15 Things Every Woman Wants Her Man To Do Without Being Told

A relationship is a two-way street, not a one-way boulevard. If the traffic isn't going your direction, then maybe it's time for you to pick a better road because a relationship without work and a couple of sacrifices will never work. There are some things every woman wants from her man. So if a man does these things, the relationship will be so much better because his woman is happy.

However, some men don't know that they ought to do sometimes, since their woman won't tell them directly. Truth is, she doesn't have to tell you everything that she wants. You just have to pay more attention to her thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Most women don't actually want too many things from men. Things that will make them happy aren't always material items that a man has to purchase at a store. There are things that men can offer to their women (unless if they choose not to). A huge twist is that a woman loves and appreciates it most when she doesn't have to tell her man about every little thing she wants. It's a wonderful thing when a man just knows what a woman wants (and needs) and does them.

When you check out this list, you might recognize some of these things your woman wants from you. If you haven't been doing them, it's not too late to become a better man. Here are 15 things every woman wants her man to do without being told.

15 Listen To Her

Listening is a must-have skill because it helps you earn the trust of others, come up with better solutions, and quickly diffuse conflict. Lots of people weren't born with great listening skills, but luckily, you can work on becoming a better listener.

The ability to listen carefully is one of the biggest abilities women want to see in men. It's true that the majority of women are more talkative than their male counterparts, but it's far from a good thing to give her a pair of deaf ears when she talks to you. You don't have to provide advice or immediately comment on each topic. Just listening to your lady can give her a higher amount of confidence and self-esteem.

Sometimes, women just want a man to listen to what they have to say, and men shouldn't have to make women feel like they need to beg in order to be heard.

14 Take Her On Romantic Dates

To snag a woman and keep her hooked, take her out on romantic dates. Women enjoy dates, especially if they were initiated by their man. Of course, it depends on the size of your bank account and the spare time you have, but try your best to take your lady out to as many interesting places as you can. She'll likely love the fact that you carved out time from your work or school schedule to spend some time with her.

Keeping the romance alive is an important part of any relationship. Thus, date nights are more important than you think. The first date may be a nerve-wracking affair for both parties But as time goes by, further dates become smoother and less rocky because a couple has already felt each other out. Spend time with your partner or spouse and continue to date to keep the fire burning. Dates can also decrease stress.

13 Talk About Your Feelings

We all know that most guys aren't expressive when it comes to talking about their feelings, but a lot of women don't want to get involved in the guessing game of trying to figure out how you really feel.

Just tell your girlfriend or wife what you feel in an upfront and clear manner because it's one of the greatest things when you share your feelings and emotions with the one you love. It's seriously not cool when a worried woman conducts research better than the FBI. Heck, it may cause her to feel bad, estranged, and guilty. She might have negative thoughts, such as "I thought you were going to be honest with me" or "Why won't you tell me what's going on?" If you talk about your life, whether it's good or bad, she'll feel at ease when she hears the vital information because the doubts in her mind disappeared.

12 Tolerate Her

This is kind of a touchy subject, but women apparently need a lot of tolerance. Now, tolerance is a two-way street so you shouldn't think that you're the only one in the relationship who's tolerating. You don't even know about how your lady has been tolerating many things on your behalf.

If every man understood that it'll take a high level of tolerance to love and get comfortable with a woman, things would be great. It's not necessary to always fixate on the little things, so just let them go and move on with your life. If a lady misbehaves, show some compassion and tell her what she did wrong instead of shouting her down.

Women aren't perfect and men aren't either. Everyone makes mistakes, but it's how you deal with the mistakes that matters. It's simple: Just ensure that they won't happen again. No one likes a total screw-up.

11 Compliment Her (Even When You Don't Notice What She Did To Her Hair)

Compliments are so important today because of the constant negativity and hypercritical attitudes from tons of people with huge egos. For the most part, women like compliments because it makes them feel good. It also gives a mind-blowing feeling that leaves her in better condition than before. Compliments are sweet like sugar when it comes from a man that a woman is in love with.

Men should compliment women on their outfits, hairstyles, and makeup. Basically, you should just show interest when there's something about a woman that you like. If you don't show your enthusiasm, your lady might lose interest in you and start to shy away. Chivalry isn't dead. Men can be the knights in shining armor that women are looking for. Also, you shouldn't ever get tired of complimenting your sweetheart because it can help increase her self-esteem and leave a lasting impact on her overall appearance.

10 Value Her (And Make Everyone Else Wonder Why He Fell In Love With Her In The First Place)

"He doesn't value me" is one of the things that women bring up on a regular basis. If you've heard a woman say something along these lines, you should know that every other woman expects her man to value and appreciate her. After all, you asked her out for a reason, right?

A woman doesn't need to tell a man that he means the world to her before he chooses to do so. She automatically expects it from her beau and that goes without saying. She presumes him to value and cherish her. She also has a very heavy desire for him to make everyone else wonder why he fell in love with her in the first place. After all, a real man values more than just a woman's looks. He'll value her personality, kindness, and intelligence. Basically, he'll make you feel good about the things she has control over.

9 Change Irritating Habits And Bachelor Habits

There are many perks of being a bachelor. First, you can sleep in as much as you'd like on your days off. Second, you can eat whatever you'd like. Third, you can create a mess without sparking an angry reaction from anyone. Sad to say, these bachelor pad perks can quickly turn into revolting habits.

There are some habits that affect women, but men tend to overlook them while in a relationship. You shouldn't wait for your lady to mention these habits because she's not going to enjoy doing that. After that, be careful not to offend her. Just avoid them at all costs. Intolerable habits like leaving piles of dirty clothes on the bed, not hanging the towel after taking a shower, and only doing the dishes for special occasions need to come to an end. Your place doesn't need to be like a Manhattan apartment on Fifth Avenue, but you should at least make some effort in its appearance.

