15 Things Couples Stop Doing Once They Become "Exclusive"

Is becoming exclusive a good thing for a relationship or should things remain the way they are? Preferably, becoming exclusive is the idea behind getting into a romantic relationship, since not knowing where you two stand can be the worst experiences a "would be" couple can go through. Some highlight the advantage of being single as having the option of seeing anyone they want without having to deal with a jealous significant other, but these singles end up becoming homewreckers even without knowing it.

Becoming exclusive is one of the best things that can happen to a couple in love while getting and staying married is the overall best; however, getting to these stages does not come without its challenges. Becoming exclusive is a sign to the world that you two are now together and that you are committing to do all you can to remain faithful and true to each other. This decision is supposed to be a trait of the mature since immature people cannot handle exclusive relationships.

This article highlights 15 things that guys stop doing when they become exclusive, some of these should, without a doubt, stop while others stop and yet the other person expects them to continue. For some of these things, one or both parties stop doing them out of respect, others out of maturity, others because they love the other person deeply, but others stop because someone got into a relationship with a jerk.

In your opinion, which of these things should not stop even deep into marriage?

15 Wearing "Pick Me Up Clothes" At Social Gatherings

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14 Playing Hard To Get

Via Attract And Get Women

13 Flirting With Each Other

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12 Buying Flowers (Appreciating The Little Things)

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11 Surprising Each Other


10 Giving Each Other Their Full Attention

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9 Thinking About Each Other All The Time


8 Going Out As Much As They Used To

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7 Giving Flattering Compliments

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6 Avoiding Criticizing Each Other

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5 Hating On People In Relationships

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4 Forgiving Each Other For Everything


3 Keeping Their Word

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2 Taking The Effort To Hide All Their Flaws

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1 Seeing Other People

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This is the most obvious things that have to end when a couple becomes exclusive and no explanation is needed here. The unwritten contract between people who enter into an exclusive relationship clearly spells out that none of them has a right to see someone else until the exclusive relationship ends, otherwise it is not an exclusive relationship. The terrible thing with people these days is that they do not honor each other to the point of sticking to the terms of the contract, which is why we hear of so many people cheating on each other. Maturity dictates that you can see as many people as you want before narrowing down to one, a point from which you must willingly commit to seeing only the one.

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15 Things Couples Stop Doing Once They Become "Exclusive"