15 Things All Husbands Are Afraid To Ask Their Wives (And The Answers!)

Marriage is a sacred ceremony between man and woman and those who are truly in love, share this special bond. Nothing feels better than a loving marriage and that could only be achieved when both man and woman are faithful and caring. Marriage is pretty much similar to any intimate relationship between two parties but of course, it's more mature and stupid moves are supposed to be avoided at all cost.

Between man and woman, let's all admit that it's the men that aren't too smart and sensitive. Every once in a while, a few questions cross the minds of guys that they to know the answer to. These questions could get them in big trouble with their wives and worse, it could nab them a one-way ticket to sleeping on the couch. Throughout the years, guys have been on a trial and error process about the questions they should ask their wives and they have learned from it. For newbie husbands, there are a few questions that you might want to reconsider before asking your wife. Here are 15 things every husband is too afraid to ask his wife!


15 Do You Really Need To Check My Phone?

Every relationship stands on trust and trust alone. Without it, a marriage is bound to fall apart at the slightest mishap. With today's technological age and advancements, keeping secrets and sins isn't as easy as it used to be so if someone in the relationship has someone on the side, the other is bound to find out. However, there are others who are good at cheating but since women aren't easily fooled, they always want to check through the phones of their husbands.

For some husbands, their wives checking through their phones is outrageous. Honestly speaking though, if they have nothing to hide, then they shouldn't have to worry about their wives knowing their passwords and locks on social media sites and gadgets. If the guy is just too protective of his privacy, then suspicions are going to be raised for sure.

14 Do We Have To Go To Your Parents' House?


Not all husbands are fond of the family of their wives. Uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters, and of course, the in-laws. Most husbands dread family reunions because they hate the parents of their wives. Sure, their wives wouldn't be alive if it weren't for her parents but do they have to be so condescending and annoying? Every once in a while, the ladies have to visit their parents and guys aren't too excited about this.

Guys are afraid to ask this because they're afraid of the answer. Their wives will eventually have to pay a visit to their family. The best and only solution to the dreaded reunions is to establish a good relationship with the wife's family. Whatever happens, they cannot be avoided so it's best to just get a good relationship with the parents. Surely, there's at least one thing that all husbands will have in common with the parents of their wives.

13 Do You Really Need To Put On That Much Makeup?

Regardless of how old a girl is, they'll still be putting on makeup for extended periods of time. Guys are left waiting for their ladies for an hour or so just to give them ample time to put on makeup. Even after marriage, girls are still eager to put on makeup when it's time for a night out. Husbands are of course, still 100% curious as to why their wives still need to do it but they're afraid of asking because they wouldn't want to incur the wrath of their honey.

Husbands should face the fact that girls putting on makeup isn't exactly that big of a deal. Guys just need to be patient and understanding. After all, that's how marriage is supposed to be. And yes, girls do need to put on makeup if they think it's necessary and no one has the right to force them to stop doing so. It's almost like a ritual for girls to put on makeup when they have to go out and for the most part, they try to present themselves beautifully for the sake of their husband.

12 How Much Did That Cost?


Girls admittedly love shopping. Their eyes shine a new spark whenever they see a sale or a bargain in malls or other stores. Husbands should always be prepared to spend a few dollars whenever they're out with their wives for a stroll somewhere. With the economy in the state it's in, it's often hard to go on shopping sprees. Worse, husbands are very hesitant on purchasing stuff that costs too much for their budget.

There comes a time in every man's life when they want to ask, "how much is that?"  It's not an easy question to ask also since husbands wouldn't want their wives thinking that they've gotten stingy with them. The truth is, some items are indeed a little too pricey. For husbands, it'd be best to remind their wives the household's budget.

11 Can I Hang With The Boys?

The common belief is that once a man ties the knot, he'll have no time for anything else aside from his wife. That's why a future husband's best friends aren't too keen on seeing him finally get his happily ever after. Wives aren't always generous when it comes to the time their husbands have and that's why most guys no longer have time to hang with their gang. Husbands can always ask permission from their wives if they want to go out but that's easier said than done.

Of course, guys can hang with the boys but with a few restrictions of course. No other girls involved, no trouble, not too much drinking, and the list goes on. Guys are still free to make schedules once they get married but they should always consider when or where his family needs him. For a win-win situation, why not let the husbands and wives hang out for a change.

10 Are You Putting On Weight?


Women are sensitive about a lot of things in their body and once married, men should know what their partner's insecurities are. Before and after marriage, ladies are always looking to hear compliments from their guys every once in a while. It's music to their ears. Sometimes, it's best to know when to lie and when not to lie and as some unfortunate husbands have discovered, it's not always the wisest move to ask their wives if they've put on weight.

It's never wise to talk to a woman about her weight and that doesn't change when it comes to married life. Asking women whether or not they put on weight is insensitive and in turn, could hurt the feelings of ladies. Ladies don't simply let themselves go when they get married. They just get more comfortable with who they are at that point. Just don't ask this question and you're going to have a happy married life.

9 Are You PMS-ing?

A few days every month, girls go through a natural process that really ruins their mood. Boyfriends, suitors, and husbands alike have been on the receiving end of a woman who's very moody because of her period. They can get very short-fused during this times and men are left shaking with their tails between their legs. Of course, it's no secret that asking about whether a woman is PMS-ing is basically a taboo that could get you a ticket to sleeping on the couch.

