• 15 Things Kate Middleton And Prince William Don't Want You To Know

    In 2011, Prince William Arthur Philip Louis and Katherine Middleton became the most famous couple in the world. Not only are they a great couple and seem to be the perfect new faces of the British monarchy, but these two will also eventually become King and Queen of Britain. The waiting game might be long, just remember that Prince Charles has been the first in the line of succession since 1952, when his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, rose to the throne. Either way, William and Kate seem to be the future of the British monarchy.

    From their luxurious Royal wedding to the presentation of their first son, Prince George, everything about these two has been highly publicized and watched from all over the globe. Whether people like it or not, when it comes to monarchies, there is some sort of mystique that surrounds the British crown. There are monarchs all over the globe, but more often than not, when people say “The Queen,” you know exactly who they are talking about.

    But as we’ve mentioned, unlike many other monarchs, in the age we live today, the lives of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been watched under a microscope by people all over the world. Back in the day, no one could turn on their computers and check out what the royal family was up to at any given Wednesday. Hiding stuff from the crowd has become a tough and sometimes nearly impossible task.

    Nevertheless, we have separated 15 little things that Kate Middleton and Prince William do not want you to know.

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    Grandma Saved The Wedding
    Via: newsweek.com

    Monarchs are a different breed of people. You either get a great one, or you get a horrible one who makes terrible decisions and then punishes the people and even his own family for his failures.

    Queen Elizabeth seems to be a good monarch, at least as it pertains to her family, especially her grandson William and his wife, Kate. We say that because if it weren’t for the Queen, the wedding of these two love birds would not have been as special an occasion as it was. Just imagine if you had to get married and not know a single person who was attending your wedding. That was the problem Prince William was facing when he was given an official list of 777 names of people who should be invited to his marriage, and none of them were his friends.

    Luckily, all it took was one call to grandma, and the Queen told him to invite all his friends and throw the list in the garbage.

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    Mom Said

    It is usual to hear people saying that your elders know better about what you should and shouldn’t do. It seems to be exactly the case of what happened to Prince William in the Christmas of 2009. The Prince and Kate Middleton had been dating for quite some time, and the point had finally reached when Kate’s mom decided to have a serious talk with her daughter’s boyfriend.

    As many moms probably fear as their daughters linger on extremely long relationships, Carole Middleton was apparently getting fearful that her daughter would never get to be married to Prince William. So, she went straight to the Prince during that year’s Christmas and told him about her fears. We will never know what would’ve happened if she didn’t, but either William was already planning on proposing, or the talk worked out really well. Because before we knew it, William and Kate announced their engagement and were soon married.

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    Their Encounter Wasn’t Such A Play Of Destiny
    Via: thebritbag.com

    The Royal game has always been one for headlines, and even though they might not have as much political power as they had back in the day, the British royal family still loves to be in the media. As a matter of fact, this might be one of the only things that make them still relevant other than the fact that they are a ridiculously wealthy family.

    One of the latest huge happenings with the royal family was the marriage between Kate Middleton and Prince William. But if we are going to take into account the book But Kate: The Future Queen, by Katie Nichol, the love affair between Kate and William was as far from a coincidence of fate as it could be. According to Nichol, in order to meet William, Kate refused an offer to attend college in Edinburgh and waited a whole year so that she could be in the same school as the crown prince.

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    Their “Break”

    These two started dating in college and kept up the relationship throughout most of their higher education days before eventually getting married. But there was one brief span of time in which Kate Middleton and Prince William decided they had to take a break from each other. The official reason was that they decided to go on a break because the stress from final exams at their university, together with the pressure from the media because of their ongoing relationship, just became too much for the young couple to bear.

    However, that doesn’t seem to be the whole story. During this break, Kate decided to travel with a few friends, who didn’t take long to realize it wasn’t her who had the idea of taking a break. Apparently, during their travels, she got drunk on wine and constantly debated with herself and her friends if she should text or call William. While Kate was clearly sad according to one of her friends, William had other plans, which we will mention in the number four entry of this list.

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    Uncle Gary

    We all have that one relative we wish no one knew about. To be more specific, we all have that crazy uncle who does stuff that embarrasses the whole family. When it comes to the Middletons, that uncle is Gary Goldsmith. Kate’s uncle is a one-of-a-kind man.

