15 Surprising People With More Twitter Followers Than Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars is about as big as it gets these days in the world of music. He is on top of the world and commands some of the biggest crowds and is one of the best selling musicians of all time. He is an amazing vocalist, plays several different instruments and has also been successful at record producing as well. This 31 year old phenomenon in the musical world is virtually unmatched in the pop music world currently. One would assume that any celebrity as on fire as he is currently would have the social media followers to match. Bruno has a very impressive Twitter following for sure. He has over 30 million followers and climbing, but it may come as a shock to learn that Bruno Mars does not have the highest number of Twitter followers! In fact, there are several Twitter accounts with many more followers than Bruno.

Some of the accounts that have more followers than Bruno will absolutely shock you! There are some that you may figure would have more, but some have us scratching our heads. Consider that there are about 974 million Twitter accounts in existence. Less than three percent of them follow Bruno Mars. That’s nothing to sneeze at, but just who has more followers than this music icon? Well here are 15 people that you will be surprised to learn have more Twitter followers than the great Bruno Mars!


15 Katy Perry

Ok, we will start off kind of easy. Maybe this isn’t the most shocking, because Katy Perry is pretty awesome in her own right. Katy has recently done half time at the Super Bowl as has Bruno Mars. Both could arguably be considered at the top of their game. But the shocker here is that Katy Perry is THE most followed Twitter user on the platform. With over 99 million followers, over 10% of all the Twitter accounts follow Katy Perry! She has more than three times as many followers as Bruno, but surely can’t be three times as popular. With that many followers, if she posts a picture of her taking Tylenol for a headache, the stock is likely to go up. With great Tweeting comes great responsibility Katy!

14 Barack Obama


So Barack Obama is clearly on top of the world post-presidency. He is the rock star of politicians for sure, but I guess he is also a rock star of Twitter too! Obama actually has the third highest amount of followers on the Twitter platform with a little under 90 million followers! With the way Donald Trump uses his Twitter account, one would assume that he’d have the presidential Twitter market cornered...but that is actually Barack Obama. When Obama speaks, either in person or online, people listen. It is surprising though to learn that so many people want to follow him to hear what he has to say. Many people assume that Bruno was an Obama supporter, but when it comes to politics, he usually keeps his mouth shut!

13 The New York Times

I thought the New York Times was “failing.” Maybe that’s just a clever nickname, but in all honesty, it would seem that The New York Times is about as popular as it has ever been. In terms of Twitter, they are even more popular than Mr. Bruno Mars! It seems impossible that a newspaper’s Twitter account could possibly be followed more than a pop icon like Bruno. Well, it is not only’s very true! In fact, The New York Times has more than seven million more followers than Bruno. Maybe it’s because they Tweet more frequently than Bruno. The New York Times has actually Tweeted over 279,000 times, compared to Bruno’s 3,900. I guess they have a little more to talk about, covering a wider range of topics.

12 YouTube


Strangely, another social media platform seems to have an insane amount followers on a different social media platform. Isn’t that kind of like a Ford dealer driving a Chevy? Weird for sure, but YouTube actually has its own Twitter account that is followed by 68.5 million people! YouTube has Tweeted out about 20,000 times and I guess it stands to reason that they use Twitter to cross promote their features and content, but it still seems strange. It also seems strange that they have nearly twice as many followers as the great Mr. Mars! Bruno has lots of great stuff to say and his fans are a loyal base of people. He needs to Tweet out some more if he wants to attract more people to his social media presence!

11 Two Different CNN Accounts

CNN, which stands for Cable News Network has been one of the early pioneers in 24 hour news networks. Watching CNN doesn’t exactly make you the cool kid on the block and it won’t inform you about celebrity gossip and trends. We are not saying that it is not cool to stay informed, but watching CNN is not quite as fascinating as following Bruno Mars and his activities! That is why it is so surprising to learn that not one, but two different CNN Twitter accounts have more followers than Bruno Mars! CNN Breaking News Twitter account has over 50 million followers, while the CNN main Twitter account has a meager 35.8 million! Combine those two accounts together, and they have the fourth highest Twitter following on the service.

10 Cristiano Ronaldo


To a great many people in the United States, the first reaction to the name Cristiano Ronaldo is…”who is that?!” But in the rest of the world and for those of us that follow professional soccer, Cristiano Ronaldo is a very well known and incredibly popular Portuguese player. Living in Madrid, Spain and playing for the soccer (called football everywhere else except in the United States) club Real Madrid since 2009. Shockingly, Ronaldo’s Twitter account is one of the most followed in the world with nearly 53 million followers! Bruno himself is internationally beloved, and perhaps more widely recognized, but you just can’t argue with 23 million more followers. He also Tweets even less than Bruno, but I guess when he has something to say it is very important!

