15 Teacher Confessions So Bad They Jeopardize Their Careers

Educating hundreds of students of all different ages can be a daunting task. It takes special types of people to commit to a career in teaching and see it through. Not all reach retirement before being fired, though, and of those that do, some barely scrape by.

Don't get me wrong, teaching can be an immensely rewarding career path for the right individuals. Although, some teachers find their rewards in all of the wrong places. Prepare yourself for your stereotypical perception of teachers to ultimately be destroyed. Some of these so-called 'educators' are not the best role models for kids, while others are just downright creepy.

You never really know people as well as you think you do, but it's even more unsettling when that person happens to be shaping young minds. This list will have you rethinking conventional education - maybe you'll even regret those insults you threw at the homeschooled kids who didn't quite fit in like the rest.

Whatever your position may be regarding school, this list may cause you to reconsider before sending your own kids off on their merry way into the dark unknown. Little did we know, there's a completely different side to teaching that's less boring and more provocative and illegal than our childhood minds could've ever imagined.

15 The Most Awkward Break-Up Ever?

It's difficult to even begin to imagine how teacher-student relations are even initiated. The teachers apparently didn't find some of us all that appealing, I guess. In a sick way, it's a dose of karma for both parties in this situation. Although the teacher involved wasn't exactly the smartest guy in the world, there must've been something special about him. If the two students were outraged enough over the situation, they could've turned the teacher in together, which could obviously implicate his career. It would actually be a pretty compelling case since there are two claims against him. We haven't heard anything about this guy on the news yet, but based on his promiscuity his time will come sooner or later.

14 Brainwashing Them Young

Not only is this extremely perverted, it's also borderline oppressive. People worry about grown women's choice of dress, but now we have to worry about children's as well? Reading this confession over again doesn't baffle your mind any less than the first time. It's actually pretty gross reading the Whisper confession and it doesn't exactly make the audience feel any better that the teacher was fired, either. Just being made aware that there are tons of individuals roaming the world with this kind of mindset is unsettling enough to keep you up all night. They say, "It takes all kinds in this world." In this case, I guess it takes all kinds of people to imagine new ways to lose their job.

13 Are You Even In The Right Class?

Not only does the teacher not realize that one of her students are deaf, but she obviously hadn't noticed her students' overall lack of ability to spell or write grammatically correct either. It's kind of bad to miss a seemingly obvious fact about a student (one that could even hinder his/her grade). But, how exactly do you go through an entire semester without even realizing that a person doesn't hear you at all? With a lot of the recent laws that protect children's education, it seems like the teacher would've been notified by the administration that the student has a special need. It makes you wonder if she was even teaching the right class in the first place. Not to mention, shouldn't the deaf student have attempted to communicate this with the teacher as well? That's one way to get out of putting effort into school.

12 Teaching With Benefits

You always hear people mention that cliché catchphrase, "you know when you know," while referring to how they met their significant other or long, lost sweetheart. Although, this romance is far from cliché. The last thing anyone expects is that the person you just "know" is the one also happens to be a minor. What's even more unbelievable about this confession is the fact that the teacher not only lost her job over the kid, she even ended up tying the knot with the guy! I guess not all teacher-student relations are just lusty fantasies, but deep, meaningful relationships that eventually blossom into marriage. And in a weird sort of way, this case is actually kind of romantic. The student must have been fairly mature for his age.

11 He Definitely Doesn't Teach Monogamy...

First off, this is one of the creepiest whisper confessions ever written to date. Very clearly, the guy (or woman) is thoroughly enjoying him/herself over cheating on the wife with two minors. It's one thing to confess that you're a cheater and feel no remorse about it, it's a completely other thing to confess it and also add that it's with students who are also in relationships - not that high school relationships last often anyway. This teacher is a total home-wrecker and also a major creep for getting so visibly excited even over an anonymous internet post. It's almost nauseating to imagine how the teacher would act if he/she described this in person - reading the Whisper confession, alone, makes you cringe.

10 When Your Job Leads You To Self-Medicate

It's pretty sad when someone doesn't enjoy their job because it's likely what they'll do for the rest of their lives. This Whisper confession leaves you feeling a little sympathetic toward the teacher. Thinking about her job without the confession would cause most anyone to feel sympathy for her, but this tips the scale. On the other hand, maybe she's just trying to upstage the cool teacher that vapes, by self-medicating with her drug of choice. Either way, teachers have a pretty tough job with little reward or compensation that they're getting out of it. It's only a matter of time before this teacher gets caught, but maybe that'll be the greatest relief she could ever hope for.

9 Nothing Better To Do After School?

It's difficult to tell if the Whisper user is actually remorseful for their night out with the teacher behind the gym. It also seems like the "I'm so dumb" quote is just an added sentence to try to make the person look better (or sound funny) while also showing off that they did something 'bad'. Reading it in your head, you can picture it both ways, although, the second perspective involves an immature voice and obnoxious laughter following the quote. If this student felt like they had to confess this on Whisper right afterward, there's a good chance he/she is going to tell everyone in school anyway. Most high schoolers are all about anything that will give them popularity points, so it's easy to see that this teacher likely has a rough road ahead.