    Business-wise, this guy is a good at what he does. At 52 years old, Gary Goldsmith is a millionaire businessman with a business to back up any claim of greatness he might have. The problem with Uncle Gary is that he has a peculiar habit of partying. And we’re not talking about your regular, get-drunk-and-do-crazy-stuff-and-spend-thousands-of-dollars type of partying most rich party animals are used to. Actually, the only thing we need to tell you to put everything about Gary Goldsmith in perspective is the name of his Ibiza villa. La Maison de Bang Bang.

    Don’t you want to hear more about Uncle Gary now?

    Among his antics are alleged cocaine use, and apparently trying to convince a mother and her 17-year-old daughter to have a threesome with him. This guy should have his own TV show.

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    Mud Baths
    Via: popsugar.com

    This is about as weird as this list is going to get. You have heard about Uncle Gary, right? You remember, we talked about that guy who tried to convince a 17-year-old girl and her mother into having a threesome. Yeah, that guy.

    Apparently, a few years ago, the still boyfriend and girlfriend Prince William and Kate Middleton, went on a vacation. Now, you will never believe where they decided to go on vacation to. Yes, the future King and Queen of England spent a lovely vacation at Uncle Gary’s very own Maison de Bang Bang in Ibiza.

    Arguably the last place you would expect a future King to be at, Uncle Gary’s villa was apparently the setting for some very unusual romantic time for Kate and Prince William. There, William learned how to DJ, they went on boat trips, and the two of them supposedly enjoyed nice and long mud baths. An itinerary that we would consider rather soft after looking at Uncle Gary’s resume.

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    Office Space

    If you work in a bullpen or a small office and have to share space with other people, you know the trouble that is to get stuff done in a cramped-up space. We would imagine that Royal people would have grandiose offices with enough room to park a plane in. However, that does not seem to be the case when it comes to the British Royal family.

    While the palace in itself is huge, Buckingham Palace’s offices don’t appear to be all that large. The best example is that Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry all have to share the same office space. And if you thought that wasn’t hilarious enough given how rich these people are, inside the office where all three of them work, there are only two desks cramped up in there. Luckily, it seems that it is almost never the case that the three of them decide to work at the same time.

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    Kate Took Pole Dancing Lessons

    How Royal is pole dancing? No, this is a serious question. How Royal do you think pole dancing is?

    If we hold the same values, the odds are pretty high that you would imagine pole dancing is not a very Royal thing to do. If anything, the more Royal thing to do would be to have other people pole dance for you. We are sure more than one prince has made it rain in underground strip clubs around the globe. But the one thing you wouldn’t imagine is that a Royal Princess took pole dancing lessons.

    According to several sources, that is what happened to our dear Princess, Kate Middleton. Now let’s not go too far, of course, as it doesn’t seem like Kate has ever worked as a pole dancer anywhere. But, wouldn’t that be a scandal?

    Nevertheless, the information supposedly came from a member of the Royal Protection Branch, who has decided to spill the beans on what the Royals do when the cameras are not around. What we cannot imagine is the face the Queen made when she heard this little bit of news.

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    Who Needs Underwear
    Via: bp.blogspot.com

    Unlike her husband, the Duchess of Cambridge did not have a childhood that received so much scrutiny from the media, so every now and then, stories about her youth surface and surprise folks around the world. One of those stories broke out rather recently as the tale of one fateful day at Marlborough College, the boarding school Kate attended in her teens, made headlines.

    Apparently, the future Queen of England was a rather shy girl for most of her youth, until she decided to leave her shell behind one day. The how-she-left-that-shell-behind is the funny part, as Kate opened her second-story dorm window and proceeded to moon the male students who were outside. Yes, according to The Daily Mail, the future Queen of England showed her bare butt to whoever was walking by her dorm that day.

    Interestingly, many more people have already seen Kate’s butt, as wardrobe malfunctions exposed her more than once in recent years, and it also seems like she has an aversion to wearing underwear.

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    Can’t Dress Yourself
    Via: nydailynews.com

    Think back to your childhood. Was there ever a time in which you got pissed off at your parents for the mere fact that they chose your clothes and did not allow you to have any say in it? Perhaps you have, perhaps you haven’t. But even if you have not gone through some sort of situation like this, which all of us probably did, you can imagine how annoying it would be to have something like this done to you.

