15 Social Justice Warriors' Most Cringe-Worthy Moments

Ah, millennials... a generation that was raised on participation trophies, coddling and the constant reinforcement that they were special. Add this to the flourishing of the internet and social media, and the end result: the social justice warrior. There is great incentive to join the cult of social justice warriors. You get to express your ill-informed opinion and make a difference in the world at the click of a mouse with little to no risk. Thanks to the combination of your clever screen name and your anonymity software that diverts your Internet connection through 17 countries on three continents, no one will ever know who you really are. In the end, you will be able to fill that void and find real meaning in life. You will feel satisfied in the knowledge that you took up arms in the fight for a better world, something you’ll be able to tell your grandchildren about.

In decades past, college students protested meaningful issues such as the Civil Rights Movement, the Vietnam War, and the proliferation of nuclear weapons, but over time, our country has become the safest and most prosperous as any point in history. Great progress in civil rights has led to a playing field so balanced that we were able to elect our first black president, we have finally pulled our troops from foreign battlefields, and our chief nuclear instigator, the Soviet Union, was dissolved decades ago. Millennials on college campuses are currently without a “Boogeyman” so they have turned to whatever is left to be offended about which brings us to our list of 15 of the Social Justice Warriors Most Cringe-worthy Moments.

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15 Social Justice Warriors Got This Man Elected President

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There were many reasons as to why Donald Trump was elected to the highest office of the land. The country was clamoring for a change from the establishment, Hillary Clinton was a flawed candidate who constantly played fast and loose with the facts and proved herself to be every part of that establishment that the country so disdained, and Trump spoke to a section of America that was simply fed up with the political correctness, identity politics, and liberal rhetoric that has engulfed the nation as a whole. Perhaps there is no group that encompasses said political correctness and identity politics more than social justice warriors. While these self-appointed saviors of our country flocked to YouTube to post endless videos that labeled anyone on the right who disagreed with them as nothing more than racist bigots, the right flocked to the voting booths, resulting in four years of a narcissistic, hate-mongering fascist otherwise known as “The Donald.”

14 Thomas Jefferson Was A Racist Slave Owner

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Immediately after the Donald Trump presidential win, many of the liberal leaning college student bodies and faculties were in turmoil and disbelief that such a man could pull out the election. To help ease the pain, the president of the University of Virginia, Teresa Sullivan, used a quote from the principal author of the Declaration of Independence (and the founder of UVA), Thomas Jefferson that referenced the UVA student’s responsibility to "succeed to the government of our country, and to rule its future enmities, its friendships and fortunes." But rather than the expected result of a calmer and more at peace UVA community, Sullivan was met with outrage for quoting Jefferson by the Social Justice Warrior students and professors who demanded that she refrain from quoting Jefferson because he was a racist slave owner.

13 SJWs Attack Gay Director Of Boys Don’t Cry

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For the ultimate in irony, we arrive at the group of social justice warriors who attacked a director over her film, Boys Don't Cry. This 1999 movie about a transgender teenager who was viciously murdered was ahead of its time in covering such a controversial subject matter. However, the social justice warriors of today still found a way to attack this groundbreaking effort by complaining that the film’s star, Hilary Swank, was not an actual transgender person. In a Q&A that took place after the screening, the Social Justice Warriors took aim at the project's director Kimberly Peirce, who also happens to be gay, with insults such as "f*ck your transphobia" and "you don't f*cking get it!" One enlightened SJWs even hung a sign at the director's podium which read, "F*ck this cis white bitch."

12 University Of Chicago Shows Some Cajones

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For those of you who have lost sleep at night over this social justice warrior conundrum on college campuses, the University of Chicago sent out a letter to its incoming freshman that may be the first step in waking these delusional/entitled students the hell up. According to the Washington Post, the letter expressed the school's commitment to freedom of expression and inquiry as well as encouraging its students to “speak, write, listen, challenge, and learn, without fear of censorship.” The message states, “Our commitment to academic freedom means that we do not support so called ‘trigger warnings,’ we do not cancel invited speakers because their topics might prove controversial, and we do not condone the creation of intellectual ‘safe spaces’ where individuals can retreat from ideas and perspectives at odds with their own.” There may be a light at the end of this cringe worthy social justice warrior tunnel after all.

