15 Stars With Plastic Surgeries We're Oh So Thankful For

Plastic surgery is pretty common in Hollywood. Indeed, it’s almost vital for many careers. Too many actresses have realized that Hollywood judges by looks and it’s thus important to look terrific. That includes ladies as they age, how a few nips and tucks can make all the difference in keeping their careers going. Some are a bit tougher than others as far too many women have gone way too far with their surgeries, Botox and other bits to ruin their looks. Cher was once a true beauty but too many surgeries ruined that. Likewise for Tara Reid and so many others, surgeries have ruined the beauty they once had. But many celebrities have benefited from them in various ways. Interestingly, Ariel Winter has been noted for a large bosom but as it turns out, she had it reduced for health reasons yet retains her sexy appeal.

In some cases, it’s just a little nip and tuck, in others, it’s corrections and some can be bigger. However, many starlets have ended up coming out from going under the knife looking much better than when they went in. Yes, surgery can be a crap shoot but many actresses are smart not to go too all-out and just get a few adjustments. Some are able to transform them into the knockouts we know today and others just look so much better afterward. While much of the talk is mostly rumors, there is evidence to show how much work these ladies have had. Here are 15 famous starlets who actually did better with surgeries to get their fans going very well.

15 Iggy Azalea - Chest Augmentation & Nose Job


The Aussie-born rapper has gotten major attention for her unique style since breaking onto the scene. The big question is her rear end. Rumors have abounded for some time that Azalea got a butt lift with some lipo and the way she flaunts it in tight outfits as well as bikinis on vacation fuels those rumors more. Azalea has denied that procedure but is up front on other ones for her appearance. She blissfully admits to having gotten a nose job, making it a bit sharper and adding to her serene features. More important, Azalea acknowledges she has had breast augmentation and even posted a picture of her plastic surgeon with a “thank you” note. Azalea is open about how the surgery helped her career, making her look hotter and adding to her confidence. While she has had some wild times, Azalea is a favorite for photographers for her hot outfits and showcases a lady who enjoys how some plastic surgery helped make her a truly hot sexpot.

14 Pamela Anderson - You Know...


It’s the makeover that launched one of the most famous women of the 1990s. Anderson had been a beauty already with her gorgeous figure, bright smile and long blonde hair. It got her a Playboy cover (the first of fourteen) and showed a great body off. With her new money, Anderson decided to go under the knife and get a breast enhancement. It definitely worked as it led to her breakout role as C.J. on the mega-hit Baywatch. For the rest of the decade, Anderson was the buxom beauty of TV, appearing in numerous magazines and a later TV hit, VIP. Anderson was so known for her chest that it made headlines when she went in for a breast reduction. It didn’t last as she got another enhancement but Anderson has spoken in interviews of regretting the surgery in the first place. She’s also had a few nips and tucks to her face but Anderson won raves for the 2016 film The People Garden with a stunning nude scene. At 47, she’s still a knockout and while she may regret the surgery that made her a star, very few of her fans would.

13 Ashlee Simpson - Nose Job


Simpson is well known for two things. One is being the younger sister of Jessica Simpson, the music star turned reality TV starlet and actress. The second is for one of the most infamous career free-falls in history. In 2004, just as her music career was taking off, Ashlee was caught lip-synching on Saturday Night Live and instantly became a massive joke. After taking time away, Simpson decided to move on as an actress and made a bold change by having her nose majorly reworked. The previously large and somewhat hooked nose was changed, made smaller and flattened. It truly changed her entire face from attractive to downright beautiful and some injections helped make it curvaceous and more like Jessica’s while also standing on her own. Ashlee showed it off along with a bold red hairstyle in the short-lived revival of Melrose Place where she wowed as a sexy vixen. Since then, Simpson has gone on to rebuild her music career and showcase how shifting the looks was the best way to escape a major scandal.

12 Miley Cyrus - Nose And Chest


Cyrus has had one of the most stunning transformations of any “child star” in recent memory. She was a clean-cut Disney princess as Hannah Montana, rocking a fun outfit and pretty wholesome to the point folks were outraged when a photoshoot showed her bare shoulders. That’s laughable considering how Cyrus has gotten wilder today, flaunting her body in various crazy concert performances as well as magazine shoots. This has included changes in her body via surgery which Cyrus is totally up front about. She has had work done on her nose, making it a bit smaller and able to fit onto her face better. She also appears to have had some work done for her jaw to fix a large jaw. Much more important are her breasts as Cyrus had always been rather flat-chested but appeared to get an enhancement, not huge but still much bigger for her small frame. She’s enhanced that with push-up outfits and added to her sexy appeal and thus complete her transformation into one of the wickedly sexiest young stars alive.

