15 Struggles Only Dudes Would Understand

At some point, we all have been in certain situations where we just wanted the other person to understand. We all want empathy because, after all, that's what's going to unify us. However, there's just a few things maybe some will never understand. Take for instance, the male anatomy. If there's one thing that frightens any man, it would be anything that surrounds their b***s. What is it about that area that creates so much tension and taboo? Well, let's break it down. The male reproductive system shouldn't be taboo at all. The human body serves a important one at that. B***s are basically two oval-shaped external organs, and they're an important vital organ that make male hormones like testosterone. They also create the male reproductive cells, otherwise known as sp**m. For such important organs, it's interesting to know that they're genetically placed outside of the human body. This then leads to many issues that only guys would know about. Like most females, there are plenty of things only girls would understand. We are all the same to a certain degree, but there are a few key differences that make us individually unique. Most women would never understand why men behave and do certain things. There's a brotherhood, an understanding of nods when a guy simply needs to stare at a nice-shaped b**t or a woman's chest area. There's a daily struggle for guys to keep it together without making things too public. Below are 15 Struggles Only Dudes Will Understand.


15 Unsticking Your B***s

In general, most people don't like humid weather. The same can be especially said for most dudes. It's believed that humid weather, plus a pair of ill-fitting boxer briefs, can cause male b***s to stick to the inside of his upper thigh. When this happens, you can guarantee some hilarity to happen. The obvious thing most guys would try to do, as discreetly as possible, is to move their entire genitals to get relief. This can happen with a slight turn away from public view and moving their b***s with their hand. Sometimes, when there's no discreet way to turn, some may do a weird dance, walk, or stance. So, if you're a female out and about running errands, and you happen to glance over and see some poor bloke walking or standing awkwardly, just know that there's a specific reason for that "movement." It won't be pretty, but it'll be amusing.

14 Manscaping


Shaving unwanted hair is nothing new. Women have done it for years. It's definitely a preference, and it's okay if some don't prefer it. Hair is just hair, or also known as natures' organic body blanket. However, it is a trend in some communities to shave. This can be both for women and men. Yet, manscaping has always been an odd topic to discuss. Why would any dude want to take a pair of fine-shaped razors and put it down to the one sensitive area most men are fearful of? It's all in the name of beauty and preference. Perhaps their other counterpart suggested that they do. Maybe, it's for a medical reason or the guy just wants to try something (dare I say) daring. Whatever the reason is, manscaping is a real thing and many guys do it. The only problem is, it requires a steady surgeon's hand and precision. Just don't sneeze.

13 Shopping For The Perfect Pair Of Undies

Unless you have tons of cash and have all the time in world to spend shopping, most prefer not to. Online shopping has dominated the retail market because it targets pockets of the population who want better deals and easy convenience. You can sit in your pajamas and never get up to go anywhere. Whatever you need, the internet has it, and in most cases, are shipped to you free. Still, there are some things you can't just buy over the internet or you'll be greatly disappointed. Clothing and shoes, by far, have to be one of the most complicated purchases that can be made. It doesn't matter if you're online or in-store. Something so simple as finding a right fit for your body is actually not. The least of all, shopping for underwear. Women have the same problem with finding the right bra, and dudes have the same problem with finding their perfect heavenly pair of briefs.

12 Suffocation "Issues"


One thing is for sure, women will never understand, and what most guys will agree too well on, is the pain of b*** suffocation. What is b*** suffocation? It's exactly what it states. Basically, it's anything that irritates, squeezes, or cuts off the circulation to a man's privates. It's all boxed in under 'achy b*** syndrome'. If this becomes a long-term issue, it can increase the chances of serious disease. What's the cause? Well, it's more often caused by wearing tight pants, underwear, horseback riding, too much sitting, lack of any sort of exercise, a big fat stomach, and sitting with your legs crossed for lengthy periods. Bicycle seats can give you more pain than anything else. Anything that can, and will, crush or smash the nerves in your male organs will provide suffocating pain. Most doctors say that the only way to alleviate the discomfort is by paying attention to your daily habits and making smart choices.

