15 Stupid People Who Forgot Their Parents Had Social Media

Kids are most likely seen stuck in front of their computer screens or their smartphones. The most common pastime nowadays is scrolling through our social media pages. We can’t blame them though. It’s one of the most addicting things to do and checking out what others are feeling or what they’re up to is just so satisfying.

In recent years, social media pages like Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram have taken the world by storm. The most popular of all the social media sites is, of course, Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg’s behemoth of a website has revamped the way we socialize with others and we can’t help but thank the minds behind the website for connecting us with others worldwide.

Anyone with an internet connection can join Facebook. Emphasis on ANYONE. Regardless of gender, race, or age, people can log into Facebook as long as the basic requirements are met. Everyone is free to post whatever they want regardless of how senseless or stupid it is and sometimes, people get too stupid with the stuff they post. Lucky for us, their parents save us from the trouble of having to correct their mistakes. Here are 15 stupid people who forgot their parents have social media.

15 Act Like A Tough Guy, Get Owned By A Tougher Guy

For the most part, guys love looking cool on social media. Guys try to look cool through posts, pictures, videos and more. Every girl loves a tough guy so that’s an image every guy wants to try and achieve. Guys with dads who are definitely tougher should be careful though as their old man can outdo them one way or the other.

This guy uploaded a pic of him looking all tough and “gangster.” The pic was taken from a bathroom and it’s not really our choice for a looking cool profile pic. Anyway, his father decides to show him who the real tough guy is by posting an exact replica of his picture. We’re sure the guy felt really small when his father stepped up and dethroned him from the top spot of the cool kingdom.

14 Thug Life Chooses Who?

We all go through a phase when we feel like we’re the most badass person on the planet. In reality, we aren’t thugs and the thug life didn’t choose us. Not anyone can argue and debate about our claims on being a badass. When our parents; the guys who’ve seen us on all fours begin saying that “no, you aren’t a thug” then there’s really no point in arguing.

This poor girl decided to caption her profile picture with “I didn’t choose the thug life, the thug life chose me.” Her family is quick to comment about her “thug” endeavors. Her father comments that she can’t be a thug and be afraid of the dark. Then her mom comments that she’s also afraid to shower when no one else is home.

13 No Party This Weekend

Teenagers are a really rowdy bunch. They get into all sorts of trouble with everyone and sometimes, it’s too hard to keep track of what they’ll do next. The only certain crime they’ll commit is throwing a party at their house when the parents are out for the weekend. It’s a secret best kept hidden but some teenagers are a little lacking in the brain section.

Everything was set for this kid. Parents are out for the weekend and all that’s left is a little inviting. Too bad for him, he made the invitations on Facebook. Even worse, his parents, who were supposed to be out for the weekend are friends with him on Facebook. He’s going to get a solid scolding when his parents get back and the worst part is, there’s no party for anyone.

12 50 Shades Of Too Much Information

A couple of years back, the 50 Shades novel series was a big hit among readers. It was a bigger hit among women. Men are the curious kind so every once in awhile, a guy asks about the book to his female friends. Asking it on Facebook is a really bad idea though and this guy taught all of us a lesson.

The guy wrote a pretty lengthy post about the series of novels but it all boils down to one question; will the books give him an erection in public? The answer was easily revealed but it came from someone he didn’t expect.

Like many adult women, his mom was an avid reader of the book and she answers saying that it will in fact leave him aroused. Moms are always embarrassing us in public but this one mom took it to a different level.

11 Who’s The Fairest Of Them All?

Girls love to post their prettiest pictures online. We don’t get anything from likes, upvotes or nice comments but let’s face it, it’s always nice to be complimented. Some dads support their daughters’ best photos online through commenting and liking, other dads choose to become total party poopers instead.

What started out as an innocent glamor photo for this girl ended up being a complete nightmare instead. She posted a photo of hers with a neat flower headdress filter. Her dad took to social media to try and outdo her daughter's nice picture.

Instead of a filter, her dad used a real plant to face atop his head. A filterless shot and a duck face made his picture quite the competitor.

10 No, You Don’t Do Your Laundry

Let’s face the fact that doing the laundry is one of the most tiring things to do and sometimes, we just don’t even want to try and get our hands wet. Our parents are the ones who do our laundry back when we were young and there are those who still rely on their parent for their tasks once they become adults.

This guy posts that “i miss my dryer and washer at home.” From the post, we can assume that this guy does his own laundry. He made a grave mistake though as his mom was ready to pounce on his post saying, “I have a name.”

This is obviously a case of a mother not getting the credit for the stuff she does for her child. Let this be a lesson to all of us; never lie about the things you do and most of all, always give credit to your mom’s hard work.

9 She Rode What?

Parents are very tech savvy nowadays and you can bet that moms and dads worldwide are getting into more than just Facebook. Some are even hip enough to be on Instagram and kids should never, ever forget if their parents are on Instagram.

This young lady made that ungodly mistake. She captioned a picture of her with a guy on a jet ski saying that the vehicle isn’t the only thing she rode that day. Her mom quickly sent her a message reminding her that her parents have an Instagram account. The young lady was smart and witty though and she made a pretty nice save. Let’s be honest though, she probably got a solid scolding when she got home.

