15 Subtle Hints Every Girl Drops For You To Make A Move

If life was a movie, we would all pick up on hints the first time they were dropped by a girl who wanted us to make a move on them. If we didn’t, then it would all be fine, because we would bump into them several days later completely out of the blue and have a second chance. Of course, real life doesn’t work like that at all. Usually, if you miss the chance, then you miss it for good.

What this means is that you need to brush up on your subtle hints so that you are better at spotting them in the wild. Most of the time, guys tend to be totally oblivious to what women want from them – so this is your chance to figure out what those hints mean ahead of time. With this list in your mind, you might actually be able to make that move with the full confidence that it will be reciprocated.

Don’t forget, girls make these hints in what they consider to their part of the deal. If you don’t respond, they aren’t going to make another move – they have already made one. You now need to take action, because the ball is in your court. If you ignore it, it doesn’t matter whether it was because you didn’t notice it or because you just didn’t like her that way. The result will be the same – nobody getting any.

Here are the 15 hints that you need to be on the alert for.

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15 Twirling Hair And Fluttering Eyelashes

The old clichés are sometimes the easiest to fall back on. When a girl wants you to know that she’s into you, she can play it safe by doing the things that you’ve been told about since you were a kid. How many times have you heard that girls twirling their hair secretly means they’re into you? Or that fluttering eyelashes are a sign of flirting? Since you already know these things, most girls will assume that you will pay attention when you do them. If you ignore these signs, you’re probably an idiot. You have to remember that girls don’t always do subtle in the most subtle of ways. If they’re getting desperate because you haven’t made a move on your own yet, they might try to push things through these age-old hints.

14 Inviting You Out All The Time

Even if you are hanging out together with a lot of other friends, a girl might be trying to get you to spend more time with her just to make sure that the spark has a chance to fly. If you’re around each other more, then she hopes you’ll actually start to notice her in that way. The more you get invited out to hang with her, the more it is an indication that she likes you. You may also notice her asking you out to date-like situations, like seeing a movie or going to dinner, and maybe bringing other friends along to make it less pressured. Be sure of the situation: sometimes you might assume she’s asking you out with a whole group of other friends, turn it down, and miss the fact she meant just the two of you.

13 Endlessly Teasing You

Teasing is part of flirting, even if it descends past a point of playfulness and becomes a bit hurtful. Sometimes, we just don’t have that ‘off’ switch that tells us when to stop, so we just keep getting meaner and meaner if there’s nothing to stop us. A girl who is constantly teasing you, especially if she makes the effort to hang out with you frequently anyway, is probably doing it because she secretly likes you. She might be doing it to conceal her true feelings, or she might be doing it because she wants you to bite back and get all hot under the collar. Once you do, you’ll be on a one-way ticket to hot, steamy passion. When the teasing is accompanied by positive signals in particular, like constant touching, it’s definitely a subtle hint.

12 Laughing Every Time You Make A Joke

Your jokes aren’t that funny. You might make a comment that deserves a small chuckle every now and then, but usually you won’t be saying something every single sentence that requires a full-on laugh. So why do you think that girl is laughing at everything you say? It’s because she wants to flatter you, make you feel good, and encourage you to make a move on her. Don’t go booking any stand-up gigs, because you aren’t as funny as she is making out – just take it as a hint that she loves your company and wants to spend more time in it. She will also probably smile at you a lot, and look very happy to see you whenever you meet. Guess why? It’s because she actually likes you. Not sure and want to test it? Run the same jokes by your buddies and see how many laughs you get.

11 Going Overboard For You

A good way to judge whether a girl is trying to give you subtle hints is to compare how she acts with you to how she acts with others. This might require a bit of detective work on your part, but you should be able to pull it off if you belong to the same group of friends. Some girls will be more over the top when around a guy that they have a thing for. She might even have a higher-pitched, more girly voice, and she is likely to act more ditzy around you. It’s mostly due to all those heady hormones and chemicals flying around inside her body – having a crush on something can be almost like being high. If whatever she does, she does more around you, it might be a hidden sign that she wants you to make a move.

10 Constantly Asking About Your Love Life

Do you know a girl who just won’t seem to shut up about your love life? She starts by asking whether you are dating anyone, then asks about who you are into or what type of girl you would like to be set up with. She might even suggest girls from your group or around you that she thinks you will like. This might seem odd, but it’s possible that these are subtle hints for you to ask her out. She is digging to get information about whether you would like her, whether you’re single, and whether you’re in the right kind of place to start a new relationship. Try tailoring your answers so that it sounds like she is your ideal girl, and see what happens. You might even be brave enough to give a specific description that wouldn’t fit anyone else to see her reaction.

