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15 Things Men Do That Turn Women Off

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15 Things Men Do That Turn Women Off


As Jack Nicholson once said in A Few Good Men, “You can’t handle the truth!” But actually, we think you can. Apologies in advance to all the men out there. The dating world is rough but that’s why it’s all the more important to arm yourself with as much knowledge as you can about the opposite sex. Women are complex and are one of life’s most fascinating enigmas. Anytime anything is revealed regarding what exactly women are thinking, it should be treated like a treasure map to the location of the lost city of Atlantis! What are a woman’s biggest turn-ons when it comes to men? Find out now.

Obviously there are going to be exceptions to the rule—just like with anything in life. However, after conducting and compiling data from numerous unscientific-based studies, we’ve come up with the top 15 things men do that really turn women off. Like we said in the beginning, we are only exposing these things because we know you can handle the truth… or can you? You’ll just have to keep reading to find out.

15. Mind Games


Don’t ignore someone in person but then talk to them online. It’s confusing–and women don’t like to be confused! Women do not like mind games. They already have enough thoughts racing through their heads.

If you have to think about whether or not you are playing a mind game, you are. Be upfront and honest about… are you ready for it? The big ‘F’ word? “Feelings”. Yes, you need to discuss your feelings. You want to know something else that’s surprising? Talking about your feelings does not make you any less of a guy and it won’t kill you!

Stop playing games. If you want to play games go volunteer to play BINGO with the elderly at a nursing home because it’s a nice thing to do—- and it doesn’t hurt that altruism is also a huge turn-on in a woman’s eyes.

14. Darting Eyes



A woman’s eyes are generally located somewhere on her head, above her nose and between her ears. Find her eyes. That’s where you look. Her eyes are not located on her chest or on the hot girl at the bar’s butt.

There is no bigger turn-off than someone who isn’t looking at you while you are talking to them. If your eyes are darting all over the place when someone is talking to you, you are coming across as insecure and displaying a lack of confidence. Insecurity is unattractive. Be confident. Confidently look her in the eyes when she is talking to you and when you are talking to her. It’s reassuring to the other person that you are actually there and not sitting next to the hot girl at the bar.

13. Sense of Humor Issues



Women love men that have a sense of humor. If you can make a woman laugh, that’s better than presenting her with a shopping spree to Target. Laughter makes people feel alive. Having no sense of humor is a major turn-off.

On the flip-side if you’re laughing at everything and don’t appear to take anything seriously, that’s a huge turn-off. There is nothing more attractive than someone with a great sense of humor and the ability to be sincere.

Between looks and humor, humor will always win.

12. Trash Talking The Ex


Please stop talking about the ‘devil’, ‘Satan’s mistress’, or whatever else you call your ex-girlfriend. It’s unattractive and downright annoying. Women don’t want to hear about her. Who is in front of you right now? It’s not your ex-girlfriend! Women want to feel like they are special and one-of-a-kind. Hearing about another female you had previous relations with just detracts from that feel good feeling. As shallow as it is to say, would you want to know everything about the old owners of the used car you just bought? Nah, probably not.

Do your date a favor and leave them in the past. There is no way around it, talking negative about someone will always leave a bad taste in the other person’s mouth. If the relationship progresses, details will gradually come out. They don’t need to know details of the entire 5-year courtship that ended in heartbreak because your significant other was a “cheating wh*re”.

11. Just Shut Up



When you see her eyes glaze over, you’ve been talking way too much. Stop talking. Even if you are in the middle of describing your first time at a strip club–just stop (you probably shouldn’t be telling that story anyway). Take a big deep breath. Now this might be difficult at first but you need to ask her a question that pertains to her. Asking “Do you want to feel my biceps?” isn’t a good question to get the conversation flowing from her side of the table.

Do you enjoy watching CSPAN? No? Neither does anyone else on planet earth. Nobody likes listening to someone ramble on and on about nothing that pertains or is of interest to them. A woman would rather sit and watch paint dry than listen to a guy talk nonstop about himself. Stop being a conversation whore and allow someone else the privilege of speaking. A conversation consists of two people. Women love conversing! Converse!

