15 Things All Men Want Women To Do More

Men and women are incredibly different, this is nothing new. Men and women tend to disagree on a lot of things and a lot of the time they do not see eye to eye. Men think women are crazy and women thi

Men and women are incredibly different, this is nothing new. Men and women tend to disagree on a lot of things and a lot of the time they do not see eye to eye. Men think women are crazy and women think men are crazy, this is life. But whether or not men and women admit it, they need each other. But because men are inherently different than women, different things bother men than they do women.

Many women are more vocal with what they wish men did more. Some of the many things that many women wish men would start doing includes (but is not limited to), cleaning up after themselves, putting the toilet seat down, not playing video games, eating something other than pizza, cooking something other than steak and talking about something other than cars or sports. Now, let us ask you, what do men want from women? Isn't that the real million dollar question?

We at TheRichest thought it would be fun to dig deep and uncover what men wish women did more. From housewife duties to taking risks, the following is filled with fifteen things men want women to do more. Ladies, we are sorry for putting you on the spot, men you are welcome for vocalizing your feelings.

15 Don't Be A Robot


A lot of women put on an act when they are with their man. This is something that usually ends badly because there is a lack of authenticity within the relationship. Women a lot of the times try to alter who they are both physically and personality wise which is something that bothers men.

Men are far from perfect, but a lot of men are genuine to themselves, which is more than we can say for most women. Many women want to give off a certain image to the world, however, this is something men see right through. Men are attracted to flawed beings, they are aware that no one is perfect and they tend to fall in love with imperfections. Today's generation of women tends to act like robots, who do not say, wear or look imperfect in any way shape of form and it is leaving men turned off!

14 Make The First Move


This is something a lot of women shy away from and a lot of men yearn for. Making the first move is one of the sexiest things a woman can do to men. A woman who is confident enough to make the first move (both in terms of dating and in the bedroom) is the kind of women a lot of men look for. Women have this misconception that making the first move can make you look desperate when in reality it is the opposite. Men view women making the first move as a sign that she is a go-getter, someone who sees something she wants and goes after it. Another reason why women do not usually make the first move is because of the fear of rejection. What women do not realize is that men have this same fear, which is why it is unfair to expect a man to always be the one to make a move. If you want to kiss him, go for it, chances are it will make him fall even harder for you.

13 Watch Sports Without Complaining 


Men do and watch a lot of things they do not want to. Whether it is romantic comedies or  various reality television shows, most women control the television at home. However, there is one thing many men are unable to live without, and that is watching sports. A lot of men feel a deep connection to sports and are dedicated to their favorite teams. When men watch sports, they need to focus, which is why it drives them crazy when women won't stop complaining during the game.

A big part of relationships is being able to compromise and if you can't watch a full football game without complaining then just go in the other room. To men, this is irritating because is displays a lack of care towards something that they are passionate about. Women always want men to pay attention to what they love yet a lot of women have a hard time doing that for men.

12 Say What You Mean


“Say what you mean and mean what you say,” this is something that all women need to start doing. A lot of ladies have word vomit, they say whatever they want when they feel like it and they do not realize the lasting impact that the conversation can have on their man. Men, different from women, tend to choose their words carefully, which is why when women get mad and act irrationally, it will understandably make the man take a big step back from the relationship.

Women need to stop beating around the bush and be honest with men because that is the only way that relationships are going to work. I know I am not the only woman who has lost my mind over a dirty dish in the sink instead of telling my boyfriend what was really bothering me. Be honest, men prefer learning about your feelings instead of being confused as to why you are so upset.

11 Cook


Yes, we are aware that it is the 21st century however, that does not mean that women should not take care of their men. We know we are not the only people to say that the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach, and this statement is nothing but the truth. A lot of men wish that women cooked more, especially men whose mothers cooked. It is weird to say but men tend to go for women who have similar qualities as their mothers, which is why being “motherly” as a woman is never a bad thing.

Men are creatures that like to be taken care of, there is not denying that and a lot of men wish that their significant others cooked more. This does not mean you need to spend every day slaving away in the kitchen, but by learning a few of his favorite meals he is sure to be a happy man.

10 Go "Au Natural"


We live in a society that does not promote natural beauty, fake hair, fake eyelashes and fake body parts are now part of our “norm”. This gives off the impression to women that this is what men look for. The reality is, almost all men prefer a woman who is natural to a woman that is fake. Men love effortless beauty and being with someone who is comfortable in her own skin. There are a lot of men who believe that women look better with little to no makeup on, which should be telling for women.

We have mentioned this before, but we will emphasize it again, men love confidence! They think that is the sexiest thing a woman can have. Instead of wanting to hide and alter yourself, learn to accept yourself and love your flaws because that is what men really want for women.