9 Flaunting Her Assets

Some girls like to wear revealing clothes that make them feel attractive, so don’t read too much into that and assume that she’s ‘up for it’ just because of what she wears. On the other hand, if she starts wearing more revealing clothing when it’s just the two of you hanging out, or when she has made sure you will both be at the same place, then you might think that your luck is in. Having her cleavage on display or simply not wearing a bra at all can be a less than subtle hint for you to look at her and admire her. Once she has reached this stage, you’re engaging in a primal courtship ritual that dates back to our caveman days. Take advantage and make that move (but do tread carefully in case she doesn’t actually think she’s wearing revealing clothing at all).

8 Touching You All The Time

Does she hang on your arm when you are walking together? Touch the back of your hand or your leg while you are talking? Find any excuse to lean up against you or put her head on your shoulder? Physical contact is a sign of intimacy, so you can bet that if a girl is touching you often, she’s into you for sure. A word of caution – if she is the same way with absolutely everyone, then she may just have a generous and friendly personality rather than having the hots for you in particular. Look out for intimate moments shared just between the two of you, like her grabbing your hand to look at it or on some seemingly innocent pretext just so she can hold it in hers.

7 Complimenting You Often

A girl might want to show that she’s into you by, well, telling you how much she’s into you. While she might not come out and say that she has a crush on you or that she would like to go out sometime, she might show it in other ways. Complimenting you often is one big sign, especially if she talks about your appearance – your hair, your clothing, your smile, and so on. She might tell you that you are charming, that she loves your laugh, or that you’re handsome. When you get a compliment, it can be easy to get a little bashful (or a little boastful) and miss the true meaning behind her words. Don’t just say thanks – pay attention and see if there’s something more behind them.

6 Feeding You Nice Food

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Some girls like to take that as literally as possible. If you’re starting to feel like you’re getting force-fed by a female friend, it might be because she wants to take things to the next level. She may give you a bite of her lunch, or get you to share her fries when you go out with friends. She might overhear you talking about how much you love brownies and then coincidentally bake a batch of brownies at home and bring them in for you to eat. Even if she looks like she is sharing them amongst everyone else too, you might be the real target that she is trying to impress. If she’s trying to show you her affections through food, maybe beware: this might be the relationship that causes you to put more than a few pounds on.

5 Acting Nervous And Awkward

Just like you, girls can get pretty awkward and nervous when they are around boys that they find attractive. This can lead to some pretty hilarious situations, though more so for you than for them. They probably want the earth to open up and swallow them. Hints like blurting out stupid things, saying things that don’t make any sense, walking into stuff while talking to you, laughing nervously, and even running away should not be ignored. Your girl might just be trying to flirt with you, only getting it horribly wrong and then trying to cover up her shame. It happens to the best of us. You may even be guilty of it in the past yourself. When this kind of thing happens, a great tactic is to put her at ease by reassuring her that she’s not being horribly weird or awkward, and going along with what she is saying.

4 Giving Longer Hugs Than Necessary

It’s the end of the night, and your group is breaking up to go home. Everyone is hugging goodbye, shaking hands, and exchanging pleasantries. When it comes to your turn, the girl steps forward and right into your arms. Once there, she doesn’t seem to want to let go. She clings on for a second or two longer than everyone else – or maybe even for so long that it starts to feel a bit awkward. This is a sign that she really wants to touch you, be held by you, and get closer to you in general. If this happens, give her a lingering smile as you pull away. Hold her eyes. If you see the come-on there, you are definitely onto a winner. You may want to wait to make your move until the next time you meet, but keep it firmly in mind.

3 Asking For Your Number

If a girl asked you for your number, you would know it was on, right? Well, not necessarily, because girls can come up with some sneaky ways to get your number that don’t sound like hints at all. She might ask for your number so you can work on a project together, or so that you can make sure everyone meets in the same place when you all go out next week, or so on. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to tell in these cases whether she really wants it for that reason, or whether she is trying to get her hands on your digits so she can flirt with you over text. When you do hand your number over, make sure that you pay attention to the messages that are coming in. If you get a lot of texts and they are complimentary, teasing, or flirty, then she probably wants you to make the next move.

2 Sitting Just A Little Too Close

There are boundaries that we all understand without having to talk about them. When you sit next to someone, even if you are good friends, normally you would leave something like an inch of space between you at least, so long as there is room to go round. If the girl keeps sitting closer than that, so that your legs touch under the table or you make contact at the hips, it’s a good sign that she is into you. She might want to get closer to you as a subtle hint that she would like even more contact. This touch can feel electrifying, and if you feel that spark, there’s a good chance that she is feeling it as well. Try making contact in another area, like moving your arm until your elbows touch, and see how she reacts.

1 She's Always Trying To Get You Alone

There could be a subtle hint in the works if your girl is always trying to get you on your own. She might suggest that you give her a ride home, that you both go out to see a movie even though the rest of your friends are busy, that you sit together, that you wait outside together while your friends go into a shop, and so on. The more she wants to be on her own with you, the more you can be sure that she is dropping you subtle hints. It’s simple logic – if you are together a lot and no one else is around, there’s a higher chance that one of you could make a move on the other without getting embarrassed in front of everyone. Next time she makes an excuse for the two of you to be alone, be brave and go for it.

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