15 Things All Men Want Women To Stop Doing On Tinder

Dating apps have become the norm when it comes to meeting new people. The most popular and well-known dating app is, of course, Tinder. It's the most common way of meeting people for dates in our generation. The notion that the love of your life is simply one swipe away is something that many people have been finding themselves believing. Women and men both seem to find Tinder to be a place where they can be whoever they want but the truth is that they are always going to be themselves, no matter how well they lie or use Photoshop.

Tinder is a great place to meet people, but it is also a great place to make yourself look bad. Many men have been falling into the Tinder traps set up by women which is why this article needed to be written.

If you are a woman and you are looking for something positive to come out of Tinder, then there are certain things that you should avoid doing. This article is all about the things you should not be doing as a woman on Tinder, from your attitude to the pictures you post, all grounds have been covered.

15 Stop Complaining About How You've Been Hurt In The Past

This is one of the most annoying things for men to deal with on Tinder. Women who are negative right off the bat is something that men notice.

There is nothing attractive about someone who is throwing shade right from the start. The reality is that everyone has been hurt and everyone has a reason to be negative when it comes to love, however, that is not a reason to project your hurt onto a complete stranger on the internet.

If you are going to pick up on Tinder, try to keep the conversation on a more positive side as opposed to going right into darkness. Trust me, no stranger wants to hear about all the pain you have gone through. By keeping it light you should find more success on the app.

14 Playing The Game And Waiting Before Answering

I am not sure why women do this, but all women do, including me. Many women see Tinder as a game, in a sense, and it is as if we want to see how many matches we can get without ever having to talk to them.

A lot of the time after a match is made, men will try and initiate conversation with the girl and for most women, they find that no answer is the best answer.

Women need to stop ignoring men on dating apps and start initiating or at least continuing the conversation. Women complain constantly about how there are no “good guys” out there and yet they continuously find themselves ignoring guys that are trying to get to know them.

13 Stop Saying Things Like "I Don't Need A Man"

Girls do this all the time, especially on Tinder. There is no denying that most everyone wants to find love at one point or another. I think it is funny when women pretend they do not care... chances are they care all the more.

Some women feel the need to go on weird rants on Tinder about “I do not need a man” or “I am so happy being single” which makes me laugh because they are stating this while roaming for men on an app.

Some women believe that if they show that they care, men will think they are desperate but that is actually far from the truth. When a woman shows they care, it will actually give the man more confidence to follow through with it. My advice, just be honest, do not try to be to “cool.”

12 Not Showing Your Face In Pictures

When a girl never puts photos of her face it raises a lot of red flags and if you do not believe me maybe you will after I explain myself.

The first is that perhaps there is something wrong with her face, the second is that she loves flaunting her body because that's all she believes she has to offer. Someone who only posts body photos can be viewed as being highly insecure. When a woman only puts focus on her body, it allows men to only see her as a body, which can be detrimental to many.

Some women believe that men only see them as being used for one thing and by only showing them your body parts, you are giving them permission to see you as just that. Post your beautiful face, do not hide behind your super hot body.

11 Not Posting Full Body Shots

As horrible as this may sound, the biggest complaint men have when talking about Tinder is that most women are bigger in person then they are in photos.

We live in a society that puts a lot of pressure on women to look a certain way especially when it comes to weight. A lot of women are insecure about their bodies which is why they will focus more on showing their face on Tinder. Although there is a method behind this madness, the truth is that it is worrisome to guys when there is no full body picture.

Do not be insecure, regardless of how much you weigh, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Show that body off and you will see that by posting both body and face pictures you will attract the right kind of guy.

10 Old Or Photoshopped Pictures

I never understood why women post old or photoshopped photos of themselves on Tinder. The reality is that although you may look good in your photos, you do not look like that in real life.

I am a firm believer that looking better in person is a lot more important than looking better in pictures. Imagine meeting someone from Tinder and having them say “oh my god, you are so much prettier in person.”

There is no denying that girls who post pictures that do not look like them can feel very insecure, and may crave a lot of attention that they are not receiving otherwise. Do not be that girl, trust me when I say it is not hot to lie.

9 Making It All About How Much Money He Makes

There is nothing more tacky and tasteless than having a stranger ask you about your financial situation. I do not know many women truly obsessed with money, but I do know that men hate women who only care about money.

When a girl meets a guy on Tinder and automatically starts asking questions, like “what kind of car do you drive?” or “how much money do you make?” it is a sure sign that they are probably after something more than just love.

Women who do this on Tinder give girls around the world a bad name. My advice: do not bring up anything that has to do with money on Tinder. It will make you look bad and make the guy suspicious.

