15 Things Only Older Women Do In A Marriage

Older women have plenty of experience when it comes to dating, relationships, and life in general. That said, anyone who ends up dating an older woman will end up learning a few things, possibly the hard way. The fact of the matter is, young women spend a lot of their time exploring the dating world and have fewer life experiences. Young women still have a lot to learn in life, and dating young women is very different from dating older women. That is because older women already know what they want in a relationship, and in life in general.

Older women will not play games, and will not tolerate game playing from their partners either. They also want to keep pursuing their own desires. Mature women want to bond with their partners and want to share their emotional worlds with them. Knowing this alone may be intimidating to younger men, however dating older women can help these guys express themselves better, get to know themselves better and will force them to mature.

Mature women are at ease when it comes to opening up and showing their vulnerabilities, which will encourage their partners to do the same. That will only help strengthen the connection that exists between couples. Men who are dating older women, and who are in serious relationships with them will quickly understand the nature of the relationship, which will help enhance the quality. Now it is time to talk about the 15 things only older women do in relationships.

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15 Older Women Show Gratitude For Their Partners

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Unless there is abuse or infidelity that is happening in a marriage or any relationship, older women realize they cannot bail if their marriage or relationship is not going the way they had hoped at first. Life can be extremely difficult, and when challenges arise, there are two choices on how to respond to any kind of stress: People either feel sorry for themselves and fail to see the good in anything and end up quite miserable - or they learn to become more patient and kind, and show gratitude for the things that are right in their lives.

Older women who have been through enough realize this fact, and if tough times are cropping up that are challenging the relationship - they will stay positive by looking at the positive things in their lives and the first thing aside from their children that comes up are their partners. Not to mention, difficult situations can help couples grow closer together, and that in itself is one thing that older women are indeed thankful for. They know that if their partners were not present in some situations, they would not be able to cope.

14 Older Women Expect Clear Communication


Older women enjoy talking, and even though they know that their partners love them, they want them to vocalize that. They also want to be told that their partners appreciate them. In fact, words of appreciation mean a lot more to mature women than a box of chocolates or a bouquet of flowers. On the flip side, if their partners are appearing to be cold and distant without saying why - older women will not tolerate that kind of behavior from their partners. They expect them to explain why they are upset with them so these women can be aware of their own mistakes, and work on fixing them if possible.

These mature women will also not hesitate to voice their feelings to their partners whether it is positive or negative, and they expect them to listen. If their partners are not listening to them properly, then that is quite upsetting. Nothing upsets a mature woman more than the lack of communication.

13 Older Women Can Empathize With Their Partners


As women mature with age, and due to life experiences, positive and negative - they will be less judgemental and more empathetic. Therefore, if their partners are going through a difficult time, older women will not only be sympathetic but will be empathetic.

For instance, if a man becomes unexpectedly laid off, sure his wife will be afraid of what could be in store without an income for a while, however she will easily put herself in his shoes and just know how devastated he is over the loss. Because of the fact that she is empathetic towards him and can feel what he is feeling - she will be mindful about pushing her anxieties onto him about the situation.

A younger or immature woman with fewer life experiences may falsely accuse her boyfriend or husband of being responsible for being laid off. She would also voice her own fears about him not having a job instead of showing him empathy and compassion that he desperately needs. Whenever anyone has been through the good and bad in life, along with age - that makes them more empathetic.

12 Older Women Expect To Be Understood

One thing that older women will do is not be vague about anything to their partners because they need to be understood. In fact, mature women become impatient if they feel that their partners are not meeting their needs. Even if these women are communicating their needs to their partners effectively, they will make sure their partners are really listening to them so they are on the same page.

For instance, if a mature woman is upset about something that her partner did, she will be clear about it and expect him to listen. She is not trying to give him a hard time. She wants him to understand why she is upset and is only trying to make her needs clear to him. Younger and immature women with less experience may give their partners the silent treatment if they had done something to upset them. However, the silent treatment does not resolve any kind of issue between couples, and older women know that, which is why they will be vocal instead of displaying any kind of passive-aggressive behavior with their significant others.

11 Older Women Only Want To Be In A Nurturing Relationship


Older women want to be nurtured and also be the nurturers. Mature women want their partners to open up and show them their vulnerabilities so that they can give them the support they need. These women expect the same in return, as they want to be with partners who they can trust and feel supported while they openly share their fears and flaws.

