15 Insane Things (Other Than Vacations) Gisele And Tom Brady Spend Their Paycheck On

Let’s face it, most football fans are NOT rooting for the Patriots to win another Super Bowl this weekend. Most of us are totally sick of watching Bill Belichick and his ragtag group of cheaters from Boston who always seem to find a way to win.

That being said, there is one reason to view the game—to watch a true legend in action. Even if you hate the NFL, New England, and handsome white dudes, you still have to appreciate Tom Brady. This amazing quarterback is shattering every record in the book. His name belongs alongside greats like Michael Jordan, Babe Ruth, and Muhammad Ali. Watch Brady, so you can tell your grandkids that you did.

Brady has found immeasurable success in his sport, and with that comes extreme financial comfort. The quarterback has earned upwards of $200 million in his career so far, but that’s NOTHING compared to his wife’s income. Gisele Bündchen is the billion-dollar supermodel queen. Her prowess in modelling is as legendary as Brady’s domination on the field.

Together, Gisele and Tom represent American royalty. They have the talent, fame, good looks, and the wealth to do whatever they please. This article explores how they like to spend their cash and how surprisingly frugal these superstars can sometimes be.

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15 The Rolls Royce Ghost Worth Over $300,000

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The fact is, there are a few things that Tom likes to spend money on. He’s been called a cheapskate and a homebody. He would rather sit around the house and play with the kids instead of go out and buy expensive watches. But every man has a weakness, and for Tom Brady, it’s real estate and cars.

Feast your eyes on the Rolls Royce Ghost. Retail value: $355,600. The vehicle was usually driven by Brady, with Gisele in the passenger seat.

And the funny thing is the kids were seated in the back. Now, how many Rolls would you say have a kid’s car seat full of Cheerios and blueberries in the backseat? We are guessing a very low percentage. Tom and Gisele were photographed a few years back, driving home after a Father’s Day brunch. The power couple doesn’t dine out too often anymore, due to their strict diet.

14 The Southern California Mansion Now Worth About $40 Million

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This enormous 18-thousand-square-foot mansion is located in Brentwood, CA. It boasts seven fireplaces, a sauna, a pool, professional gym, and too many bedrooms and baths to count.

Tom and Gisele bought the land after their 2009 wedding at a price of $11 Million.

Then they helped design and oversaw the construction of the home, which took a few years to complete. Once it was done, they weren’t quite satisfied for some reason. Maybe they wanted to be closer to Boston for Brady’s job or closer to NYC’s fashion industry for Gisele. They put the home on the market at $50 Million. None other than Dr. Dre purchased the place. He paid a reported $40 Million. That’s way less than asking. He must have a great realtor.

13 The Costa Rican Villa (Where The Couple Got Married)

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If you’re an Instagram fan, then you’ve surely seen some of the posts of Gisele in a bikini. She constantly seems to be on a vacation, right? She shoots endearing shots of her and the kids, playing in the water or sunning on the sand.

One of the couple’s favorite vacation spots is Costa Rica, in the town of Santa Teresa.

Their home sits up on a hill and overlooks the town and the Pacific Ocean. The couple enjoys the privacy of their beach and often visits to relax after a big ball game. The couple was married here, back in 2009, and the ocean side escape still holds a place in their hearts. Here’s how Gisele describes the place: “I really love the nature here, it brings me down to earth and makes me feel connected. Costa Rica is magic. It feels as if time has stopped for me when I am here.”

12 That Giant Flower Vase

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Come on, Tommy! You're making us dudes look bad over here. Tom Brady sent this flower vase to Gisele, and just look at the size of the thing. I try sending roses, and it’s like fifty bucks for a dozen. The flowers show up in a dumpy little vase that looks like a recycled jam jar. Then look at this magnificent display. The flowers must have cost hundreds, but it looks like Brady got his money’s worth. The important thing is that his wife looks happy. Women do love flowers, and if you ever find yourself in the doghouse, call the florist as soon as you can. Gisele liked this bouquet so much that she snapped a pic and posted it on Instagram. Her account (@gisele) is often updated, with over 700 posts, and has garnered nearly 14 million followers. On the account, you get to see Gisele do trick photos, like putting her hands around a sunset. There are also modelling shots from magazine and vacation pics.

