15 Things Men Hate About Attractive Women

Oh, to be a super hot girl. It seems like the dream scenario. Every guy wants you and every woman wants to be you. Your life is easier, everything just seems better, and the whole world is nicer to you just because you hit the genetic lottery. If you asked anyone walking down the street if they'd rather be average looking or completely gorgeous, I'd be shocked if you could find one person who would prefer to be a plain Jane, and if the TV shows and magazines are to be believed then being beautiful is basically a master key to an awesome life. But is there really no down side to being stunning? Well, it seems like being with a beautiful woman definitely does.

Does being beautiful mean that everyone in the world adores you no matter what you say, do, or think? It's certainly something that can help any woman on a surface level, but if you go beneath that surface then sometimes being beautiful might not be all it's cracked up to be. And most men think that they'd do anything to be with a woman who looks like the girl of their dreams, but if you get any further down than skin deep and start finding things that you don't like, is it really worth it? There are plenty of things that suck about beautiful women. And what are the traits and behaviors in a lot of the world's most beautiful women that are most likely to drive men completely crazy?

15 They Like To Play The Field

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Men don't exactly make it a secret that they find attractive women attractive. In fact, they seem to think that the entire world is practically dying to discover what exactly they think is the ideal woman. So it shouldn't come as much of a shock that attractive women understand that their beauty is dating currency, and it shouldn't be surprising that some of those women want to use that currency to their advantage as much as they can. But honestly, what else can you expect? If you tell someone that they have something that is worth a lot then it's only logical that they try to cash in on it as much as they can. So for some hot women that means aiming for the highest quality mate they can find, and for others, that means experiencing the highest quantity of potential mates in the hopes that they find one who is worthwhile.

14 They Know They're Hot

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This is one of the eternally confounding aspects of how dudes see women. See, they want women to be hot, but they don't actually want hot women to know they're hot, or at least don't want hot women to acknowledge that they know they're hot. And I get it, being humble is a virtue and nobody likes arrogant assholes, but also, if the world is obsessed with hot women, then what can anyone expect? That nobody ever told a hot girl that she was hot before you met her? That she's never looked in a mirror before? That she hasn't spent her entire life learning that the world sees as hot and recognized that she fits the bill? Seriously, guys, you might be salty about all of the regulation hotties walking around knowing that they're smoke shows, but you'd have to find a lady who's a special kind of stupid if you want a girl who is super hot but somehow has no idea what being hot means or that she qualifies for hottie status.

13 They Use Their Hotness To Their Advantage

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Studies show that being attractive gives people advantages in literally every aspect of their lives; everyone in society treats pretty people better than average Janes and Joes. But one of the obvious downsides of being beautiful is realizing that everyone around you is probably treating you better than others simply because of the way you look. There's nothing wrong with being attracted to a beautiful woman, but it's also realistic to expect that a beautiful woman will assume that your interest in her is entirely physical, especially if you've just met. But being superficially attractive and knowing that people are superficial can also be an enormous asset in the pretty person tool belt, because it means that often times they understand how they can play any situation to their advantage. That could definitely wind up with some people feeling unfairly used, but on the other hand, a lot of pretty people might feel like others are using them for their beauty and they're just returning the favor.

12 When They're Hot And Smart

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Let's be real. Beauty is intimidating. Even hot people are a little intimidated by other hot people. And obviously nobody wants to spend more than five minutes with someone who isn't smart enough to tie their own shoes, but smart people are pretty intimidating too. So what happens when you meet someone who is a deadly combination of hot and smart? They're exponentially more intimidating. Most hot women who are smarties really know their worth, and a rocket scientist is going to be bored with a regular Joe pretty quickly. Smart and beautiful women aren't easily impressed and will usually look for the cream of the crop in their mates, which makes even approaching them scary as hell, and makes maintaining their genuine interest even harder. Plus, if a woman values herself for more than just her looks then she's going to expect her partner to value her for more than that too, and if she's a clever woman she'll be able to see right through any dudes who are just trying to hook up with her because she's gorgeous.

