15 Things All Guys Should Really Stop Doing

Women are always being picked apart in our society; from the way women dress, to what they do, to what they say, it is like they are always getting the raw end of the deal. This is why we at TheRichest thought it would be fun to turn the tables around on men. That is right, gentlemen, we are putting you in the hot seat and I don't think you are ready for it.

Men in our generation are a new breed. They lack a lot of the qualities that men in previous generations had. In today's society, men lead with sex, they are self-absorbed and even a little cheap. Yes, a lot of the time men suck, but this is not a list designed for that.

This is simply a list of fifteen things that women, around the globe, wished men would stop doing, just like the countless lists that float around expressing the things that women should not be doing. At the end of the day, everyone is different and everyone likes different things in a man, however, there is some stuff that we at TheRichest have a hard time believing any woman is into.

We hope you men learn a little something, and ladies, you are welcome!


15 Don't Wear Fedoras


If a man is wearing a fedora a woman thinks one of two things: what is wrong with him and does he actually think that hat is working for him. It can make women question your judgment and taste.

There is no real reason behind why men should start wearing these ridiculous hats. We are not sure when men got the memos that wearing a fedora was some sort of “style” because 99% of you look silly.

At the end of the day, if you are really attached to the fedora, rock it, but do not say we did not warn you. Who knows, maybe there are a few women out there who have fedora fetishes or like wearing them themselves, but it probably isn't the majority of women!

14 Gym Selfies


Did you know that it was possible to go to the gym without taking a selfie to prove it?

There is nothing less sexy to a girl then seeing a good looking guy while working out and then noticing him, taking pictures of himself, arms flexed and all.

A gym is a place to workout and until social media became part of the game, this was something people liked to do in private.

We get it, you want to see your “progress” but that does not mean everyone that follows you need to see it. People in today's society do not believe something happened unless it was documented on social media. At the end of the day, the coolest people are those who don't advertise where they go or what they do.

Gym selfies are a turn-off, stop taking them immediately.

13 Sending "Intimate Photos" Unsolicited 


Do men realize that the only thing that happens when you send a woman a dick pic is her showing it to all of her friends? Seriously, she will show it to all of her friends. Dick pics have become a form of leverage for women, something that they have over a guy and yet, even knowing this, men continue to send these pictures out into the universe.

Dick pics do not turn girls on, plain and simple. These crude and invasive photos that almost every girl has received are actually the most repulsive form of communication possible.

At the end of the day, a girl never marries the guy who sent her a picture of his junk, not only is it tasteless but it is also a sign of immaturity.

12 Being Cheap


Men love going around calling their girlfriends their “queens” but won't treat them as queens should be treated. Cheapness is one of the most unattractive qualities anyone can have, but especially a man. Let us clear something up before we get into it, being cheap has nothing to do with the amount of money you make.

Some of the richest people in the world are the cheapest and some of the most generous people struggle to make ends meet. If you are walking around in the latest sneakers, but you have yet to treat your lady out to a meal, then there is something wrong with that picture. Women are independent and fully capable of buying their own meals, but there is something chivalrous about a man taking charge and treating their “queen”.

11 Lying


Liars are unattractive, straight up. There is something about a man that lies that shows a lack of integrity. People who are honest always assume that others are also, however, the sad reality is that a lot of men lie.

Men lie for various reasons, but the most popular of those reasons is to get in a woman's pants. It is almost as if some men will do and say anything in order to conquer a woman. Men also lie when they are in relationships, such as where they were and who they were with.

A lot of women have trust issues for the sole purpose that they were lied to time and time again. This is something that the men in our generation need to stop participating in.

10 Using Tinder/Social Media To Date


The art of picking up a woman has changed throughout the years and us women, want the old school way of flirting back when men actually made more of an effort.

There was a time where men would approach women in grocery stores or coffee shops and ask them for their number. However, nowadays, men use social media like Instagram to slide into a girls “DMs” and dating apps like tinder for an easy hookup.

This is something that men need to stop doing, not only for themselves but for society to return to having romance.

When your children come and ask you how you and your wife met, do you really want the answer to be “It went down in the DM”? We didn't think so.

9 Catcalling


Why do men think that it is okay to “holler” at you when you are walking down the street. This is something every woman has experienced throughout their lives and something that we all kind of wish would stop.

Do men actually believe that a woman is going to stop what she is doing and find the man that whistled at her?

Yes, women will admit that sometimes, catcalling can be flattering, I mean it is nice to get complimented, however, this epidemic has gone way too far. Men, instead of yelling out the window of your friend's car, why don't you pull over, get out and ask for her number. We promise that will be more effective than calling out “sup mami” at a busy intersection.


8 Mirror Selfies


There is nothing cute about a grown ass man posing in front of a mirror for a picture. Mirror selfies are questionable even for women, but for men, they are the biggest of “no no's”.

