15 Stars Over 40 With The Hottest Gym Bodies

It’s no secret that in Hollywood, when a woman hits 40, she’s basically considered “over the hill.” It’s not fair but that’s how it is. Sure, many actresses are able to maintain careers but Hollywood is always looking for the next young thing and so it takes a lot for ladies to maintain bodies past the age of 40. Some ladies are able to do so in regal ways like Helen Mirren and Julianne Moore. Others turn to plastic surgery and not looking as well (think of Cher). But many ladies just hit the gym and do it in spectacular ways. The rise of social media has allowed them to show off their gym bodies a lot more and it’s truly impressive how many of them are in better shape now than they ever were.

It’s more remarkable for ladies who have given birth, getting back into stunning shape and flaunting bodies women half their age would kill for. Paparazzi enjoy following these stars and getting great shots of them in workout clothes or even jogging. Again, many are more than willing to share photos of themselves at the gym anyway and some quite revealing. It’s astounding to see how these woman are proving age really is just a number and in such stunning shape to liven up their fans. Here are 15 starlets over 40 who have stunning gym bodies and how they show how sexiness can remain no matter your age.


15 Sofia Vergara - 44

Much of the comedy of Modern Family rests on Sofia Vergara’s performance as Gloria. It ranges from her broken English to her love of amazingly revealing outfits to how she doesn’t quite grasp the effect she has on men. Vergara was famous in the 1990s in her homeland of Columbia, hosting Univision shows and a variety of comedies that rested on her looks. Movie roles followed before Modern came along and boosted her to an Emmy-nominated star. The sight of her on the red carpet is always stunning but even sans makeup and “dressed down,” Vergara never ceases to amaze. The big parts are of course her very notable bust and just as shapely rear end and it takes a lot of work to keep both tight at 44. One can imagine the struggle of fitting spandex over those curves but Vergara makes it work nicely as the sight of her going to and from the gym shows a lady who makes a simple jog look hotter than any fancy TV love scene. She may mangle English but Vergara’s sexiness shines above any language barriers.

14 Carmen Electra - 44

A former model, Carmen Electra caught the attention of Prince and became a dancer for him while trying a short-lived singing career. A Playboy spread got her major attention and led to her star-making role as lifeguard Lani on the global phenomenon known as Baywatch. Soon, Electra was all over the place, a smoking hot lady with her lush looks and tanned skin, bright smile and a fantastic body she had no problem showing off nude. Electra made a career off various commercials, TV shows, endorsement deals and more while having a healthy romantic life that ranged from Dennis Rodman to Dave Navarrao. Electra mostly sticks to charity work today and running her own perfume line. But she remains among the sexiest former Playmates, keeping herself in fantastic shape and showing no signs of letting go of the bust and build that made her famous. The sight of her in spandex brings back memories of her ‘90s heyday and how Carmen can still electrify most any man with her amazing shape.

13 Taraji P. Henson - 46

It’s been a long road to success for Henson, starting with the 2001 drama Baby Boy, the Oscar-winning Hustle and an Oscar nom for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. She was a familiar face on television from a lawyer on Boston Legal to cops on The Division and Person of Interest. Finally, Henson hit the big time with her acclaimed role as Cookie on the TV phenomenon Empire. She’s stolen the show with this sexy lady who gets great lines and fantastic outfits, including a famous scene flaunting her rear end in lingerie with “this is an a--.” With that success, it’s no wonder Henson keeps herself in great shape and her in a spandex outfit highlights that fabulous rear end. She enjoys showing it off in selfies at the gym and any outfits she wears is designed to enhance her already great curves. Outspoken and tough in real life as well as in her roles, Henson has plenty of energy, at the height of her career at 46 and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

12 Jennifer Aniston - 47

It’s been over twenty years since Friends changed the landscape of TV but Aniston remains the biggest star of the cast. While she was most famous at first for her hairdo (“the Rachel” became a beauty shop sensation), Aniston has also gotten raves for her amazingly toned body. At 47, she remains quite hot in various roles, evidence by her memorable strip tease in the comedy We’re the Millers. Some say it’s Aniston proving she can bounce back after some rough relationships (such as the infamous divorce from Brad Pitt) and still keep herself looking a knockout. Others don’t really care about the reasons as long as she keeps it up nicely. She’s all business going to and from the gyms, a tank top great on her and her backside showing little signs of any sagging. No matter what, Aniston remains a “friend” to many male fans to enjoy watching and keeping herself in such great shape is only one reason for that.