8 That’s Gotta Hurt

Facebook is the emotional outlet of many people. Through this nifty site, we get the chance to voice out our emotions without having to confront or socialize with others first. Sometimes our deep thoughts can turn into a window of opportunity for our relatives to express their own qualms with us.

This guy posted an innocent post that just basically reveals how he is currently feeling. From the sound of things, the guy is going through quite a phase. That isn’t stopping one of his parents from ridiculing him in front of his many friends on Facebook though.

The guy’s status update was something about how things don’t need fixing but it’s best to start over sometimes. One of his parents then comments “and that’s why you have a younger brother.” In a few words, his own parent gave out one of the sickest burns in Facebook history.

7 Nice Chain Mail You Got There

We all know what chain mails are. Basically, it’s a mail that you have to pass around for some made up reason. For example, if you don’t pass this message, the grim reaper will come and take out your teeth. It’s one of the most annoying things on the web aside from Rick Rolls and sometimes, people get more than what they bargain for when passing on a chain mail.

“I’m 13 weeks and I’m craving bubblegum,” says one girl on Facebook. First off, what kind of a chain mail is that? Next, she should’ve known about the implications of the message. Her dad responded by saying “WTF???” on her post and we’re sure that her dad was on the verge of a heart attack then. Lucky for the dad, it was just a chain mail she posted to “confuse people.” It sure got him confused.

6 Define Burn

Urban Dictionary is one of those fun websites that allows people to check out the definition of some words made up by others. It’s a good way to pass the time and even better, it’s rather easy to put a word in for laughs. Some guys just can’t help but add in words that would benefit them somehow.

Jordan’s a wise guy. He shares a link from the website and in the link, we get to see what the “definition” of Jordan is. According to Urban Dictionary, Jordan is a different word for a very large Johnson. It was a little funny we’ll give him that but his mom wasn’t having any of it.

In one sentence, Jordan’s mom literally destroyed him. She apologizes for giving her son a name she can’t live up to and boy, that was a burn felt around the world.

5 Don’t Cuss

Despite what the belief is, no, we aren’t allowed to say whatever we want on social media. We have unspoken rules that need to be followed and in all honesty, sometimes it’s better just to not incur the wrath of anyone online. One guy found that out the hard way as he got tag teamed by his parents when he dropped the F-bomb on Facebook.

He’s obviously having a bad day and he took to social media to express his qualms about what’s going on. He had a few cuss words thrown into the mix, too. Mom was quick to comment that he shouldn’t cuss even on social media. The guy’s next “smart” move was to talk back online. Dad comes to the aid of mom and lays down a sick burn. Lesson learned: don’t ever cuss when you have relatives as friends.

4 How I Met You

It’s always fun to look back and hear about how we met our friends on Facebook. I mean, with all those names and memories, there’s a good chance that we can’t remember all of them. With a single status, we can have our friends tell about how they met us but it seems like others want to take it a bit too far.

One guy started a thread by posting an innocent when and where question of how his friends met him. The first two answers were nice and serious but when it was dad’s turn, things got a bit weird. “9 months before you were born. I brought you on a date and you left with your mother.” The other commenters loved the comment though and the dad “won the internet” with such a nice and witty response.

3 Taylor Swift’s Biggest Inspiration

Taylor Swift is one of the most popular music icons to date and girls can help but relate to her music. It’s a known fact that most of Swift’s songs are based on her relationships with a few celebs. She’s a very relatable person but never should we ever say that her songs are based on our lives.

This one girl didn’t get the memo though. Sure, it’s easy to say that this girl is just a big fan of Swift and her post shouldn’t be taken too seriously but boy, her dad gave out one burn so hot, it could topple Swift’s songs on the charts. The girl never saw it coming though and her dad had the right to reveal the true life of his daughter. It would’ve been nice if Swift actually releases Empty The Dishwasher And Cat Box Every Night Without B*tching About It.

2 Family Pic

It’s common knowledge that one needs to look amazing on his or her profile pic. Whether we like it or not, people will judge our pictures like the world depends on it. Our harshest critics aren’t people prettier than us, our harshest critics is and will always be, our parents.

This brother and sister tandem had posted a neat picture of both of them with a rather thuggish post. They tried to look cool in the picture and we gotta hand it to them, they somehow pulled it off. All was going well though but that was until their parents decided to mock them.

Their mom and dad decided to pose similarly. The clothes, the filter, the pose, their mom, and dad got everything right. Just goes to show, like mother and father, like daughter and son.

1 Spell Disappointment

When we were growing up, our parents had to correct our mistakes so that we learn from it in hopes of never committing the same error again. The knowledge they impose on us isn’t limited to our early years though as nothing is stopping our parents from teaching us a thing or two even when we’re old enough to move out. That task gets a bit easier thanks to social media as parents can easily see our errors in a few clicks.

Elizabeth posted what looks to be an undermining status about the length of the marriage of her parents. Dad was quick to answer saying that those no big deal 27 years of marital bliss, 19 of those years were filled with disappointment thanks to their daughter who can’t even spell parents right. Talk about a sick burn.

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