15 Terrible Parents Who Went Too Far With Their Punishments

Being a parent isn't easy and it can be hard to know what to do if your child isn't recognizing your authority. There are a lot of parents who say that their kids didn't come with an instruction manual, and while that's true, you can go to any bookstore and find at least a dozen books on parenting that will tell you that it is more effective to reinforce good behavior than to punish bad behavior.

Of course, there comes a time (multiple times actually) in a parent's life when they have to discipline their child and most parents choose to punish their kids by grounding them or giving them a timeout. However, there are some parents who take punishments to a whole new level and you should be glad that you don't have these people as parents.

Many parents try to come up with the proper discipline for their child that will keep them from doing the same thing again while also making sure that it isn't harsh enough to scar them for life. However, there are some parents who come up with punishments that are way over the top and end up scarring their children life. Though some of these kids did some pretty awful things, they didn't deserve these punishments and a few of these parents actually faced criminal charges for their cruelty.

Disciplining a child is part of being a parent, but publicly humiliating children is never the right answer though many of these parents thought that it was the only course of action. You'll be truly horrified and shocked by these punishments that parents took way too far.


15 Someone's Been Watching Too Much Game Of Thrones

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This guy might think he's a badass for fighting a 16-year-old but, in reality, he's just a really bad dad. Fremon Seay got annoyed with his daughter after she went to a party without his permission and he challenged her to a duel. Seay forced his daughter to put on Renaissance-style body armor, a shield and sword (which was really just a stick) and fight until she couldn't stand anymore. The fight lasted for two hours until she finally collapsed and head, arms, legs were covered in bruises and she then had to take off all of her clothes and watch a televised sermon. Fortunately, the girl's friend called 911 and reported the abuse to the police. Seay was charged with second-degree assault and his wife was also arrested and charged with being an accessory to a crime. Sorry, but real life isn't Game of Thrones.

14 Banished To The Desert

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These parents were tired of their teenager stealing from them and since no other punishment was working, they had to do something drastic. This 16-year-old boy was forced to stay a tent in their backyard in the Albuquerque desert all day for two weeks. While he could come inside at night and use the bathroom, the fact that he had to stay there during the day is even worse due to the fact that it was during the dead of summer in New Mexico in the "record-breaking, dangerous heat." His parents did say that he could get out of the punishment earlier if he finished five book reports. This kid definitely deserved to be disciplined for stealing from his parents but banishing him to a tent in the desert seems a little over the top. However, it turns out that this punishment is totally legal in New Mexico.

13 Throwing Your Kid Into The Deep End...Literally

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A dad decided to teach his 1-year-old daughter a lesson after she accidentally dropped a puppy into the pool which caused it to drown. Obviously, drowning a puppy is a terrible thing, but why was the daughter alone with the puppy by the pool? Maybe the parents shouldn't have let their toddler close enough to the pool to accidentally drop the puppy in the water in the first place. If the father was nearby, surely he would have prevented it from happening. Still, the father thought that she was the one who needed to learn a lesson so he threw the toddler into the pool and a woman nearby rushed in to save the child. Luckily, the incident was captured on a surveillance camera and the father was arrested and sent to prison. According to the mother, he also sprayed the toddler down with a water hose. There really are some terrible dads out there.

12 Children Aren't Dogs

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Apparently putting leashes on kids isn't enough for some people and they decide that electric shock collars are a better option when it comes to punishment. A woman used a dog training collar on a child in her care as a punishment after she saw it being used on a neighbor's dog. She had apparently placed it around the boy's neck and used to it to shock him repeatedly over a 15-month period. Not only did she use a dog collar to punish him, she also kicked and bit the child, forced him to take cold showers, and hit him with a wooden spoon so hard that it broke. The woman was sent to prison for over three years, but she definitely deserves more jail time than three years for what she did to that poor boy. Using an electric shock collar on a dog is already cruel enough but using it on a toddler is downright horrifying.

11 Poopy Backpack

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In 2002, a mother and father were at their wit's end when their son would not respond to regular punishments like "time-out", so felt as if they were forced to try other options. The parents decided that the best thing to do was to send their 12-year-old son to school with dog droppings in his backpack, along with other cruel punishments, in order to get him to behave. The father was a former Los Angeles County sheriff's sergeant and the mother was a former elementary school principal so you'd think that they would know what kind of trouble they could get into for that kind of treatment. They were charged with misdemeanor child abuse and, in court, the father told jurors, "He refused to do simple chores.... He would not respond to anything." So, of course, the only logical response is to put poop in his backpack.

10 The Wrong Direction

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Punishing a kid by taking away their One Direction tickets that had been purchased for their birthday may not seem like a terrible punishment, but it definitely is if you're a teenage girl. However, it wasn't the actual act of selling the tickets that made this punishment so cruel, it was the message that came along with it. In the description of the tickets on eBay, these parents wrote about how their daughter had stayed over at an older male's house with her friends, and that they hoped the "scowl on your b*tchy friends' faces when you tell them that your dad and I revoked the gift we were giving you all that your PARENTS are the ones that deserve love and respect more than anyone." Though the parents have every right to be disappointed in their daughter for disobeying them, discipline shouldn't be taken out on them in anger and shouldn't be used to humiliate them.

9 No Twerking Allowed

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For some reason, there are still parents out there who think it's a good idea to punish their children by humiliating them and this woman is one of them. When Frances Hena found out that her 11-year-old daughter was twerking at her school dance, she decided to take action--even though twerking isn't against the school's rules. Hena made a sign for her daughter which read "I was disrespecting my parents by twerking at my school dance" and she had to hold the sign at a busy intersection. It drew so much attention that she was even interviewed by the local news. If twerking was against her parents' rules, surely they could have come up with a punishment less humiliating than this. This mom needs to sit down and watch Dirty Dancing because if you identify with the parents in the classic movie, it should tell you something about yourself.