11 Kate Beckinsale - 43

The British actress didn’t seem the type to become an action star, starting off in movies like Brokedown Palace, Much Ado About Nothing and more period dramas. That all changed when she took on the role of the leather-clad vampire Selene in the hit Underworld that showed her hot body off nicely. Kate Beckinsale has continued to handle that, the cool British demeanor mixed with a body most supermodels would envy, her charm wonderful to win fans over. She maintains her shape quite well, as evidence by reprising Selene in the recent Underworld Blood Wars while still winning raves for the period drama Love & Friendship. A gym outfit on her is a great sight, tight to show her surprising curves off and even if she’s not smiling, Beckinsale looks wonderful as she marches to and from her workouts. It’s paid off as she still can fit into any tight outfit and make it a marvel and prove the English can be as hot in their workouts as anyone from the U.S.

10 Halle Berry - 50

A runner-up in the Miss USA pageant, Berry did several years’ worth of modelling work that got her the attention of Hollywood. Her rise was slow in various hot roles in films like The Flintstones and Bullworth but got huge fame as Storm in the X-Men movies. Berry then transformed into a serious actress, including making history by winning the Oscar for Best Actress for Monster’s Ball. Since then, she’s balanced more films both bad (Catwoman) and good (The Call) to her TV show, Extant. Through it all, Berry has retained a sensational body with full chest, great toned rear end and keeping her shape through the ups and downs of childbirth and divorce. She loves to wear gym clothes showing off her toned midriff and a professional demeanor that shows a sexy intensity when she’s working out. Berry is soon to be featured in the upcoming Kingsman sequel which means showing more of her amazing shape and skills off and proves that besides an Oscar winner, she also earns raves for one truly rocking body in spandex.

9 Cindy Crawford - 51

In the 1990s, Cindy Crawford was everywhere. It wasn’t just for magazines like Sports Illustrated or various beauty products. She was in movies like Fair Game, a famous Pepsi Super Bowl commercial, music videos, even hosting MTV’s House of Style. Her gorgeous looks were marked by that great mole, alluring eyes and a rocking body that made her a red carpet standout. About to hit 51, Crawford retains her great looks and continues to keep her body in stunning shape. The sight of her in spandex going to and from the gym is as hot now as in her ‘90s prime and the fact she’s now a sexy mom to a daughter who looks just like her adds to her appeal. Crawford can still rule any modelling gig she wants to today and fit into a bikini well enough to blow away anyone at a beach. Soft spoken, Crawford lets her looks do the talking and in that regard, she speaks volumes to remain one of the most beautiful women on the planet in any outfit, especially at a gym.


8 Jennifer Lopez - 47

Jenny from the Block remains one of the single most stunningly hot women alive. Ever since her breakout in the late 1990s, she’s achieved fame as a multi-platinum singing star, a box office movie star and a long line of handsome suitors. Her fame has been in that remarkable backside which Lopez keeps in trim shape. She’s balancing some singing tours with starring in the hit NBC drama Shades of Blue and thus has to maintain her shape nicely. Lopez is always a sight in tight yoga pants and keeps in shape jogging and enjoys showing her gym body. Indeed, her Instagram account just gets steamier and steamier with one sexy post after another. Such stunning pictures that show Lopez in all her sexy glory and why, at 47, J’Lo is hotter than ever and dominating pop culture in many ways.

7 Christie Brinkley - 63

Long before most of today’s supermodels were even born, Brinkley was ruling the business. She was the lady who helped make the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue a cultural mainstay with three straight covers and spent twenty-five years as the face of CoverGirl. She’s moved on to some acting gigs (National Lampoon’s Vacation), a designer, activist and more. That includes marriages to Billy Joel and Peter Cook, the latter ending in a bitter divorce. But Brinkley, at 63, still looks amazing with her blonde hair, bright smile and curves that won’t quit. She’s endorsed several physical exercise machines and it’s clear how well she uses them with her amazing body still fitting into tight yoga outfits and spandex. Those legs are still among the best in the business and even though she’s got more than enough money to live off on without modelling again, Brinkley could still blow away anyone on the catwalk if she wanted to as proven by hew newest SI Swimsuit cover.

