15 Things All Men Want Women To Stop Doing

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, this is something we all know. Yes, men and women are different, however there are inherent similarities that keep the circle of life going. Men, like women, d

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, this is something we all know. Yes, men and women are different, however there are inherent similarities that keep the circle of life going. Men, like women, do want to find someone that they can settle down with and call their wife. Typically, they eventually want families and of course they want to be happy and feel loved. This is just human nature. However, there are a lot of ways that men and women differ.

Men and women do not agree on a lot of things and there are countless things about the opposite sex that annoy each individual gender. This is why we at TheRichest thought it would be a fun idea to ask some men some of the things they wished women would stop doing and we came up with a list of fifteen of the most common answers. From physical things to personality traits, we have got everything covered on this list. So ladies, read carefully, and're welcome!

15 Duck Face

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Why oh why are women still doing the duck face? Men despise this phase that women have gotten stuck in for so many reasons. First, they think it looks stupid, second, men believe women to look a hundred times more beautiful when they are smiling in pictures. Smiling and just being yourself without the forced posed is so much sexier than any duck face picture you will ever post.

Women may believe it makes them look more attractive, but the reality is, in the eyes of men it makes them look less attractive, almost basic, which no woman wants to be. Duck face is something I think a lot of men are hoping will go out of style in the new year, so ladies if you are reading this, leave this phase in 2016.

14 Using Way Too Much Makeup

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When it comes to men and makeup, there is one thing we can say with confidence: most men like a girl that wears just a little makeup. Women are naturally beautiful and the idea that they ALWAYS need to wear makeup is something that drives men crazy. Most men find their partners the most beautiful when they are in bed or coming out of the shower. That pure beauty is what makes men keep falling in love with their women over and over. Yes, putting on makeup is a lot of fun but sometimes it is nice to embrace a more natural look and trust us when we say, men will be even more drawn to your beauty. This is nothing against makeup this is more about loving yourself without any modifications, because as most of you know, the most attractive thing to a man is confidence.

13 Rehashing Old Fights

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Women are professional at rehashing old fights. To men, once a fight is done with it is done, but with women, it is never done. They will hold it against you and bring it up years later just to make a point and this is something that drives men absolutely crazy. Women do this in a way that they may not find annoying, and most of the time, whatever they are rehashing usually makes sense in whatever context it is being used in, however, it drives men absolutely crazy. This is one of the biggest differences between men and women. Women whether they like to admit it or not, are all guilty of rehashing a fight, it is one of the annoying qualities that we at TheRichest think men are just going to have to deal with.

It also does not help that women in general, tend to have the best memory (or at least they seem to!), and as a result, they may be less quick to forget the day you were a jerk.

12 Overusing Filters

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In 2016, it is pretty evident that social media has taken over almost everyone's lives, and this generation has become almost addicted to the instant likes and responses that these apps provide.

Instagram, Snapchat, and the countless online dating apps have women obsessing over taking the “perfect” pictures. We all have social media so we all know what kind of filters are out there. There is nothing that drives men crazier than a girl looking one way on social media and then looking another way in real life. Ladies, enough with the filters, you don't need them, you looked fine before discovering them and you will look fine after you stop overusing them. This all goes back to women not thinking they look good without any modifications, the filters have got to stop, seriously ladies, enough.

11 Calling Themselves “Queens”

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This whole “I am a Queen” thing has really been driving me crazy. I'm also definitely not alone, as men in a general sense definitely think it is annoying when a woman keeps iterating that they are queens and deserve more, especially when the women is not doing anything deserving of it.

If your man wants to call you his queen, that should be something they do, not something you force them to say. Listen up ladies, a “queen” does not need to remind everybody of their status all the times, real queens know how they should be treated and simply do not stand for anything less.

Women need to relax with telling men that they are “queens” and that no man could ever measure up to them because they're just so perfect. Nothing says insecurity like having to continuously convince people around them that they are something they are so clearly not.

10 Nagging

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Although men would love for women to stop doing this, chances are they are never going to stop, it is like in female DNA or something. In most cases, women are more of a perfectionist then men, they like everything done seamlessly in the exact way that they want it done. This is why women nag, it is because they want everything to be as perfect as they envisioned it. Although women need to get over it and understand that it is okay for things not to go as planned, men need to understand where they are coming from and just let them do their thing. Yes, women are annoying when they nag, but that nagging also is what makes a home beautiful, dinner delicious and the laundry done. There is a method behind the madness of a woman, men just need to understand that.

9 Eating Off His Plate

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Remember that episode of Friends where Joey doesn't share food, well that is a slight exaggeration on what most men feel. Men hate when they take a woman out for dinner and she only orders a salad, yet eats most of the fries off your plate. Ladies need to understand that men do not care if you order a burger and fries, in fact, if that is what you want they would prefer you to order it. Women must stop trying to give off an image of perfection and just relax and be themselves, especially with men. Yes, men and women are different, but both sexes have similarities. When you eat off his plate, it can be cute, however, when it happens every time you guys go out to eat, it gets a little annoying.