9 Jennifer Lopez

Sure, JLo is one argues with that. She has been on the scene for years now and truthfully, her primary season of popularity seems to have passed. Jennifer Lopez has very smartly gotten into more than acting and singing. She has gotten into producing, fashion design, writing and more. She got an extra spark of interest from the world when she became a judge on American Idol. There’s no doubt that everyone knows her and she is still able to make serious bank, but her career isn’t exactly fresh. After making arguably the worst movie of all time (Gigli) everything just kind of slowed down for her. But not for her Twitter account! People apparently still want to follow her...and way more people do than Bruno Mars! Jenny from the block, has over 41 million people following her on Twitter! Not too shabby.


8 Sports Center


So, be honest...when you read the headline Sports Center you heard the theme song in your head didn’t you? Sports Center has been the flagship of ESPN for decades now. Those interested in the world of sports know and understand the importance of this program for sure. But keep in mind that ESPN has its own Twitter account where people follow to get all kinds of sports information. Sports Center, all by itself has an astonishing 33.6 million Twitter followers and rising! People that most assuredly tune in regularly to the show can’t get enough and want to follow them on Twitter. That is more than the pop sensation Bruno Mars. He has to be a little humbled by learning that a decades old niche market television show has more followers.

7 One Direction

To be clear, let’s all make sure we understand that the band One Direction is currently on hiatus. This means that the band isn’t even really together, since all the members are off doing their own thing. But their stock is still awfully high when it comes to social media. I’m not really sure what a defunct pop group like One Direction is still saying on Twitter, but they still command more followers than the all powerful Mr. Mars, with 31.9 million followers! The One Direction Twitter account doesn’t post all the time by any means, but it just shows the magnitude of the impact this group has had on the pop world. With that many followers of a band that is taking an indefinite break, they must “know they’re beautiful!”

6 Twitter Itself!


It may come as a shock to some, but then again, it may not be a surprise to others that Twitter itself actually has just under 61 million followers! Twitter’s Twitter account (it feels really weird saying that) has a tendency to push lots of different initiatives and certainly promotes its own endeavors, which is what you would probably expect. But there are about twice as many people following Twitter as there are following Bruno Mars. The Twitter account actually follows 162 other accounts, making us all wonder who it is that the Twitter account actually follows. The influence and impact that Twitter has upon the digital world is massive already, but with a specific account with that many followers, any message they have to share is even more powerful!

5 Demi Lovato

You may or may not know it, but as a young child, Demi Lovato was on the show Barney and Friends. She went on to have a wholesome and magical experience acting on the Disney Channel. Since then, she has had mental health struggles that have been very public. Demi has fought back and is stronger than ever these days. But as popular as she is (and she is pretty popular), it really doesn’t quite hold a candle to the success Bruno Mars has had in the music industry. Bruno is everywhere these days, but Demi has still got him beat when it comes to the almighty Twitter! Her account is followed by just under 44 million people, currently ranking in the top 20 most followed account on the platform!

4 Shakira


Shakira is the Colombian beauty that has struck the music industry for decades now with her very unique voice and incredible physical appearance. This 40 year old mom looks like she could be in her 20s and can still get any guy she wants with a look. But Shakira has taken it kind of easy the last several years. She came back strong in 2016, but her popularity and appeal is still not anywhere near what Bruno Mars has accomplished. But her Twitter followers are still fiercely loyal and very interested in what she has to say. How many are there, you may ask? Over 45 million followers click to see what she has to say every time she Tweets. The hips don’t lie...and neither does the math, Bruno!

3 Britney Spears

Britney Spears was once upon a time on top of the world. She has had so much success from a young age that has stood many trials and hardships. She went through some personal struggles several years ago that acted as something of a career setback for her, but she has continued to find success and maintain a steady following. These days, Britney has a show in Las Vegas that has actually turned into another world tour. She is still a very popular and successful performing artist, but in a way that is very much secondary to King Bruno! But watch out your majesty, because Britney Spears has over 53 million followers on Twitter (this is just under ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake by the way, with a whopping 60 million followers).

2 Ellen DeGeneres


Sure, we all know Ellen DeGeneres as the beloved host of her own talk show Ellen. She’s made headlines for years and has managed to keep her image squeaky clean and her reputation for being a real class act. Ellen got her start in stand-up comedy and made a huge splash in that segment of entertainment. She then got her own sitcom and did a couple of movies. Ellen has famously voiced the Finding Nemo character Dory, but has not done much in the way of acting otherwise. But she has a fierce Twitter following! With 69.4 million followers, when she Tweets, there are plenty of watching eyes. This is a monster number for Bruno to try and match. He’d better get to work if he’s going to give it a shot.

1 Instagram

Another shocker is the number of people that follow Instagram on Twitter! Just like YouTube, it seems kind of odd that a different social media platform would have a Twitter account. But these days, I guess you kind of have to be involved on many of them. Instagram itself not only has a Twitter account, but it has a massive following! With nearly 40 million followers and having sent out over 10,000 Tweets, there’s obviously plenty that Instagram has to share and discuss. Interestingly, Instagram has more followers than Bruno, Lebron James, Donald Trump and many other surprising celebrities. The account does a good amount of retweeting, but also promotes different initiatives and accounts. How high the follower count will go is anybody’s guess, but Bruno has a long way to go to catch up!

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