15 Things All People Think But Never Say Out Loud

Have you ever wanted to be able to read someone’s thoughts? To be able to hear the things that they would never dare say out loud? Well, so have we. We have always been curious about what it would be

This is why we at TheRichest thought it would be fun to come up with a list of fifteen common thoughts that almost all of us have had, but that we do not usually say out loud. Some of these thoughts should be kept in our head while other thoughts should really be expressed, even if it isn't the easiest thing to say.

From telling people how you feel, or telling people what you did, there are so many things we as humans keep secret. We as a society need to stop taking ourselves so seriously and stop overthinking.

We need to realize that a lot of the time, saying how you feel can lead you to places you never thought imaginable and be a really amazing thing. Just be careful because as you're about to learn, other times it just gets you to trouble.

15 "Do Not Speak To Her Like That"


This is a problem in our society. We sit back and watch as people around us are treated poorly and we do so because we claim it is “none of our business”. Well, think about this, what if someone was treating you poorly and everyone just walked by as if that was normal.

Instead of thinking that what you see is not right, try saying something. People want to be heroes but when something heroic comes up for them to do they back away. Heroes are not defined by pulling someone out of a burning building, heroes are defined as someone who risks their comfort to help others around them. This is something you should not only be thinking but you should be saying out loud.

14 "No Wonder He Didn't Call You Back"


There are so many reasons why a guy is not interested in you and why he is not reaching out, but the most important one to always remember is that perhaps he is just not that into you. The worst thing for you to do when one of your friends is down on herself about a guy is for you to point out what she did wrong. People are mean enough to themselves and sometimes they just need to be heard and they just need to feel support.

Trust us, they feel bad enough without you pointing out what they did wrong. These are the kinds of things that have no value in a conversation and saying something will just hurt someone in the end, which is why it is better to be left unsaid.

13 "It Was Me"


This example is pertinent when people do something wrong in a public place like, for example, clog up a toilet or leave something where it does not belong. People in a lot of cases fear confrontation but mostly, people are embarrassed. We are unsure why people care so much about how they are viewed but the truth is that people care a tremendous amount about what the world thinks of them, even complete strangers.

Let’s be real, no one wants to be the girl in the restaurant that smelt up the bathroom. This fear of judgment we have is what prevents us from standing up and saying, “Sorry it was me”. We are not saying that everyone should be taking responsibility for every little thing they do, however, it is not the worst idea.

12 "Your Baby is Ugly"


A lot of people say all babies are beautiful but we at TheRichest do not really agree with that statement. Telling someone that their baby is ugly is one of the biggest faux pas you can ever commit.

11 "I am Doing my Best, But It Isn't Good Enough"


When we are kids, we are constantly told: “It does not matter, as long as you do your best.” However, the older you get another realization may begin to fall into place. Yes, you may be doing your absolute best but a lot of the times that is simply not good enough.

As a human, admitting that you may not be good enough to accomplish something is something extremely hard to do. This does not mean that you are a failure it just means that whatever you are doing is challenging you in a way that you had yet to be challenged before. By opening up to someone about these feelings, you can find yourself overcoming them sooner. The problem is, that it is not something easy to say so a lot of the time you keep it in. Don’t, this is the kind of thing you CAN say out loud, do not be afraid to do so.

10 "I am Lonely"


This is something that is so hard for people to admit. Loneliness is one of the most confusing and gut-wrenching emotions. It forces people to stay in relationships or get into relationships solely for the fear that they will be lonely. It creates misconceptions in people’s heads that they are not good enough, or that they need someone to “save” them.

Loneliness is real, but for some reason, people do not like talking about it. It is like this taboo topic in society, however, everyone in the world has felt it which is exactly why we should be talking about it. Instead of pretending you are not lonely, talk to one of your friends about how you are feeling. We promise it will make you feel a lot less alone.

9 "I Don't Really Mean My Apology"


Sometimes in life, you need to say sorry for something even though you are not necessarily sorry. But saying you do not mean your apology is something that no one would ever dare say.

In life, you start to learn that being right is not always the best option and that a lot of the time putting your pride aside and apologizing is the right thing to do. Most times, the fights we get into are not worth it. However, by taking back an apology, you will not only be re-hatching a fight, you will also be hurting someone’s feelings again. We are not telling you to lie and just say sorry to shut people up, but what we are telling you is from time to time to put your ego to the side and be the person to say sorry.

