15 Things Only People With Genius Level IQs Will Do

There isn't a single person who accepts being looked down upon due to their intelligence. We all aspire to be as smart as possible, but the harsh reality is there are very few people worthy of the title of genius, and even fewer with a genius IQ. Our imagination may have us picturing them in a different light, but the truth is smarter folks aren't much different than the average person.

Most of them enjoy similar activities that we all practice, such as listening to music, watching films, hanging out with friends, surfing online and playing video games. But they do exhibit certain habits that make them stand out among their peers. They aren't exactly alien-like qualities as some of these may be exercised by someone with an average IQ. We have gotten used to smarter folks being presented in certain ways during TV shows and movies, but that's just a stereotype that doesn't exactly match reality.

It might not be easy to point out the level of IQ based on a conversation since most of us tend to believe that we are smarter than everyone else. An IQ between 90 to 110 is usually considered to be average, while a range of 110 to 140 indicates that you're superior. Those with an IQ over 140 are considered to be genius level. You may relate to this list or be reminded of someone you know as we go through 15 habits that only people with a genius level IQ will do.

15 They Read More

One of the most remarkable habits exhibited by people with a genius IQ is reading. With the rise of the internet, we have all become readers in one way or another, but there's a major difference between reading articles from The Onion as opposed to books. It's been reported that younger generations read significantly less than previous ones. A large number of people haven't opened a book since graduating from high school, while smarter folks tend to read several books per year.

Their choice of books may differ depending on the person but they tend to lean towards educational reads that may help them in gaining new information. We often see people reading while riding the bus or taking a break at work, which goes to show that they never take a day off. In fact, it's one of the many things that separates them from the average person.

14 They Maintain A Schedule

There is a vast difference between leading a routine life and maintaining a schedule. Some may shy away from the former since it has built a negative reputation, preferring to be more adventurous in their daily lives.

The latter refers to properly managing your time by acting upon tasks that you had planned for the day. There is always a million reasons to not do something, but people with a genius IQ are far from procrastinators since their minds are always at work.

They also create a schedule within their head by allocating the appropriate time for each task as they see fit. It allows them to shift their focus towards one activity at a time, which makes them productive in their work. It's similar to a work shift where you are expected to meet standard goals on daily basis, except that their schedule extends to their personal life.

13 They Learn To Adapt To Constant Changes

People who don't adjust to change get left behind. It may be cruel to say since many of them simply are more comfortable with certain aspects which they have become used to, but it's important to adjust. The saying "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" is certainly wrong as long as the person is willing to learn. With all the ongoing changes surrounding us, we have to react in ways that benefit us.

For instance, many people start complaining once new management takes over their workplace since the system undergoes significant changes. You can either grow unhappy by refusing to adjust or simply make the necessary changes to find your place. Plenty of people struggle with that but those who enjoy a genius IQ are always willing to adjust accordingly.

12 They Question Everything

It may be an annoying trait to some but that matters very little to those who are wired to always think outside of the box. From beliefs to opinions, there are many things we get from our parents as well as the environment that we grew up in. It doesn't allow everyone to form their own thoughts as they tend to be followers, adapting the same beliefs for an entire lifetime. They never bother to think whether they might have been wrong due to their stubborn personality.

Smarter folks have no problem admitting when they are wrong since they realize that not everything we grew up believing is necessarily right. As we grow older, various experiences may alter some point of views that we previously held on to, which can only be achieved if someone is willing to constantly question and challenge themselves. Smarter people are also more open-minded and receptive so they tend to be less stubborn.

11 They Watch Smarter Stuff

There isn't a single person who doesn't actively watch some sort of video entertainment, at least when speaking about people with internet access. Most of us may visit Netflix or YouTube on a daily basis, resulting in shared videos across social media platforms. Facebook is the perfect example to see what smarter people are sharing, as they are unlikely to post "cash me ousside, how bou dat?" unlike the average person who may be fascinated by ignorance.

When it comes to films and TV shows, their taste will tell you plenty about their intelligence. Not to sound condescending like Rick and Morty fans, but smarter folks avoid "cheap" comedies for instance. They tend to be more drawn into informational works, such as documentaries where they can learn new information. Even when it comes to lighter stuff such as comedy, there is a major difference between Adam Sandler films compared to It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

10 They Set Goals

As we grow older, we start losing touch with some helpful habits that could serve us greatly. Among them is setting goals for ourselves, regardless whether it's short term or long term. It also doesn't matter whether it's realistic at the moment, but goals can motivate us to keep pushing in order to achieve the desired result.

The smartest people in the world are always updating their goals as they are never satisfied with their current status. The world is always changing and the only way to adapt is by constantly working hard and smart. When someone starts a new business or decides to get in shape, the first step is to establish a list of goals. Smarter people apply the same rules to their personal lives by implementing targets that are relevant to their interests. While some of us may aspire to reach 100 likes on an Instagram post, that's clearly not what these people are going for.

9 They Sleep Very, Very Late

If you are one of the many people who claim to be a night owl, that doesn't mean you have a genius IQ by default. There are plenty of reasons to keep us wake especially in the digital age, some people are obsessed with their smartphones and simply can't let go.