11 Scarlett Johansson - Nose


Johansson insists that she’s a natural beauty who hasn’t undergone any surgeries. However, the photographic evidence indicates otherwise as it’s pretty hard to go through these changes so quickly and naturally. Johansson came to prominence at a young age with Ghost World and Lost in Translation boosting her up. Looking at photos of a younger Johansson, it’s quite obvious that she’s had some work done on her nose which looks far smaller and less obtrusive today. Another issue is her breast size as Johansson appeared a bit flat in her early roles but by the time she was cast as Black Widow, her chest seemed to have grown. However, it does seem shrunk in some movies (like her nude scene in Under the Skin) with rumors she may have had breast reduction instead. Johansson insists it’s her natural chest and it’s just bras and costumes that make it seem much bigger. Regardless, her facial changes are a good move to show a truly sexy lady off in a great way.

10 Britney Spears - Lips And Some More "Fun Stuff"


Britney was already a hot beauty from her breakout in 1999, an innocent charm belying her gorgeous voice and attitude. Rumors of a breast job were high almost from the start, especially when Spears began showing off more in magazine spreads in hot outfits. True, Spears has had her rough times liker her infamous 2007 breakdown but still maintained some good looks. She had admitted to lip injections for a fuller face and a few more of what she calls “fun stuff” that includes some nips and tucks. While she loves to post photos of herself at the gym, many claim it’s more lipo and some other nips that keep Spears in such stunning shape. Also, it’s clear Spears has had some work done on her nose, far better looking and flattened to help her face stand out. However, it’s hard to argue with the results as the woman still looks like one of the sexiest women alive and ready to continue rocking for quite a while yet.

9 Kaley Cuoco - Nose, Chest... And Neck!


Unlike some other stars on this list, Kaley Cuoco is not only admitting she’s had plastic surgery but openly calls it “the best thing [she] ever did.” The teen starlet came to prominence in the sitcom Eight Simple Rules and showed great comic timing as well as a fun sexy vibe. She had a bit of a rough patch afterward and decided some cosmetic changes were needed. First was a nose job that shifted her looks up but in a good way, making her look more beautiful and her face smoother. More importantly was a breast augmentation, enhancing her chest a few sizes. She also had a “neck filler” to correct an issue she’d had since childhood. Cuoco has cited the surgery as an “empowering” experience that gave her far more confidence. That included nailing her audition as Penny in The Big Bang Theory where her looks were key to making the show a mega-hit. Cuoco is more than happy to have undergone these changes and many a fan can agree.

8 Nicole Kidman - Chest Enhancement


Some might do a double take on this as Kidman often lands on the “worst surgeries” list. Actually, it’s not really surgery as the Aussie actress is better known for her Botox injections for her face. It has smoothed it out but also made it a bit too unreal for fans to get behind. However, one physical change is quite notable and a major improvement. When Kidman first came to fame as an actress (and, let’s be honest, Tom Cruise’s wife), she was a gorgeous lady with her lush red curly hair but also a rather flat chest. Even when she doffed it in films like Eyes Wide Shut, it wasn’t that noticeable and while hot, not the curvaceous body of others. It might be speculated that her divorce from Cruise pushed Kidman to show off more and so she underwent a rather obvious augmentation to give her a much more generous rack than before. She flaunts it in various dresses and while her face can be questioned, Kidman’s enhancements to her chest make her the winner in the divorce and her career.

7 Ashley Tisdale - Nose Job


The starlet got her beginning on the Disney Channel series The Suite Life of Zach and Cody, playing a tomboyish gal in men’s shirts a lot. She had great humor and stood out well with a good singing voice. Tisdale then became a major star with the movie High School Musical and its sequels that elevated her into a huge talent. While gorgeous, Tisdale’s face was marked by a nose that could be seen as large and crooked, marring her natural looks too much. In 2008, she underwent surgery for a deviated septum and it was a massive improvement. Her nose looks more perky and sharp and fits better in her beautiful face. Tisdale has denied having breast augmentation although some wonder if she’s had some work done on her rear end. Her cheerleading series Hellcats showcased a fantastic form and how this surgery has turned Tisdale into a true knockout and a surprisingly sexy presence for a former Mickey Mouse star.

6 Heidi Montag - A Whole Bunch Of Stuff


The Hills was a sensation when it debuted in 2006, fans loving the MTV series of a group of rich kids hanging out with various issues. While many noted it was obviously “scripted reality,” the amazingly hot ladies kept it a hit. Montag was a breakout, a bit snobby and selfish but somehow, her humor kept fans going with her relationship with Spencer Pratt getting headlines. Montag also got attention over undergoing no less than ten plastic surgeries and has admitted becoming “obsessed” with her insecurity. However, they have enhanced her well, especially in the chest, making Montag in a swimsuit a true knockout sight. She has a fantastic bikini body now and draws huge attention where she goes. Her face also looks better, a bit smoother and she carries her humor still. While Montag does admit she went too far and it’s not for everyone, she and Pratt remain married and Montag more secure with herself. Plus, the sight of her flaunting that body is one that makes her surgeries worth it for a lot of fans.