10. Slow Down The Libido

via New York Daily News

via New York Daily News

Whoa. Let’s take a deep breath. Since when did you turn into Alex Rodriquez? If she’s just another check mark in your home run score book please don’t waste her time. Move along, A-Rod.

The only women who are going to become a check mark in your score book are those that you are going to have to lie your butt off to (and have them not discover your real motives) or those that are going to give you a gift that keeps on giving, long after your 15 minutes of playtime is over. Why not just be upfront? Be honest. If you really want this to go somewhere, take your foot off the gas–just a little. You don’t have to act like a terrified 19 year old v*rgin but don’t act like a s*x-starved creep either. Slow down.

9. Wrong Name, Buddy



“Amanda. Jessica. Crap. What was it again?” Yes, it has happened. No, it isn’t good. Can a guy recover from such a faux pas? Absolutely. Will it be easy? Hell has no fury like a woman scorned.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve gone out with 200 women in the past year! Forget their names and concentrate on the name of the person directly in front of you. Don’t cheat and write it on your hand. Just learn her name with a technique called memorization.

According to Merriam-Webster, memorization is defined as: “to commit to memory: learn by heart.” Practice while you are in the shower getting ready for the big date. Practice while you are flexing in the mirror. Practice in the car before you get out to walk up to her door. Practice makes perfect. Just like Destiny’s Child’s 1999 R&B hit “Say My Name”…. make sure to say her name and not the name of Erin, Anna, Laura….

8. Getting Impatient


Didn’t your mother or Sunday school teacher ever tell you that patience is a virtue? If not, she should have.

You can learn a lot about someone by watching how they react to a slow internet connection, being stuck in traffic, or experiencing painfully slow dinner service. You can learn a lot about a person. If that handsome, sweetheart of a guy can turn into a ranting and raving jacka*s by knocking his cell phone service down a couple bars—run away now.

Having a red hot temper will not result in a red hot romantic encounter. It will result in the exact opposite. A woman seeing a guy get angry over something trivial (yes, having three bars instead of five is in fact trivial) is a little unsettling to her. Being impatient and displaying anger or being irritable will only make your date irritable and upset. Even if your date is also showing signs of becoming impatient–two wrongs don’t make a right. You need to become a Buddha. Demonstrate calm and patience. Who is a great man? The one who is the strongest in the exercise of patience.

You are the only table at a nice restaurant and it’s been two hours and still no food… what do you do? Be the Buddha. Exercise patience. Breathe in. Breathe out (and grab a handful of mints from the hostess station located by the front door).

7. Douchebag Fashion


Get over it. The stash of Ed Hardy t-shirts in your closet need to go. It’s a proven fact that wearing one automatically knocks your I.Q. down 30 points. There are plenty of wonderful t-shirts out there that don’t require a $100 deposit just to try one on. Go out into the world and find one. Besides the price tag, why would you want to wear a t-shirt by a brand that was a favorite of former reality TV star Jon Gosselin (Jon & Kate Plus 8)? No, thank you.

Would you like to know another amazing fact? Studies have shown that there is nothing sexier than a guy in a plain white t-shirt. Yes, it’s true. White t-shirts are hot. Just make sure there are no yellow armpit or coffee stains–that’s not too sexy.

So, next time you are going out for a night on the town and reach for a t-shirt, don’t even think about touching that Ed Hardy t-shirt–unless you are going to a bonfire and want to toss it in.

6. Jekyll & Hyde

via Keyword Suggestions

via Keyword Suggestions

A guy is one way in front of you and another way in front of his friends. Not cool. Who the heck are you? Are you the sweet, funny guy whose favorite movie is The Notebook or are you the loud, obnoxious guy who brags about his sexual conquests?