11 The New York City Apartment(s)

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Tom and Gisele do like to dabble in real estate. At one point a few years ago, the power couple bought a $13 Million condo in the Flatiron district of New York City. The Flatiron is known for Madison Square Park. Broadway, 5th Ave, and 23rd Street all intersect in the borough, and it’s the tech capital of the city. But Tom and Gisele got tired of that dumpy condo, so they rented it out at $40,000 a month and went out and bought another place. Their new building (above) is located in the ultra-hip Tribeca neighborhood.

The $20-million condo is inside 70 Vestry, which boasts wonderful waterfront views.

Yep, they can probably see the Statue of Liberty from their living room. This building is made of beautiful white French limestone, with giant balconies staggered up its walls. The interior is state-of-the-art, with a huge pool, childcare center, and gymnasium.

10 The Audi S8

One day, a few years ago, Tommy was driving a black Audi S8 through the city of Boston. I’m not sure if you’ve ever been to Boston before, but it’s one of the hardest cities in America to navigate. There are a ton of one-way streets and no straight lines. Every road menders about like a horse trail or something. Towns like Chicago and NYC had huge historic fires that forced towns to rebuild and organize, while Boston, not so much. Anyway, when Tommy wrecked his car, it actually wasn’t even his car. It was a loaner from the Best Buddies, a charity for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. When the press showed up to the wreck, however, Tom quipped,

“I wrecked the 2010, so I could get the 2011.”

Audi appreciated the free plug and sent him a free 2011. While insurance repaired the 2010, millionaire Tom got a new car for free.

9 The Latest Fashions (And The Comfort Of Uggs)

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Although rich folks tend to get oodles of stuff for free, there’s no denying that the couple spends some cash on clothes sometimes. They are often seen at the Kentucky Derby or the Met Gala dressed to the nines. Tom will wear a designer suit, and Gisele will look fantastic in haute couture. That being said, the couple is also pretty cheap.

If you see Gisele out running errands or hopping on a private jet, she’s often wearing Lululemon leggings that run about $60.

She recently switched over to the Under Armor brand, under a modelling contract alongside Brady. Tom also represents Ugg, and Gisele has been known to keep a large stash of Uggs by the front door of their home. Then, when guests come in, they can simply slip on a pair and get comfy. Details like this make you realize how unfair the world is. Rich people get more free stuff than anybody.

8 The Charitable Donations

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Gisele is a huge environmentalist. She spends hours working and raising money for environmental solutions every year. She is a United Nations Environment Goodwill Ambassador. During the election, she said she didn’t support Trump only because she hated his environmental policies. Her famous ex, Leonardo DiCaprio, shared this passion for the earth. Gisele also gives funds to humane causes.

She donated high-end jewelry for an auction that benefited St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

After the Haitian earthquake, she donated $1.5 million to its relief efforts. Proceeds from her fashion lines go to other charities around the world. Meanwhile, Brady has helped Best Buddies raise over $20 million. He also has his own charitable trust called Change the World Foundation Trust. He donates millions to education, including controversial donations to his own kids’ already over-privileged schools.

7 The Bahamas Adventures (With Michael Jordan)

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Tom and Gisele love to go on vacation, and they just can’t hit up the same beach every time. While they often visit their place in Costa Rica, they also frequent a resort in the Bahamas. Baker’s Bay is located just 150 miles off the coast of Florida.

The luxuries include scenic island views, a golf course, basketball courts, and fine dining.

Another perk is the anonymity of a private island. And where there’s anonymity, there’s a celebrity. Here’s where Tom Brady hung out with Michael Jordan. YouTube footage surfaced of Brady and Jordan playing 3-on-3 against some other unlucky dudes. You can watch Jordan not pass to the open Brady and then easily hit his jumper. A photo surfaced of the guys playing golf too. Hopefully, Brady brought along some cash. Jordan is known to gamble $100,000 per hole and, according to Charles Barkley, even bet $300,000 on a single putt.

6 The Boston Condo In A Perfect Location 

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Here’s a pic of the Boston condo that Brady and Gisele shared after they got married. The address is 310 Beacon Street, located in the popular Back Bay neighborhood. The spot sits in a prime area, halfway between Fenway Park and the Boston Common. The condo also overlooks the Charles River.

Tom and Gisele sold the condo in 2012 for over $9 Million.

We’re not sure who bought the place, but in November of 2014, the condo was for rent at $35K a month. The real estate company also released photos of the beautiful interior. The 5,311-square-foot unit comes with three bedrooms and three and a half baths. There are also multiple fireplaces, two large balconies, and four parking spots in the garage. The place also comes with a gym, which Tom obviously needs for his job. Brady recently aired “Tom vs Time” a documentary series on Facebook, which details his workout routine.