8 Cruel And Unusual

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An 18-year-old mom sat back and took pictures while her boyfriend punished her 22-month-old son by taping his arms to the wall with duct tape. According to the police, they were both "high after a night of partying". They also taped his hands together and taped his knees and stomach to the wall as well. In addition to taping the child, they taped his sippy cup to the wall just out of his reach and laughed as he cried when he couldn't get it down.  The two gleefully shared pictures of the abuse to their friends which is what led to them being caught by the police. The mother was sentenced to at least 10 days in jail and two years of probation and the boyfriend was sentenced to 36 to 60 months behind bars for intentional child abuse. What kind of monsters do that to a child?

7 Was It All Just A Joke?

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Many of us have been punished for not doing our homework, but this cruel and unusual punishment is straight up Biblical. The parents of this teenaged boy found out that he hadn't been doing his homework so they 'crucified' him. The parents taped their son to two pieces of wood and made him stand outside. Passersby were shocked by the scene and many of them took photos and made the incident go viral. However, according to the parents, it was all in good fun and it was just a joke. However, it was all fun and games until the father got into an argument with a reporter on the scene and one of the neighbors who took the photo, claiming that they were invading his privacy and he threatened to sue. Word to the wise: if you don't want to get in trouble for crucifying your son, don't crucify your son.

6 Does Not Compute

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This father was tired of his daughter spending all day on YouTube and Facebook so he decided to take action. In the old days, if someone committed a crime, they could face the punishment of execution by firing squad and this man decided to bring this old-fashioned form of punishment to the 21st century. In a video that has since gone viral, the father is shown taking his daughter's computer to the backyard and shooting it. While the family was later investigated by child protective services, apparently shooting a computer is perfectly legal. The police even congratulated the man on doing the right thing in the situation which...isn't surprising. However, it does seem that this is a pretty drastic reaction to the problem at hand and definitely humiliating for the daughter as well.

5 All She Wanted Was Bangs!

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This photo went viral after the mother posted it on Facebook with the caption, "Turns out cutting off 15" of her hair last time she touched scissors wasn't a big enough lesson...she cut her bangs AGAIN. So now she's BALD. I think this time the lessons gonna sink in a little deeper." Basically what happened was that the teenager cut her bangs without her mother's permission. She cut 15 inches off and then she tried to change the hairstyle again and so the mother shaved it all off. First of all, cutting your own bangs may be a crime against fashion, but every girl learns their lesson after they try to cut it and wind up looking like Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber. The look of misery on the girl's face should be a clear indication of whether this punishment was warranted or not. Fortunately, since the mother posted it on Facebook, she got a little visit from Child Protective Services.

4 Nothing Like Hot Sauce In The Morning

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The old soap-in-the-mouth punishment was a common punishment of the past, but that is nothing compared to what this Alaskan woman did to her adopted son. Since her son lied about school supplies, she thought the best punishment would be to force him to drink hot sauce and then order him to take a cold shower and, to make it all worse, you can hear the poor kid screaming and crying throughout the video. It's truly gut-wrenching. The whole event was captured on video and it was actually sent to Dr. Phil for a segment called "Mommy Confessions". Obviously, this garnered her a lot of attention from the media and many condemned her for being an abusive mother. Fortunately, the law caught up with her and though she just narrowly missed jail time and a hefty fine, she was given three years probation after being convicted of misdemeanor child abuse.

3 This Goes Too Far

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This punishment is both incredibly creative and unbearably cruel. A father in Connecticut made it a rule in his house that if his kids came home after the curfew then they would suffer a fate worse than death. If anyone came in past the curfew, they had to watch five minutes of C-SPAN for every minute they were late. If they were even just five minutes late, they would have to watch 25 minutes of the dullest thing on television. Imagine having a father so sadistic that he would force you to watch televised proceedings of the United States federal government. It's horrifying to even think about. Okay, this punishment may not be as evil as taping your kid to a wall or pouring hot sauce down their throat, but it's still pretty bad...and also really funny.

2 Public Humiliation

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This 15-year-old girl was caught sneaking boys into her room and her parents found one way to not only punish her but to also scar her emotionally for the rest of her time on earth. The daughter was forced to hold up a sign on the side of the road that read, "I sneak boys in at 3 AM and disrespect my parents and grandparents." Obviously, she deserved punishment but publicly shaming her only leads to anger and resentment. According to WESH, the mother claimed that she had "taken all her toys or her electronics away - her phone, no privileges on the TV or computer - and still she just laughs about it." The parents claim to have chosen this punishment because they were desperate to keep their daughter out of trouble and according to police, there is nothing illegal about it.

1 Is It Funny Or Cruel? Or Both?

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This punishment is definitely much more light-hearted than the rest considering that no one was hurt. This father decided that the best way to punish his daughter for missing her curfew was to send her to school with a t-shirt with his face on it along with the words "Try Me!!" written underneath it. She had to wear the shirt for a whole week, including all five days of school and it may seem a little extreme, but at least this is one punishment that won't leave the child emotionally scarred (at least we hope not). However, it is still publicly humiliating your child which can potentially harm the child psychologically. When the photo was posted on Reddit, most users sided with the father while there were some who disagreed. One user wrote, "'In 5 years she'll wear that shirt because it's awesome." We'll have to wait and see what happens in five years.


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