11 They're Overly Concerned With How They Look

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Sadly, a lot of the women you see around you who might seem absolutely obsessed with their appearance aren't actually obsessed with dieting, makeup, hair styling, or fashion because they actually enjoy it. A lot of them probably can't stand it, honestly. But it's an expectation that society places on women pretty much all the time, and the pressure to keep up can be intense. And weirdly, that pressure can get even more intense the better looking a woman is. I know it seems illogical, but if you get used to the world treating you like you look perfect and start feeling like that's what the world expects of you, then falling short of that expectation even a little can seem terrifying. But of course, there are also super hot women who just love all of that stuff, and that makes a lot of sense too. People tend to enjoy what they're really good at, and if you're "good" at being pretty then it's not that strange to enjoy making yourself pretty either.

10 They Often Wear A Ton Of Makeup

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Beautiful women tend to wear a lot of makeup. Or rather, they wear makeup that guys think looks "unnatural." Most men seem to be absolutely clueless when it comes to makeup, and they seem to only notice it when it's meant to be really noticeable, when a woman transforms her look into something that they know can't occur in nature. But in reality, what a lot of guys think of as a "natural" look is actually a metric ton of makeup that is just very close in appearance to the natural tones and shapes of a woman's face. And yes, I know that it makes absolutely no sense to make up your face to look almost exactly like your face, but believe me, you'd notice a difference between a natural look and actually not wearing makeup if you saw it, and a lot of people don't consider a completely bare face to be a professional or appropriate look for a woman. So it makes sense that you wouldn't understand it, because honestly it's completely insane, but it's just the way it is and most women don't like it either, so we all just have to deal with the crazy and pretend it's normal, okay? When it comes to beautiful women, noticeable makeup is a lot more common.

9 They Complain About Everything

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In reality, nobody ever likes to listen to anyone complain, but if you're insanely attracted to someone, you're a lot more likely to put up with things that annoy you and would ordinarily drive you away if you're really into them. And good lord, believe me that this nonsense goes both ways. Women will put up with an absurd amount of irritation for a dude that they like. But pretty people are also used to having things easier than normal people, which means that they can get irritated and start whining about things that almost everyone else would consider a totally normal inconvenience in life, and no matter what way you cut it, that can be annoying as hell. Someone getting peeved at having to deal with absolutely normal experiences is weird on its own, but actually having to hear them complain about it takes it to a whole other level.

8 They Can Be Controlling

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If you go through life expecting to get whatever you want when you want it then it's not a huge shock that you might start to get a bit bossy and demanding when things aren't going the way you want them to, but that doesn't make it okay. And if a woman knows that you're all about her then obviously she's in a position of power in the relationship, and there are of course some women who will take advantage of that position if they want to. Having a controlling partner isn't an unusual circumstance, but it's definitely not something that you can have in a healthy and loving relationship, so if the hottie in your life is using your feelings for her against you then she's not the kind of person you should be around (and obviously the same goes for anyone who tries to manipulate or control you).

7 They Can Be Really Superficial

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This might be a disappointment, but shouldn't be much of a shock. I mean, if all of the positive reinforcement you get from everyone around you is because of how you look, why wouldn't you think that looks are the most important thing about people? It's a shame that abnormally attractive people might feel that way, but it makes a twisted kind of sense that they could. Also, it's not a great stereotype, but a lot of people think that some super good-looking folks don't have much to them besides their looks, and stereotypes are almost always stereotypes for a reason. Pretty people have it easy, and if you already have it easy then why would you ever try to be something other than what you already are? And if you're attractive and your attractiveness opens all the doors you need opened in life, why wouldn't you just judge other people's value on their appearance too?