8 Always Being On Social Media

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As previously mentioned, 2016 is a year that saw a lot of people get obsessed with social media, especially women. A lot of men get turned off by a girl who is constantly checking on social media, posting and doing whatever else there is to do online. We are sure a lot of you reading this have been to a party in the last year where everyone is just taking snapchats and no one is really living in the moment?

That is how it looks to men when women are always obsessing on social media when they are together. Women tend to share everything while men tend to be more private which is why ladies, if you are on a first date with a guy, you should not be using your phone for anything, especially not social media. A human in this generation that is not phone obsessed is a turn on, so if you want to get him to fall in love, put the phone down for the evening.

7 Going Through His Phone

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We at TheRichest are firm believers in the following, if you are looking through his phone, the relationship is already over. It is one thing to look through his photos from the night before or answer a text message for him, however, to a man, when a woman goes looking for problems, it is a big turn off. Trust is something that is important in a relationship and going through anyone's phone is seen as an invasion of privacy.

Women, to men's credit, need to stop obsessing over every detail like what pictures he likes and at what time and instead think about things that you and your man can do together and grow as a couple. Yes, men go through women phones also, but women are a lot more guilty of this crime. Stop doing it or it will end up being the demise of your relationship because the trust will be gone.

6 Talking During Sports

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When it comes to men and their sports, there is a sacred bond that women need to understand. Put it this way ladies, football Sunday is equivalent to the Golden Globes or any award show that you may love to watch.

We definitely do not want them to talk during our shows, so we should not talk during their favorite shows. We get it, men can be really annoying when it comes to their sports games, however, it makes them insanely happy, which is totally worth it. Let your man watch his sports in peace and if it annoys you, just go in the other room and watch something else. A lot of men are too nice to tell a woman to stop talking, they also know that saying that won't usually end well, which is why we at TheRichest are telling you ladies for them.

5 Using Sex As A Reward/To Get Their Way

This is a horrible thing that almost every woman has done in a relationship. Using sex as a reward is one of those things that always ends up getting the woman in trouble because let's face it guys, manipulation on any level is bad, especially when it involves sex. The sad thing about women who use intimacy as a reward is that in the moment, they get what they want, however, in the long run, it never turns out well and now something that was supposed to bring you together has forever been tainted.

Men may fall for it at first, but once they realize what you did, it may change the way they see you. Communicating is as important to men as well as women and when a woman is wrong, a lot of the time she has a hard time admitting it. So, instead of admitting it she will just seduce him, knowing that is the males weakness. It is all very manipulative and it is something that men despise, not to mention it does not solve any argument!

4 Getting Fake Tans

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Almost every man has said that spray tans are terrible, however, women keep doing them in hopes of attracting a man. We do not know how many times we need to emphasize how much better and more desirable someone's natural beauty is. A lot of girls think that men are not able to tell if it a spray tan or not, well, sorry to break it to you ladies, most of the time, they can (especially if it's not summer!). The thing men hate most about spray tans is when they get on their sheets. This is something that happens more than you think and it grosses men out completely. Fake tans are not necessary, and a lot of women say “It's winter I am so pale” well guess what ladies, everyone is pale, learn to live with it and embrace your ivory skin.

3 Using Their Period As A "Free Pass"

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Women around the globe are going to kill me for this one, but I am going for it. Having your period does not give women a free pass to be a b-tch. There we said it. A lot of women use their periods as an excuse to be mean to men. Periods suck yes, and we know men do not get periods and that sucks even more, but that is something we women need to deal with and stop using as an excuse to be overly emotional. Instead of blaming it on your period, why don't you try to tell your man what is really bothering you. Trust us when we say he will respect that a lot more than if you just blame it on your cycle.

If you get in a fight and after you also realize that you may have been acting irrationally because you're hormonal? It will mean a lot that you have the confidence to apologize as opposed to acting like you are entitled to abusing your partner on your period.

2 Playing Mind Games

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A lot of people claim that men are the ones that play games, however, in our experience, we have learned that women are in fact the ones that are notoriously playing with people's emotions. Yes, men are bad, but most of the time men are bad because they got played by a woman they loved.

This is not in defense of men, but women are always quick to call me out when in reality women can be just as bad. The main difference between men and women is that when a man is interested in you, they typically do a pretty good job of letting you know.

However, on the opposite end of the spectrum, if a woman is interested in you, it's possible that you don't really know. Women do not wear their hearts on their sleeves and they tend to focus on more than one guy at once. Everyone knows the games that people play and yet they are still being played. Ladies if you like a guy, tell him and if you do not, stop leading him on. It drives them crazy and it's really not nice.

1 Being Insecure

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You've reached what is easily the number one pet peeve for all men. Yes, everyone is insecure, but to men, confidence is the most beautiful and sexiest quality a woman can have. No one is perfect, however, as a woman, it is how you hold those imperfections that make you even more beautiful. We at TheRichest are big believers that beauty exudes from the inside and the happier you are with yourself the more you are going to give off a positive and breathtaking energy that men just find irresistible.

Women need to stop being so insecure and remember that men have their insecurities also, so try and stop obsessing over what he may not like about you. Instead try to focus on the things he likes about you, the things that make you beautiful and uniquely you. Men want women to be happy and feel good, it is the biggest turn on in the world.

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