Then you have people who spend countless hours on social media, and will go through a million Instagram post before they go to sleep. But smarter people are usually up for a reason, they have something that's keeping them busy. Many of them simply work better at night as they prefer the calm environment which helps their creative juices.

Many have gotten used to sleeping late to the point it doesn't affect their productivity while some have to be in bed by 10 p.m. Smarter people are always thinking about more than one thing at once, which keeps the brain working at a time when they should be resting.

8 Their Problem-Solving Skills Are Remarkable

It is difficult to define what problem-solving refers to as it could apply to so many things, but it usually varies from one person to another. At some point, we have all been fascinated by Rubik's cube and spent countless hours to solve it.

Life tends to work in a similar manner for those with a genius IQ, as they are always looking to solve different problems. It is an acquired skill that takes time to harness and not always a gift as some would have you believe, they usually have strategies that assist in figuring things out.

They are also more likely to be patient and willing to devote the appropriate time to solve any problem they may come across. Critical thinking is crucial in this case to develop a pattern which they can follow every single time while responding to each problem as it should be.

7 They Focus On What They Don't Know

Most of have the tendency to focus on our interests that we either inherited from parents or adapted at a young age. While we may be able to discuss different topics, our knowledge doesn't exactly extend beyond what we already know which tends to be enough for most people.

However, that's not the case for those with a genius IQ as they prefer to shift their focus towards topics where they may not be as informed as they would like. We all know that one person who always appears to be fascinated by the interests of other people and often questions them out of curiosity, as it can be a learning experience.

Some may refer to it as picking your brain, which isn't wrong in this context since they are trying to gain knowledge from you instead of preaching about what they already know.

6 They Keep A Diary

Diaries have been lost on the current generation as you don't often hear about them anymore. Many people will start a diary but the majority won't follow through after a couple of days since they might not have interesting thoughts to share.

It is known that keeping a diary can reduce stress by getting rid of negative energy that may cloud our minds while giving us a mental break from what's happening around us. People with a genius IQ tend to keep a diary since they have so many thoughts to share and writing helps them in properly formulating these ideas as needed. They may share some opinions about their daily lives, global events or creative thoughts.

Some of the world's greatest minds kept a journal throughout their life, including Mark Twain, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Leonardo Da Vinci and many more. These iconic figures are still praised to this day for their contributions to the world.

5 They Explore Different Cultures

We often hear people say that one should get out of their comfort zone, but only a few follow through with this advice. It may apply to various things such as socializing with more people or experiencing new things, but it's best defined as mixing with different cultures.

Plenty of people are only interested in speaking with those from the same culture and it often shows since they tend to be uneducated about the rest of the world. People with genius IQ are highly intrigued by different cultures, preferring to see what each one has to offer as it can be a great learning experience that serves in maturing as a person.

For that very same reason, we have seen an emerging trend of people traveling to different countries around the world to interact with numerous cultures. By picking up a thing or two from various societies, it makes us a more complete person.

4 They Are Always Improving Themselves

There is a glaring problem within society that has everyone believing they are already perfect, a trend caused by the rise of social media. Think about how many people use different platforms to show off how great they have it while indirectly putting down others. With egos getting larger by the year, not many are working towards improving as a person despite being aware of their personal flaws.

It is never too late to change as you can always work towards improving as a person but it does take significant effort and commitment. Smarter people are willing to put in the work to achieve their desired targets, and they understand that none of us are perfect. Some rely on self-help books to learn vital information which they can adapt to their real life. In recent times, many began to lean towards meditation to serve in addressing some ongoing concerns.

3 They Are Always Learning

Smart folks never stop learning as they understand that you can truly add new knowledge every single day. Sadly, that's been lost on the majority of people who abandon all forms of learning, believing that it ends with school. Whether you decide to learn a new skill or language, there is always something that could benefit you if you apply yourself. With all the resources available today, it has become easier than ever to acquire new information but not many are willing to do so.

Plenty of people choose to only learn about their career, which is understandable to an extent, but they get to a point where they are satisfied with their current status and never look to improve. A relevant example would be the older generation, many of them refuse to use technology which has made them disconnected from the world, while others put in the effort to learn and contribute.

2 Their Imagination Leads The Way

We often hear people suggesting that someone has an impressive imagination for the most simple of things. You have people losing their minds over captions written by troll accounts for creating some random scenarios that make little to no sense at all. The power of imagination is truly a gift and not something that everyone can relate to as people with a genius IQ have ways of thinking that cannot be replicated.

To clarify, some people find it easier to learn from reading while others prefer to see visuals, the smarter folks can likely adjust to both while also using their imagination to get a better understanding about certain topics, as well as build ideas within their head before they become a reality. They take daydreaming to another level with their deep thoughts and ability to properly execute all the bright ideas they might have.

1 They Travel The World

Some people are more than happy to spend an entire lifetime in one particular place and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. As fun and educational traveling can be, it is also exhausting and not meant to be for everyone. Some may be interested in traveling but would rather spend their money elsewhere, while others simply can't afford to hop from one country to another.

With that being said, it is known that smarter people love exploring other countries as they hate being restrained in their own little world. Traveling allows them to get a better understanding of life, helping them solve questions that might be hanging over their minds. Many might choose to settle outside of the environment where they had spent the majority of their life as it may be more suitable to their personality.

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