15 Things Ladies Do That Make Men Fall For Them (Without Even Knowing)

Men can be notoriously hard to figure out sometimes. Some guys aren’t so great at sharing how they feel and this can sometimes make their emotions one heck of a big mystery. But when it comes to who they choose to fall in love with, men’s tastes are really pretty simple. At the end of the day, they just want what we all want out of a loving relationship—someone with a kind heart who understands us and makes us feel good.

Since gents don’t always make it obvious how they’re feeling, however, you could be making him fall for you without even realizing it. We all fall for people in different ways. Some couples start out as good friends while others can actually fall in love at first sight. For the men in this category, it might seem like a girl’s physical appearance was the deciding factor in falling in love, but even in cases of instant attraction, a man will probably be blown away by some quirk or characteristic that the girl wasn’t even aware she had.

Despite what society may be telling you, you don’t need a killer bod, blue eyes, and blond hair for a guy to fall head over heels for you. It could be something as simple as your laugh, your feisty nature, or the way your hair smells that excites the man in your life the most. Or it could be that you love video games and beer as much as he does! Here are some of the little things women do that men secretly love.

15 Disagreeing With Him And Getting Into Debates

This might sound like a bad thing, but trust us, it’s not. The phrase “opposites attract” exists for a reason. While it’s great to have lots of things in common, it’s no fun to be with somebody who agrees with everything you say. After a while, it’s going to get a little dull, because the fizzle and spark of attraction lies in what makes you different from each other. Guys secretly love it if their girlfriend challenges something in them.

Personally, my boyfriend and I have a monthly agreement about why musicals are great/cheesy. It doesn’t matter who wins the debate either (me). Like most things in life, it’s the taking part that makes the process fun! In the same way, if I loved heavy metal music and went with him to every gig and wore his favorite band’s tee, he would probably start to find me pretty annoying. It’s good to have a difference of opinion and stand your ground about it. Men like a passionate gal.

14 How Well You Get On With His Mom

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While it’s important to your man that you have a good relationship with his whole family, if you manage to bond quite well with his mother, then he’ll consider this pretty special. Whether he’s a real mommy’s boy at heart or not, guys really appreciate a girlfriend who puts a little time and effort in with the mom. No matter how many years may pass, his mom will always be a part of his life. So, if you aren’t prepared to play nice with the woman who raised him, it might not work out so well for you.

Of course, your guy’s mom could be a walking stereotype of the mother-in-law from hell who interferes in almost every part of your life. If this is the case, making nice with her may be pretty difficult at times but as long as you make the effort, you should be fine. It won’t go unnoticed. Being friendly with his mom–whatever the circumstances–is something he secretly loves you for.

13 Dressing In Sweats With Your Hair Messed Up

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He may compliment you when you’re in a pretty dress with flawless makeup and salon-fresh hair, but the truth is, he loves you just as much (if not more) when you look just the opposite. When ladies probably think they look their worst in lounge pants and a messy bun, guys will be looking at their woman in the most natural form and therefore, the most beautiful you can possibly look. Not all men like makeup on girls and consider it too fake to be “beautiful.”

Guys will recognize that a figure-hugging dress and a touch of lipstick will enhance what you already have, but the perfect guy will think that you have it all and more when you’ve just rolled out of bed. That’s why when he spots you looking relaxed in your pj’s with your hair tied up, all he sees is you and, as long as he’s not a d-bag, he’ll think this is you at your most adorable.

12 Laughing At His Seriously Bad Jokes

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Being in possession of a “good sense of humor” is the cliche you hear time and time again when it comes to what makes a relationship last, but it really is a vital thing to have. And guys will know that they definitely have one have one if their girl laughs uncontrollably at his corny jokes. Knowing that he can make you laugh so easily just by being himself will make him love you even more and it will only encourage him to keep coming out with lame stuff just to see you smile.

If a guy were to tell these kinds of jokes at an office party, it would land like a lead balloon. But because your girl loves most things about you, your effort to make her smile will be enough to send her into fits of giggles. Knowing that his lady will laugh no matter what he comes out with lets him know that she is a definite keeper!