6 Cameron Diaz - 44

The former model had a great debut film role in 1994’s The Mask, sauntering into a bank in a red dress and looking utterly amazing. It’s led to fame in various roles from comedies like There’s Something About Mary to the Charlie’s Angels movies and more. Diaz continues to keep herself in top shape as in 2014’s Sex Tape, she finally did her first nude scene. With her limber legs and dance background, she’s a marvel and still going strong in the acting game, the second highest grossing actress in movies. Her voice is just as great with Fiona in the Shrek films and her bright smile and good humor make her more of a winner. She still looks fabulous for her age, thin and yet the right curves while those stunning legs can still wow you. Even when covered up by yoga pants and a tight top, Diaz looks spectacular and a winner to watch walking to and from the gym to remind you how sexy a funny lady can be.

5 Salma Hayek - 50

Hayek had a memorable film debut in 1995’s Desperado, her presence literally stopping traffic and a scorching love scene on film. Since then, she’s balanced big-budget blockbusters as well as smaller films, including an Oscar nod for Frida. Hayek is strong behind the camera, producing the hit Ugly Betty and while she has a reputation for some difficulty, she still looks absolutely smoking in person. While she just hit 50, she’s not slowing down, still plenty of acting gigs, that alluring voice on full display in roles and that body looking amazing in any outfit. Many gym clothes enhance that famed bust and nicely toned rear end and her lush black hair adding to her amazing presence. It’s impossible for Hayek to look anything less than stunning and sexy wherever she goes and that includes the gym. Keeping that body toned is a challenge but she manages it well and retains the sultry allure that’s made her a star.

4 Ming Na - 53

It’s rare your career can hit its stride when you’re 53 but Ming Na Wen is sure proving it. The actress came to fame in the 1990s starring on ER and later voicing the title character in the Disney animated film Mulan. She’s been out of the spotlight for a while but in 2013, came roaring back to prominence playing bad-ass secret agent May on Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. As the role has her in a very tight leather suit, it’s a requirement Ming keeps in shape and quite the shape it is. She throws herself into the action scenes with glee (including a fight with her own double) and handling the wild stunts and FX scenes. Seeing Ming Na on a red carpet in a fancy dress is very impressive, showing her great beauty yet she’s hotter on screen with made up cuts and bruises and looking astonishingly hot. Naturally, seeing her at the gym is a nice sight to keep herself toned and how some ladies are truly timeless in their beauty even when they can be supreme butt-kickers on screen.

3 Penelope Cruz - 42

From her debut in Jamon Jamon (where she had her first of numerous nude scenes) Cruz has been cited as one of the most stunningly sexiest women on the planet. The Spanish actress has gained further fame moving from films in her homeland to U.S. movies like Blow and Nine. She won an Oscar for Vicky Christina Barcelona and thus settled herself as a true star. Yet Cruz remains hotter today than when she debuted, still with a great bust but backing it up with long and limber legs and a toned rear end. She wowed by donning a swimsuit for Esquire and being photographed topless at a beach shortly after giving birth. It takes work to keep that shape up and Cruz is a popular sight at gyms from L.A. to Europe, always with a smile and showing how nicely her workout clothes can get. As great as she can look on red carpets, Cruz is just as sexy in her workout gear to prove how sultry a lady of Spain can truly get.

2 Jennifer Garner - 44

Garner laughs on how she started off with roles as “good girl” types on shows like Felicity and others. In 2001, she rocketed to fame as Sydney Bristow on the hit Alias, a role that required plenty of gym time and keeping in shape. Since then, Garner has kept it up with action roles like Elektra in Daredevil and her own spin-off. She did take a break at times with her marriage to Ben Affleck and stunned by getting herself back into shape in no time after each of their three children were born. While she and Affleck are divorcing, they remain on good terms, often seen together, including Garner headed from the gym. She remains a great presence with a bright smile and dark hair flowing behind her and gym clothes on her look as great as any red carpet dress. Garner has always had a down to Earth charm and yet a great sex appeal that comes out in any outfit, including a gym one.

1 Cynthia Rothrock - Almost 60!

One look and you would never believe this woman is pushing 60. A five-time World champion in various styles of karate and weapons training, Rothrock used her skills to become a breakout among martial arts actions stars of the late 1980s and ‘90s. Holding seven black belts, Rothrock was a dynamic figure in action films in Hong Kong and later direct-to-video movies in the ‘90s, notable for her great form and ability to take on men twice her size with skills. While she’s faded from movies, Rothrock continues to show up on the fitness circuit, running her own studio to teach martial arts. She shows up at conventions to please fans and is still amazingly limber, able to do high kicks overhead with a great style. She maintains a good humor and happy to look back on her past but keeps herself in still stunning shape. The fact is, this is a woman about to hit 60 yet can easily whip the butt of anyone in her path which deserves respect.

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