15 Steamiest Photos Of Jordan Spieth's Girlfriend

The avid golf fan already knows who Jordan Spieth is.

In 2012, a 19-year-old Spieth turned professional midway through his sophomore year at the University of Texas. He partnered with Under Armour and BioSteel Sports Supplements for sponsorship in a span of just two months in 2013. Today, he's a household name, thanks to his absolutely dominating performance at the 2015 U.S. Open in University Place, Washington. He also cemented himself into Masters Tournament history with a wire-to-wire victory, which was his first major win.

Spieth won his third major title on July 23, 2017. In the Open Championship at Royal Birkdale, Spieth tied for the lead after a first-round 65 and held the lead after the second and third rounds, leaving him three shots clear of Matt Kuchar heading into the final day. However, that lead was lost after three bogeys in his opening four holes of the final round. Kuchar took the lead with five holes remaining. Spieth limited the damage by striping a three-iron from the practice range area and making bogey, leaving him just a shot behind Kuchar. In a show of good sportsmanship, Spieth apologized to Kuchar for the 21-minute delay to sort out his wayward tee shot. Ultimately, Spieth finished with a final round 69 and became just the second player in history after Jack Nicklaus to win three of the four men's golf majors before his 24th birthday.

Spieth has already won the heart of his biggest admirer. His high school sweetheart, Annie Verret, has cheered him on from the galleries during some of his biggest career wins. So here's a deeper look with 15 steamy photos of Verret.

15 Beautiful Smile

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According to her LinkedIn account, Verret “provide(s) The First Tee with new relationships while leveraging established partnerships, sponsorships, and grants” and “work with event committees, staff, and volunteers to implement comprehensive event plans to maximize net event revenue, event participation and community engagement,” among other duties.

It's no surprise that Verret has the ability to maximize community engagement because she's a brunette beauty who wears a warm smile and possesses tons of intellect. We don't need any glass to show anyone that the face of this woman is beautiful. We've all been there in the moment—looking at her as she's looking into you—and not having the slightest idea what to do. She may not be affected talking to others, but someone who talks to an attractive woman really can make them lose their minds. Forget the super bright high power lights. She can light up your next event for the fraction of the cost.

14 Looking Up

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We're not sure what Verret is looking at, but does it really matter? Like what Audrey Hepburn once said, "The beauty of a woman must be seen from her eyes because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides." Verret's makeup is cute, but her eyes are absolutely gorgeous! Her eyes really are the gateway to her soul. But what else do we see when we gaze into the eyes of this woman?

Verret may be young, but she has a mature head on her shoulders. She's not just Spieth's girlfriend. She has carved out a name for herself with her social work and management career. She also spends her free time helping underprivileged kids. She's a really private person who does her best to stay away from the media, but she can't fully avoid the publicity, since Spieth's name has become one of the most popular on the greens.

13 Eye On The Ball

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Not everybody is lucky to lock down a girlfriend like Verret, but Spieth has managed to do just that. Like a good girlfriend would, Verret regularly watches her boyfriend play. However, she's more than your average wife or girlfriend of an athlete, as she probably knows a thing or two about the game of golf. Maybe she has serious sports intellect like those who are involved in the journalism field. Who knows?

In this photo, Verret looks casual yet comfortable for a golf tournament with her brown sunglasses on top of her head and dressed in a simple blue and white striped shirt, black lanyard, and brown hair tucked behind her ears. While Spieth makes strokes on the golf course, Verret looks great as a brunette beauty who watches golf from the sidelines. She's a brilliant insightful woman who knows how to watch golf and congratulate her man with sweet kisses following his victories.

12 College Graduate

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We have to bring up Verret's academic achievements again. Even though she and her beau attended different colleges, they were still together. They aren't as active on social media like other power couples in the golf world. That only adds to their mystique.

Verret is often seen trailing Spieth on the golf course, typically staying incognito behind big sunglasses and away from the crowds. She's also her own person, evidenced by her college graduation from Texas Tech. She looked so happy to walk in her graduation in her cap, gown and tassels, and had a reason to be excited. As you can see in this photo, her boyfriend attended her graduation like he should. After all, a graduation is one of the most important events for anyone to experience in their lives. He also posed in a picture with her, and they're definitely on the list of the cutest couples ever!

