15 Subtle Signs On Dating Websites That She Is A Bit Too Different

The wonderful world of dating apps has made meeting people you might like and developing new relationships easier than it's ever been, and when it comes to popular dating apps, Tinder is clearly the top dog. It's obviously designed to be super convenient and easy to use, and you can scan through your options in a matter of minutes and find your possible matches in a little more than a heartbeat. However, with all of the pluses that Tinder brings to the dating world there are also some obvious minuses. For instance, yeah, you can swipe through two dozen possible dates in about a minute if you want to, but you're still not meeting someone in the real world. Just because they make a good impression on Tinder that doesn't mean you'll actually like them in person, and when it comes to creating their Tinder profile they're getting to show you exactly what they want you to see, nothing more and nothing less.

So, is there any way to parse between the good bets and the bad ones even though you could be looking at a bunch of stuff that is completely fabricated? Some girls are good at masking the parts of themselves that they don't want other people to see, but sometimes they still leave some subtle clues to those flaws that they're trying to hide. So then, what are the sneakiest little Tinder signs that she might actually be crazy, and how exactly do you spot them?

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15 She Finds You On Other Social Media

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Obviously, if you're looking for a lady on Tinder you'd be hoping to find one that is actually interested in you, right? Well, yes and no. Clearly you'd like to find someone who actually wants to get to know you as a person, but if you meet a girl who suddenly pops up in your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds the day after you both swiped right then you should seriously consider running for the hills. There's a difference between taking an interest to try to get to know someone better and straight-up stalker behavior. And quite frankly, it's fairly normal for someone to Google a potential love interest they've met online, even if it's just to ensure that they're actually talking to a real person who isn't already spouting some major lies, but most people have enough awareness to not make it super obvious that they're creeping on you. If someone doesn't get that social media stalking comes off as weird, that's a pretty solid deal breaker.

14 She Messages You Constantly

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Everyone knows that you want to do as much as you can to avoid a stage 5 clinger, so if you swipe right on a girl who starts blowing up your phone nonstop before you've even met in person then you might be dealing with a nut job. And you definitely want a woman who is enthusiastic about keeping in contact with you, but if she's sending you messages every 10 minutes just to say hi then there's something off with her. Not to mention, unless you REALLY love to chat someone who thinks that they need to share every single thought that crosses their mind with the person they're dating will get really tiresome, really fast. When you first meet someone you're meeting them at the top of their game, obviously they're going to try to put their best foot forward, so if nonstop banal communication is what you're getting right off the bat then it's only going to get worse as time goes on.

13 Or She Immediately Responds To All Of Your Messages

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In this day and age being addicted to your phone isn't exactly an unusual situation to find yourself in, but if the girl you're talking to literally responds within five minutes of every one of your messages then she might be a little too keen for comfort. It's not unusual for most people to have their phones with them at all times, but everyone encounters situations while they're at work or just out and about where responding to a text immediately shouldn't be a priority, or in some instances it shouldn't even be possible. If you encounter a woman like this then she at least has enough sense to know that she should try to hide her stalkerish tendencies, but if she's all over you every time you give her a sliver of attention then she doesn't have the ability to hide those tendencies whether she wants to or not.

12 She Agrees With Everything You Say

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When you first meet somebody and you both have a romantic interest in one another it's normal to try to find whatever common ground you share personally and get along smoothly with each other. But if you're with a girl who is a constant yes man then there's something sketchy about her. At the very least she's hiding who she really is from you, because the likelihood that you managed to find someone who legit thinks everything you say and do is brilliant is pretty much zero, and if you can't tell what's real or what's fake with someone then you can't really establish a genuine relationship with them. And I'm sure there are some people out there who love when others fawn over them, but being with someone who only cares about pleasing you and never contradicts anything you say will get incredibly boring after a while, and nobody likes boring.

11 She Has A Hard Time Coping With Everything

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Most guys are socialized not to express their emotions as much as women do, and men and women are also taught to express their emotions in different ways, so some dudes have difficulty dealing with the girly emotional events that come with having a girlfriend. However, there's a difference between having a normal expression of frustration, sadness, or anger, and not being able to handle nearly anything in your life that doesn't go exactly your way. Some people have harder lives than others, but if someone has constant meltdowns over every little thing then it's more likely a problem with that person than a problem with the situation around them. So if you decide to invite someone like that into your life you need to have the realistic expectation that you will now be involved with, or even the subject of, a lot of these meltdowns, which is almost certainly not worth the trouble.

10 She Immediately Overshares

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When you're first getting to know someone it's usually a good sign if they're relatively open with you. It's almost always a sure signal that someone really wants to get to know you and is feeling more comfortable with sharing themselves, and it shows that they also want you to feel comfortable with sharing things about yourself with them. However, if someone tells you some uncomfortably personal and private information about themselves when you barely know each other then it's a really bad sign. It shows that this person doesn't have a solid understanding of appropriate boundaries in general, or it shows that they don't understand that those boundaries exist between the two of you. Dating is a social game, so someone who either doesn't understand or doesn't care about what is socially appropriate is probably more than a little unhinged, so the instantaneous overshare is a pretty clear early sign to head for the hills.

9 She Doesn't Know When She Sounds Crazy

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It would be great if we lived in a world where no one ever got upset, or frustrated, or just so overwhelmed that they had to completely flip their lid, but sadly that is not a realistic expectation in life. It is normal for people to get upset sometimes, and it's even normal for them to act out of character or do something over the top when they're feeling something particularly extreme. However, it's also normal for people who have had some kind of outburst to realize that they were acting a little nutty after the outburst is over. So if you're dealing with someone who says or does things that seem really off the wall all of the time, but they never seem to realize quite how off the wall it is, then that's a definite red flag. Acting out is forgivable in certain circumstances, but if someone doesn't even see a problem with acting out then you should probably bail.

