15 Stupid People Who Got Fired Over Their Twitter Posts

An old saying goes as follows: "the walls have ears." The adage found its origins in the difficult times of World War II when enemies could potentially be anywhere. Following the victory of the Allies in 1945, the Cold War continued and the danger of spies became stronger ever, making that famous phrase more pertinent than usual. With the advent of the internet, that has literally become the case, so much so that many conspiracy theorists think a phone's built-in mic and camera spy on us, similar to what happens in George Orwell's 1984.

Although some people are overly concerned with what they post and who can see and read their online output, others are so carefree and, frankly, careless about what they post that they land themselves in a whole heap of trouble. This phenomenon has only gotten worse in recent years; it was one thing to write a post on Facebook or Twitter, but in the era of Instagram and Snapchat, some people can land themselves in instant trouble by getting too enthusiastic with their phones.

A picture never lies and can often uncover the truth of the lies we as humans are so used to telling. One of the most regular white lies is when people take sick days off work, some are truthful, and others are mostly days where they take advantage and get a free day off when they should be at work. However, the internet sees all, like these Twitter slip-ups.

14 Foul Ball Tweet

Being a radio commentator means that these presenters need to remain impartial to many of the sporting events they are paid to announce. Although this applies to when they are on-air, it is probably a good rule of thumb to observe the same thing guidelines while off-air too and Twitter is certainly off-air. So when former Washington Nationals baseballer and commentator for Mike Bacsik was drunk at a bar in 2010 and was disappointed to learn that the Mavericks lost the series in the NBA, he Tweeted his displeasure at the outcome. Bacsik could have chosen some better words though to demonstrate his unhappiness other than: "Congrats to all the dirty Mexicans in San Antonio," aimed at opposition fans. Bacsik's bile meant he caused an outcry and eventually owners of the station tuned him out of his job!

13 Cold-Hearted Comedy

Comedy has the ability to shock and leave people laughing before they pause to think: "ooh, that is not funny." The argument of what should and should not be laughed at rages on despite the willingness of comedians to push boundaries. In 2011, Japan experienced an earthquake off the coast that caused a tsunami to hit the east side of the island nation, resulting in the nuclear reactor at the Fukushima Plant to leak. While most were voicing their horror at the tragedy, comedian Gilbert Gottfried used his Twitter to make some poorly timed jokes about the tsunami and nuclear leak. Not that there really is any good opportunity to make light of a natural disaster, but add in a little casual racism about Japanese people, and it makes for a massive foot-in-mouth moment that caused Gottfried to lose his voiceover job with Aflac Insurance.

12 Tip: Do Not Threaten Customers Over Tips

Waiting tables is a very thankless job, busy, always on your feet, getting tirades of abuse from not only customers but also from the chefs if any of them are like Gordon Ramsay. Most people that wait tables are often only working in that job as either a stop gap or because they need the money, not many servers are there for the love of serving food. Because waiting tables is often a low wage job, one of the main things that prop up a waiter's wages is tips; a night of good tips can more than double– maybe triple around the holidays– a server's pay that night. So it is annoying when someone is stingy with tips.

11 Spoiler Alert... You're Fired!

We all hate spoilers, so much so that it is almost viewed as a cardinal sin to spill the beans on a much-loved show when other people have not seen the episode or series in question. What is entirely unexpected is for one of the actual cast members of a show to Tweet some spoilers ahead of time, thus ruining some of the upcoming storylines and jeopardize their own job. Glee recurring extra Nicole Crowther had a rather sweet job as a regular background member of the global hit show until she Tweeted some spoilers that she overheard on set. Crowther never expected to receive her marching orders off of the Glee stage via Twitter, when the show's producer replied to her Tweets, saying that "she had better have skills outside showbiz!"

10 Dismissed Over Dissing Detroit!

Driving is notorious for bringing out the worst in people, but time was that when people got furious behind the wheel, it stayed behind the wheel or got voiced with a hearty honk of a horn. Now with Twitter literally in the palm of most people's hands, their rage can get transmitted globally. When mad at the stupidity of other motorists, remember that your Twitter is not the right place for such anger. For example, this Tweet from Chrysler's official Twitter–usually filled with innocent promotional Tweets–suddenly threw its followers a tad off kilter with this vitriol against Detroit from nowhere. Detroit was once the heart of America's motoring culture and the guy Tweeting wrote how bad Detroit drivers are. He was later revoked of any license to work for Chrysler by getting fired.

9 Newsflash! Homophobic News Anchor Fired!

Reading the news on TV means covering and dealing with issues a person might not necessarily agree with, but a professional attitude to tackling them is required. One of the most divisive issues of the past decade has been the issue surrounding same-sex marriage and its legalization, of which Canada was one of the first and most progressive in allowing LGBTQ equality. Although famed for its forward-thinking stance on equal rights, some in the nation still do not share those modern values, and one was national Canadian sports anchor, based in Toronto, Damian Goddard. Goddard Tweeted his support for hockey agent Todd Reynolds, who slammed Rangers forward Sean Avery for championing same-sex marriage. A trusted journalist Tweeting such outdated views caused an uproar, and cost the sports broadcaster his job.

8 Teacher Gone Bad!

In modern times, one of the major talking and sticking points for countries, politicians and their citizens, is the discussion around the legalization of marijuana. People from all walks of life commonly dabble in smoking the high-inducing leaf, including teachers that often preach about the perils of drug use, but not this teacher. Carly McKinney was a tenth grade math teacher and went by her Twitter handle, @CarlyCrunkBear. She tweeted constantly about her casual partaking of the herb. Moreover, she pushed the boundaries further by Tweeting racy pictures of herself in and out of clubs, as well as commenting on student's hotness levels. The school put McKinney on administrative leave and despite a campaign by students to reinstate her, got her fired, as no school wants creepy teachers getting inappropriate with students.