11 Sorority Girl

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Verret is one of the seemingly rare girls who possesses both beauty and brains, but she also likes to have fun with her girlfriends in her spare time! While majoring in business at Texas Tech, she was a member of the Delta Delta Delta sorority. In case you didn't already know, the Tri Delta sorority focuses on the ideals of truth, self-sacrifice, and friendship. Its purpose is to help young women establish a perpetual bond of friendship among its members, develop a stronger and more womanly character, broaden the moral and intellectual life, and assist its members in every possible way.

As a sorority girl, Verret has met members of other sororities and fraternities during mixers, date parties, formals, homecoming, and vice versa. She might've dressed super casual in this photo with another sorority girl, wearing just a loose blue t-shirt and a pair of aviator shades, but she continues to look good for the camera.

10 Pretty In Pink

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Verret is a native of Coppell, Texas. Many people hailing from the Lone Star State have a special fondness for animals, and Verret is one of those animal lovers who seems to feel at ease with the presence of pets.

This photo is kind of blurry, but you can see Verret's beauty nonetheless. She went full Barbie girl in a simple pink ensemble with a matching pink bow attached on her long ponytail. She's petting her dog and apparently trying to get him or her to look into the camera and say cheese. She definitely looks like she's at home with her dog, which just goes to show you can never go wrong with a classic southern girl. Southern girls get a bad rep sometimes, but that's usually due to the jealousy from those that aren't blessed with their southern roots. No matter what, they tend to stick to tradition and always remember their faith.

9 Bobblehead Day

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Texas-based writer Bill Nichols tweeted, "Annie Verret, Jordan Spieth's girlfriend: 'That's a good-looking bobblehead' #SpiethBobblehead" on May 20, 2016.

There's no surprise that Spieth got himself an attractive chick, but it's a surprise he hasn't jumped on a Hall of Fame athlete's daughter or a Playboy model who currently lives in the Playboy Mansion. Go figure! At least he found a girl who's not only a brunette stunner, but also a huge supporter of his. What kind of guy wouldn't want a girl to be his biggest fan? We mean, it's a great compliment she made in reference to her boyfriend on a Spieth bobblehead day on the golf course. In addition, she's wearing an effortless patterned dress and a brown cross-body purse, which makes her look like an easy, breezy beautiful Covergirl. She deserves plus points for complimenting a bobblehead that someone made to resemble her man.

8 Red Hot

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Verret has often been spotted wearing neutral colors and patterns, but in this photo with Spieth, she stepped out of her comfort zone and rocked a modern red button coat with what appears to be a red shirt along with a pair of khaki shorts and red boots. Now, red and khaki are the two main colors that Target employees are supposed to wear, but she looks so good that you don't even think about the second-largest discount store in the United States.

Verret looks red hot sitting next to Spieth. She has legs for days and properly showed off her toned legs by choosing a semi-revealing red ensemble for a hot sunny day in the great outdoors. Again, her warm confident smile helps her look even better. She seems like a very nice girl next door who can dress for the occasion by stepping her fashion game up.

7 Little Black Dress

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Black is a color that looks good on everyone. Black is also a slimming color, so that makes some girls wear it even more than the average girl. But in this instance, Verret looks great in practically everything, and a little black dress is an extremely easy task for the brunette babe.

A little black dress is a staple in every woman's closet. It may look a little too plain for a girl like Verret, but at least she won't be overdressed or underdressed for an event. In this photo, which appears to be a selfie, Verret and Spieth look like a tremendous couple with achievements on and off their career paths. Spieth remained neutral with Verret's little black dress by wearing a black suit with a black-and-white plaid shirt along with a casual black tie. This couple can definitely clean up nice for whatever special occasion they plan to attend.

6 Sharing A Kiss

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Spieth captured his first major championship at the age of 21 in dominant fashion on April 12, 2015. He shot a two-under 70 in Sunday's final round of the 2015 Masters to win by four strokes.

After walking off the 18th green at the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia, Spieth was spotted kissing and holding Verret, who he has dated since high school. He then proceeded to the green jacket ceremony in the Butler Cabin. There were lots of people in the crowd who congratulated him, including his three best high school friends. He appeared to acknowledge everyone around him before signing his scorecard.