11 Protecting The Crown Jewels

If there is ever a scary moment for most women, it's walking at night alone, specially if you're short and don't pack much weight. Self-defense classes are a great way for women to learn how to protect themselves in dangerous situations. Most classes and teachers tell the women to go for where it's going to hurt the most. Especially if the attacker is male, most women are advised to go for a man's crown jewels. Why? Unfortunately for most dudes, their s*x organs are external, which make it a fair game for anything that comes its way. Another thing is that a male's groin has a ridiculous amount of sensory nerves. Thus, good and bad "touches" are extremely noticeable sensations. Without bones, large muscle mass, and fat to protect the male glands, they're exposed to absorb every full force of any major kick and blow, all on their wee-little own.

10 Going To The Doctor


Going to the doctor can be a traumatic experience. There's a certain negative stigma about going to a hospital or even simply going to a routine doctor's appointment. Something about going for a visit to the clinic can cause immediate reaction of concern. Most of the time, it's a typical responsibility to make sure everything is alright. It's kind of like the human equivalent to an annual vehicle inspection. No one really likes going to the doctor's, but it's necessary. Even though it's necessary, some can still dread the visit, especially for some dudes who know they're either going to get their privates touched or get a prostate exam. Most heterosexual men prefer not to be touched by another guy, specifically in areas that are quite sensitive to touch. However, in the name of their own health, men endure the discomfort silently. They hope the checkup is brief and in the end, hope everything "works" just fine.

9 Uncontrollable Itch Down There

Being itchy all over is not all. If you've gone camping and came back with a ton of mosquito and bug bites, you'll understand that sometimes the itching can be literally unbearable. Our skin is not only the largest organ on the human body, but it's a great protector from minor environmental threats too. Still, more often than not, our skin can also be our worst nightmare when it comes to rashes, bites, and stings. If we don't take care of it, things can quickly go awry. Men, in particular, can have an extremely annoying irritation when it comes to their skin on certain areas. From jock itch to just plain p***c hair irritation, having to constantly scratch "down there" can lead to more problems. Again, with all the nerve endings in that particular region, men go absolutely insane by the discomfort they feel. This problematic sensation is clearly something only dudes can understand.


8 Toilet Water Splash Back


We're all human, and like every other living species on this rock we call Earth, we all, at some point, need to use the restroom. Then again, for some, going to the bathroom can be gross and tricky. A lot of dudes, for instance, don't have a problem going to the bathroom in urinals. Yet, there comes a time when the dreaded number two needs to happen. What then? Well, if you got to go, then you got to go. The problem that a lot of guys face, and only guys will get, is that when they are about to wrap up what they need to do, they get the dreaded toilet water splash back. It's basically caused when the water is displaced and a cavity of air is formed. The air has no place to go but your bum region, or worse... The trick to solving this is simply placing toilet paper in the bowl before you go.

7 Shopping For The Perfect Pants

Compartment syndrome is a condition that happens from increased pressure in a confined body space, like when wearing ill-fitted skinny jeans or pants. There are people who have been hospitalized due to wearing tight clothing, and as a result, they've had signs of nerve and muscle damage not only in their legs, but in other sensitive areas as well. Finding the perfect pair of pants is not only a huge problem for a lot of women, but a bigger problem for men. The priorities are a bit different. Going shopping is a nightmare and can come across as a seek-and-destroy sort of mission for guys. They need pants that are not only comfortable, but won't mess with their privates or create some sort of "distraction" when out in public. Most guys typically don't like shopping, but when they can't find something as simple as a pair of pants, the experience can be even more annoying.

6 "Schweddy B***s"


Call it "Schweddy" b***s or swamp c****h, it's all the same. It's gross, uncomfortable, and something most dudes can relate to. This can be caused by ill-fitting undergarments or pants. When things get a little too tight, and when not enough airflow is present, heat can be the main source of the problem. If you're the type of guy who's lucky and aren't as active as your pals, then great. However, most dudes can get real gross "down there," especially if they're playing sports, wearing tight clothing, or in a hot environment. Men have been told for years to use baby powder or medicated powder to help keep their manly parts fresh. It’s still not a foolproof method. If you’re a guy who sweats like a waterfall, then powders are going to turn to paste. Wearing loose clothing, breathable fabrics, or utilizing powder products without talc, menthol, and aluminum are the way to go.