11 Being Nice To His Friends

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When a girl doesn’t like her boyfriend’s friendship group, it usually spells disaster for the relationship. Your guy’s friends are hugely important to him and are probably the people that he has known for most of his life (much longer than he has known you at least). A guy isn’t about to choose between lifelong friends and his woman. Sadly, some men can get manipulated by their girlfriends to the point that they are prepared to cut off all ties with their friends if a girl dislikes them.

That’s why getting on well with his friends is a big part of why he loves you so much. Even if you don’t get along so well with certain people in his circle of friends, as long as you treat each of his buddies with the same kind of respect you would show him, he’ll love you even more for it. Treat his friends well, and he’ll know he’s picked the right girl.

10 Dressing Stylishly

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Most guys out there will not give a hoot about fashion trends who care about how to make themselves look good, but even these types of guys will be able to recognize when their girl has made an effort with her looks and they secretly love you for it. If your boyfriend isn’t exactly the metrosexual type–grooming, moisturizing, and generally spending as much time in front of the mirror as you do–he’ll still know what looks good on you and will secretly admire how well you can rock certain looks.

If a girl can look just as good sporting a casual jeans and t-shirt combo as she can in a show-stopping dress and heels, she clearly has a great sense of style, and any guy would find this to be a pretty attractive quality. Of course, the right man will love you however you look, but having your own unique style is another extension of what makes you different and is part of what makes him proud to be seen with you.

9 Dancing (When You Think No One’s Watching)

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Unless you’re super confident about your dancing skills, you’re probably not going to bust into a routine in front of people you know, not even your own partner. So when your man catches a rare glimpse of you dancing goofily to your favorite song on, he’ll cherish it and think it’s pretty darn adorable. We all have a moment of feeling like twerking in celebration of something, thinking we look pretty hot (when in actual fact, we probably look more like Drake in the video for Hotline Bling!).

But that won’t matter to your man. Just seeing you move in your own weird and unique way is attractive to him and shows that you’re a quirky girl who doesn’t take life too seriously. Sure, you may not dance like Beyonce, but the fact that you’re expressing yourself will put a smile on his face and remind him of why he fell for you in the first place.

8 When You Show A Nerdy Passion About Something

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It’s not enough for a guy that the woman he’s dating is drop-dead gorgeous. She has to have a brain in her head too and have a burning passion (makeup not included). Dating a bimbo who just loves to party on every date might sound fun for a time, but when it comes to hanging out together in the cold light of day, what do you talk to her about? If a girl had no passion or principles in life, you might as well be dating a blow-up doll!

Guys secretly find it super sexy when a woman knows exactly who she is and what she cares about in the world. Whether you’re passionate about a certain book series or your favorite sport or that you dedicate your life to raising awareness about the welfare of the Amazon rainforest, he will love how fiery you get when you talk about something you love.

7 Flaunting A Feminine Scent

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Whether you love to spritz perfume or simply relying on your natural pheromones, both are super attractive to your boyfriend, as they will always make him think of you. Our sense of smell is linked closer to memory than our other four senses, so whether he’s smelling the lingering fruity shampoo scent in your hair or your favorite fragrance while he cuddles you, this is likely to stay with him for the rest of the day. Smell can especially play a big part in the early stages of a relationship because when the date’s long over, your heady sexy scent will still be swimming in his head.

In the same way that ladies can find a guy’s aftershave pretty sexy, a man can get all hot and bothered by a woman’s scent as it amplifies her femininity. It probably goes back to caveman times where our body’s natural odor (not the bad ones!) is what attracted others to us in terms of mating potential. So even if you don’t wear perfume that often, chances are your natural scent has already swung it for him.

6 Joining Him In Video Games

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There are plenty of girl gamers out there who could probably give your guy a run for his money, but it can make a really sweet gesture if a girlfriend who isn’t so crazy about Xbox joins in with her man every once in a while. Even if gaming isn’t your cup of tea (and has turned you into a COD widow more times than you care to mention), offering to play some with your man sometimes is something he won’t be able to resist and will secretly adore you for.

