.

6 Did She Ever Warn You To Stay Away From Another Girl?

One thing that will definitely make you raise an eyebrow and wonder if a girl likes you is if she's going out of her way to make another girl seem like bad news. Contrary to popular belief, girls aren't really as catty as they appear to be (most of the time), so if she's saying a girl is very bad news, there's a very good chance she's just looking out for you and the girl really is trouble. If she's trying to make the other girl look bad in a catty attempt to make herself better, it's a good sign that she likes you, but it's also a sign that she's petty and not worth your time. However, if she's doing it because she cares about your well-being and wants you with a girl you deserve, that's a good sign too.

5 Does She Generally Look More Cleaned Up Around You?

Does the girl you have feelings for like to dress up a lot, or is she a bit more low-maintenance? Either way, the next question is the same: is she changing how she dresses around you? For example, let's say the girl is never seen outside without a full face of makeup and heels, but you're the type who likes it when a girl dresses down. Is she trying to move towards your preferences in any way? On the other hand, is the girl in question – who really doesn't care about her appearance – dressing up a little more for whatever reason? This is a good sign because it shows that she wants to impress you. Girls won't admit this one, but trust your instincts on it if you ask.

4 Has She Contacted You About Something Dumb?

Picture this scenario: it's 8:30 PM and you're about to get ready for a night on the town with your boys. Suddenly, your phone is ringing and it's the girl you like. You pick up, only to hear that she might have left her phone charger at your house and she needs to go pick it up right then. So you stick around since she's nearby and let her in so she can get it, only for her to get there and it turned out it was in her bag the whole time, but now that she's here, would you want to hang out with her? This sounds altogether ridiculous, but girls have come up with weirder reasons to get in contact with a guy they like. If she's constantly making up new and weird reasons to talk to you, it's a sign that she doesn't want to stop talking to you because she likes you.

3 Does She Touch You, Either "Accidentally" Or On Purpose?

Physical touch is a big deal, especially between crushes. You never know how much physical contact is too much, so you end up waiting for the other person to initiate... only for them to be waiting for you to initiate, so it's basically a big Mexican standoff of unresolved romantic tension and the end result is just awkward. However, you might not even have that problem, because the girl you're talking to is making up reasons to touch you. Either she's brushing her hand against yours while you walk by accident, or looping her arm with yours while you talk to people, or offering shoulder massages or even kissing you on the cheek. While none of those things mean that she likes you on their own, if it's accompanied with one of these other things, it's a good sign that she might.

2 Does She Go Out Of Her Way To Make Herself Look Like Girlfriend Material?

Every woman is different in this respect, but more often than not, if she's trying to get your attention and let you know she likes you, it's because she sees you as a boyfriend or one-night-stand material. That's why she'll dress up (or down) to your preference or do any one of these other things: because she wants you to see her in a different light than you might already. She might be really subtle about this, doing things like checking in on you and asking how your day is and generally keeping an open ear to your problems the way a girlfriend would. She might also get really obvious with this, maybe even going a bit overboard by being overtly romantic or flirty with you in public, especially when other girls are going to be around. No matter how she goes about this, if she's doing it, there's a very good chance that not only does she like you, but she's willing to actually do something about it.

1 Does She Keep Glancing At You?

The next time you're out with your lady friend and your group, keep an eye out for what she does. Just make sure you're not doing that in a creepy way! Regardless, when the group is laughing together, where do her eyes go? If her eyes trail to you in a moment where you all are laughing and being happy, that's a great sign! It shows that she, on some level, cares about what you think. More importantly, it shows that she wants to impress you on some level. If you're planning to check for this sort of behavior, make sure you're in a group where both of you know everyone, so she's not just looking at you because you're the only one she knows.

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