5 Being The New Makeup Blender Trend

I doubt that this will be a lasting trend, and it's probably something not to worry about, especially for guys who are in relationships with partners obsessed with makeup. Recently, the cringeworthy viral clip of a girl using her boyfriend's manhood as a beauty blender sponge, went crazy over the internet. Most girls thought it was funny and cute, but that wasn't the case for many guys who watched the same clip. Their partners squealing in excitement, "we should try that," probably sent waves of shivers down any guy's spine. Going down the list, it's not easy being a guy because obviously, you have to deal with a ton of things related to your privates. But then, to add further issues, the one thing guys are literally sensitive about is being used to blend off-color foundation. The internet is full of obnoxiously ridiculous things and this has to be among the top.

4 Zipper "Issues"


If you haven't seen the film There's Something About Mary, then you need to go watch it now. It's not only a classic Ben Stiller comedy, but in the film, there's an iconic scene where the protagonist gets into a bit of "trouble." Every guy who has watched this film remembers that particular scene because more than likely, it's happened to them. The teeny-weenie, sharp, shiny teeth that can inflict pain no dude ever imagines, is actually pretty common. Boys and men have all experienced part or a huge portion of their manhood stuck in their zippers. Pants with button-fly options are a great substitute to avoid this painful and embarrassing scenario. But, in all seriousness, no one really wants to spend more than ten minutes buttoning his pants. So, what's the go-to solution for this problem? Doctors recommend pouring a ton of mineral oil all over the region. Then, you wait about 30 minutes and the inflicted part will slip out of the zipper. In some cases, a gentle nudge of a cotton swab can help.

3 Beach Irritation

There's nothing greater than spending a relaxing holiday or weekend by the beach. With the heat of the sun and the warmth of the sand, everything about the beach is easy-going. It's for the young, the old, and whatever fits in between. Have you ever buried your father, uncle, brother, or boyfriend under the sand? It all seems like fun and games, which for the most part, it is. But what about afterwards? After all the fun is over, you eventually have to help them come out. Once they do, most guys typically go in the ocean to rinse off or use the local showers. Still, sometimes, this isn't enough. You go home thinking there's no evidence of sand anywhere until you check your b***s, and they're completely covered. They sort of look like a pair of Dunkin' Donut munchkins covered in powdered sugar. This can cause itchiness and irritable discomfort only dudes could understand.

2 Wandering Eyes


One other common thing only guys will get about themselves is when they openly stare at another woman's "girls". If you're not a heterosexual male, then this may not apply so much. Even if you're married, most women will notice men starring at their chest area or another part of their body. What gives? According to the rules of Evolutionary Psychology, men stare because they're programmed to do so through years of evolution. Apparently, it's common sense that men are more attracted to other humans who have healthy bodies or what "men" consider to be healthy in their eyes. Males are attracted to mates who they believe will produce higher quality offspring and provide a higher quality of care for said offspring. Features such as large breasts and wide hips are indicators of a high quality mate. Wide hips indicate fertility and large breasts indicate you are capable of nursing children.

1 Being Too Honest

The last thing most dudes can only understand about each other is why men say the most stupid things. The brutal honesty is what some women love about their male counterparts, while it's also the one thing many women despise. There's a time and a place for all things, especially comments that are a bit inappropriate to say out loud. For example, some men clearly don't think beforehand, and when their partner refuses to do something, don't say back "Well, my ex was OK with it." Phrases like this is what gets you kicked out or worse, dumped. So, why do men do it? Behold, the 'Male Idiot Theory'. In the former BJM [British Medical Journal], the report simply researched that men take, do, and say unnecessary risks because it's like a rite of passage. It's the male pursuit of social esteem. For all that "esteem," I hope it's all worth it when they're given the cold shoulder.

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