Playing the odd video game with him not only shows him that you can be one of the guys, but it also tells him that you care about his hobbies and that you want to hang out in his little part of the world for a while. You could find the game itself lame, but you’ll feel much closer and your willingness to try will make him melt for you all over again.

5 The Way You Pep Him Up

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When your man has had a lousy day or has received some bad news, there are probably lots of cliche ways you could cheer him up. But when he’s feeling low, he’ll likely crave for your unique style of pep talk and comforting. He knows that he could probably thrash out his frustration at the gym or play a few hours of Call of Duty to get his mind off things (and probably will for a time), but he’ll secretly hope you’re there for him to make him feel reassured.

Guys might get a little distant sometimes–particularity if they’ve had a bad day and just want to forget about it–but he’ll know that by talking about it, you only want to help and he wouldn’t have it any other way. Whether you give him cuddles or act weirdly to try and coax a smile out of him, he loves that you care and it’ll make him feel lucky to have a girlfriend like you.

4 When You Remember The Little Things

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Showing you care in a relationship isn’t just about buying each other occasional presents or sharing the boring household chores, it can also be about the little things that matter to you and show that you know the other person better than anyone. Sure, comforting him when he’s down shows that you care, but remembering those little things about him like his favorite football team or the instrument he played when he was in fourth grade shows that you pay attention and makes him feel extra loved.

Knowing and remembering these little things about him can also be expressed in the kind of gifts you buy him. It’s one thing to buy him the newest game on PlayStation 4, but this definitely won’t be unique to him. Guys like to act as if they’re not bothered about romantic gestures, but if a girlfriend were to buy him, say, a replica of his favorite baseball card as a kid, he’ll probably never forget it.

3 Your Natural Smile

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Sometimes, all it takes is your gorgeous natural smile to make him weak in the knees (but it has to be genuine). Fake smiles are plastered over social media with girls trying to outdo each other for the best ‘winky eye’ emoji face. A genuinely happy smile isn’t always easy to bring out in people, especially if you happen to be on a first date with a guy, but a real smile is something that can’t be faked and he will find it beautiful on you.

You don’t have to have perfectly straight or pearly white teeth to smile either. If he’s the right kind of guy, he’ll love whatever your smile brings out in you—your cheek dimples, blushing cheeks, or that you happen to look down when you smile. Whatever your smile looks like, he’ll pinpoint what’s cute about it, and he’ll do everything to see it happen again and again.

2 When You Do Something A Little Gross

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Okay, so this might sound like something that is counterproductive to making a guy fall head over heels for you but hear us out. Unless your guy is a bit of a prude or a stick in the mud, he’s bound to think it’s hilarious (and secretly adorable) if you do something a tad gross. This could mean anything from letting out a loud fart to showing him your weird hidden talent like burping the alphabet or showing off just how double-jointed you are.

Guys usually don’t expect gross habits in girls, but just because they don’t see them very often, it doesn’t mean they’re going to judge you for them. It’s more likely to be the opposite, actually. Men secretly like that you have a weird side and aren’t afraid to let your imperfections show. It tells him that you don’t take yourself too seriously and this is super attractive.

1 When You Play Hard To Get

Whether you’re on the dating scene or in the middle of a long-term relationship, playing hard to get is sometimes something that will endear you to a man. We don’t mean teasing the guy and waiting months before calling him back, but rather, playing ‘hard to get’ can just mean being a little mysterious. A big turn-off for most guys is when they feel smothered, either while dating or in everyday domestic life with their long-term gf.

Having your own life, interests, and passions besides your man will only make him want you more, and he’ll appreciate what you mean to him if you’re not by his side 24/7. As for men in the dating stages, a flirty text or call here and there will leave him with lots to ponder about you and make him hungry for the next date. Send him a gazillion messages on every one of his social media accounts, however, and he won’t have any mysteries to unfurl.

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