8 The Secret Life Of The American Teacher

It's pretty hilarious to find out about the secret lives of people outside of their everyday work environment. But it's even funnier when you only know someone in the secretive element of their life. It would be pretty awkward promoting the drug-free events every year at the school to your students, while also promoting people to do drugs in the time you have off. What happens if one of the students tried buying from that teacher accidentally? The more you consider it, the more unrealistic it seems for someone to sell drugs while also educating everyone's kids in town without getting caught. It's sort of strange to imagine a teacher becoming a drug dealer, but we all know what that salary looks like. Desperate times call for desperate measures!

7 The Real Reason Behind Random Movie Days

No one has ever complained about the random movie days that teachers would sparingly give out every once in a while. The last thing anyone's going to do is question why your teacher decided to grace you with a responsibility-free class period. This student just couldn't contain his/her curiosity though. It can be assumed that the teacher was probably very visibly intoxicated since the student was able to guess it right away, even squeezing a confession out of the teacher in the process. Either way, this is a pretty epic story to tell as an adult. It definitely could've cost the teacher her job to even show up like that, but we all know that teaching comes with minimal benefits, so she probably didn't have too many 'sick days' to begin with.

6 Chill Out, Bro, She's A Minor

Although it's not as creepy-sounding via Whisper, if there was an accurate image of this (like on the 10 o'clock news for instance) it would make the situation seem a lot weirder. What's actually alarming about this confession is the fact that the teacher sounds like he's addicted to young, high school girls. Which is not only dangerous for his career, but also for the minor girls who may not really be feeling the relationship-with-an-older-man deal. Not to mention that everything he posted is super illegal. It would seem like someone that engrossed in young girls would be a bit more paranoid than to just flaunt it on an 'anonymous' site (which we all know it's not entirely anonymous). It sounds like the guy needs professional help, hopefully, he'll come to that realization before someone actually gets hurt.

5 You Never Really Know People

There's been a commonality among a lot of teachers who get fired; they often happen to be sexual deviants. We're still unsure why there seems to be such a strong correlation between the two, but one thing's for sure; this one isn't your typical teacher-student high school scandal. It would be incredibly horrifying to accidentally find your teacher's risqué photos in an unusual getup - to say the least - while absentmindedly browsing the Inter-webs. We have to assume that the student isn't an entirely innocent little pupil since they did happen to 'stumble upon' such a photo in the first place. Not to mention, the student probably shared this tidbit with a plethora of other students since they decided to take it to Whisper. You have to give the teacher props for her exceptional creativity, though.

4 Inspiration From The Wrong Teachers

In a more explicit Whisper confession, a student admitted that she had partied regularly with some of her teachers. She even went so far as to do the dirty with a few of them, sometimes even doing drugs too. It's pretty shocking that they were able to get away with all of it, but what makes the situation all the more appalling is the fact that the student actually became a teacher, herself, later on in life. Maybe she wanted to relive those high school years with her own students. Who knows? With a high school experience that exciting, no one can really blame her. With the crackdown of teachers' activities, nowadays, there's a pretty good likelihood she won't fare as well as her predecessors, though.

3 They're Always Looking Out For Your Best Interest

In a Reddit post, multiple teachers confessed that they sometimes will pass students just so that they don't have to see them again next school year. Sometimes getting rid of the student is just better on a teacher's mental health than actually doing the dutiful thing of keeping them behind. On the contrary, the majority of the commenters claimed that they actually fail students that they dislike on purpose! Some even going so far as to prevent their graduation on-time. There are always those students that claim the teachers are out to get them, but unless you're one of those people it's hard to perceive teachers to be that wicked. While they definitely don't get treated well, teachers probably don't need to have this type of unchecked power over their students.

2 Religious Teachers Need Some 'Excitement' Too

Now, this one is both shocking and unsurprising all at the same time. On the one hand, who could blame the teacher for wanting to make some extra cash, on the side? It's a well-known fact that teaching isn't the calling for the greedy, so why can't the woman earn a little more doing what she pleases (or what pleases her)? Though, is it really necessary for the teacher to actually publicize this? That's pretty much like putting the nail in the coffin, career-wise for herself. She most likely lost her job over political-correctness and the fact that Christian institutions typically aren't fans of lust and adultery. Otherwise, we know the parents' complaints couldn't have been that high unless, of course, the overbearing soccer mom's formed a petition against her.

1 The Teacher That Stays Lit

We've all had that cool teacher whom everyone loves. The one that looked the other way when you'd pulled out your phone in the hallways, or curved exams that all but one person in the class flunked. Although, most of the 'cool teacher' types don't involve being too ballsy in their everyday actions, especially not in the work breaks and other downtimes. One student confessed online that they actually walked in on their teacher vaping in the classroom during her break. She urgently attempted to reassure the student that she doesn't do drugs or smoke (for real). But, it probably doesn't matter anyway because no student, in their right mind, will ever rat out the cool teacher. That would be like committing social suicide.

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