5 Blake Lively - Her Nose


The starlet had a few minor credits to her name but got attention starring in the 2005 teen comedy The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. She stood out with her humor, her fantastic legs and lush blonde hair. But Blake Lively was also marked by a rather large nose that distracted a bit too much from her beautiful face. So in 2006, she underwent surgery to correct it, making her nose smaller and fitting onto her face better. It was a fantastic improvement that helped make Lively look more beautiful and led to her casting in her star-making role on Gossip Girl. While the nose job is obvious, there’s also how Lively has been said to have gotten a breast augmentation as well. She constantly denies it but photos clearly show how she went from a somewhat flat chest to quite larger in a short period of time. Lively has also undergone a few cosmetic touches that help her face look flawless and enhance her career. Even after two kids, Lively looks amazing but clearly surgery helped her out.

4 Holly Madison - Enlarged Her Chest


Already on her road to some hot stuff, the Oregon native worked at a Hooters and a Hawaiian Tropic girl. This led to her discovered by Playboy for a shoot and soon getting involved with owner Hugh Hefner. Soon, Madison was hanging out with Kendra Wilkinson and Bridget Marquardt for the reality show hit The Girls Next Door. As the show found fame, Madison decided it was time to experiment with some enhancements. This included a must for any Playmate: Breast enhancement and in her case, it was a doozy to boost her chest up very nicely. She also had work done on her nose to make it more prominent and boost her up more. Madison has made noise talking of things at the Playboy Mansion not all stellar and even trashing Hefner. She’s also had her own reality show Holly’s World and found success as a writer. Currently, Madison is settling in some family life and raising children but this surgery showcased one of the most notable Playmates around.

3 Denise Richards - Chest Implants


Richards was just another struggling actress when she began her career in the mid-1990s. She wanted to get more attention in roles and so decided to go in for breast augmentation. However, Richards admits she didn’t do the proper research and so her first surgeon horribly botched the job, leaving her with misshapen boobs. She had a correction done with an emphasis on size as that was popular in Hollywood at the time. Those breasts were on full display in her wild nude scenes in the 1998 cult thriller Wild Things. However, Richards wasn’t happy with them as her career hit a bit of a slump and so went in for another correction. This made her chest look far more natural and nicely shaped through her controversial marriage to Charlie Sheen. Richards has also undergone some Botox but the “lip lift” has helped her smile look great and still retain a hot sexiness in her 40s. It took a bit of doing but that chest surgery was the best bit to help make Richards far more famous like she wanted.

2 Angelina Jolie - Preventative Double Mastectomy


The Oscar-winning sexpot is renowned for her fantastic beauty and her willingness to doff it all on camera in multiple movies. However, she has had some corrections to aid her looks. Looking at older pictures, it’s clear Jolie has had some work done to her nose, even boasting a small scar for a time. Her beautiful face does have signs of Botox to fight off wrinkles but most interesting are her lips. Usually, actresses get injections to fill out their lips but Jolie seems to go the other way. When she came to fame, she was noted for her full and pursed lips to give herself a sexy smirk. As time has gone on, her lips seem to have lessened to become more balanced and perfect. One surgery Jolie has admitted to us is for her breasts but for a good reason: In 2015, she underwent a double mastectomy to prevent possible breast cancer. She thus got reconstructive surgery to bring her chest back to its old style and didn’t go to make it bigger but rather her older form. Jolie is already stunningly hot but a few shifts are enough to turn her into a near goddess.

1 Kim Kardashian - Nose? Chest? Rear End?


The reality show magnate has denied surgery rumors before but most experts say otherwise. Most point to changes in her nose to show some rhinoplasty. Kim has admitted to some laser hair removal and taking Botox, even on her show but it’s suggested she’s had some lifts and treatments for her skin. Kardashian has denied breast augmentations as well although on the show, she was shown getting laser treatment to remove her stretch marks. It’s also notable how her eyes seem to have been lifted, more a “cat’s eye” look to make them seem larger and more alluring. The big one is her infamous rear end as Kim has constantly denied having surgery to “boost” it. She even went so far as to have an X-ray taken to prove it but some suggest she might have had lipo on her legs and then moved to her butt. The changes have added to the gorgeous body that’s become key to her success, still looking amazing so Kim’s “corrections” make her all the sexier for her fans.

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