15 Things All Girls Do When They’re Cheating

Being in a relationship can be the most exciting experience you can ever have because there's nothing quite like the feeling of being insanely in love with someone who feels exactly the same way about you. However, relationships are also the cause of one of the worst and most painful experiences a human being can go through because the same people who are madly in love with each other can betray each other.

In an ideal situation, a man is supposed to love his woman unconditionally to the point of dying for her, especially if these two decide to get into marriage. In return, the woman is supposed to reciprocate by treating the man like a king, respecting him because in her eyes he has no equal.

However, these days it's hard to find something like this. We're living in complicated times when it's possible for people to claim to be in love but hardly understand the meaning of the word. Women, as well as men, cheat in their relationships, and this happens so often some people have concluded that this terrible act is normal, yet it causes so much heartache. Therefore, since it's possible to tell that someone is not being faithful to the person he or she is in a relationship with, here are 15 obvious things girls will start to do when they're cheating.

15 They Start Unnecessary Fights

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You'll notice something's wrong when your girlfriend starts becoming hostile for no reason at all, yet when you first knew her she was a quiet and gentle person. If she responds in the harshest of ways to normal questions or breaks into unending lectures when you do the smallest mistakes, there's a huge problem.

Furthermore, if she starts fights from nowhere, is defensive all the time, is always in a foul mood and starts quarrels from the simplest of conversations, she's hiding something. If you look back and discover you've been having more arguments than intimate moments, then your girl is cheating on you.

Your girl may be blaming you for all the things that are not going so well in her life and wants to find a way of blaming you for her cheating ways as well. If she is fighting you for not being romantic, supportive, or passionate enough, and claims you're not providing whatever she wants, it's likely she has found someone else who's all that and has more money than you.

14 They're Suddenly Disinterested In You

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For a relationship to succeed, each partner must be interested in learning new things about the other. There needs to be a desire between the two people to understand each other and grow closer as a couple. Learning about each other's interests builds the foundation of a relationship since it helps partners understand and accept each other.

When you notice that your girlfriend is suddenly disinterested in you, chances are she's interested in someone else. If you spend days without getting a call, message, or even a tag on social media from her, she's busy poking some side dish.

A caring partner should be interested in everything about her partner from their work, hobbies, family, and well-being. If your girlfriend has lost interest in your work, your hobbies, or the things that you enjoy doing together, then she has found another interesting man she's into.

13 They Develop New Hobbies

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What do you like doing during your free time? Some people can play video games for hours on end, others will go out and play actual sports, and others will enjoy going out to watch movies. It's highly likely that you share at least one of your hobbies with your girlfriend, and you probably met her while participating in the same fun experience. With time, she might have introduced you to something she likes, which you adopted and started enjoying just as much as she does. On the other hand, she might have adopted one of your hobbies, and the two of you have so much in common, you almost feel as if you two are the same person.

Therefore, the day when your girl starts developing an obsessive liking to a particular activity, which neither of you had ever thought of engaging in before, you should start preparing yourself for the worst. Since she started liking football because she fell in love with you, she's now developing a liking for tattoos, because she's cheating on you with a guy who's into tattoos.

12 They Are Always On Their Phones

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The smatphone has become like an appendage for most people today. Women, in particular, are attached to their phones because as much as it's a communication device, it's also a social interaction device. If your girlfriend's phone is blowing up and she ignores it when you're there, then she doesn't want you to know whom the caller is.

There's an unspoken rule concerning partners not having the permission to go through each other's phones. However, the phone has sold out most people who have been caught cheating. If your partner is acting shifty by receiving calls in secret and in hush tones, then you will be tempted to find out who the caller is, and chances are you'll not like him.

If your girlfriend spends hours on face time and video calls and she cuts them off the moment you walk in, chances are she doesn't want you to see the person who she has been calling, because she's cheating on you with him.

