15 Things Every Girl Does During A Vacation

Vacations can be fun. But, vacations are different for boys and girls. There are some typical things that only girls do, and boys can hardly identify with those things. There are things that only girls can identify with. At the same time, they totally understand why fellow girls do it. No matter how guilty they feel about these things, they do it again on their next vacation. Of course, not everything in this is about guilty pleasures. There are things that can be life-changing. There are things that can be awakening not only for the body, but for the soul as well. There are some exotic experiences, especially when girls visit some uncommon locations.

Obviously, there is a single thing that EVERY girl does while on a vacation. However, the things we discuss more or less cover things that every girl can identify. At times, they bring things that no boy would bring to a vacation. There are times when girls do things on a vacation that no boy would try to do for sure. There are different ways of a boy enjoying during a vacation and a girl enjoying herself. While there are some common things that boys and girls do, there are certain things that are typically girly. The things in this list are especially true for a single girl. If they travel with their family, they may not be able to try all these things. However, every single girl, with or without her friends, does these things on a vacation.

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14 Pack Way Too Much

All travel experts advise on packing light while going for a vacation. You should not carry the things that you can easily get in the location you’re traveling. Experts also advise against carrying a lot of clothes, as they take up the maximum space in a travel bag. There are several tips on how to pack lightly. Some ask travelers to take three trousers and three tops so that they can make nine combinations with those. However, all these tips are meant for boys, because girls will pack as they wish. Their bags will be filled with clothes they will almost never get to wear. Their bags will have things that they will never use during the vacation. Many experts say that the world is not as savage as a girl might think. Most cultures wash clothes and have local cleaners. So, there is no need to panic for dirty clothes. But then again, girls will be girls.

Take A Video Of The Passing Landscape

This is one thing you might have seen in movies, music videos, and social media posts. Taking the video of the passing landscape from a moving vehicle is probably one of a girl's favorite activities during a vacation. The girl may be moving by a hill, a range of mountains, a jungle, or some other landscape. Out comes a mobile phone and the girl starts recording the video of the geographical wonder. Now, this video goes to the archive forever. There is hardly any occasion when this video is revisited later on. The video hardly ever matches the real-life experience of the road trip. These days, such videos go to Facebook Live as well. Of course, the live videos are never revisited either. These videos take up a lot of space in the memory chip. So, they will either be deleted later on or be stored in a hard disk never to be watched again.

13 Become Omnivorous (And Expect Not To Gain Weight)

Girls become omnivorous during vacation. They eat everything that comes on a platter. They drink everything that comes in a glass. Forget being choosy about the things they eat and watching the calories. Girls become a different species during vacation. The girl that you know on usual days may watch for calories and think a lot before taking a bite. But, a girl on a vacation becomes a different kind of a person. She often eats...a lot. However, here's the tricky part. Despite eating her heart out, she expects that she will keep her weight in check. For some magical reasons, girls believe they won’t gain weight because their intake is called “vacation calories.” Sadly for them, it does not really work. When they have calories, it shows on their body as well. As they say, moments on the lips, forever on the hips, even if it is only during a vacation.

12 Take Photos Of The Food She Eats

While girls eat a lot during vacations, they also become food bloggers all of a sudden. They start taking photos of everything they eat and share it on social media. It can be a usual burger or some unusual food she comes across in a foreign country. She keeps a visual record of everything. There are thousands of filters used specifically for food blogging. Girls have numerous of those on their mobile. Some filters are used to enhance the color and the feel of the food. There are some filters that give a twist and make a usual cup of Coke look poetic in some way. There are retro filters that make it look like from the ancient era. Most importantly, the girl’s collection of photos of the food she eats becomes one of the most important attractions of her vacation. Taking the photo sometimes even becomes more important than eating. If she is at a prestigious restaurant, she does not miss taking photos of the location as well, just to make her friends jealous.

11 Buy More And More Sunscreen

Girls are quite aware of the sunlight and its vicious effects when they are on a trip. That’s why they get to know various kinds of sunscreen lotions during this time. Now, this is tricky, and it takes an expert to choose the most appropriate one for the occasion. They start reading about it in advance. While some of the girls do want a vacation tan, there is hardly anybody who wants to damage their skin for the sake of it. Just like there are lazy girls and active girls on a vacation, there are variations of sunscreen lotions as well. For lazy girls, there are sunscreen lotions with natural plant extracts that keep harmful rays away from a girl’s skin and hair. However, these can give a greasy look. There are sunscreens available which give a matte look as well. If a girl does not prefer to look oily, she goes for this one. There are many girls who buy multiple lotions to suit multiple occasions during the vacation.

10 Bring A Serious Novel, Never Read It

You may often see a girl with a fat book. You may find her holding it in a train or a bus. You may even find her reading a few lines from it before looking out of the window. Don’t get confused. She never finishes that serious novel while on her vacation. Instead of reading the fat serious novel, she ends up reading trashy magazines that she gets at the airport or at the hotel lobby. Her David Copperfield, Mansfield Park, and Far from the Madding Crowd stay in the suitcase. She ends up checking out the latest lipstick collection and the new celeb couples in town. She reads in detail about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s next baby. She also becomes an expert of Mama June’s weight loss sessions. But, the novel she brought with her remains UNTOUCHED. And, obviously, she brings another serious novel for her next trip.

9 Get A Tan And Then Complain About It

No matter how much sunscreen a girl buys for a vacation, she does not always remember putting them on. On other occasions, she does not apply the right kind of sunscreen (simply because it takes an expert to choose the right one for the occasion). Even if she uses the perfect sunscreen, she might still end up getting a tan. According to skin experts, there is a lot of myth associated with sunscreen lotions and getting a tan. There was a recent survey at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, and it revealed that a lot of people are not aware what the SPF rating displayed on each bottle means for them. Experts want a clearer labeling for the common people, who may not be able to identify what exactly stands for those numbers. Anyway, there is a common misunderstanding that you don’t get a tan if you wear sunscreen lotions. If you lie in the sun all day, there is hardly any sunscreen lotion that can protect you from a tan.