11 Hampshire College Removing The American Flag

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A group of Social Justice Warriors at Hampshire College in Massachusetts made the decision to burn the American flag two days after Trump won the election. While this act appears reprehensible, they were well within their right to do so. However, what got both military veterans and red-blooded Americans hot under the collar was the school's decision to refuse to fly a new flag in its place. According to the college, they wanted to “facilitate much-needed dialogue on our campus about how to dismantle the bigotry that is prevalent in our society.” However, many felt that it was actually done as a protest of Trump’s election victory. In true social justice warrior fashion, the college stated that it did not “intend to cause offence to veterans, military families, or others for whom the flag represents service and sacrifice. We acted solely to facilitate much-needed dialogue on our campus about how to dismantle the bigotry that is prevalent in our society.” After failing miserably in their intended goal, Hampshire replaced the flag to its rightful place within a week.

10 Melissa Click Screaming For Muscle

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There may not be a more perfect example of the social justice left losing touch with any sense of reality and fairness than Melissa Click’s infamous "scream for muscle." During a protest against racial inequality by a social justice warrior group at the University of Missouri, Click confronted a video journalist who was filming the event, ordering him out of the area and screaming out for “muscle” to physically remove him. According to the New York Times, the professor was then joined by a group of students who proceeded to physically push the journalist while chanting, “Hey hey, ho ho, reporters have got to go.” Their actions showed the glaring hypocrisy of the social justice creed which argues for an all-inclusive society, as long as you are agree with them. Click was eventually fired over the incident.

9 Yale And Halloween Costumes

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While I am not an expert on Halloween costumes, it is my understanding that they are supposed to be scary and a bit offensive. What is more fun than bumping around the neighborhood dressed as witches and vampires on the hunt for candy with your friends? As kids, we loved the idea of cowboys and Indians battling in the backyard, and it was just as cool to be the Indian as it was to be the cowboy. However, in the name of offence and cultural appropriation, today’s SJW is not having any of this, something that a couple of Yale university professors found out the hard way. Back in October of 2015, professors Erika Christakis and her husband, Nicholas Christakis drafted an email drafted to the student body where they expressed support for freedom of expression and a desire to have an open exchange of ideas about the issue of Halloween costumes. The response was both reprehensible and predictable as they were mercilessly attacked by the SJW crowd who demanded that they “resign or the university remove them from their positions.” They resigned a few months later.

8 Alumni Cancel Donations Over Social Justice Warrior Protests

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The social justice warrior craze hasn’t gone unnoticed by the alumni of these universities who have figured out that the best way to handle the lack of an administrative backbone is to hit em where it hurts: the wallet. Alumni of many of the country's top schools have been either withholding or outright refusing to make donations to their alma matters. Scott MacConnell, a graduate of the 1960 class at Amherst College, summed things up well with a letter to his alma matter accompanied by a generous $5.00 donation. According to the New York Times, he wrote, “As an alumnus of the college, I feel that I have been lied to, patronized and basically dismissed as an old, white bigot who is insensitive to the needs and feelings of the current college community.”

7 Milo Yiannopoulos At DePaul University

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There is no greater firebrand against the SJW movement than the ultimate antagonizer and king of anti-political correctness, Milo Yiannopoulos. Milo has made a generous living traversing the sea of liberal college campuses with his alt-right message of conservative values and freedom of speech. He has been banned from a litany of institutions for his rhetoric by social justice warriors who spew rhetorical insults which include accusations of homophobia  (Milo is openly gay by the way), bigotry, and racism. Things came to a head for Yiannopoulos during a May 2016 engagement at DePaul University. As he began his presentation, a pair of social justice warriors rushed the stage and began to verbally berate and physically intimidate him. At one point, one of the SJWs threw a punch that stopped a few inches from the Brit's face. The speech was cut short and Milo was forced to flee the building. To add insult to injury, the president of DePaul, Dennis H. Holtschneider, was forced to resign his post for allowing Yiannopoulos to come to the college in the first place.

6 Suey Park And Her Painful #CancelColbert Campaign

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No SJW list is complete without the mention of one of the movement's earliest trailblazers, Suey Park. Park went after the Colbert Report for what she believed to be offensive language by host Stephen Colbert. She tweeted, “The Ching-Chong Ding-Dong Foundation for Sensitivity to Orientals has decided to call for #CancelColbert. Trend it.” Unfortunately for the confused Park, she misunderstood that Colbert’s words were said in the realm of sarcasm. In a subsequent television interview about this incident, Park doubled down with a litany of racist, sexist, and elitist remarks which put her in the crosshairs of her own social justice warrior society. After being doxxed, stalked, and receiving numerous death threats, Suey Park sheepishly disappeared from the social media world never to be seen or heard from again.