    Now, try to understand how annoyed Prince William got when he was told what to wear on his wedding day. Yes, apparently, this guy didn’t even have a little say on what he would wear to his marriage. And it is not like he didn’t want to have anything to do with it, as a great many lot of guys would. He actually wanted to choose what to wear. But when he said that, all he got in return was a harsh “No, you’ll wear this!”

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    Kate Might Not Have Been William’s First Choice
    Via: thestar.com

    Yes, apparently, the beautiful Kate was not the only lady Prince William had his eyes on. As a matter of fact, there is a good chance that these two only got married because Prince William was denied by another woman.

    It all happened while the now happily married couple was on a break from their relationship in 2005. We don’t know what prompted the break, but whatever it was, it nearly killed off any chance Kate had of ever becoming a princess. All of this because of a woman named Isabella Calthorpe.

    Isabella is an actress and model with some royal blood of her own. She is the ninth great-granddaughter of King Charles II.

    Supposedly, William attempted to have a relationship with her during his break from Kate. Luckily, for the Princess of Cambridge, Isabella was not interested in having a relationship with the Prince. Instead, she got married to Sam Branson, the heir to a multibillion-dollar fortune.

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    No Rush
    Via: people.com

    One familiar trope of literally every single novel or movie that involves monarchy is that the Prince is always in a hurry to become the King. But leave it to today’s English royal family to break that rule. It is almost a certainty that Prince William will become King of England at some point, but according to reports, he didn’t seem to be in much of a rush to do so.

    “I try not to think about it, to be honest,” William said. “As I’m flying along in my helicopter through the mountains of Wales, I try desperately hard not to think about it. That can wait until I’m a bit older.”

    As far as Hollywood tells us, every single Prince’s primary concern has always been “when will I be able to take the throne?” Just ask King Joffrey. Either way, while he clearly does not seem too worried to rush the process of becoming Britain’s next monarch, William has more experience to draw from than any heir has had in quite some time as his grandmother is always there to tell him what is what.

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    Terrible Nicknames
    Via: fastley.net

    We don’t know yet by what nickname Kate Middleton calls her husband, but back in 2013, we found out that Prince William used to call his girlfriend, who is now the Duchess of Cambridge—“babykins.” No offense to whoever might want to call their significant other babykins, but that is not exactly how we imagined a crown prince calling his soon-to-be wife.

    While the nickname in itself is funny, it is even more hilarious to imagine Prince William saying it on the phone, which is how the world got wind of the cute nickname he used for his girlfriend. This little bit of information came out after a taped voicemail from Henry was used in court as evidence in a hacking investigation and lawsuit.

    Allegedly, the old British tabloid, the News of the World, paid in order to have someone hack William’s and Kate’s voicemails. They heard a lot of messages the couple exchanged in 2006, but none of the other ones were as interesting as Kate’s cute little nickname.

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    The Topless Scandal
    Via: thesuprficial.com

    This was arguably the most pissed off we’ve ever seen Prince William about something. Back in 2012, a few pictures of the couple were printed in the French magazine Closer. Now, while the Royals have been used to paparazzi and not having much privacy, this magazine seems to have taken a stride too far.

    Among the photos they released were topless images of the Duchess of Cambridge that infuriated Prince William. In a statement that was read by his lawyer, William explained how painful something like this was, given the fact that there was a similar sort of harassment before the eventual death of his mother, Princess Diana, in 1997.

    What the Prince and his lawyers argue is that the photos were taken in a breach of their privacy as the couple was vacationing in Provence, France. According to reports, the couple asked for an enormous amount of damages in the lawsuit. We are talking somewhere in the $1.9 million ballpark.

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    The Ski Holyday
    via 101.1 Big FM

    This little entry is still hot on the news as it just happened in March of 2017. While most of the royal family was attending the always busy Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey, Prince William had other plans. Still, don’t be mistaken; he wasn’t the only one who skipped the event, as his wife Kate was nowhere to be seen as well. The problem is that he was not with Kate either.

    According to many photographs and a rather hilarious video, the Prince was taking a break from everything and decided to ship off to Switzerland in order to enjoy some happy times at a ski resort. While Kate wasn’t there with him, he was far from being alone. The Sun reported that the 35-year-old Duke of Cambridge was spending his holiday time with the Australian model Sophie Taylor.

    But Sophie Taylor aside, just the video taken of William partying it up with another “mystery woman” should be enough to anger the Duchess of Cambridge.

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