15 Stories Of Reincarnation That Make Us Believers

Do you believe in reincarnation? Reincarnation is the belief that a part of a living being is reborn in a different physical body after death. Thus, those who believe in reincarnation believe that even though they will eventually die, they will continue on living, just not in the same body or form.

Many ancient cultures believed in reincarnation. Some religions still believe in reincarnation to this day, including Buddhism, Hinduism, and Sikhism. Recently, many Europeans and North Americans have also developed an interest in reincarnation. Perhaps the reason reincarnation is so popular is because it answers the one question everyone fears – “what happens to us after we die?” If one doesn’t believe in heaven and hell, then death can seem extremely terrifying. But knowing that you will be reborn and that you will continue on living gives people an ease of mind.

Generally, it is believed that living beings will reincarnate until they reach their potential or learn some kind of lesson. But how do you know if you’ve ever lived before? Some people have memories of their past lives. It is usually said that young children are especially good at remembering their past lives. However, as people age they tend to forget their past lives. It is nevertheless supposedly possible to remember them by undergoing past life regression, which are basically hypnosis sessions.

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15 Life In A Rural Monastery

Reddit user faceintheblue spoke in full sentences from a very young age. One day, his mother brought him to the doctor for a check-up and started flipping through the magazines. Suddenly, faceintheblue noticed something in one of the magazines – “with my little hands I grab the thing, flip back several pages frantically, and then I put my face like an inch above the page. I just froze there, poring over this picture of a ruined monastery in a desert, drinking in every little detail.”

Naturally, faceintheblue’s mother asked why he liked the picture so much to which he replied - "I used to live there". His mother laughed and said that he always lived with her but he said - "No, no. This was a long time before you were born."

When faceintheblue’s mother asked what he did there, he said he grew vegetables and wrote books. And upon reading the article, faceintheblue’s mother realized that the monastery in question was “nearly self-sufficient, gathering rainwater in cisterns to support vegetable gardens year-round behind the scriptorium where the monks produced copies of the Bible and other holy books.”

14 Husband In Past Life, Best Friend In This Life

A couple of years ago jaysjami ended up going to Dr. Brian Weiss’s past life regression session with her best friend. In his book, Dr. Weiss says that by looking into the eyes of people you can spot your soulmates with whom you connect lifetime after lifetime because even though their role in your life may change, their sex may change, their relationship may change, their eyes will remain the same.

During the hypnosis, jaysjami saw that in her past life she was a woman in a rural and poor area in the US sometime in the late 1800s or early 1900s. However, her past life was not a long one – “I died in that life in childbirth, after having given birth, I think I bled to death. My husband in that life held my hand and we stared into each other’s eyes crying, him begging for me not to go, telling me he loved me.

Interestingly, it turned out that jaysjami’s best friend in this life was her husband in her past life – “It was very raw to talk about [...] When he told me of his regression he described the exact same house, fixtures, furniture, etc.”

13 Death By Fire

The Reddit user tits_mcgeeee used to tell his family about his past life all the time when he was three or four years old. Apparently, tits_mcgeeee lived in an apartment in the city – “I lived in a flat in a tall building in a city, with my parents and our dog, Daniel. I can’t remember the mum’s name but the dad was called Steve and was a fireman, which I said was funny because we all actually died in a fire.”

However, as in most cases, growing older made this user forget his past life – “About a year later, I just stopped talking about them.”

12 Child In This Life, Parent To Father In Past Life

PmZ_Xt recalls a weird occurrence from his childhood, even though he himself doesn’t believe in reincarnation – “I was very young when I was kind of playing with my dad and for some reason I said something along the lines of ‘back when I was still your dad we used to do this all the time!’”

Of course, these innocent words surprised his family – “Personally, I don’t believe in reincarnation so I don’t think I’m the reincarnation of my own grandfather but it certainly raised some questions within my family.”

