15 Stars Who Are Stoked About California's Newest Legalization

Election day was rough for a large portion of the country. For California, though, let's just say it was a blue dream come true. After years of asking "how is this actually not legal here?" California

Election day was rough for a large portion of the country. For California, though, let's just say it was a blue dream come true. After years of asking "how is this actually not legal here?" Californians rallied and passed Proposition 64 by more than one million votes. It was, for many, a landmark event. Being a haven for the rich and famous, there were more than a few people that were happier than most to receive the news. There are, of course, the usual suspects when it comes to the leafy green. Your Snoops. Your Chongs.

But there are those you wouldn't expect too. People who were just thrilled to see a fairly archaic take on what is effectively just a plant finally get its day in court (or not, as it were). Whether you partake or not, it's hard not to feel the joy radiating from California (among several other states) and its residents in the wake of such a historic decision. Maybe the country's most populous state will prove that just because we have an outdated, hilariously scary documentary about something, doesn't mean it actually causes any sort of harm. Aside from occasionally wandering into a room and forgetting why you did so.

At any rate, here are fifteen celebrities who were undoubtedly thrilled to find out that their favorite vice is no longer, well, a vice.

15 Tommy Chong

via ABC

One half of America's most stoned duo, Tommy Chong, was understandably pleased by the decision. Going so far as to post an image of himself with what must be the world's largest personal stash on Twitter, the 78-year-old Chong was positively delighted. And why not? The Up in Smoke actor has built a career on the little green leaf, starring in several stoner-themed movies throughout the late 70s and early 80s. He even managed to land an incredibly character-appropriate role in the popular 90s sitcom, That '70s Show. Whereas most of us go in to work with an aversion to red eyes, for Chong it was expected. Which has to be the best gig ever landed. Now that it's legal, Tommy can rest on his skunky laurels and do so easily, knowing that he'll never be arrested for cannabis-related charges. Again.

14 Shailene Woodley 

via PopSugar

Shailene Woodley certainly seems like someone who would be excited at the prospect of the now legal consumption of green. But assumptions have a habit of making asses out of us all. Luckily, we don't have to assume. As part of an activist coalition for Proposition 64 called Artists for 64, Shailene Woodley threw her support behind the bill, along with many others who will eventually populate this list. But it wasn't just her dutiful activism that lends credence to the idea of Woodley's purple hazed ways. Nor is it her general talk show demeanor, cool and quirky, that gives away her pot proclivities. It's actually just the fact that she owned up to it in an interview with The Daily Beast. At least, her first time. Which was, of course, in Amsterdam.

13 Sarah Silverman 


Sarah Silverman has never been particularly shy about her recreational habits. Between appearing in Doug Benson's (more on him later) pot-themed YouTube show, Getting Doug with High and being another Hollywood star to sign on with the Artists for 64 activists, Silverman has established herself as a fairly grass-friendly gal. So it's not exactly a stretch to assume that she'll be partying her way into the stratosphere once legality fully kicks in. Of course, it's also probably safe to assume that she partied when she heard the news, legality be damned. Known for her distinctive voice and accompanying raunchy comedy, Silverman is a one-of-a-kind talent that has managed to pierce the veil into the historically male-dominated field of comedy, proving that boys' clubs are a thing of the past. At least she brought a joint.

12 Seth Rogen

via Huffington Post

He needs no introduction to this list. Hell, one could even argue that he's part of the reason this list exists. If there is a pot-heaven, Rogen won't be at the door. He will have created the door and everything behind it. Following in the footsteps of Tommy Chong and Cheech Marin, Rogen and his misfit gang of burnt out stoners defined for this generation what Cheech and Chong did for the 70s and 80s. But perhaps in an even better way, normalizing the consumption to the point where it wasn't really seen as a taboo thing so much as a casual "beer after work" sort of deal. Seth Rogen is probably not going to be changed by the recent passing of Prop 64, but he will certainly breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that he and his friends can continue blowing smoke and living in the clouds.