8 Getting Too Serious Too Quick

There is nothing that freaks a guy out more on a dating app than a woman who is bringing up serious issues. Regardless of how bad your ex-hurt you, how much you hate your daddy or how bad your period is, there is no reason why a stranger from Tinder should be listening to all of your issues.

When you are talking to someone on Tinder, try and keep it as light and as fun as possible. Not because I think you should be someone else but because I do not think it is a stranger's business as to why you are the way you are.

Leave the serious conversations for an in-person date and make sure that whatever you say is not said in a rude way. In life, it is not what you say but how you say it and this is a perfect example of that.

7 Promiscuous Photos

For the love of God ladies, please stop posting half-naked photos on Tinder.

First off, it makes you look desperate, and second, it does not attract the right kind of guy. Tinder is, for many people, considered a “hookup” app, however, I know that many people are on it in hopes of meeting someone special. By posting promiscuous photos you are only attracting one type of guy and that is the dude that wants to get it in.

If that is what you want and all you are looking for then go for it, however, not if you are looking for something more than just a bang. The real reason why girls post half-naked pictures is for attention and a reaction, however, these girls do not realize that the best kind of attention is not one you need to try so hard for.

6 You Only Show Group Pictures

This is something that both men and women are guilty of doing on Tinder. Posting only group photos is a sign that you are not confident in yourself, it is a sign that you need people around you to feel like yourself and it is also a sign that you have some problems with being alone.

There is nothing wrong with one or two group pictures but if all your pictures are group shots it makes the dude start to think that maybe there is something wrong with you.

Group shots are not cool for dating apps, they are great for Facebook and great for picture frames but please stop making your Tinder profile an ode to your friends as opposed to a way of showing yourself off.

5 Enough With The Selfies!

There is something very alarming about a woman who only posts selfies on Tinder. Selfies to many are a form of showing one's ego. Selfies display a certain love for yourself but they also exude a certain amount of conceitedness.

If a woman only has selfies on her profile it is a sign that she loves herself a little too much. This to men is a red flag and it is something you should avoid doing on dating apps. Trust me when I tell you a selfie or two is okay, but after that, it starts looking a little desperate and lame.

My advice, for every three pictures you are allowed one selfie, nothing more or you start to look nuts.

4 Get Rid Of The Ridiculous Quotes In Your Bio

Why do girls feel the need to write those ridiculous quotes in their bios? It is almost as though women try to convince these men on Tinder who they are without actually being themselves.

Nobody's into these “bullsh*t” quotes. As a matter of fact, these quotes are actually raising red flags for men. Putting these quotes scares men off; it makes you seem both intense and unimaginative.

Instead, women should be thinking of a bio that is original and that will make a guy laugh, not one that states that they are a “queen” or that “if you can't handle me at my worst you do not deserve me at my best.”

Focus more on being yourself instead of impressing people because, to be honest, impressing people while trying to be someone else never works out.

3 Always Too Busy

Tinder is a dating app, which is why it is annoying when people do not use it for dating. Women are notorious for not wanting to make plans after initiating conversation with someone.

Women always seem to be “too busy” to go out on a date but I am here to tell you this is just an excuse. Ladies, you need to stop pretending to put yourself out there. If you know you will never meet the guy, then the right thing to do is to say “Sorry, I am not interested.”

Women give men a lot of heat for not being honest and yet we do the same exact thing- which is why we need to stop it because, in the long run, we are making ourselves look bad.

2 Your Profile Is Boring AF

So many girls on Tinder are super basic in the way they set up their profile. Your Tinder profile should be a reflection of you and your personality, it should not be a generic notion of what you want the world to see you as.

A lot of girls google “best Tinder bio's” and copy whatever it is they see, which in my opinion is super lame.

If you are going to be on a dating app, you should have fun with it in whatever way you can. Your bio does not need to be super long and you do not need to post 8 photos of yourself. Instead, I believe you should be selective and pay attention to what you are putting out in the universe, try to stand out but do not lose who you are in the process.

1 You're Too High Maintenance

Men and women hate people who are too demanding and women who are demanding on Tinder are more likely to ring in the new year alone.

There is nothing more annoying than a person who demands too much attention and too many things. If you are talking to a girl on Tinder and she is already setting her ground rules, chances are she is a handful.

Most men enjoy women who are low-key. They enjoy women who are down to earth and who know how to be tactful in a relationship. Some women, for some reason, have a misconception that men like being controlled and commanded when in reality that is far from the truth for either gender.

If you are on Tinder, do yourself a favor and chill out. The more you demand, the less you will receive.

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