The arrogance and self-absorption that is perceived when seeing a man loving selfies are a bit alarming to a lot of women. We at TheRichest believe that the more selfies a man has on his social media accounts, the bigger the douchebag he is.

One of the biggest turnoffs imaginable is going through a guy Instagram and seeing that every second picture is a selfie. We get it, you think you are hot, but come on, you don't need to be obsessed with yourself. The more selfies a man posts, the more chance they have of being un-followed, fact.

7 Wearing Awful Shoes


Did you know that a woman can decide whether or not you are the right guy for her based off what shoes you are wearing?

Okay, this may not be scientifically proven, but a lot of women say that one of the first things they notice on a man is shoes. If you are walking around in Jordans it tells us that you are more of a casual guy, if you are wearing loafers you are probably a trust fund brat (or wannabe) and if you are wearing bad shoes you are most likely not getting laid. If you are roaming around town with beat-up, bad looking shoes, chances are you may have lost some prospects along the way. The shoes a man wears says a lot about them and shoes can make of break both an outfit and a person's whole look.

6 Rubbing Your "Area" On Women at The Club


Do not pretend like you have never done this because all of us ladies have FELT this. Please for the love of God, stop rubbing your junk on us in the club it's actually disturbing.

There are a lot of good men in the world and they all get labeled dirtbags because of men that do this. This is probably one of the most nauseating things you can ever do and it shows both a lack of class and respect. Not to mention a lack of human decency.

If a woman wants you to do that, she will make it known. There no reason why a woman should be standing at a bar and feel your crotch rub against my back, sorry men, this needs to stop now.

5 Thinking Strong Women Are Crazy


Men do this all the time and quite frankly it is 2017 and it needs to stop. Just because a woman is strong willed, opinionated and passionate does not make her crazy.

Do you want to know a secret? Everyone is a little crazy and the most fun people are a lot crazy. Being crazy has this stigma around it and if men won't stop calling women crazy then we as a society need to change that stigma. Crazy is a word that our society needs to stop mistaking for passion, emotion, and volatility. Almost every man has called a woman crazy and it is something that should stop because it is really not cool.

Men give off this idea that they do nothing wrong and that their girlfriend just enjoys yelling for no reason at all. Think about it readers, does that really make sense?

4 Asking If She's On Her Period if She's Upset


We at TheRichest are hoping that men around the world will stop doing this once and for all because to be honest, it is quite insulting.

If a woman is upset, emotional or sad why is the first thing that comes to your mind is if she is on her period? Maybe she is having a bad day, maybe she is overwhelmed or maybe you just pissed her off. There are a lot of other reasons why women get upset besides being on their cycle, come on men grow up.

Not only is this extremely insensitive it is also sexist. We are not saying that if you have ever asked a woman this you are sexist, but it is a sexist comment. It is almost like saying the only time it is acceptable for women to emote is during their menstrual cycle.

3 Thinking The Grass is Greener On The Other Side


Why do men always think that someone else has it better than they do? Although some women possess this trait, a lot more men act on this then women do.

We at TheRichest think this may be embedded in male DNA, for some reason almost all men think that the grass is greener on the other side. They think this with their jobs, their relationships and even their geographic location. This makes them constantly in a state of searching for something that they think is better.

This bad quality makes them miss out on a lot of great opportunities including a lot of incredible women. Women tend to mate with someone because of love and men often lean towards convenience. Looking at the fact that she was a good girl at the right time when it should be she was the right girl at a good time.

2 Viewing Feminists as Men-Haters


Just because a woman believes in women rights does not mean that they are anti-men. Guys need to start understanding why women stand out for their rights and take a step back and understand the history and how long women fought to gain these rights.

Just because a woman is a feminist, does not mean she is a lesbian, it does not mean she does not shave and it does not mean she is against men. Feminism is about equal rights and by believing that a feminist hates men is exactly what us feminist are fighting against. One of the sexiest things a man can be is a feminist, it shows that he understands the meaning of equality and is aiding us women towards achieving it.

1 Being an Asshole


All of the above mentioned is exemplary of how men are assholes. From the gym selfies to the catcalling, men do not always lead by example.

Regardless of if you men reading this want to admit it or not, or if you are even at this point or not, but all men, like all humans want is to be loved and accepted. Yes, we at TheRichest believe that being yourself is the most important thing, which is why we want you all to stop shielding your emotions in order to protect yourself. You do not need to post pictures with girls, bottles, or without a shirt to find a girl to like you! In fact, you should not be doing any of those things in order to find a good woman. Just be yourself and if your partner calls you out for being an asshole, instead of getting defensive perhaps it will cause you to reflect on your actions and that will only lead to a stronger relationship.

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