11 Jay Z

via Huffington Post

Let's dispense with the notion that all rappers smoke for a second. Because, while it's a safe assumption, it's 2016 and undoubtedly, there are rappers out there navigating the creative process without the help of Mary Jane. Jay Z, in particular, has openly said that he doesn't smoke much. That being said, he's also copped to smoking for creative closure. In an interview with XXL, the Watch the Throne rapper admitted to smoking a little to finish the track "Izzo" from his iconic album, The Blueprint. But besides creativity, Jigga is also just of the opinion that a War on Drugs is a silly and ridiculous endeavor, especially when it comes to grass. He released a video in October coming out in support of Proposition 64 and calling for an end to the heavily skewed incarceration of Black and Latino men as a result of the so-called War on Drugs. Right on, Jay.

10 Tony Bennett 

via MTV

And you thought you'd never see Jay Z and Tony Bennett on a list together. Especially regarding the topic of pot. And yet, the legendary crooner and perpetual Lady Gaga accompanist has a long history of drug-related rhetoric. After a bout of problems and struggles of his own, Bennett has come out in support of legalization in an effort to stem to deaths of fellow celebrities who too often fall under the influences of addiction. So it's no stretch of the imagination to assume that the 90-year-old vocalist is in complete lockstep with California's recent legalization. He may not have been born there, but as we all know, he certainly left his heart there.

9 John Legend 

via IndieWire

Never was there a man with the soul of John Legend. His mere voice trembles the underwear off of anyone standing within a one-mile radius of him. If he can't be our moral light in the darkness, no one will. Luckily for us, Legend is very much pro-legalization. For much of the same reason that Jay Z is; Legend believes that legalizing pot will aid in the reduction of incredibly high incarceration rates for people of color. Citing the prohibition as destructive for the black market, Legend opines not only on the hurtful nature of the drug war, but its ineffectual attempts to actually stop use of pot. Because, as he says, people are still using it pretty often. People who want something, Legend says, will find a way to get it. In more optimistic terms, this now applies to California's legalization.

8 Sting 


Can you understand what Sting is saying? Probably not. That's okay, because apparently it's only good things coming out of his mouth. Or, rather, his hand? Point is, Sting wrote an op-ed for The Huffington Post in 2010 wherein he decried the War on Drugs and, essentially, called for a brand new day. His argument was similar to many of those who have come before and after him: this stupid, terrible war is getting people killed and doing nothing to help. It's a fairly repetitive message that is, hopefully, beginning to become clear. Sting is another signee of the Artists for 64 and, as a rock star from the 1980s, almost certainly still has cannabis in his veins, leftover from a bygone time of being in the now ironically titled band, The Police.

7 Snoop Dogg

via Billboard

The King himself. The dee-oh-double-gee. California's rap god. Snoop Dogg. Or Lion? Snoop Dragon? There might have even been a reggae themed Snoop in there somewhere. But despite his inclination towards changing up his music game, one habit has stuck: Snoop loves to smoke weed. In all ways, shapes and forms. It might be the thing he does the most, aside from breathing. And even then, that's only because he has to breathe occasionally to get enough air to smoke in more weed. There's no question that Snoop supported the legalization of cannabis, but did he really need to? The man gets handed free joints on the daily and cops who don't know he's packing grass are kidding themselves. He's nigh untouchable because, well, he's Snoop. Maybe now that it's legal he'll surprise us all and go clean. Doubt it, though.

6 Piper Kerman

via New York Magazine

Piper Kerman, perhaps better known as "Hey, you're that lady who wrote Orange is the New Black" is, quite obviously, no stranger to prison. Having done time for money laundering and drug trafficking, Kerman spent enough time on the inside to see the destructive force of the War on Drugs. And aside from getting a sweet book deal and a television show out of the whole ordeal, Kerman has come out the other side with new perspective on the human experience, particularly when it comes to pot, a considerably less dangerous drug than what she and her partner at the time were messing around with. Undoubtedly as a result of her shaken world view, Kerman signed on in support of Proposition 64. After all, it's hard to see a little pot smoking as harmful after spending years in the joint.