Mature women love gentle physical intimacy as well such as being able to put their heads on their partner's chests and have their feet rubbed at the same time. If they are upset, they want their significant others to hug them and rub their backs and tell them it's all going to be okay, and they want to do the same to their partners who are overly stressed or upset over something. If neither partner can be nurturing with one another, then older women cannot be satisfied in a relationship that is lacking. Nurture is extremely important to mature women.

10 Older Women Want To Count On Their Partners


Life gets messy and that is a fact, and unavoidable problems are guaranteed to creep up in people's lives that could cause them to be in a position to either bend or break. Therefore, when mature women are faced with an unexpected predicament, they want to have the assurance that they will be supported by their partners. They want to be sure that their significant others will not run and hide from the problem and be there to help them during every step of the way. These women need to know that they can count on their partners during hard times.

For instance, if a woman breaks her ankle and is unable to do the chores at home for a long time - she needs to know that her other half will be there to take care of the dishes and be in charge of other chores while she is healing. Once she sees that her partner is stepping up to the plate and is taking care of the kids, dinner, and cleaning up - she will be extremely appreciative and reassured about the fact she can indeed count on her partner during tough times which means the world to her.

9 Older Women Are Private About Their Relationship Issues


Before social media ever existed, relationships were kept very private. The fact of the matter is, because of the fact that younger people have a need to share every little bit of their private lives online - younger couples tend to share aspects of their relationships with the world that should really be kept private. That is because the current generation is rapidly adopting social media as the primary source of communication. Unfortunately, that includes airing dirty laundry! Plenty of millennials rant on Facebook about the fights they had with their significant others, which is something that no one really cares to know about.

Older women who have gotten into arguments with their partners will not share a word about it on social media and will keep every other aspect of their relationships private. That is because they know how sacred their relationships are, and they will never dream of sharing their squabbles or differences with anyone else. The only things that older women share on social media are their anniversary dates, as well as their partner's accomplishments or any kind of medical issue they may be facing, or the news that an in-law has passed away - so they can get support. Everything else that happens within their relationships does not make it online.

8 Older Women Make Sacrifices


In order for any relationship to be viable, both partners will need to make certain sacrifices. For instance, if an older woman's partner unexpectedly got a work opportunity that required him to move to another state - that would be understandably scary for her because moving to another city, let alone state is nothing she may have considered in the past. Then there are concerns and worries about the unknown such as the valid worry about whether she can find a job or not. However, if this opportunity means the world to him then his partner would know that a huge sacrifice on her part would have to be made so he can pursue his professional ambition - and agree to move.

Sometimes making sacrifices don't have to be as drastic as having to pick up and move due to the partner getting a job opportunity in another state. If a woman's partner wanted to spend time with her and wanted to watch an action movie at the same time even though she cannot stand action flicks but would rather watch a comedy - then she would spend time with him and watch the movie even though she doesn't care for it.

Older and mature women will make sacrifices for their partners if it was important for them because they care about their happiness and success.

7 Older Women Support Their Partner's Goals

Everyone has areas in their lives that they are insecure and fearful about, and whenever courage is lacking that will block anyone from achieving their goals and aspirations. Therefore, older and mature women understand this fact very well and whenever their partners are wanting to meet a goal but are afraid they won't - they need plenty of words of encouragement from their significant others.

For instance, if a man expresses that he feels like a failure because he did not end up getting that promotion he had been hoping and praying for - his partner will support him by telling him that he is number one in her book and will encourage him to set other goals that are more achievable or realistic. Not to mention, mature and older women know that their partners may have some untapped potential in a few areas, and they will offer words of encouragement to awaken it.

On the flip-side, older women expect their partners to support their goals as well and offer them words of encouragement when they are feeling doubtful. Building one another up is one of the most important things in maintaining a successful relationship, and older women know this fact.

6 Older Women Must Have Alone Time


People can always send emails, texts and make phone calls while they are with others. However, spending quality time with oneself comes with many benefits and mature women need times when they spend time alone. Older women know the importance of spending time with their partners and will always make sure they do, but if they don't get the time they need to themselves - they will be very unhappy, not to mention impatient.

A good man will understand that his partner absolutely needs this time by herself and allow her to have that time without making her feel guilty about it. It is important to women that they spend time on their own either reading a book, going to the gym, or grabbing a cup of coffee - or whatever she chooses to do. Men need to remember that their partners still love them, but require to have this time on their own as well which will help keep the relationship strong and healthy.