7 Tweeting For Terrorists

Nothing sparks heated debate or activism nowadays than the division between Israel and Palestine, and much of the conflict draws huge media attention and a split over the rights of Israelis and Palestinians. Hezbollah is a Palestinian freedom movement that sometimes commits acts of terrorism in the name of a free Palestine, so most sane people agree that the leader of Hezbollah should get wide condemnation, even when they die. However, for one senior CNN Mideast Editor, she thought somewhat differently. Upon hearing of the death of Hezbollah leader, Sayyed Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah, who died in 2010, CNN Editor Octavia Nasr took to Twitter and voiced her sadness and level of respect for the terrorist leader. CNN did not respect her support for him and fired Nasr.

6 Softball Shambles

A man working for the company Telus in Alberta, Canada must have thought his employers had the memory of a goldfish when he called in sick, but he was wrong. Jarrod Underwood, from Fort McMurray, Alberta, wanted a day off to attend a softball tournament, but his bosses refused him the right to do so. On the day of the tournament, Underwood contacted his employer to let him know he was sick, but the boss remembered Jarrod's request earlier to go to softball. So the boss dropped by the competition and spotted the employee there and Underwood got fired. Not through social media, but old-fashioned sleuthing and a slip-up from an employee that really should have thought things through before dodging work for softball, he got batted out anyway!

5 Jailed For Faking An Illness

This is not an instance of being caught online for faking being sick, but the result of any of the social media blunders pales in comparison to the punishment that this guy from Bahrain received! When the 30-year-old guy forged a sick note in order to get two extra days off work, it aroused the suspicion of his bosses, and they decided to investigate the claim by approaching the hospital that had issued the original sick note. The hospital confirmed that they had not issued the note for the employee to take more time off work, so instead of taking action by firing the employee, he was instead charged with fraud. After being found guilty, the man was later sentenced to five years in jail!

4 Teacher's Real Feelings On Twitter!

Teaching is definitely a stressful and often thankless job, with teachers sometimes surrounded by ungrateful and misbehaving students, before needing to go home and read papers to grade. One can understand the need for these educators to let off a little steam... just ensure that that valve is released in certain relevant areas that do not land you in trouble with the headteacher and PTA! Teacher Melissa Cairns did not care to heed this advice to stay quiet about hating her students on social media. Cairns took to her Facebook page to vent her frustration over her troubles involving the kids she educates, and that's not all. She took her distaste for the student body too far. Her rants online featured pictures of students with duct tape plastered over their mouths, a little faux pas that cost Melissa Cairns her job.

Giving A Pizz-a His Mind Gets Him Fired

Working for a pizza joint is not the greatest job, but you do what you have to do and when working for a company, it is a given that an employee must wear the issued uniform provided by the company. Yes, some of these threads are lacking in any type of style whatsoever, but this is not a fashion job, it is a fast food job. One employee of California's California Pizza Kitchen was not pleased with the change in uniform, so he went on Twitter to complain about what his employers made him wear, dubbing the uniform "the lamest sh*t ever!" Fair enough, he did not like the toppings he was made to wear over his personal pie but his employers disliked his response to it and decided to send him on a delivery... to the nearest welfare office. The California Pizza Kitchen worker, however, ranted on YouTube afterward about how Twitter got him fired and he is now known as Timothy DeLaGhetto with more than 3.6 million subscribers.

3 Politician's Potty-Mouthed Posts

Politicians are expected by everyone, even by themselves, to conduct their public lives in an exemplary way, even since Donald Trump's election. Politicians are humans too and they are just as capable of horrible behavior as the rest of the population. One would expect better though from a left-leaning politician, such as in the UK's Labour Party, like politician Stuart MacLennan of the Scottish Labour Party. Spending lives around other people in Parliament can lead to politicians not thinking or realizing that the world can see what they Tweet. So when MacLennan began to write about the elderly, referring to them as "coffin dodgers" and insulting people in a restaurant by calling them "Chavs"–chavs being a term for a low-class person–and even making jokes about slavery. Needless to say, McLennan did not need to wait until he was voted out of office!

2 Liking Bin-Laden?

Osama Bin-Laden was one of the most infamous terrorists and international criminals that ever lived. His name went down as one of the most loathed after he masterminded the 3,000 plus deaths that occurred on 9/11, and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq followed as a result of trying to hunt Bin-Laden down. He was eventually found by US Special Forces in Pakistan, near the border with Afghanistan. The American troops laid siege to his compound and killed him in 2011. While the majority of responses ranged from relief to happiness that such an evil man had been dispatched at last, Steelers running back Rashard Mendenhall had a different opinion. On Twitter, the footballer raged about how anyone could celebrate death and that everyone had only heard one side and were judging a man they had never met. If being responsible for 3,000 deaths did not tell Mendenhall about Osama Bin Laden, then who knows what will?

1 Employee Flushed From Job

A helpful mantra for people when dining out is to not overly irritate the restaurant staff because ultimately they control what is in the food that arrives at the table. Whatever the reasons behind this Taco Bell employee's vile act, it was foul, and even the rudest customer does not deserve to have this happen to their food. But could the food have gone to the table without the damage getting noticed? This disgusting guy took photos of himself peeing on some food while at work in a Taco Bell restaurant and someone as moronic as this guy would not think twice about posting those pictures on Twitter. Whether he wanted to get fired or not, Taco Bell soon learned of the gross images and took action against the young man, flushing him out of his employment faster than pee goes down the toilet!

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