5 NYU Professor Suspended Over Anti-PC Tweets

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In this current social justice warrior climate, no one should be more afraid than the very people charged with the daunting task of helping these sensitive little snowflakes develop the knowledge, and dare I say cajones, to succeed in the real world. Unfortunately, one New York University professor had to find this out the hard way. Under the Twitter handle "Deplorable NYU Professor," Michael Rictenwald rallied against the SJW climate that was taking over the university with its safe spaces and trigger warnings. According to the Daily Caller, Rictenwald stated, “This stuff is producing a culture of hyper-vigilance, self-surveillance and panopticism … Identity politics on campus have made an infirmary of the whole, damn campus.” It didn't take long for faculty and students to out Rictenwald as the "Deplorable NYU Professor" and in great SJW style, complain to the university and have him suspended. However, once the news broke and the university took heat on a national level, Rictenwald was quickly reinstated and promoted.

4 Freedom Of Speech Is Important, As Long As It Is My Speech And No One Else's

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One of the rather convenient aspects of the social justice warrior code is that free speech is important as long as it is SJW speech and no one else's. If you are a twenty-something who is looking to make a difference in the world by pushing an identity politics agenda, for example, it is so much easier to do so by simply berating your opponent with hate speech and accusations of racism, sexism, homophobia, or any of the ever-increasing list of character assassination labels approved by the SJW community. It's a simple premise really, as the minute that you tag your opponent with one of the above labels, you have successfully reduced him or her to an amoeba that you can have complete and utter control over. From that moment on, you can successfully retort any response with the claim,"that's exactly what a racist would say" and your opponent is screwed...

3 It's Not He Or She, It's "They"

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It appears that Amherst College just can't get out of its own way in regards to its social justice warrior agenda. If burning the school's American flag and then refusing to replace it wasn't enough for this elitist, lefty institution, a member of their pedagogical staff stirred further controversy with the demand that she not be referred to as "she" but rather that she be referred to as "they." Not wanting to state the obvious here that "she" is a singular person, and that "they" is a collective pronoun representing two or more people. The new director of the Women’s and Gender Centre who is making this outrageous demand is not only a woman, but "she" is also a singular person. What is also obvious is that "she" needs to learn the difference between singular and collective pronouns.

2 Correcting Grammar Is Racist And Elitist

via: everydayfeminism.com

Mona Chalabi, a writer for The Guardian, recently put out a video critical of "Grammar Snobs." Taken at face value, the title elicits the idea that she will be discussing the people who go around correcting others who misuse the proper rules of grammar, and in the early parts of the video she is making a strong case that we shouldn't be so concerned with the older grammar rules because, just like language, grammar is changing as we go along. However, Chalabi then goes full SJW when she states, “It doesn’t take much to see the power imbalance when it comes to grammar snobbery. The people pointing out the mistakes are more likely to be older, wealthier, whiter, or just plain academic than the people they’re treating with condescension. All too often, it’s a way to silence people, and that’s particularly offensive when it’s someone who might already be struggling to speak up." Well done Ms. Chalabi.

1 Ohio State Boots SJWs

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In April of this year, a group of social justice warriors stormed Ohio State University’s administration building demanding a meeting with the school’s president, Michael V. Drake. They wanted immediate access to the school's budget and ordered that the university pull its financial investments from both Caterpillar and Hewlett Packard in response to the conflict between Israel and Palestine. However, rather than follow in the footsteps of other university presidents who immediately cowered to SJW demands, the president took a different approach. Drake sent someone from his staff to deliver the message that he will not be meeting with them, and that they were to leave the building within the hour or face arrest and possible expulsion from the university. When the SJW’s demanded an explanation, the staff member borrowed from the SJW playbook. He explained that the protesters were making the working staff of the building feel uncomfortable and threatened by the occupation, and because of this they were unable to do their jobs. The SJWs then slunk their way out of the facility.

Sources: Washington PostHamshire.edu, New York Times, The Atlantic, The Daily Caller

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