5 Older Women Are Humble


Many younger people with very little life experiences have a tendency to be boastful and take credit for accomplishments that were made by others. They also will not easily admit that they are wrong even if they know that for a fact. However, older women have been through enough in life that they started practicing humility without even realizing it! Mature women will always listen to their partners and do their best to understand their needs. They will also give credit where credit is due and will admit that they are wrong if they know they are.

Older women will not hesitate to ask for advice because they know for a fact that they still have plenty to learn even though they have been through the good, bad and ugly parts of life. The fact of the matter is that humility comes with age and maturity. They know that life is too short in order to allow pride to take over.

4 Older Women Know They Are Loved


When it comes to a couple not having any exotic plans other than spending the night on the sofa with the television on with some take-out, they can be very happy doing that alone. In fact, older women love having quiet evenings like that and don't expect their partners to take them out on wild dates, and to wine and dine them (which they may not be able to afford to do anyway due to the cost of living being so high). Older women know that their partners love them without them having to fuss over them that way.

As long as the mature woman's partner is meeting her needs, helping to clean the house, paying the bills, allows her to rest and picks up the kids from their after-school activities, and does other things for her like cleaning her car - she will not doubt for a moment that she is loved by her partner. When she knows how loved she is, she will do what she can to meet her partner's needs as well. Although, like it was previously mentioned women want to hear their partner’s tell them that they love her too every now and then because communication is very important.

3 Older Women Are Trustworthy


Trust is like glass and paper. Like glass, it can be shattered in a matter of seconds, and like paper, it can be crumpled up and ripped apart in no time. Therefore, trust is a highly valuable commodity, and it is incredibly fragile. Whenever a relationship is built, the intention is to make it long lasting and meaningful, and able to enjoy the fun moments and withstand the challenging times. Without trust, the relationship will fall apart.

Therefore, older women have learned through life experiences and age that in order to achieve their well-being and external dreams, they had to become more authentic and develop integrity. They had to become accountable with themselves in order to reach their goals. They have also been in relationships that lacked honesty. Perhaps they were to blame for being dishonest and ended up betraying their old partners - which they deeply regretted after. Maybe old partners betrayed them in the past, and these women could not imagine hurting anyone the way they were burned. Therefore, along the way, they saw that trust was a lifeline to any relationship. Mature women will be honest with their partners, no matter how painful it may be at times since the truth can hurt. They expect the same from their significant others. Without trust, there is nothing.

2 Older Women Use Humor

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Everyone knows that having a sense of humor is among the strongest qualities that any individual can have. Humor is good for both physical and emotional health, and it also reinforces the relationship anyone can have with their families, friends, coworkers, and partners. In fact, studies conducted not all that long ago have shown that laughing can actually increase the ability to fight infections and to stay healthy. That is because laughter reduces the stress hormones in the body, relaxes physical tension, and enhances muscular strength. Laughter really is the best medicine in many ways.

Humor is also helpful because it helps people keep their optimistic attitude during stressful times, and having a good laugh can brighten up the mood of those who are feeling anxious or sad. Therefore, mature women don't only become that way with age but have developed a sense of humor due to going through many challenges that life has presented. That being said, older women will have a sense of humor because they know that is what helped them get through obstacles and problems. Younger people will take things a lot more seriously because they are learning. Older women (and men) have learned hard lessons, and will easily laugh more instead of becoming upset.

1 Older Women Put Their Partners First


Those who want to have a successful relationship want to make sure that their partners are happy, and sometimes the way to make that happen is by being selfless and putting their significant others first. Many relationships crumble due to selfishness, and many young couples have broken up for that reason alone because they are still learning in life.

However, a little bit of selfishness is necessary in order to make sure that personal needs are being met. Because the truth is that martyrdom is just as bad as being completely selfish. And older women have learned that they can put their partners first without having to compromise their own needs by past experiences.

For example, a couple had plans to go to a popular Italian restaurant on a Saturday night, and the woman was really looking forward to that night out. However, her other half had been called into work unexpectedly on that Saturday and after he had finished his day, he was too tired to go out and only wanted to relax at home. The woman may have been disappointed, but since she wanted dinner from that restaurant, she agreed to have takeout from there without any hesitation. She realized how tired her partner was after having to put in an unexpectedly long day at work, and put his needs first as a result while she was still able to enjoy the food from that restaurant.

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