9 Play Video Games


Gamer girls are sexy, at least to most men they are. Video games have always been something that more men are more interested in than women however, times are changing. A lot of women have now found a love for video games and men wish all women could find that love.Video games, especially if the girlfriend hates it, can start a lot of conflict within couples. If you are one of those men, we are sure you wish your significant others understood this hobby.

If your partner has elected to indulge in your hobby, it does not mean they need to be good. But it is impossible to deny that the effort is there, which is all your man really wants to see. Video games are an activity that instead of fighting about, couples should enjoy together. Ladies, try playing, you never know, you might actually enjoy it.

8 Take Charge


Taking charge is something a lot of women let the man do, however, we do not realize how much pressure that puts on the guy. What we mean by taking charge does not necessarily mean only in the bedroom (although more on that below), but can be displayed in numerous life situations. For example how much would your man appreciate it if you decide which restaurant to go to or pick what movie to watch?

Women tend to not be decisive which drives men completely insane. So by taking charge, it will display a certain amount of confidence that will make you even more desirable to him. If taking charge scares you, start with little things like initiating small parts of the date. It won't take long before you learn that by taking charge you make both your life and your man's life a lot easier.

7 Stay Away From Drama


You can deny it or not but women tend to be in the middle more drama in one month then a man will go through in his entire life. Men hate drama, they hate fighting and any conflict of any sort. However, women may not love drama, but they do not avoid it. This is something that really bothers men because they believe it to be something that is not necessary. Men get turned off when a woman gossips or speaks poorly of someone else, they see it as a sign of insecurity. This is something women should envy about men, is their lack of involvement in drama. Most of the time, when a man is involved in drama, a woman is the reason for it.

Drama is something that is pointless as well as overall draining to their partner who has to constantly hear about it. We don't want to seem insensitive, but hopefully, you and your partner can keep your focus on your own issues and not the other couples around you. For that reason gossiping is something that every man wishes women would do less.

6 Be On Your Phone Less


Women love being on their phone, between texting, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram, women are pretty much obsessed with being on their phones. If you do not see the problem in constantly being on your phone, you are about to. Men despise when a woman lives on her phone. Not only is it going to cause some major annoyances, it is one of the biggest turn offs to them.

5 Be More Adventurous


We at TheRichest do not mean to generalize but the reality is that men tend to be much more adventurous than women. Most women tend to weigh out their pros and cons before doing anything whereas men tend to think more in the moment. So naturally, that sense of impulsivity that they love about themselves is also something they wish women did more. Men believe that one of the best ways of creating a bond with someone is by sharing an experience, which is why they wish more women were adventurous.

This does not only have to do with activities like skydiving or mountain climbing but it can also be associated with intimacy. A lot of women tend to be shy in the bedroom however, men would love for them to find their adventurous side. There is nothing wrong with trying something new, in fact, we at TheRichest encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and be a little more on the daring side.

Below we'll include some more tips on how to find your wild side in the bedroom.

4 Be Less Available


Men, as crazy as this may sound, want what they can't have. Even if they have you, they want to know that they can lose you. This keeps men on their toes and keeps them interested. By making yourself less available and being busy you do not realize how much more desirable you become to him.

Most men love independent women who have lives that do not revolve around them. It is a turn off to men if a woman is constantly waiting for them to make plans or to see their friends. Men like to know that they can take care of you but also that their woman can take care of herself.

By being busy and not always being available, it also makes your man miss you and desire to see you even more.

3 Don't Be So Nosy


Women have this thing where it is like they need to know everything and this drives men crazy. Women, whether you want to admit it or not are nosy beings and women ask questions that irritate men more than you will ever know. Women want to know who they are texting, who just called them, who the girl he just became Facebook friends with is and the list goes on.

If a man is with you, that does not mean that he needs to share every detail of his life with you. Women tend to believe that they have the right to know, however, we at TheRichest believe in privacy. Our theory is that if you are snooping around looking for something, that the relationship is already over. Stop snooping, start trusting, that should be the motto in every relationship.

2 Play Dress Up


No, we are not talking about getting dolled up and hitting a night on the town, but we are talking about dressing up for your man only. Men have a lot of fantasies that they do not talk about and dressing up can cover a lot of those. From him coming home to seeing you cleaning the house dressed as a maid to him being sick and you taking care of him dressed as a nurse, this is something men dream about.

Relationships are not all about being intimate, however, having fun and playing up on each other's fantasies is something men crave. This is something that both men and women can enjoy and it is a way of showing your man you care, by doing something for him, in every sense possible.

This is a little thing that is guaranteed to go a long, long way.

1 Be “Chill”

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