8 Randomly Surprise Her

Even if you think your girl doesn't like surprises, you should have a respectable surprise for her anyway. Nothing beats an out-of-the-box plan of spontaneity. Random acts of spontaneity can keep the spark in your relationship going.

Surprises are an incredibly important romantic gesture unless if a man is a pedophile or a convicted criminal. If you come across as a boring person who is predictable in everything you do, then you're not really a romantic person. However, your relationship can blossom if you keep your lady anticipating what's going to happen next by surprising her. You can always send the traditional "good morning" text, but you can also show up unexpectedly with a bouquet of fresh flowers or even fold little stars using origami paper. There are plenty of other ideas to surprise your sweetheart without breaking the bank. Simply put, actions speak louder than words and a surprise or two can go a long way.

7 Leave Her Sweet Text Messages

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A sweet text message has a lasting impression on a woman's heart. It'll certainly make her feel loved, which is a tremendously good feeling. She might even giggle after receiving a sweet text from someone special to her. Sweet texts aren't like other texts because there's just something in them that just happens to be more lovely.

A man can put a smile on his lady's face, especially when she's stressed out at work. She can feel her inner stress going away after receiving a sweet text like "I love you" or "You looked pretty this morning" in the workplace. The age of text messaging is better than ever, so why not keep the romance alive with a simple text to remind her that she's amazing just the way she is? Not many things will increase her happiness other than being reassured that she's loved and desired by her one and only love.

6 Get Her Stuff On The Way Home

Running errands by yourself can be fun, but doing the ordinary tasks can be ho hum. There's nothing like walking down the aisles of a store to get the groceries and toiletries that you need for your home. Grocery stores are starting to adapt to more male shoppers as of late, so there's nothing to be ashamed about if you're grabbing everyday products for your lady.

No matter how big or small, good deeds carry a double punch, which leaves you knowing you made a positive impact while causing you to feel great. If you've already finished your grocery shopping and spontaneously decided to stop for food or drink on the way home, text her to ask if she wants something from the restaurant and make that extra order. You'll be amazed at the results of this random act of kindness, and she'll thank you for thinking of her on the road.

5 Give Her Space (Sometimes)

Giving her space is arguably the most important thing that every woman wants from a man. Just like you have your own separate life, you also have to respect the fact she has her own life outside of the relationship. You have to let her be so she can pursue her own career, social life, and personal hobbies.

A woman shouldn't have to feel the need to ask for space because a man is supposed to allow his sweetie to be herself at all times. Sure, there are some things she can change about herself, but only if she truly wants to. Other than that, just give back some selfless love through simple gestures to let her know she's a decent person—not someone you intentionally or unintentionally take advantage of—who deserves every little bit of your love. Ultimately, relationships are built on things like trust, communication, and acceptance, not greed and corruption.

4 Remember Her Friends' And Families' Names (Because They Are Also Part Of This Relationship)

There's a big thing that all men should do without being told by their woman. That thing is to remember the names of her friends and family members. It doesn't matter if the person is an acquaintance, colleague, best friend, parent, sibling, or cousin. It's usually a given to learn and remember the names of the friends and family who constantly surround your significant other.

If you keep a track of all your lady's close friends' and relatives' names, it just goes to show her that you're deeply involved with her because you're not only showing an interest in yourself, but also the one in regards to her own world. You want to be known as a polite and courteous man, right? The sooner you start working on positive things that have affirmative actions on others, the increase of good karma will come back to you and generate oodles of happiness.

3 ALWAYS Remember Her Birthday

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A birthday is important because it marks a celebration of when a person turns one year older than their previous age. So it's important for a man to never forget his woman's birthday because it's one of the most significant dates on the calendar. No lady wants to remind her beau her birthday each year. Also, you wouldn't be happy if your lover forgot your birthday either.

If you forget your lady's birthday, you pretty much don't have her on your list of priorities. It most definitely will satisfy a woman when her man remembers her birthday and makes topnotch plans for the upcoming bash. Whether it's a gourmet dinner at a five-star restaurant or a casual picnic at a local park, make sure each one of birthdays are delightful celebrations for her to remember. You want to make memories in a relationship, not create rifts for forgetting a crucial detail.

2 Stand Up For Her

All that a man has to do is stand up for his woman and not complain about her to others. You don't have to save the damsel in distress by fighting a male villain like in a movie or television show, but you do have to stand up for your lady in a peaceful way that won't aggravate anyone.

A woman probably knows that she's priceless to her man, so she'll naturally expect you to show how much you care by being there for her as much as possible. While it's necessary to be a man behind closed doors, it's equally as important to be a man when out and about. It's also important to care for her at any time and location. It's not being whipped if you respect your woman. In fact, it's a virtue to respect women in general because they're deserving of the same treatment as other men.

1 Say "I Love You"

Eight letters, three words, and one meaning. "I love you" is an ideal phrase in any relationship that's used everywhere. Therefore, a man should never stop telling his woman about how much he loves her. When push comes to shove, they also enjoy hearing that phrase from their women. It's a win-win situation.

It's not a good idea to assume that a woman already knows that you love her because there's a whole different experience they feel when they hear those three words. If you really do love your woman, don't be afraid to tell her about how much you love her. It's not rocket science and you don't need a priest or pastor to tell you what you should tell your special someone. She'll never get irritated if you tell her those three words on a regular basis, only when you barely or maybe never tell her about them.

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