11 Last Minute Cancellations Of Plans

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Is your girlfriend a doctor, or does her work involve offering any emergency response services? If your answer to the question is yes, then your relationship is still good and you can just move on to the next point. However, if your answer is no, and she cancels your plans last minute, you have something to worry about.

Two people who are in a relationship treasure the time they spend together and often consider their relationship more important than most other things. Therefore, these two would rather go on a date than go for another event, and would rather disappoint someone else other than each other.Furthermore, if after cancellation your girl doesn't look for a way to make it up to you and even goes further to cancel a few other dates and the reasons she's giving are a bit sketchy, she's playing you.

Persistent last-minute cancellations without proper explanations or efforts to make it up is a sign the relationship doesn't mean much to her anymore and that she probably has someone else she can't afford to cancel on.

10 They Start Suggesting How An Open Relationship Would Be Interesting

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Open relationships are a slippery slope, and they kill most relationships almost instantly. Ideally, if partners mutually decide to be in an open relationship, they maintain the material support as well as their intimacy but they continue having relations with other people.

Most women cringe at the thought of their man having any intimacy with other women. If your girlfriend loves you and is committed to you, the idea of an open relationship would most likely be the last thing you should expect to hear from her.

Women aren't usually open to the idea of sharing their man unless they already have a sidepiece. Physical intimacy comes with emotional baggage for women. If your girlfriend suggests that you should have an open relationship where you are free to see other people, she already has someone she may have been seeing behind your back.

9 Renewed Communication With Their Ex

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When two people are in a relationship in which they share many things, including intimacy, even after they break up, the intimacy can remain. Problems may arise and lead to the end of a loving relationship, but the intimacy ties may remain deeply embedded in the two parties. This is why people who have had bad breakups can still have intimate relationships with their exes.

The ex is a dangerous snake who slithers around your relationship. If your girlfriend is receiving calls, texts, or other forms of communication from her ex, you should be very worried. Her ex can easily get in between you two because he knows her well and wants nothing more than to separate you two. Your girl is likely to go to him and they will pick up from where they left off.

Your girlfriend's ex shouldn't communicate with your girl every other day. If this continues, they will form a new union, she will cheat on you, and it will be the end of your relationship with her.

8 They Start Receiving Gifts From "Just Friends"

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When a man is interested in a woman, regardless of whether she's attracted to him or not, buying her gifts will, of course, get her attention. More often than not, the man who buys a woman the most expensive gifts wins her heart, and if he keeps showering her with even more gifts over a very long period, such a woman will love him forever.

However, in most cases, men will buy gifts for their women up until the point the women accept to get into serious relationships with them and probably continue for a month or two. Men fail their women in this, and they should all offer a public apology and start buying gifts for their women again.

Therefore, when your woman starts receiving gifts from people you only know as "just friends," she's seeing someone else. At first, she'll try to hide the gifts, claim they are from her girlfriends, or even claim she bought them for herself. Regardless of the explanation, you're being played, and you had a hand in it.

7 They Don't Like Talking About Their Days Anymore

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Women love to talk, and your girl is no different. Men will always dominate formal meetings or other business-focused contexts because women in such forums don’t want to appear as if they talk too much. However, women undoubtedly talk far more often and at greater lengths with regard to personal topics and in private conversations.

In the early stages of your relationship, your girl must have loved talking about everything, giving you details about everything she did and whom she talked to, and would absolutely love you for just listening to her and nodding. She would also be interested in how your day was but probably want to hear just how much you missed her.

However, if for a period your girl has been quiet about her daily experiences, and if you happen to ask she can't account for a few hours of her day, she's playing you. The reason for keeping to herself is she can't mention the new man in her life because she doesn't want to lose you, and she doesn’t want to keep lying to you about where she was immediately after work or during lunch.

6 They're Usually Lost In Their Own World

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You can be in a room with a person physically, but find that you're miles apart emotionally. It's normal for people to create fantasy worlds in which they exist with the people they love, like, or have interest in.