5 Olivia Wilde

via Muzul

Look, Jason Sudeikis is a funny, very seemingly pleasant guy. And he's not necessarily a bad looking guy either. But how he landed literal Greek goddess and beauty incarnate, Olivia Wilde, will always seem like a mystery. One wonders if pot was involved. It's certainly involved in their marriage. Or, rather, their marriage to be. Indeed, Olivia Wilde must be stoked to know that the leafy green substance is now legal for consumption in California, because it means she and Sudeikis are one step closer to betrothal. To clarify: In an interview, Sudeikis joked that he and Wilde would not get married until weed was legal in every state. This was probably an attempt to dodge a question, because the two have been engaged for years. But one can't help but wonder if Wilde will take him up on that promise as soon as the United States gets its act together. Whenever that is.

4 Miley Cyrus

via Verge Campus

Seeing as Disney seems to have given up entirely on reigning in their former cash cow, Miley Cyrus has chosen the honest route and flaunted her true colors. And for all the bellyaching parents and the FCC do, Cyrus has kept her antics relatively tame, racking up no prison time, rehabilitation or domestic issues. Indeed, for someone who so often gets up on stage and lights joints, Miley's record is pretty squeaky clean. It looks like her worries can dissipate entirely now, with Prop 64 offering an out for anything that might have come back to bite her in the very twerk-able ass later on down the road. The only challenge facing Miley Cyrus at this juncture is how she will employ shock value when people are no longer fanning themselves at the sight of a blunt. Maybe she'll go back to being Hannah Montana? That'd be scary.

3 President Barack Obama

via Time Magazine

You didn't think we'd forget our beloved POTUS did, you? Of course not. With his time winding down to a close, Barack Obama deserves every ounce of media coverage he can get, even if he'd rather keep this particular photo on the downlow. But Barry shouldn't worry himself too much; if California is any indication, the nation is headed further and further to a more tolerant place. Of drugs, that is. Lord knows about everything else. But Obama's interests are, one imagines, less about his image and more about policy. The President has come out in staunch opposition against the War on Drugs, calling it a failure and fighting for criminal and prison reform. But even more than this, Obama's proclivities towards pot legalization should trend favorably after pictures of his daughter Malia smoking a joint and sitting near a bong surfaced online. Surely if the President had chill, his spawn had to as well. God bless America.

2 Lady Gaga


Obviously. The "Bad Romance" singer and weirdo extraordinaire has been preaching the "born this way" message since she stomped on to the scene in oversized heels. It's not a stretch of the imagination to presume that she's also in favor of legalizing pot. It should be noted that the entertainer's relationship with the chronic has not always been an easy one, though. After a hip injury took her out of the concert circuit for a time, the singer admitted to being addicted to pot as a solution to the mental and physical pain inflicted by her hectic and strenuous schedule. It sounds like she is, luckily, on the other side of that addiction and will hopefully continue recovering and moving past it, but it's worth adding a cautionary note to all of the celebration. Anything, even while seemingly innocuous, can have negative effects.

1 Melissa Etheridge


Melissa Etheridge has every right to be thrilled about the passing of Proposition 64. For one, cannabis saved her life. After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004, Etheridge fought back with a dual approach of chemotherapy and, yes, cannabis. As a result, in 2016 she is completely cancer free and ready to thank her skunky savior with a business proposition. Founding Etheridge Farms, Melissa hopes to help those like her who are in need of medical help but want something less harsh than the typical pharmaceutical approach taken by traditional doctors. She has tapped into the medical canna-business of California and, according to an interview with Billboard, she is in the process of branding. Meaning that by the time Prop 64 takes effect, Etheridge Farm brand pot will be available across the state. It might be one of the first times re-upping also meant donating to a good cause.,,

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