Another Redditor offered some insight, saying that it is not necessarily the case that PmZ_Xt was his father’s father in past life – “It is also possible that you are not the reincarnation of your grandfather, but rather that you and your current father were in a lifetime together in which you were the father and he was the son.”

11 Life In Pompeii, Life As A Lady And Life In Ancient Greece

Coffeeandarabbit can remember multiple past lives that she has lived. She feels that she once lived in Pompeii – “I remember the ring my husband had given me [...] I remember that he died from some kind of routine treatment that I nagged him to get.”

She also feels as if she lived in the 1800s – “I remember the room I was in, the smell of the fire, the tightness of my corset, the way my dress felt under my hands.”

Another memory coffeeandarabbit has is of her living in ancient Rome or Greece – “I was stabbed by a group who I trusted.”

Coffeeandarabbit is certain that these memories are not just daydreams or nightmares – “It is hard to articulate how these are different from imagination or dreams. They feel so real. I haven’t ever worn a proper bone corset in this life but these memories make me feel like it would be familiar and comforting. I haven’t been stabbed but I feel as though I know the sensation.”

10 Hanged For Crime In One Life And A Lonely Woman In Another Life

Loveandmayhem also recalls two past lives. In one past life, she was a woman who wore long dresses and bonnets and cared for her father. This was during the time of extreme fear of witches in the US. One day, a drunken man was after her and in self defense she killed him. As a result, she was hanged – “I choked and couldn’t breathe. Finally, the light went out of me. That’s the best way I can describe it: I had a light inside of my body, it slowly went out like a candle flame.”

In another, more recent life, loveandmayhem was a pretty, blonde woman who felt very lonely – “I was extremely sad and lonely. I couldn’t bear children and my husband was very distant. I had no one to talk to, no to engage with, I sat alone in my house a lot and stared at myself in the mirror.”

In this recent life, loveandmayhem’s name was Sarah which is interesting seeing as a few odd occurrences involving the name have occurred in this life – “When I was around three years old my aunt had recently adopted a cat and she asked me what she should name her. I immediately said “Sarah” [...] Another time I was at a library and the librarian was making name tags for all the kids. I was maybe a year or two older. I told her “Sarah” and in that moment I truly believed that was my name.”

9 Life As A Mongolian General

When AdelePhytler underwent past life regression she realized that in her past life she was a man. But she was no ordinary man! She was a general of some sort – “I was a Mongolian warlord’s son. We were in an Islamic country, I was given a wife who wore veils around everyone except me. I had several wives actually. I was a general of some kind, really high up.”

Curious, AdelePhytler did some research and found the man that was possibly her in the past life – “Came up with a dude named Onegai Kahn [...] There’s a painting of him, weirdly, we have a mole in the same place.”

8 Past Life As A Dog

Can animals be reborn as humans? Reddit user, kenny9791, thinks that they can. In fact, he has a feeling that he himself was a dog in his past life. Apparently, when kenny9791 was not yet born, his mother had a dog named Spot. The two were very close. However, during the last stage of her pregnancy, Spot died which made kenny9791’s mother go into labor.

Interestingly, kenny9791’s mother thinks that Spot’s spirit lives on in her son – “apparently I have the same characteristics. I also believe myself that I am rather dog-like [...] I like to stand or sit at the front window and just stare at the street and watch people walking past, and I get overly excited when I hear the door go or when we get visitors.”

7 Mysteriously Knowing Southern California Really Well

The Reddit user stupidchange felt all his life that he belonged to Southern California. But he had never visited it before let alone lived there. Some time ago he was visiting a friend in Southern California for the first time. They were coming back from Hollywood towards Orange County when they got lost. None of them, including stupidchange, knew how to get back on the right road. However, as the driver was panicking, stupidchange suddenly started giving directions even though he had gotten to LA only two days before.

Two days later, stupidchange and a few of his friends were riding bikes when another strange occurrence took place – “We’re riding our bikes in Huntington Beach and there’s a hotel right there in a place that just freaked me out. Like I believed in my deepest part of my soul it didn’t belong there. We looked at the cornerstone and it was built in 1967.”