Playing Jekyll & Hyde is no way to win over the ladies. There is nothing worse than starting to fall head over heels for someone and then have them morph into a character from Jersey Shore. Yuck. Be yourself, always. And if you are that concerned by what your friends might think of your softer side–maybe it’s time to get some new friends!

Women like the real you. Not the made up version of you. They said “Yes!” to going on a date with you because they like you! They find you interesting, attractive, and worth their time to get to know.

5. Your Car Has A Name

via Hollywood Reporter

via Hollywood Reporter

If your car has a name, please just keep it to yourself. Do not refer to your car by name or even by a female pronoun (e.g. “She was my first and only…”). To a woman, your car is something used to get from Point A to Point B. That’s it.

Yes, of course there are women that love talking about cars and may even refer to their own car as “Steve” or “Joe”. They are the exception, not the rule. A car is a mode of transportation. It’s a motorized vehicle with four wheels.

4. You Don’t Like My Dog



Nothing can come between a girl and her dog, not even you. If the dog doesn’t like you or you don’t like the dog, do yourself a favor and move along. Believe it or not that yapping, forty-pound beast holds the keys to that girl’s heart–and the dog knows it too.

Do you see the way that dog’s looking at you? Yep. There’s no doubt about it. He knows it. He gets to sleep every night in her bed…. and you don’t… and won’t if you can’t win over that dog. If you want to get on the dog’s good graces, fill your pocket with dog biscuits. When you meet the dog, bend down and start talking baby talk to the dog. Play with the dog. As soon as she sees you talking baby talk to her beloved pup, you have won the keys to that girl’s heart. You might even hear the distinct sound of wedding bells in the distance.

3. Put The Phone Down


“What’s your high score in Angry Birds?” or “What are your online poker winnings?” is something that will never ever come out of her mouth. Women want your undivided attention. Put the stinking phone down. Angry Birds or whatever game you are playing will still be there in an hour. It’s okay to set down your phone. It’s not going to disappear.

Think it’s harmless to play games while waiting for your dinner to arrive? Think again. Do yourself a favor and take a glance upwards. Do you see that glaring female sitting across from you with the raised eyebrow? Yeah. That’s called your date. She’s not happy. In fact she’s downright pissed off. She turned down a night out with the girls and two other guys to be here to witness you make it to Level 2 in Angry Birds! She’s a human being. Human beings love conversation. Stop being a bad date! Converse!

If you don’t know what to talk about try something as simple as “How was your day?”. That’s usually a good starting off point.

2. Drinking Too Much



We’ve all been there. We’ve all said “Yes, please!” to one drink too many. We’ve all bowed down to the porcelain God. It happens.

However, having this happen repeatedly…. major turn-off.

Is watching a guy throw up the entire contents of his stomach until he’s dry heaving attractive? Not really. Is watching him slur his words and drool all over you a turn-on? Not exactly. Is watching him stumble and fall down a flight of stairs alluring? Not so much. So, in other words, a guy that drinks too much is a turn-off.

He might be forgiven the first time it happens. He could have been nervous and had a few drinks too many to mask his first date nerves. If it happens on the next couple dates, he’s skating on thin ice. And whatever happens, he cannot—absolutely cannot– throw up in her car. There’s no first time forgiveness for that one. That’s an automatic boot to the lifetime penalty box.

1. Stealing The Covers


Hopefully this one will not be relevant until you’ve been dating the girl for a couple weeks or months…

Women get the rap a lot of times for stealing the covers. It’s just not true. Men steal the covers more often than women do! They take them and leave her for the boogeyman to snatch or to succumb to the freezing temperatures. It’s horrible, rude, and women just do not like that.

Women only have so many hours to get their beauty sleep and many of them need every hour they can get! It’s a little hard to sleep when you’re terrified of catching hypothermia and dying right there in your own bed! Women usually will try and rip the covers from the guy but this doesn’t work as he is sound asleep and sawing logs. Nothing is going to move him.

A guy that steals covers from a sleeping female is not to be trusted. All women are turned off by men that are cover thieves! Get another blanket or share!

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