Asking a woman whether or not she's PMS-ing is like rushing into war without a gun. It's a very sensitive question, ESPECIALLY if the woman is actually PMS-ing. During these times of the month, it's best for guys to just pamper their ladies with whatever it is they desire. It's a win-win situation for both parties. The wives are happy because they are getting pampered, the men are happy because they aren't getting shouted at.


8 Can We Still Do It Even If You're Pregnant?


The penultimate result of being married is starting a family together. The gift of life is the best gift a husband and wife could ever ask for but there's more to birth and pregnancy than just having a child. The 9-month wait to giving birth requires a few "sacrifices" that both husband and wife should make. One of those sacrifices is the act of making love. Not every pregnant woman is willing to make love to their husbands, especially if the baby bump is already there.

Guys can ask their wives if they still want to do it even if they are pregnant but it's actually a pretty awkward question. Some women find it okay to make love even when the baby bump is there but it is a case to case basis. It's best to just ask the wife first before anything else. If the wife doesn't want to, then it's going to be a long couple of months of waiting.

7 Do You Regret Marrying Me?

There comes a point in every husband or wife's life when they begin to wonder if they ever married the right person. There's nothing worse than a loveless marriage but alas, it is a reality we all must face. This isn't a movie or a fairy tale, bad things to happen every once in a while in marriage and we all must be prepared for it.

For both parties, it's hard to ask if one ever regrets marrying the other. How awful would it be to live in a marriage where one doesn't love the other. We aren't actually afraid of asking the question, we're afraid of hearing the answer.

The answer will, of course, depend on who is asked. We can never know whether or not our partner regrets being with us as they could be lying to protect us from the pain. To keep everything sorted out, just focus on making your husband or wife happy so that this question won't ever cross your mind.

6 Have You Ever Cheated On Me?


Anyone who has been cheated on can attest that it's one of the worst experiences to go through. It's heartbreaking, it ruins our confidence in ourselves but most of all, it makes us lose the most special person in our lives to someone else. The sad reality is, some couples go into the line of marriage without one of the pairs knowing that the other has cheated on them at one point in their budding relationship and when the suspicions arise, it's best to just ask directly.

Both guys and ladies are capable of cheating on their partners. Some husbands, at one point, eventually ask their wife if they have ever cheated on them and the answer varies. Husband's hope that their wife is going to answer "no" but not everyone is fortunate. The truth hurts but it's a reality we must live in.

5 Can I Buy This?

Like ladies, guys need to pamper themselves at times. For men, pampering comes in many forms that are different from what women want but both men and women will need to spend money if they want to pamper themselves. Guys spend money on things like video games, hunting or fishing equipment, and even tickets to sporting events. Since a married man is no longer living for himself, he has to consider his budget first.

In many households, women are the ones who do budgeting. Since this is the case, the husband has to ask his wife on whether or not he can buy tickets to the ball game or even nab himself a copy of the latest Final Fantasy entry. As for the answer, it would depend on the household's budget of course. Husbands shouldn't be afraid of asking their wives though since they aren't such horrible beings.

4 Am I Good In Bed?


Literally, every guy is insecure or curious about his performance in bed. It can't be helped. Even before marriage, guys are wondering what their partner thinks about their performance in bed. In the early stages of a relationship, some girls tend to over exaggerate their reactions when it comes to the deed so as to not hurt the emotion of their partner. Once married though, ladies aren't too shy about expressing their thoughts about the performance of their man in bed.

This is why most husbands are afraid to ask about how they do in bed. The answer, of course, will always depend on the preference of the lady. Honestly speaking though, at the point of marriage, guys should already know what their ladies want in bed. And always remember, it's not always about the size of the tool, it's in the performance of the guy as well.

3 Why Are You Angry?

Petty arguments and fights don't end once a couple has tied the knot. These fights can't be helped and believe us, a relationship without these petty fights are rather questionable. We're not saying that you should start a fight with your partner every once in a while though. Men are dense beings and they can't take hints even if you shoved it up their faces. As for women, they want for the guys to care and that's why they don't always say why they are pissed off.

Most of the times, guys have no idea why their wives are pissed. Some won't even know she's already angry with him. Not many guys garner up the courage to ask their partner why they are angry because if they do, she'll likely get more pissed off. If they want the answer without asking, it's best to think about what they could've possibly done wrong. Think hard as even the little things count.

2 Can We Do It?


The common belief is that once married, a man and woman's sex life won't be as active as it used to be. This is a case to case basis though but still, many guys are complaining that their partners are barely in the mood anymore after they got married. This grows worse once kids arrive and guys all over the world are left clamoring for the sex life they once had with their ladies.

This forces guys to ask; if they are brave enough to, "can we do it?" The answer depends on whether or not the woman is in the mood for it. Some guys don't consider the fact that their wives are just not up for it sometimes. However, that doesn't completely mean their wives will turn them down the entire night. A little massage or sweet talk could put a woman in the mood. Husbands know their wives better than anyone else so they should know what turns them on.

1 Would You Sleep With Any Of My Friends?

Like the ladies, guys are pretty insecure about themselves as well. Despite what they are fronting, guys worry about the other people that look at her lady in a flirtatious manner. In worst cases, guys are afraid that one of the best-est pals would betray him and sleep with his wife. In cases like this, it's best to know which of our guy pals would our wife actually sleep with. Now, this isn't a really nice question to ask though as the husband would most likely look at the chosen pal differently from then on.

As much as curiosity wants to know the answer to this question, guys are afraid which of their guy pals their wives would sleep with, if any. The answer varies of course and it depends on what the wife sees as attractive. Honestly speaking, this is a question that the husband can answer already since he's more than familiar with what his wife finds as desirable.


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