If you find your girlfriend is gazing into thin air for long hours on end, she may be lost in her own world creating an alternative universe for her and her new beau. You can be having a conversation and you realize that all you're getting are short yes or no answers, a sign she's emotionally checked out, which is probably as a result of cheating guilt.

Alternatively, she may be lost in her thoughts trying to weigh between the two of you, making a pros and cons list in order to see which one of you deserves to be the main prospect, and which one should be the side dish.

5 They're Suddenly Hard To Find

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If you want to have a successful relationship, regardless of who you're relating with, you must invest time in it, whether its quality time or quantity time. If you remember back when you had just started dating your girl, you could spend hours with her and still manage to keep up with the demands of your life. However, as time goes by, people in a relationship spend less time together but they both try to find time for each other at the end of the day or week because they still care for each other.

However, when there comes a time when you're desperately trying to meet up with her but she's just too busy, then you can be sure she's spending time with someone else. This should be a huge concern especially if there's no reasonable explanation for the sudden change in her program, such as a new job, going back to school, or something else of the sort.

4 They Participate In Numerous Work-Related Social Events

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Most companies are now looking for ways to make their members of staff feel more comfortable and happy working there because they know a happy employee is a very productive employee at the end of the day. One of the most popular ways of achieving this objective is organizing social events on a regular basis, where the employees can interact with each other in a friendly environment, and get to have some fun at the expense of the company.

If your woman works in an organization that appreciates her, the joy she will derive from working there will usually spill into your relationship, and she'll often be in a good mood. However, when the work-related social events become too many, and she happens to be too active in such events, you can be sure she's seeing someone else, and that someone is likely to be her colleague. You might discover some of those "work-related" events have nothing to do with the company, and she just loves spending time after work with some work friends.

3 They Start To Reinvent Their Wardrobe

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A woman's way of dressing can tell you a lot about her. Women choose what to wear depending on how they feel, where they are at in life, who they want to impress, or what they want to feel. Confident women wear outfits that flatter their best features while women with low self-esteem wear clothes that hide their flaws.

If you've been dating a girl whose work wardrobe is an array of power pantsuits and blouses, then she suddenly wears revealing mini dresses to work, there's a high chance that she wants to impress someone at the office.

Women are particular about what they like to wear. If your girlfriend suddenly changes her regular mommy jeans preference and starts wearing yoga pants to the mall, she's probably not going to the mall at all. Watch out if your girlfriend starts to hoard sexy lingerie, revealing clothes, expensive jewelry, and elaborate accessories.

2 Drastic Change In Their Fundamental Beliefs

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Are you one of those people who claim to have fallen in love with your girlfriend the moment you first laid eyes on her or did you fall in love with her as you got to know more about her? Regardless of how you two came together, both of you are still together because there's so much you know about and love in each other, right?

When attraction plays its part in bringing two people together, the common beliefs the two share are essential in keeping them together, especially the beliefs both parties hold strongly. An individual's core beliefs have a direct effect on his or her behavior, and a drastic change in one of the party's beliefs can spell the end of a relationship.

One sign a girl is cheating on you is that you'll notice a change, especially in the things she once held true. More often than not, the change is the result of interacting with another man who she's fallen for and is influencing her in a great way. If one day she comes home and you can hardly recognize who she is based on how she's behaving, you don't need a confession out of her; she's cheating on you.

1 You Have A Gut Feeling

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Have you ever had a feeling about someone, you ignored it and it later turned out you were right about him or her? Naturally, we should make decisions based on logic and certain emotions, and try our best not to judge or accuse anyone falsely or assume the worst with no reasonable reason.

However, we often find ourselves knowing things without evidence or reasoning, and we claim to have a gut feeling about it. Although it would be wrong to depend on your gut all the time, we all use it more often than we think.

When it comes to relationships, you should never ignore the feeling that something's wrong, because it's better to correct something before it goes beyond a certain point. If you're feeling as if your girl is cheating on you but you have no evidence whatsoever, just be cool about it, don't go accusing her of anything yet, just look for evidence. Chances are she's cheating and you will eventually find evidence.

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