6 Strangled In Past Life

The-electric-monk is positive that she was strangled in her past life – “All my life I’ve absolutely hated things touching my neck. Scarves, turtlenecks, choker type necklaces, etc. I would start to gag and couldn’t breathe when I tried to wear these items. I’ve always had a few light marks on my neck. They’re faint but visible: there’s one big area, about the size of a half dollar, just to the left of my windpipe. The rest of my neck has lighter marks. It looks like my throat is covered with a thin layer of dirt.”

The-electric-monk couldn’t have been strangled in this life because she had a good childhood. And she was born normally too, there was no cord around her neck – “My dad was born with the cord around his neck, and it did leave a scar that’s very different from what I’ve got.”

5 Two Souls Meeting Each Other In Every Life

Reddit user Poppicock1 is certain that she and her mum have been together in the past. In fact, both poppicock1 and her mother have one memory they share. Poppicock’s side of the memory is this – “It’s the old west and I’m in a saloon. I am wearing a red and black western-y dress sitting on a guy’s lap watching a poker game and drinking.”

Poppicock’s mother’s side of the memory is – “she’s the owner of the saloon. She’s walking around, cleaning up, brings rounds of drinks. She’s heading upstairs and stops and looks over the railing.”

However, Poppicock believes that her mother has been around for much longer than her – “I remember she told me she went to a city in Montana (she’d never been before) and she knew the layout of the city. Knew where things used to be, knew faces of people in pictures from the past.”

4 Memory Of A Car Crash That Never Was

Containerfox has a memory of being in a car crash – “I have a very clear memory of sitting in one of those backward-facing child seats in a car. I lose my shoe, and the driver (a woman with long dark hair) reaches to try to find my shoe but crashes the car into the ditch.”

However, it doesn’t seem like Containerfox’s parents, or an acquaintance, have ever crashed into a ditch – “I have asked my parents but they don’t even know anyone that would fit my description that would have been around me at that age, and they’re sure that I, at that age, didn’t get a lift from someone that would fit the description either.”

3 Dying In An Earthquake

When a deleted Reddit user was a child, he used to constantly recall memories of dying in a natural disaster in his past life – “Apparently when I was like 3 or 4 years old I used to tell my mum that I died in an earthquake and I had a shop or something and talk about my “family” that didn’t actually exist.”

However, now that he has grown, he doesn’t remember any memories from his past life at all – “Of course I don’t remember it but my mum insists that I said things that I had no way of coming up with being so young and not really watching TV or anything.”

2 A Life In Ancient Egypt And A Life In England

The Reddit user Satans_Secretary can recall a number of past lives. In one past life, she was murdered in Ancient Egypt – “shakily reached out to my husband, he was already dead (both assassinated).” She also has a memory of being murdered in Ancient Greece – “[It] was done by an (ex) boyfriend in this current life.”

After seriously delving into reincarnation and regression, Satans_Secretary realized that her last memory of her past life is from England, although she doesn’t recall many details about this life – “My most recent past life was a male over in England. Not much more details on that, other than a vision of laying down in a 4-poster bed.”

1 A Life As A Roman Gladiator And A Life As A Lady

Perksofbeingpan can also recall a number of past lives. According to her, in one past life, she was a Roman gladiator. She lived a long and happy life. In another life, she was a young lady during the 11th or 12th century. In fact, perksofbeingpan says that this latter life is the life she feels most connected to.

Interestingly, perksofbeingpan firmly believes that our interests in our current life reflect who we were in our past lives – “So for the Roman gladiator, I have a great interest in Ancient Rome and gladiator fights. The second one is a little different. I don’t have an interest in the daily life of the women in the 11th or 12th centuries, but I have interests separate from that that I believe reflect that life. For example, I love baking and I’ve always loved the idea of being an old-timey apothecarian, which has led me to believe that I had to either be a baker or a apothecarian.”

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