8 "Can You Kiss Me To Test The Chemistry?"


Have you ever been on a date with someone and it is going super well but you just do not know if there is that spark? Well, don’t you wish you would have had the chance in some way shape of form to just blurt out that the two of you should kiss.

Yes, we know, people should just start doing this more because it would save a lot of time and energy. Trying to figure out if you have something more than friendship with someone can really only be tested if you get physical on some level. We at TheRichest encourage you to either act on these thoughts or say them out loud because it can answer a lot of questions as well as lead to a lot of connections!

7 "Your Child Is Annoying"


Picture this, you are on a flight, the kid behind you is constantly kicking the back of your seat in combination with screaming at the top of his lungs. The only thing that is going through your mind is how badly you want to turn around and injure him but then you remember she is just a child.

Kids are annoying, there is no denying that. Just like there is no denying that a parent is protective. This is why you should never tell a parent that their child is one of the world’s greatest annoyances. We believe that this is one of those thoughts that should remain in your head if only to avoid the drama.

At the end of the day, no one understands what it is like being a parent until you are one. That being said, we at TheRichest encourage disciplining their child if they are acting annoying. Let’s face it annoying kids usually grow up to be annoying adults.

6 "How Can You Afford That?"


We see this all the time, friends complaining that they are broke and yet you see them spending their money on frivolous things such as lavish meals, designer clothes and expensive beauty treatments like eyelash extensions and spray tans.

Talking about someone’s finances is something that is really risky and most of the time inappropriate. That does not mean that you can not think about the fact that they just spend X amount of money on a dress they are only going to wear once, it just means you probably shouldn't openly judge them for it.

As previously mentioned, discussing finances is not proper etiquette but if your friend is always complaining, you can tell them (in a nice way) that maybe they should start thinking before swiping. It is all about how, and now what, you choose to say.

5 "Why Are You Dating That Person?"


How many times have you wanted to look at one of your friends and ask them why the hell they are dating their significant other. Don’t get us wrong, there are certain circumstances where asking them is okay, however, these are very slim circumstances.

4 "I Love You"


Saying “ I Love You” and hearing those words are never considered a bad thing unless you say it without meaning it. There are so many reasons why someone is afraid to make this bold statement, however, there is one reason that outweighs the fear and that is the feeling you get by saying it. Do not be so in your head when it comes to love and if you feel it, say it.

3 "I Made a Mistake"


Why is this so hard for people to admit. Okay, sometimes we do say this out loud, but to be honest, we do not admit it enough. We are a society that loves passing the blame to other people. We enjoy pushing our problems onto someone else and pretending like we are innocent. We think that everything is replaceable and that everything can be fixed with the click of a button.

However, in reality, we know that this is impossible and that sometimes we make big and almost unfixable mistakes. This makes the mistake something that is incredibly hard for us to admit. That being said, we believe everyone should start owning up to their mistakes and taking responsibility for their actions. It may sound difficult to do, but it is essential to your growth as a person.

2 "I Miss You"


We are not talking about telling your nana you miss her over the phone. When we say people do not say “I miss you” out loud, we are talking about matters of the heart. Similar to “I love you”, saying “I miss you” can be just as difficult. There is something about being vulnerable that gives us this illusion that missing someone makes you weak. However, we at TheRichest believe it to be the opposite. Missing someone and being able to both admit it and say it out loud is one of the bravest things you can do.

Being true to your heart does not make you weak. In fact, contrary to what many believe, being open and honest actually makes you stronger. It gives you an inner strength and sense of confidence that will help you conquer the emotional hurdles you face throughout your life.

1 "I’ve Stalked You Online"


Did you really think we were going to forget about this one? In today’s society, it is very common for you to “stalk” someone’s social media without ever meeting them. Social media allows you to get to know someone, see what they like and dislike, see where they like to hang out and with who, all with a click of the button. This creates complications when you meet someone new yet, you already know about their life.

We at TheRichest do not advise you to ever tell someone you have stalked their social media before. Trust us, it is one of those things that just should never be said out loud. When you meet a stranger you stalked, just act natural because you really do not know anything about them besides what you see online.

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