8 Take Selfies With Local Kids

When girls go on a vacation, they fall in love with the local people. However, their focus seems to be on the kids. Cuteness comes in different shapes and sizes. When it comes to kids from a foreign land, they are generally all smiles to be friends with a beautiful stranger. Girls also tend to enjoy their company a lot. They take selfies with local children to make the memory unforgettable. This may be more important for the kids. They might talk about this kind, smiling girl who treated them like a friend and they might talk about her for a long time. There are certain Asian countries like India, China, and Thailand who tend to serve as a local guide for foreigners as well. There are some African countries where children tend to be quite friendly with foreigners. A selfie with them becomes a must, both for the visitors and the hosts.

7 Call Everything The “Best Evaaa”

Vacations can be real fun. However, not everything about it is really great. There are troubles. There can be bad food, terrible guides, and awful experiences. There are lots of things that might go wrong during a vacation, especially for a single girl. However, girls always make it their best experience “evaaa,” at least for their social media followers. They may eat a regular chicken sandwich and name it the “best evaaa” chicken sandwich. They can watch a usual sunrise and call it the “best evaaa” sunrise in her life. They might even see the silver lining of a troubled experience. For example, the guide was terrible but his long moustache was the “best evaaa.” The food could be pretty bad, but the waiter was quite handsome. And, here comes the “best evaaa” waiter. The hotel could be dirty. But, among the dirtiest hotels in the world, this one was the “best evaaa.”

6 Shopping. Shopping. And More Shopping.

If there is one thing that does not change for a girl during a vacation, it’s shopping. When on a vacation, there is shopping, shopping, and more shopping. In most cases, she buys things that she is not going to use in her usual life. Here is one example. While visiting Australia, some girls buy the scrotums of a Kangaroo for reasons unknown. The thing is available in airport gift shops. There are two kinds of Kangaroo scrotums. There is a furry one that looks more like the real one. And, there is one soft leathery coin pouch. At times, the furry one comes with a key chain. There are other weird stuff that girls buy. While visiting China, some girls buy live turtle key chains. But, forget about the weird ones, girls shop a lot no matter what. For many girls, traveling is just another excuse to buy the things they can buy at home at a cheaper rate.

5 Get Lost

Girls are often accused of not being experts of locations and maps, although they may carry one in their purse. They may also use Google Maps or other assistants for roaming around a foreign location. They may also try to use such apps to find bars, pubs, and restaurants in the locality. But, there is no denying the fact that they must also learn to follow it. Of course, there are cab services that can help them reach their location. However, there are girls who want to explore foreign cities on their own and discover things on their own. Not everyone who wanders is lost, and not everyone who is lost is unhappy about it. Getting lost is a good thing if you are fine with new adventures. Girls may get lost while roaming around a new city. But, they will always come up with new experiences out of it.

4 ‘Delete The Pic, I Look Terrible’

You can satisfy no girl when it comes to taking her photograph. She always feels she looks awful in that pic. There are times when she wants you to prove her wrong and complement her on how good she looks in the pic, though. But, on most occasions, she is just unhappy about each photograph she is on. She asks the photographer to delete the pic from the camera or the mobile. Not only is she unhappy about the way she looks, but she also wants to remove all traces of that photograph from the archive. Who knows? After a thousand years, an archaeologist might dig up that camera to find out how terrible Miss X looked during that vacation. If you take a photo of a girl and it does not make her happy, delete the pic right away. Otherwise, she will haunt you for the rest of your life, especially in your nightmares.

3 Get Drunk Like There’s No Tomorrow

Girls often take pride in holding their drink. But when it comes to drinking during a vacation, they might forget the rest of the world. There are pubs that offer unlimited alcoholic beverages for a fixed rate. These places are what dreams are made of. Girls start slow and then gradually shift gears to drink as if there's no tomorrow. These pubs are often associated with music and dance floors. When a girl gets high on alcohol, she also dances as if there's no tomorrow. Vacations are the times to forget about the usual troubles in life and enjoy to the fullest. There could be a difficult breakup back home. There could be financial woes waiting to be taken care of. There could be other problems as well. However, while on a vacation, a girl will drink and forget everything else. She can deal with the problems later on. For now, let there be fun alone.

2 Learn That Being Single Is Awesome

Forget everything else. Girls come to a great realization while on a vacation. We are obviously talking about the ones they take on their own, or with their single friends. Girls realize that being single is awesome. They come to the great realization that they do not need another person to make them happy. They can find happiness on their own. They are in control of their own life. They do not need that special someone to enter their life and make it awesome. Their life is already awesome. If they think that it's not, then they can take the charge on their own and make it happen themselves. With all the fun and troubles during the vacation, girls come to know that they are the master of their own fortune. They themselves can find the most exotic hotels, most delicious food, and best trips of their life. They don’t need anybody else.

1 Promise To Come Back

This is especially true when a girl had an overwhelming experience during a vacation. If she gets more than she hoped for, she wants to come back to the place again. Maybe she loved the hotel she stayed in and the food she tasted. Maybe she loved the places she visited during her stay and was charmed by the people she met. There could be a possibility that she has met somebody really special during the trip. There could be a possibility that it is the soon-to-be love of her life. These are some of the reasons to come back to the place. And, she promises to do so. She promises to the pebbles on the road, the waves of the sea, and the eager ears of that special someone that she will come back. Maybe she will come back...never to go back home again. But, as they say, promises are meant to be broken.

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