8 She Makes You Feel Crazy

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Well, there is always the possibility that you are crazy and just never realized it. However if you start talking to or dating someone who says things that make you question your own sanity or your own reality, and they are the only person in your life that makes you feel that way, then there is something seriously wrong, and it's probably not with you. People are social animals, and so we tend to make judgments about what is appropriate or makes sense based on the behavior of people around us, and for the most part that works out in our favor. But if someone you're with is making you question what's actually right and wrong or true and false then you're probably picking up on some really strange behaviors from that other person, even if you're not consciously aware of it. And any relationship that makes you feel insecure like that is the wrong relationship for you.

7 She Says She Hates Drama

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If you ever swipe right on anyone who immediately tells you that they don't like drama, or worse, if it actually says that they don't like drama right there in their Tinder profile, then you need to get out of dodge as quickly as possible. Because really, not liking drama should go without saying. There is almost no one in the world who actually enjoys dealing with drama. However most normal people don't have to deal with drama that much in their lives either. So if someone is introducing themselves as a person who hates drama then they're probably full of it and actually love drama and they're almost certainly a drama magnet. If drama is such a normal experience for them that they're actually looking for someone to give them a respite from it then that probably means that they're surrounded by drama constantly, and you are not the one who is going to pull them out of that drama; if anything you'll just get sucked into it.

6 She Doesn't Like Other Girls

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You know that old saying, "You can judge someone by the company they keep?" Well that's true, and the inverse of it is also true. You can judge someone by the company they don't keep as well. And if you are generally romantically interested in girls, meeting a girl who hates all other women and has no female friends should be a serious warning sign. Most women who say they hate other women have some serious hangups about their own femininity and women in general, and that is a mess you really do not want any part of. But also, if you're with a girl who doesn't like other girls and who girls don't like then there's something way off there. All of the girls that know this girl have seen something in her that tells them to stay away, and if an entire gender has found something to be put off by in this person then you probably don't want to be around them either.

5 She Seems Moody

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People have their ups and downs, but if you can tell that a girl is moody and all over the place from Tinder interactions alone then you can only imagine what she must be like in person. Everyone lives their own personal emotional roller coaster, but if you're dealing with someone who is unable or unwilling to ever rein in their behavior when they're feeling emotional then they're almost definitely not the kind of person you'd want to be around for very long. And what can make a situation like that even worse is that when you're in a relationship with someone you tend to be very emotionally intertwined, so if you start dating a girl who has constant mood swings that she doesn't control then you're probably going to bear the brunt of those moods, and you could very possibly be blamed for causing those moods as well.

4 She Has A Million Friends Or Acquaintances

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Being friendly and sociable is a good thing in general, but if someone exclusively has relationships that seem pretty superficial and seems to have relationships like that with everyone they know then it's a red flag. The foundation of any good relationship is a good friendship, and if you meet someone who has no good friends then it's probably because they're not a good friend to have. It also probably means that they're really flighty and not someone that you can depend on, so if you're looking for a super casual thing then that might work but anything other than that probably won't work out. Plus, anyone who seems to solely value quantity when it comes to their real life relationships probably only values quantity when it comes to their Tinder interactions as well, so if you're looking for a one time thing then have at it but don't be surprised if she's on to the next guy a day later.

3 She Loves To Gossip

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The thing about girls who gossip is that if they're willing to gossip with you, they're willing to gossip about you. People who like to talk will talk to anyone about anything really, and aside from being an obvious sign of a touch of craziness it's also an obvious sign of being a really terrible person to be around. If you're in a real relationship with someone then it's natural to share your opinions about others that you wouldn't normally share with someone else, but if you've just met someone on a dating app and they're already talking smack about others then it's only a matter of time before that urge to gossip comes back and bites you in the behind. And people who love to gossip don't even make good friends, so imagine how terrible it would be to be in a relationship and share personal and intimate things with them only to have them turn around and talk about it with others.

2 She Has Controversial Things In Her Profile

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Everyone isn't going to be able to agree with everyone else about everything all the time, and having differences of opinion and different likes and dislikes is what makes meeting someone new interesting. However, if someone puts something shocking, offensive, or controversial in their Tinder profile then you probably want to back away slowly. Everybody has their own opinions, but if someone is broadcasting them like that for every random stranger to see it's almost certainly because they want to get attention or start trouble, which is clearly a horrible jumping off point for a potential dating situation. If someone likes to challenge everyone and be contrarian just for the sake of making people upset or getting more attention for themselves then that will not be a pleasant thing to have to deal with for the duration of your relationship, even if it's only for one date. Someone who likes to pick fights for fun is almost certainly a jerk.

1 She Lies


It seems like a stupidly obvious red flag, but when it comes to Tinder, it's also one of the easiest and quickest red flags that you can spot. If someone you swipe right on is immediately lying to you about something then it's almost certainly for a specific reason. Presumably the person you're talking to is lying because they think that whatever the truth is will be a deal breaker for you, and if they already assume that there's something you won't like about them then they're more than likely to be right about that. Obviously someone you meet on a dating app shouldn't be spilling their entire life story to you as soon as you meet, but if someone can't get through the most basic meet and greets with another person without having to or wanting to lie then they're probably more than a little crazy.

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