5 The Custom Aston Martin (Which Tom Designed Himself)

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One of Tom’s latest contracts is with the British luxury automaker, Aston Martin. AM first became widely popular, thanks to its famous James Bond cars. The manufacturer has lost ground in the past few years and hired Brady for some much-needed publicity.

Aside from appearing at various events and photoshoots, Brady also got to design his own personalized Aston Martin.

The company is selling 12 (his uniform number) cars with Tom’s personal style. We hope you like the TB12 logo because it covers the interior. Also, better pack your wallet. The soon-to-be released dark blue/black personalized vehicles will run for $360K. Tom currently owns a 2017 Aston Martin DB11. Did he buy it? Probably just another freebie. But Brady receives and gives too. He won the Super Bowl XLIX MVP award, which includes a Chevy Colorado. Brady gave the truck to his star cornerback, Malcolm Butler, who saved the game with his last-second interception.

4 The Personal Chef (Who Does Not Use Sugar)

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We’re not sure if Tom and Gisele don’t know how to cook or if they just don’t feel like it. Since they are super rich, why bother with a routine task such as cooking? Plus, the stars adhere to such a strict diet, called Phase One, that cooking quinoa all day might drive them crazy.

Tom and Gisele hired chef Allen Campbell to prepare all of their meals. The menu consists of 100 percent organic ingredients. Most of the food, about 80 percent, are vegetables.

And not just any vegetables. Nightshades like tomatoes, mushrooms, and peppers are declared inflammatory and are banned. Sugar is also banned, as is flour. Campbell told Boston.Com, “It’s very different than a traditional American diet, but if you just eat sugar and carbs–which a lot of people do–your body is so acidic, and that causes disease,” Campbell said and then added, “Sugar is the death of people.” Wow. He certainly didn’t... sugarcoat that statement.

3 The Massachusetts Mansion (20 Minutes Away From The Gillette Stadium)

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As we mentioned before, Tom and Gisele sold their Southern California mansion for $40 Million, but they couldn’t just go on living in luxurious condos and vacation homes forever, right? They had to custom-build another mansion somewhere else and landed in Brookline, MA. Brookline is one of the most affluent suburbs of Boston, has a great school system for the kids, and is only twenty minutes away from Gillette Stadium in Foxboro. Brady is even neighbors with the Patriots owner, Robert Kraft.

Tom and Gisele helped design the $4 Million home, which is smaller than the California crib, but no less luxurious.

The home boasts over 14,000 square feet and five huge bedrooms. There’s also a nursery, staff quarters, a library, a gym, and a beautiful balcony overlooking a manicured lawn.

2 The Ghost Writer

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Everybody realizes how busy life is when you’re a celebrity. You have to attend press conferences and photoshoots. You have to meet with your agent, and there are constant lunches and brunches. You have to rub elbows with your peers or else you are forgotten. Then you also want to spend time with the kids, hear about their day, and maybe read them a book or two. Plus, you’re constantly working out and staying fit. So, after all of that, who has time to write a book? The TB12 Method: How to Achieve a Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance was released last fall, and Tom did not write much of it.

Peter Smith, the ghostwriter, did most of the work, and Brady surely paid him a hefty sum.

Of course, Brady got that money back. Even though there were some scathing reviews from critics, consumers love the exercise book, and it has sold hundreds of thousands of copies.

1 The Private Jet(s)

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Remember when Tom Brady brought Ben Affleck and his nanny/girlfriend, Christine Ouzounian, for a ride on his private jet? The story hit the news when Ouzounian posted a pic on social media wearing all five of Brady’s Super Bowl rings. Why was that such a big deal? Well, she was on the plane with two married men, and rumors claimed that she returned the favor. Plus, everybody was jealous of the story because who wouldn’t want to wear those rings? Gisele was so upset when she heard the nanny news, and Affleck got divorced. It’s all ancient history now, though. Gisele forgave Tom, and Ouzounian is engaged to somebody else. The big story here is the plane.

Remember how we said Tom is cheap? It’s true. He doesn’t own the jet. It was the Patriots’ private plane.

Tom has another private jet that he rides, which is owned by Under Armor. And sometimes, Gisele takes the Victoria’s Secret plane for a spin. Nothing but freebies here once again, folks.

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