As classy as Spieth's form was on the course this week, his class away from it is a major reason why his mental game is so strong. He has evidently surrounded himself with fine people, who have helped him stay grounded amid his meteoric rise as golf's next big superstar. After Sunday's Masters triumph, only Rory McIlroy sits ahead of Spieth in the world rankings.

5 Hand In Hand

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It's always a nice thing to see a couple on the street walking together hand in hand. It's even better to see a humble couple like Verret and Spieth holding hands while out and about. They sure do define couple goals.

In this photo, Verret is wearing another splendid outfit—a white blazer, white t-shirt, and red infinity scarf. She completed the stylish look by wearing her long brown hair down and adding a large brown purse. Spieth also cleaned up nice with a black sport coat and blue striped dress shirt. The couple clearly knows how to coordinate outfits while maintaining simple laid-back appearances. While it's unclear why Verret was looking up, at least she's looking up because she has a beautiful mind to complement her gorgeous looks. She's going to achieve a lot of things in her life, whether those things occur on or off the golf course.

4 All Dolled Up

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Sometimes, girls who are all dolled up only put in the effort because they want attention. The same can apply to their girlfriends, who might have a desire to achieve perfection even though perfect isn't real. But Verret is all dolled up for the right reasons. She's the longtime girlfriend of a talented young golfer and has to look good for the cameras in her face.

Here's another lovely photo of Verret and Spieth dressed up for a special occasion. Verret is wearing a white dress with short sleeves and black detail. Spieth, on the other hand, is sporting a medium blue suit with a baby blue dress shirt and a black-and-white polka dot tie. Verret's loving look for her high school sweetheart makes it seem like they're a royal couple like Prince William and Kate Middleton. If being a royal couple was a Halloween costume idea for couples, they could be able to pull it off.

3 Date Night

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Spieth is one of the best golfers in the world and he has one of the hottest girlfriends too. But unlike other athletes, he's still dating his childhood sweetheart, and Verret continues to shine in the spotlight. The couple has been together since high school plus Verret has earned a bachelor's degree in business at Texas Tech. If Spieth is smart, he'll marry her sooner rather than later.

In this apparent date night photo, Verret and Spieth enjoy each other's company in what looks like a restaurant and bar. Again, Verret is all smiles—showing off her pearly whites—and rocking a ruffled white tank top. Spieth sticks to a semi-informal look with a light blue Ralph Lauren shirt and topped off the casual outfit with a burnt orange Texas Rangers baseball cap. The couple not only sticks to their hometown roots, but they also seem to look good in whatever they put on.

2 Intelligent Gal

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Verret and Spieth have been dating since they were high school students in Dallas, Texas. While Spieth went to the all-boys Jesuit College Preparatory School, Verret attended its sister school, Ursuline Academy. The couple were friends for several years before they became high school seniors. “Annie’s good for Jordan,” said Spieth’s mother. “He doesn’t need a celebrity girlfriend. He doesn’t want the attention.”

After high school, Verret and Spieth went separate ways for college. While Spieth was dominating the links at the University of Texas in Austin, Verret was about 10 miles north at Texas Tech, a rival Big 12 college. Verret was a Dean’s list student at Texas Tech, where she compiled a 4.0 GPA in four different semesters as a business major, according to her LinkedIn profile. She was also named to the President’s Honor Roll twice as an undergrad. She's a smart and beautiful woman.

1 Sitting Outside

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With all due respect to Paulina Gretzky and Amy Mickelson, Spieth is the clear championship belt holder in the dating category with Verret. They're high school sweethearts, and even though they both attended different colleges, they're still going strong and remaining in love after all the ups and downs. Cue the music, folks. We've got a winner here.

Verret is an American sweetheart with a desirable combination of beauty and brains. In this photo, she's sitting all by herself on the green grass, but continues to stun in a business casual ensemble—a navy blue jacket and pair of pants along with a red, white and blue infinity scarf, and a white and navy blue striped cross-body purse. Surprisingly, her dark sunglasses are on top of her head, but that's fine because we can see her pretty face for a change. She always seems to achieve an effortless look without even trying.

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