6 They Know They Can Get Away With Stuff

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When the world acts like you're the queen of its chessboard then it's no surprise that you might start acting that way too, and one of the easiest ways for hot women to play their strongest game is by using the fact that so many people are willing to give them a break on anything and everything to their advantage. And for the people in the world who are lacking a bit of moral fiber, it probably wouldn't bother them to manipulate people and use their prettiest puppy dog face to get out of trouble whenever someone catches them misbehaving. So if you happen to find the prettiest rose who likes to hide her thorns it shouldn't come as a shock that she might prick you one minute and turn around and expect your forgiveness the next. It might not be fair, but plenty of people in this world don't give a crap about fair.

5 They're Not Willing To Be Your Trophy

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When a regular guy manages to land a girl who is completely out of his league, sometimes he just wants to keep her all to himself. But sometimes a five who miraculously hooks up with a ten wants to show off his amazing luck to the world. And a lot of dudes don't see any problem with this, because they assume that if a woman goes out of her way to look attractive it's because she wants attention, and some guys just want to share in that attention. And yeah, sometimes women make themselves look good because they want everyone else to notice, but sometimes they don't. And more importantly, there is a world of difference between a woman wanting to make herself look good to show off her own assets and a man wanting a woman to make herself look good to show off what a stud he is.

4 But They Play The Trophy For Someone Else

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For those kinds of guys who really want a stunningly hot woman on their arm to show off to the world, I can't imagine anything more confusing than a smoking hottie who has zero interest in playing your arm candy but is more than happy to play Barbie to some other guy's Ken. But even though some women are so supernaturally hot that you'd think they could have only been genetically engineered in a lab of beauty, even the super hottest of hot women are just regular people deep down. And like regular people, they all have their own personal preferences and desires. So even though it may be a complete mystery to you why she might choose one guy over another, it's not a mystery to her. Plus, just because women tend to prioritize personality over looks that doesn't mean it's a hard and fast rule 100% of the time, so just like you might want a perfect 10 on your arm she might want her own perfect 10 to show off.

3 Everything Takes Time With Them

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As Kim Kardashian would say, you don't put a bumper sticker on a Bentley. Of course she's referring to marking up her glamour model body with a tattoo, but it's an analogy that honestly works for almost everything when it comes to hot people. If something that you have is valuable, don't ever undersell it or do something to devalue it. And if hot women feel that they have something that is more valuable to offer to people, then it makes some sense that they'd want those people to work harder for it. That can sometimes mean that everything comes slower and takes more work when you're starting a relationship with a fox. And maybe it sucks to think about someone evaluating themselves in such economic terms, but let's be real, it's also a lot more satisfying to finally get what you want if you really had to work to get it.

2 They Can Act Like Someone They're Not

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The old adage is that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to people that doesn't really hold up. I mean, you should be able to judge someone by the person they present themselves as, and I don't think anyone in the world really likes people who are fake. But sometimes really attractive women can present themselves as people that they really aren't inside, and that's a bummer. I'm sure almost all men are interested in attractive people, but only the most vapid and shallow men in the world wouldn't care if they were developing a relationship with someone who was pretending to be someone they're not. Some hot women want to present themselves a certain way to the outside world, but sometimes that desire to sell themselves a certain way can become a need that is more than just skin deep, which is unfortunate for them and for the people around them.

1 When She's Just Not That Into You

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When it comes to attractive women it doesn't seem like it's solely about the woman herself for the men who want her; it's also about the credibility and ego boost you get from having super hot women being attracted to you. And it totally makes sense on some level, because obviously everyone wants to feel attractive, and feeling wanted by someone who everyone wants can definitely make you feel special. Therefore, not being wanted by someone who everyone wants can make you feel like you're not even a blip on the radar. But something that's really important to remember is that when it comes to dating women are socialized a lot differently than men are. For the most part men are trained from birth to just go after the most attractive woman they can find no matter what, whereas women are trained to go after what they actually want. So just because your super hot neighbor doesn't want you that doesn't mean that you're repulsive to all beautiful women. It just means that she doesn't think that you're the guy for her. And to be honest, if you look beyond her appearance and into her actual personality you might figure out that she's right.

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